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How To Make An Above Ground Pool Look Nice

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Integrate The Above Ground Pool With Existing Buildings

How to Make an Above-Ground Pool Look Nice

Above is a great example of using the surrounding buildings and boundaries to help position an above ground pool .

Placing the short side against the building wall means you dont need to worry about covering it at all. You still want to ensure its properly prepared to prevent any water collection and possible degrading issues, but that is something the installer will need to prevent and monitor.

Likewise, the vertical garden on the far side is a nice way of introducing a visual and physical barrier again, meaning you dont need to think of how to cover that side of the pool. This presumably is fronting a wall or fence of some kind.

The benefit of the vertical garden is the plants are , so roots cant encroach on the lining.

Finally all the designers needed to care about is the long, exposed side. In this case they built a simple long bench that allows them to cover a few uses. Lounging, entertaining and even a large step up into the pool. Perhaps the only concern may be people sitting there being splashed but thats something people can manage.

Diy Natural Swimming Pool

Natural swimming pools are a thing in Europe, even though theyre not as popular in the US. The idea is for the swimming pools to be built without relying on huge amounts of chemical additives and manufactured materials.

Instead of using concrete or fiberglass, like regular swimming pools do, natural ones would use gravel stone and clay. Its the cheapest and most Eco-friendly way of building a swimming pool, and heres how to do it.

  • Dig a hole in your backyard. Go with the shallow or a deep one, thats up to you.
  • Make sure that it has sloping slides, or youll be running the risk of the sides caving in. The ratio should be 1 foot vertical drop for every 3 horizontal feet.
  • Leave about 50% of the pools surface area for shallow plants, which will not only be visually beautiful, but will also filter the water so you wont have to go with chlorine or any expensive water filters.
  • Make sure that the pool will hold the water. You can do this by applying a layer of bentonite clay, or going with the concrete option if you want to invest more money.
  • Fill it with water.

For about two thousand dollars, you got yourself a beautiful natural pool. And on the plus side, you wont have to drain it each autumn. Once youve filled it youll only be topping it off from time to time.

On Budget Pool For Small Backyard

The small backyard cannot hinder you from having a good time while cooling off your body. You can still have a swimming pool right in your small backyard and disassemble it when you do not feel like to swim especially during the winter. To make the pool look more elegant, you can install some recessed LED lights around the pool.

Investing in an above-ground pool is not a bad idea, is it? By implementing one of these above ground pool ideas you will have a great pool without making you short on cash.

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Celebrate Summer With A Swim

Skip the pricey airfare and hotel bill in Hawaii and bring the resort festivities to your backyard with a pool tiki bar. Set up an umbrella and bar table against your above-ground pool exterior to enjoy boozy sips while swimming. Finish out your swim-up bar with a pair of all-weather stools to enjoy snacks throughout the day, too.

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What Other Things Can I Add To My Above Ground Pool Area To Make My Backyard More Fun Year

How to Make the Above Ground Pool Look Nice?

An above ground pool deck can be large enough to include other outdoor activities. Install a hot tub to relax in year-round. Add a fire pit or chiminea for summer marshmallow roasting or for keeping warm on chilly nights. With a hot tub and fire pit, you can enjoy your outdoor space in seasons other than summer.

Building a pergola or a partial deck covering allows you to relax in the shade, or take cover in the rain. Keeping your pool area furniture under a covered zone also helps protect it from sun and weather damage.

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How To Make An Above Ground Pool Look Nice

When landscaping around your above ground pool, you have complete freedom as compared to an in-ground pool. Unlike in-ground pools, the ideas are unlimited and depend upon your budget. You can put in your heart and give your pool a personalized touch. Lets look at some of the ways you can modify the space around your pool. The best thing is that you can use more than one of the ideas listed below to get the desired touch around your pool.

Concrete Blocks/Pavers: If you are looking for durable, reliable, and beautiful landscaping around your above ground pool, concrete blocks are the way to go. By adding concrete blocks, you can easily transform the space around your pool. You can choose from different colors and also make a step for entering your pool. Similarly, paver patios can also be installed with your above ground pools to get a unique and beautiful look.

Gravel/Rock Boundary: You can also install a gravel rock boundary around your pool to make it appear neat and beautiful. The best way to install this is to make a rectangular or circular boundary around your pool, remove the grass around it, and then lay down the rocks. Gravel or rocks come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you the freedom of personalizing them. Adding gravel or rock will also protect the walls of your pool from grass, weeds, and insects.

Final Words

Rocks Around Above Ground Pool

Cylinder above ground pool seems to bore you. Do not worry! Because there are tons of endless options for landscaping around your pool. River rocks become the most popular rocks to decorate pools borders. Buy river rocks and clean them out using water.

River rocks come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Choose the rocks which fit nicely with your pool. After landscaping, you absolutely get surprised. Because your backyard oasis looks so charming. The river rocks make your pool so beautiful as well. It is the time to give compliment to your pool.

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Corner Pool With Terraced Steps

This is one of my favorite above ground pool designs. The wood deck functions as both stairs and seating. Really, its a very clever and attractive way to wrap the pool. Siding wraps the retaining wall around two sides of the pool, but it could also have stone, brick or nearly any other decorative treatment.

At only 8×18 ft. in size, this pool is also a great space saver, and could be tucked most anywhere. Something like this is especially useful for narrow urban backyards, or for when you want to preserve space in the backyard for other activities.

Above Ground Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Deck and Steps (On a tight budget)

Image source: Aqua Star On Ground Pools

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Build a deck around your pool because not only it looks great but is also much fun. Some of the above ground pool deck ideas can be really cool such as add a multi-level deck for the pool or a slide for some excitement. You can also add a wooden bridge or deck that blends with the above ground pool landscape of plants and flowers.

If you can afford to spend a little more money and have a big backyard, then, you can build a luxury deck with a lounge and gazebo for the pool. With some more work on the above ground pool landscaping, the final output would be an inspiration.

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Implement Seating And Safety

This multi-tiered deck with a built-in bench and sitting ledge provides plenty of seating so parents can sit and watch the kiddies frolic in the pool. For peace of mind, large planters, a gated entry and a lattice wall at the far end of the deck prevent little ones from accessing the pool when they shouldnt.

Above Ground Pool Decorating Ideas

It seems that you solely focus on installing your pool and its deck. The exterior is as important as your above ground pool. In reality, there are many options of decorating swimming pool which make you overwhelmed. By decorating your pool, it looks more stunning than usual.

This Mediterranean-styled above ground pool is outfitted with pool ladders. For the decoration, there are some ceramic tiles made of clays. They truly suit for wet area like above ground pool.

Beige-colored clay tiles surely add warm touches to the pool. Despite of their simple designs, they still look so alluring. Best of all, the tiles are low-maintenance.

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Create A Lounge Space Around The Pool

This basic rectangular pool gets a stylish, extra seating addition with a built-in wood seat and cushions. Its a low-cost way to create an inviting spot in the pool area.

Theyre perfect for solo sunbathing, shade, or resting while keeping an eye on children in the water. This is a great idea for making your pool more relaxing.

You can add a built-in bench or simply create a lounge area with an assortment of comfortable cushions and pillows around the pool. This encourages a longer stay in the water.

The possibilities for this project are endless, just be sure to follow any safety precautions recommended by your local pool store.

Use A Combination Of Ideas To Blend Your Above Ground Pool Into The Garden

how to make above ground pool look nice with deck #pergola

Perhaps the best way to hide or blend your above ground pool into your garden is through a combination of the ideas we explored above.

Depending on where the pool is located and how much money you are willing to spend you may opt for different approaches. It could be raised garden beds around one side, a higher deck around another, and maybe cheaper cladding on sides not visible from the house.

Finding ways to incorporate multiple ideas may make it easier to blend you above ground pool into the garden.

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Heres How We Decorated The Above

After putting up bamboo fencing to cover up the chainlink that surrounds the home, my parents found themselves with a bunch of extra rolls of the stuff

Thats how we decided to decorate our above-ground pool by wrapping it in bamboo fencing.

We laid the fencing against the pool, and secured it to the sides using zip ties, all around the Intex pools frames.

We trimmed the fencing to just sit under the rim of the pool, and boom:an above ground pool that looks as good as it feels!

Now that its decorated, the above-ground pool is the perfect compliment to the carbana. Which, if you recall, is my parents carport-turned-outdoor lounge area. My family sure has a way of sprucing up boring stuff.

That said, Ives still got a short wishlist of things I want to add to decorate our above ground pool:

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget

This pool is placed over the outside of a deck that connects the house and the pool, creating a cool infinity pool look.

In the example above, the above gound pool deck around the pool is gradually raised and arranged as sunbathing and sitting areas.

The unattractive exterior appearance of the side panels is hidden with a simple deck added around the pool. A modern and stylish look is provided with dark wood flooring that gives a standard pool appearance.

This spa pool has a special appearance, supported by dynamically designed platforms.

The wooden stairs surrounding the above ground pool deck provide an amazing passageway to the pool.

An above ground pool with deck is an ideal choice for beach houses as it keeps sand and other unwanted small parts away from the pool.

Small and simple above ground pools for small backyards are a great choice to cool off on hot days.

The front of this above ground pool with deck is covered with glass and an extraordinary appearance is achieved.

Thanks to the wooden frames added around the pool, it looks much more functional. You can use deck for sitting, putting drinks and towels.

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Add Decking And Shade To Beat The Texas Heat

A beautiful deck adds a place to relax beside your pool.

To make an above ground pool look really nice, consider installing decking. Decks can be built around your pool in a variety of ways.

You could create a beautiful walkway from your patio to the deck around your above ground pool. Decks can be raised completely around your pool which will give your above ground pool an inground feel. Add comfy seating with decorative touches and make sure to add the right ladder for safety when getting in and out of your pool.

For shade, add patio umbrellas, plants with large leaves, or go all out by adding a pergola.

Cool Above Ground Pool Ideas

10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

Swimming pool is exactly your backyard oasis. To create an ultra comfy environment, you can create the poolside which depends on your personal preference. If you live at the hillside, you are surely able to build cool above earth swimming pool.

Multi-colored flagstones are utilized here to give an additional beauty to the pool. It is better to build 2 different sizes of above ground pool, small and large. Small one is specifically designed to your kids. Enjoy panoramic natural landscapes while lounging around in the pool.

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Diy Above Ground Lounge Pool

Here is an above-ground pool that can be used for indoor use, preferably a lounge. Youll be using a 1000L IBC and a few pallets. You will need some wood screws, PVC pipes, a pool pump with a sand filter, and a few other materials.

For the tools, you need a circular saw, hacksaw or cordless reciprocating saw, cordless drill, a heat gun, and a few other tools you can have at home or get from your favorite hardware store.

Beer Crates Swimming Pool

Now this one sounds just plain crazy, but its actually quite viable. Making this pool includes some heavy drinking though, as the Dutch men that originally made it used a huge amount of beer crates which totals to around three thousand beer bottles.

If youve got the materials, the process is pretty much the same as with the hay bale swimming pool. Arrange the crates of beer in a square shape on a flat surface, put some plastic sheets inside and fill it with water. Youll also have the beer within arms reach. A great way to spend a day with some buddies.

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Diy Ideas For Kids Above Ground Pool

Many people set up their childs above-ground pool and leave it at that. There are many fun and creative things you can do to make your childs pool experience even better. The main thing is to improve the look of the area and make the pool a part of your childs environment.

You might have to call a professional contractor if some ideas are too heavy or costly for you to attempt. That will not be the case most of the time as these DIY projects are very basic and easy as long as you follow some simple safety precautions. In this article, you will find inventive ideas that should help your childs pool stay clean and safe as well as give it a custom look.

There are unlimited ideas you can come up with to make your childs pool a place they want to spend time in. It is only limited by you and your childs imagination. Here are some great ideas that will give you a good starting place. Take your time and read over them. See if you can incorporate some of the ideas and add your own unique touch.

How To Make Above Ground Pools Look Nice

How Can I Make an Above

Above ground swimming pools are versatile and provide a lot of benefits when compared with inground pools. Theyre much cheaper to install, easier to maintain and dont require any expensive excavation. But sometimes the visible parts of an above ground pool leave a lot to be desired. If you want to learn how to make above ground pools look nice, check out this list of ideas.

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Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Typically, build a backyard pool needs large amount of money. It becomes factor that discourage a person to make a pool.

Do you think the same problem? Luckily, inexpensive above ground pool does exist. There is an affordable way to install your marvelous pool. Before installing your backyard pool, go to the store to buy wooden pallets.

Then, create pool walls, basis and perimeter using wooden pallets. Keep the pallets in their original shapes. Cover the surface of your pool with blue-colored plastic layer. Be sure there is no single hole because it can cause leakage.

Despite it is money-saving idea, your backyard still looks good. Since it is relatively small, clean the pool becomes much easier. Making splashes in this pool will be a refreshing activity especially in the hot weather.

Although it comes in unusual form, it is worth installing. Most importantly, you all will be having fun.

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