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How To Set Up Pool

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Reinstall Your Deck Equipment

How we set up our pool [Intex Ultra Frame XTR]

This might seem like a page from How to Open an Above Ground Pool 101, but youll need to reinstall your deck gear to use your pool. This includes ladders, steps, or lifts.

Double-check each component for rust or other damage. If anything seems flimsy, damaged, or worn out, nows the perfect time to replace it.

Get Your Pump Running

After youve got everything ready, let your pool pump run for at least 24 hours. Vacuum out any debris that appears. Retest your pool water, and if the results are where you want them to be, grab your swimsuit and jump in!

Understanding how to open an above ground pool makes jumpstarting your pool season a lot easier. As youre going through the opening steps, take a little time to create a pool maintenance schedule to keep things running smoothly all season.

Just be sure to make some time to enjoy all your hard work. Or whats a pool for?

Happy Swimming!

What To Put Under Above Ground Pools

After youve decided where to put your pool, its time to decide what under pool mat you will use for your Intex pool. The right material can extend the life of your pool.

Heres a list of the most popular materials to put underneath an above ground pool, whether its on grass, pavers, gravel or concrete.

  • Interlocking Foam Tiles
  • Easy to Install
  • Cost

Having a breathable material will help prevent mildew and mound which is caused by trapped moisture.

Some materials are naturally tougher than others, such as commercial under pool pads. This is more important if you plan to put your pool on grass or dirt.

Having the right material just feels nicer on your feet. Some people dont mind it but having stones sticking into my feet isnt my preference. Going for a thicker material or combining two materials together will produce a better feel.

A material that is easy to get to lay flat is also beneficial. This will mean that the bottom of your pool will be wrinkle free making it easier to clean .

Lastly, when deciding on what to put under an above ground pool you want to consider how easy the material is to work with and the cost. Although carpet could be free , its not easy to cut and could be quite a lot of effort to install.

Interlocking foam tiles can be found here and at Walmart, Home Depot and many other stores.

They provide thick padding and will feel great under your feet. Provided you install them on a level surface, the bottom of the pool will feel nice and smooth.

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The Best Time To Install A Pool

  • Spring is a great time to break ground on a pool if you want it to be ready for summer, though of you live somewhere rainy, flooding may be an obstacle.
  • Fall is another great season for the actual installation process, as the weather is steadier.
  • “The only constraint on timing is that, in the north,you don’t want to dig in the winter. The ground is frozen and it makes it very challenging,” architect RD Gentzler tells HB.

Feldman also recommends a long-term approach if you aren’t ready to dive into construction: “Look at a yard opportunity holistically, even if you phase it out. Get it done in a packaged way wherever its possiblenobody needs a bobcat or concrete truck coming more than once.”

Filling Your Pool With Water For The First Time

Intex Easy Set Up Pool Apr. 2020

Follow these simple steps to get your new pool ready:

Filling Your Pool with Water for the First Time

Check filtration system

Make sure the filtration system is operational.

Fill pool

Based on temperature and type of finish, fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer or specified water level without interruption and as rapidly as possible with clean water, to help prevent a bowl ring. Be sure to place the hose in the deepest area with a clean rag on the end to prevent damage to the surface material.

Start filtration

Based on temperature and type of finish, fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer or specified water level without interruption and as rapidly as possible with clean water, to help prevent a bowl ring. Be sure to place the hose in the deepest area with a clean rag on the end to prevent damage to the surface material.

Test the pool

Test the pool in multiple spots, at least 600mm 900mm below the surface to make sure the readings are right.


  • At no time should any person or pets be allowed in the pool during the fill
  • To prevent streaking, do not allow any external sources of water to enter the pool
  • Do not swim in the pool until the water is properly balanced
  • Test the water for: pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and metals

Dont forget to record the results.

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Our Chosen Set Up On How To Rack Pool Balls For All Billiard Games

The very first time I ever heard about how to rack pool balls was about five years ago. And I will not even attempt to lie and say it made any sense to me. But billiards was the sport of my father-in-law. So, I had to learn how pool is played, and I had to learn real fast.

I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about the racking of pool balls. How you can avoid those moments that could be contentious with your opponent when racking. The equipment that I used and still use.

From racking for 8 ball pool to straight pool, all the pro tips and tricks will be yours in a few minutes.

Inventory Your Pool Chemicals

Youll want to have all of your chemicals ready to go before you start opening your pool. Check the expiration dates on all of your pool chemicals, and replace any that are past their prime. . You should also replace any chemicals that werent properly sealed before they were stored.

Chemicals Checklist: Everything You Need to Open Your Pool

Need to do a pre-opening pool chemical supply run? Heres what youll need to get the job done right:

  • A good test kit or test strips for checking your pools pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity,and chlorine levels
  • Chlorine granules or tablets
  • Stain treatment

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Is A Magic Rack Better Than A Regular Triangle

Within the rack world, this diamond formation tool causes much debate.

Personally, I am a fan of it. I search for one every time I am in the bar.

The magic rack is cheaper and gives a tighter track compared to the regular rack. But the standard triangle is more durable and considered more beginner-friendly than the magic one.

The triangle can rack for 8,9, or 10-ball pool games all in one. With the magic rack, you need a different one for every game.

What To Put Under An Inflatable Pool On Concrete

How to Set Up a Swimming Pool & Filter Pump

Concrete is a great material to put your inflatable pool on since it is usually 100% level. You will however need to put a material under your inflatable pool to protect the bottom of the pool from abrasions such as a tarp or flooring underlayment.

Concrete is also a very hard surface and will feel much nice on your feet if you use something with padding such as carpet underlay or foam.

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How To Start Up A Saltwater Swimming Pool

So you’re feeling salty, huh? It’s actually a good thing! Salt pools offer a ton of benefits including less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying your pool. Unlike traditional chlorine, salt pools are gentle on eyes, skin, and clothes. They can be harsh on some equipment though so make sure you follow these steps when starting up or converting to a salt pool!

*As with any product, always refer to your salt chlorinator’s owner manual for detailed instructions specific to your model and brand.

PRO TIP: Regardless of the type of pool you own the water does not need to be drained, even when converting a chlorine pool to salt pool. This is especially true if you have a vinyl liner pool. We cover the only time you should drain your vinyl pool here.

How To Install An Above Ground Pool In 10 Steps

03/ 22/ 2015

We have installed over 5,000 above ground pools over the years and we usually hear a few clients ask if they could do it themselves. The short answer to that is yes.

But, you do need the right equipement and the right instructions.

The manufacturers of the above grounds like Aqualeader and Zodiac do a great job at manufacturing them. But it would be a stretch to say that every model comes with instructions on how to assemble .

Our goal here is to give you a 10-step overview on how to install an above ground pool yourself.

Now before you get started on reading the steps, know that this is one of the ways to instal. Every builder adds their own style.

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Setup Of An Intex Frame Set Pool

In addition to the Easy Set Intex pool with the inflatable top ring, a more sturdy pool design is offered in the Intex Metal Frame Set pools. Assemble the vertical and horizontal metal tubes together , and you can start to fill the pool right away.

  • Lay down the ground cloth
  • Spread out the pool liner
  • Assemble the frame sections
  • Pop up the pool to its full height
  • Connect the filter hoses and plug in the pump
  • Fill the pool

As you can see, theres a right way and a wrong way to set up your Intex pool for the summer. Take your time to do it right, especially with your prep work on the ground, and youll be swimming in no time!

Enjoy your Intex Pool this Summer!

In The Swim Blog Editor


Clearing The Air On Above Ground Pools

Fast Set Inflatable Pool has Easy Set Up and Low ...

Our goal is to be the most educational company regarding traditional above ground pools. We have over 20 years of professional experience with above ground pools and a lot of information to share! We have found that in-ground pools have quite a bit of discussion online surrounding them, but no one has really gone in depth on above ground pools. We hope to clear the air on above ground pools, and answer any and all questions you might have. In this guide and on our website we will be as transparent as possible explaining the industry in general, how it applies to our product selection. And, why we have chosen the product line-up we have.

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Roll Out And Install Liner

Time to unroll the liner inside the pool. The trick here is to lay it at the center of the pool and unroll from there.

Pro Tip: If it’s a sunny hot day, which is the best day to install, open the liner box and open it slightly so that your liner gets hot. This will make it stretchy and it will be easier to install.

This is best done with 2 people inside the pool. Bring it over to the walls and clip it inside the bead track. Your friends outside should help with clipping it all around.

Onces it’s clipped everywhere, using your feet, try to spread the bottom to flatten and get closer to the wall.

You should start bringing in water now. Pour in about 2 feet of water and stretch the liner to remove any creases as it is filling. If you don’t remove it now, it will stay forever.

Pro Tip: Get a water truck delivery. The Garden hose will take lots of time to get to that first 2 feet, which is essential to completing the installation.

Fill Pool To Middle Of Waterline Tile And Do Final Debris Removal

Grab a garden hose and fill the pool until the water level reaches the midpoint of the waterline tile or middle of the skimmer weirs. Once youve got the water level where it needs to be, you can now clean leaves, twigs and debris from the pools bottom by using a wall and floor brush. This is also time to dust off your algae brush and pool vacuum. Also be sure to remove any debris from the leaf basket.

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Test & Balance Your Pool’s Chemical Levels

Once you know how many gallons of your pool holds it’s time to test your water. The amount of water in your pool will help determine how much of each chemical you’ll need to add after you’ve tested the water for it to be properly balanced.

Here’s what you’ll need to test for and their ideal range:

  • Alkalinity
  • Metals
  • Salt

Your water needs to be completely balanced with all the ideal levels before turning the salt chlorinator on. Read more on testing your water here. An existing pool converting to chlorine will have a salt presence already. you’ll want to know your starting salt level after all the rest of your chemicals are balanced so you know how much salt to add in the next step.

If pool maintenance seems confusing or just isn’t your thing, now is also a good time to add E-Z Pool to your backyard living style. The combination of these two products takes out the need for adding a bunch of different chemicals to your pool to balance out your levels.

About The Pool Factory


Americas Above Ground Pool Experts is the best place to find everything you need to make owning a swimming pool or spa fun and easy, at the best prices today. With a combined 50+ years of experience The Pool Factory employs a highly trained staff of above ground and semi inground pool specialists. The Pool Factory can provide unique solutions for all pool supplies and swimming pool needs.

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Installing A Pool On The Lawn: A Risky Option

You can set up a steel frame or above ground pool on the lawn but you will have to take a lot of precautions and accept the fact that you do run the risk of damage.After , use a lawnmower to cut your grass as short as it can go in the area where the pool will be installed.

  • Remove any rocks or unwanted debris. Using a rake, followed by a broom, clear and clean the surface.
  • Place a hard-wearing ground cloth beneath the pool then install the pool. You will, nonetheless, have to accept the fact that your lawn will die off beneath the weight of the pool. If you plan on dismantling the pool, you will have to revive your lawn by turning over the soil.

Water Care & General Maintenance

You will want to test your water at least weekly. There are a variety of different test kits available. They include strips that you simply dunk in the water to get your water readings, drop kits, and even completely automated systems that will continuously monitor your water and alert you if anything needs to be added. Some pool retailers will have a water lab that can test your water for you as well.

You will want to watch the following 3 readings weekly: pH, alkalinity and chlorine. For a chlorine-based pool, you’ll want to maintain your pH reading between 7.2 and 7.8, your alkalinity between 80 120 and your chlorine level at 1.5 3. These levels will ensure proper sanitization of your water and should keep it clear and clean.

On a monthly basis, you will want to test copper , water hardness and cyanuric acid levels, and ensure these are within the appropriate range.

The most common water issues with above ground pools are green water and/or cloudy water.

Green pool water indicates algae, and generally requires the water to be shocked with a high dose of sanitizer .

Cloudy water can be caused by many factors commonly we see it after shocking a pool. The dead algae that is not caught by the filter tends to hang out in the water. In these cases, you will want to floc the pool. This process causes the algae or other contaminants that are in suspension in the pool water to sink to the bottom, allowing you the ability to vacuum them out.

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Balancing Your Water Chemistry

Step away from the Bunsen burner. Pool chemistry might sound intimidating and complicated, but you dont have to worry. While it is an essential part of effective pool maintenance and water care, basic pool chemistry is surprisingly straightforward.

The most important tool in your bag of water care tricks is your water testing kit. You wouldnt season your stew without tasting it. So before you reach for the chemicals, do some pool water testing. Understanding whats in your water, and what isnt, is the first step to balancing it.

The three most important parts of pool water chemistry are:

  • pH levels: The measure of how acidic or basic your pool water is. Low pH levels are acidic, while high levels are basic. The ideal range for your pool is 7.4 to 7.6.
  • Alkalinity: Works as a pH buffer and helps avoid huge spikes in basicity or acidity. The ideal range is 100 to 150 parts per million . And you can use baking soda to increase your pools alkalinity level.
  • Sanitizer levels: The amount of chlorine, bromine, etc. in your pool water. Proper levels vary depending on which type of sanitizer you choose.

Once you know your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels, you can start to add chemicals to tweak your water balance. Take your time, follow all the directions, and be sure you know what each chemical does and how itll affect the water, and the folks who swim in it, before you add it.

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