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Safety Cover For Inground Pool

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Inground Pool Safety Cover

Winterize an Inground Pool Install a Safety Cover
  • Keep your family and pets safe!
  • Cover helps to prevent unsupervised entry.
  • Made from premium grade materials, durable polypropylene fabrics, 500 lb tensile strength webbing and the highest grade UV polyester thread
  • Durable, long-lasting quality
  • Computer-designed and custom cut fit, ensuring the cover meets or exceeds ASTM standards for pool safety covers when correctly installed
  • Available in blue mesh
  • Permanent anchors installed into concrete or wood decking/surround.

When purchased, one of our pool experts will make an appointment to personally measure your inground pool to ensure the best fit for you.

  • Purchase the Inground Pool Safety Cover on our website or by phone/chat.
  • Our Care Team will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a date to measure your pool.
  • We will send your pools measurements to the manufacturer.
  • In 9 weeks, your custom made Inground Pool Safety Cover will arrive at Galaxy and our Care Team will schedule a date for your cover to be installed.
  • For more information, contact us by phone at 1-800-678-7665 or by webchat located at the bottom righthand corner of your screen.

    What’s Included With My Cover

    Every stock or custom made safety cover you order from Pool Supplies Canada comes complete* with:

    Brass Anchor – Installation Bar – Allen Key – Tamping Tool – Spring with Cover – Storage Bag

    Looking for additional safety cover installation accessories, anchors, or supplies?

    *Included hardware varies depending on installation stock covers include brass anchors only.

    In The Swim Premier 20 X 40


    Why You Should Get It: Use this mesh pool cover to keep debris out of the pool during your pools busy season or to layer on your winter cover for easy clean-up of falling leaves.

    Keep In Mind: The cover is specifically meant to keep leaves out of the pool, so the mesh doesnt provide any safety protection or protection against the weather.

    Keeping your pool clean can feel like a part-time job during the warmer months. Having a mesh cover, like this one from In The Swim, to keep out as much debris as possible can be an incredible time saver. Its made out of polyethylene knitted together to create the mesh material. This highly porous mesh material is specifically meant to help you keep leaves out of the pool.

    Its not going to hold up to anyone standing on it, and it wont keep out precipitation. Because of this, the cover may not be for you if youre concerned about keeping out the rain or preventing the pool water from evaporating. Still, you can pair it with a winter cover as soon as autumn approaches to provide double protection for your pool.

    This cover is for in-ground pools and measures 20 x 40 feet. Its backed by a two-year limited warranty and a one-year full warranty should any problems arise.

    Price at time of publish: $107

    Product Details:

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    Customizations To Fit Any Pool Design

    Latham brand automatic pool covers offer the widest choice of models, options, fabrics and colors in the industry. Our drive mechanisms are available in either stainless steel or marine-grade aluminum. Each system includes stainless steel hardware. Through the many options available, most pool shapes and sizes can be covered.

    Options: 1/5

    Closing An In Ground Pool For The Winter

    Yard Guard Deck Lock Rectangle Mesh 16 x 32

    You should close and winterize your pool ahead of the frost to keep your equipment and water lines from freezing. Try not to close your pool too early though – if you wait until the water temperature is consistently below 15 degrees Celsius then you’ll have less algae growth throughout the Winter season. The following guide will work for inground pools sanitized using chlorine or salt water.

    Step 1) Get your equipment organized

    Before you close your pool check your equipment to ensure it’s in good shape and you have everything you need. This includes:

    • – Your winter cover – check for rips or tears. Try repairing small rips or tears with a vinyl pool patch or pool cover patch tape
    • Water bags – check for leaks and ensure you have enough bags to cover the perimeter of your pool
    • – Your skimmer plugs – check for cracks or holes
    • Return jet plugs – check for cracks or holes
    • Winter chemicals
    • Air compressor or a powerful shop vac to clean out the lines.

    TIP: Purchase one of our pool closing kits to get all of the winter chemicals you need in one handy package! Plus, our deluxe pool closing chemical kits include a non-chlorine shock, perfect for use with both chlorine and salt water pools.

    Step 2) Prepare the pool

    Step 3) Prepare filters and pumps

  • – Blow the multiport valve out with a shop vac or compressor until all water is removed
  • – Remove jet fittings
  • – Store the pool pump and filter in a dry place for the winter
  • Do you need a new filter or pump? Shop online now.

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    Winter Block Aboveground Pool Winter Cover


    Why You Should Get It: If you want a low-cost, lightweight option, this is one of the best pool covers to purchase.

    Keep In Mind: The lighter material makes it easy to install, but it may not hold up as well as thicker pool covers.

    Sometimes, you just want a no-fuss pool cover that wont blow the budget. In that case, this round pool cover is a good go-to. The cover is meant for an above-ground pool and is sold in nine different sizes, including this 18-foot option. The cover size itself is 21 feet, allowing it to fit neatly over an 18-foot pool.

    Made out of laminated polyethylene sheeting with high-density polyethylene stitches, it will keep out falling leaves in the autumn, snow in the winter, and rain in the spring and summer months. Its lightweight and treated to resist UV rays. However, since the material is lightweight, it may not be as durable for pools in climates that receive tons of snow.

    Still, installation is easy. The grommets for the perimeter and the steel cable and winch are all included with the pool cover itself, so you wont need to guess at the correct hardware to use.

    Price at time of publish: $32

    Product Details:

    Size: 18 feet | Material: Plastic | Recommended Pool Type: Round, above-ground

    Essential Part Of Swimming Pool Closing And Winterizing

    It is especially important to properly winterize your swimming pool when you live in Canada. A properly installed safety pool cover protects your pool from the winter weather that the Greater Toronto Area receives.

    • A properly fitting safety cover helps eliminate the growth of algae over the winter season that causes a serious discolouration of the pool. The sun-blocking safety cover will prevent algae stains that are extremely difficult and costly to clean up.
    • A properly fitting cover makes your backyard looks neat and clean in the winter no more unattractive covers and dirty black puddles sinking your cover.
    • Safety pool covers protect your family and pets from accidental drowning during the winter season. Ontario Pool Service safety covers are strong and durable to stop a child or pets from falling into the pool if they wander into the pool area.

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    Inspect The Actual Color Of Your Product Prior To Installation

    If it is important that your product be an exact color or shade, it is highly recommended that you inspect the actual product prior to its installation and address any concerns with your local independent installer. Most independent installers do not offer refunds or accept returns due to color variations.

    Is A Mesh Or Solid Safety Cover Better

    How to Measure and Install your Pool Safety Cover from Hinspergers.
    • Mesh safety covers are lighter and easier to take on and off than solid safety covers. Mesh safety covers will not pool with water since they allow water to pass through while keeping leaves out. The leaves will dry and blow away. The drawback is that some light will pass through allowing algae and bacteria to grow. This works out to less maintenance in the winter, but more cleanup in the spring when you open your pool. You may also need the occasional use of a sump pump if there is a heavy rain or snow and your pool is overflowing.

      A solid safety cover will block out all debris and precipitation, leaving you with a clear pool to open up in the spring, but there is more winter maintenance. You will need to regularly sweep off the leaves and snow to avoid too much weight building up in the center of the pool. Weight will cause the middle to sag and make the cover less effective. Some models come with a small center drain that will prevent pressure from a big rain storm. An automatic pump can also keep the cover dry, but its recommended you bring it inside when the weather is freezing.

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    Cantar Hyper Light Solid

    Key Features:

    • Made from PVC coated polyester fabric, which is 30% lighter than standard solid covers, 50% more puncture resistant, and provides 100% sunlight blockage
    • Improved “Kleen-Screen” Drain increases flow and surface drainage area while blocking sunlight, dirt and debris from getting into your pool
    • Keeps pool clean while protecting it from accidental intrusions
    • Weight: 13 oz, Tensile: 295/210, Burst: 430
    • 15 Year Limited Warranty

    When Should You Use A Pool Cover

    Dean says that pool covers can be used all year. He recommends leaving it on when your pool isn’t in use, at night, during windy weather, and in the winter. Dean adds, Using it often reduces water evaporation, helps retain heat, adds safety, keeps out debris, and helps with cleaning and maintenance . He also notes its important to remove the cover once in a while during pool season to let the water breathe and to perform regular maintenance.

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    Color Names Are Subjective And May Not Be What You Think The Color Should Be

    For example, we use the name putty to describe some of our products. Your idea of the color putty may be different than someone elses idea of putty. In addition, products may have the same color name but may not be the exact same color. For example, we have different shades of black. Please do not order using color names as your only guide. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

    We Repair Duplicate And Make New Inground Pool Safety Covers Call Us Today Toll Free At 1

    WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover, Fits 20 x 44, Green Mesh ...

    In ground pool safety covers are solid or mesh covers that are designed to be tight across your pool, secured with straps, and heavy duty springs, anchored around your pools perimeter with brass anchors that are installed in your pool decking.

    Safety covers will keep your pool clean, while also keeping it safe, helping to prevent accidents and drowning.

    Many pool owners find that even if they dont have safety concerns, it is a much better deal to get a safety cover, rather than a tarp type cover, because safety covers are designed to last for many years, and their superior ability to keep out the elements also reduces maintenance costs.

    Safety covers are also much easier to deal with than the tarp type covers, especially in areas that have freezing temperatures.

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    Our Ongoing Commitment To Safety

    LOOP-LOC covers not only meet, but exceed, ASTM standards for Safety Swimming Pool Covers F I346-91. To show our dedication to the safety and security of your family, LOOP-LOC covers have undergone extensive outside testing through Underwriters Laboratories and are the only mesh covers in the industry to have earned the seal of approval for safety swimming pool covers.



    Our Super Dense Mesh blocks virtually all sunlight and lets rain and melting snow easily drain through.


    We use double-perimeter webbing and double-thick straps for extra strength.

    Computer Aided Design

    Computer Aided Design

    Our exclusive Computer Aided Design ensures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or pool size.



    All of our covers come in our most popular Standard Green and are also available in our designer color series.

    Unique Anchors

    Our unique anchoring system offers the ultimate protection and fits flush with the deck.

    Inground Safety Pool Covers

    Merlin IndustriesLoop-LocPacific Performance Pool ProductsArctic ArmorKnowledge Questions & Answers for Swimming Pool Safety CoversIt’s not just about Safety… It’s About Peace of Mind

    Merlin Merlin safety pool covers are made with premium quality mesh material, premium construction… More GLI The Secur-A-Pool® Safety Cover by GLI is renowned in the industry for its strength, durability and ease of installation. In addition…More PoolTux PoolTux safety pool covers are high quality pool safety covers protecting what’s most important to you… More
    Loop-Loc A Loop-Loc Pool Safety Cover purchase is one of the safest decisions made regarding protecting your pool and swimming family. More Arctic Armor Durable, long-lasting Arctic Armor covers are strong enough to support your entire family… More

    Whichever of our swimming safety pool covers you choose, it will meet or exceed the pool safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.

    These pool safety covers are designed to support the weight of a person without collapsing in around itself. This is done with in integral mesh cover, safety springs and deck anchors. As shown on the left the anchors can be installed in a concrete or wood deck. In the Spring, remove the springs and screw the anchor down allowing it to retract into its socket.

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    Pool Mate 352545rpm Heavy


    Why You Should Get It: If you dont want rain or water to pass through your pool cover during winter, this is the best pool cover for in-ground pools.

    Keep in Mind: Youll need to buy water tubes to install the cover.

    Pool safety is important, and so is keeping your pool clean. This includes preventing rain and snow from entering the swimming pool, knocking its chemistry off balance. If you dont have little ones at the pool very often, then this winter cover is going to be one of the best pool covers for you.

    Use this cover during the winter when youre not swimming in or otherwise enjoying the pool. This polyethylene pool cover is solid rather than woven or mesh, so it wont let water through it. Plus, its seams are sealed with heat, providing even more protection from precipitation. The top of the cover is treated with a coating that resists damage from the suns rays.

    Though the cover comes complete with water tube loops for easy installation, the water tubes that hold the cover in place must be purchased separately. To that end, be sure to go up in size if your pool has steps or a seat to allow the cover to float on the pool water. The 12 different cover sizes make it easy to find something that will cover your pool.

    Price at time of publish: $140

    Product Details:

    Size: Varies from 12 x 14 feet up to 30 x 60 feet | Material: Polyethylene | Recommended Pool Type: In-ground

    What Is A Solid Safety Cover

    How to Install a Winter Swimming Pool Safety Cover
    • Solid safety covers prevent all water and snow from entering your pool and block out all sunlight. Its important to keep them free of debris and ensure the automatic pump is working to prevent water build up in the center. Keeping your safety cover clear extends the life of your safety cover and keeps your backyard looking clean and tidy all season.

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    Pool Safety Covers: Cost Vs Benefit

    Pool Safety Covers are anchored into your inground pool deck for easy on/off placement. Dense mesh fabric allows water to safely drain through the cover, while leaves and debris stay dry – simply blow off the cover. They also look fantastic on the pool, and can last for 15 years or more! Best of all, a pool safety cover is safe for people, pets and animals to be around. Make a small investment in a safety pool cover and you will be repaid every year with huge savings in time, money and effort all winter long!

    Stock Safety Covers

    Stock pool safety covers are available for immediate shipment – they are in stock! We carry Rectangle pool sizes as well as Rectangle with Center End Step, Rectangle with Left Side Step and Rectangle with Right Side Step pool shape options. Safety covers for Rectangular Pools can be selected on the top of this page, just measure your pool’s length and width, from inside edge to inside edge. Stock safety covers have a 15″ overlap to accommodate a 3″ variance in pool size, and will accommodate up to a 4′ radius corner. Pools that are not rectangular in shape should not use a stock cover, as it will wear unevenly on the pool coping edge and voids the warranty. For non-rectangle inground pool shapes, see our Custom Safety Covers page.

    Custom Safety Covers
    Pool Safety Cover Installation
    Best Brands – Best Prices

    Types Of Inground Pool Covers


    If youre looking for lightweight inground pool covers, consider a mesh design. This option is one of the most affordable, yet durable covers that can withstand thousands of pounds. Plus, they can last 15 years or more with proper care. Since theyre light, they also tend to be the most manageable option for pool owners, however, they can vary when it comes to sunlight. To prevent algae growth, look for one that can block out as much as 99 percent of sunlight.


    A solid safety cover is impermeable to debris, snow, rain and sun, making them a great choice for winter pool covers. Youll uncover sparkling-clean water when you open your pool next season. However, they do require some maintenance since the water collected on top must be pumped regularly. These may cost a bit more simply because they come with that pump.


    If you want the best of both mesh and solid, most pool safety products offer a hybrid design. Rather than having to pump the water out like a solid cover, hybrid covers use mesh panels to drain water into the pool. Like mesh covers, theyre light, making removal, cleaning, and storage easy.

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