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What Is The Best Led Pool Light

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Bolaxin Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights Led Bulb

Build the BEST LED Pool/Spa Light, for $59! Better Than Anything On The Market.

This color-changing bright LED pool light uses 12 voltage electricity and a 35 Watt pool led bulb with a lifespan of +65,000 hours. It comes programmed with 15 settings, including six solid colors and nine beautiful and unique color shows.

The light is perfect for medium-sized swimming pools and is compatible with most Pentair Hayward Light fixtures. You can remotely change the colors as well as using an on/off switch. The light can light up a 25000-gallon pool while conserving energy in the process.

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It comes with a premium 20 months Service from the Manufacturer Antozon. The light has an aluminum sheet reflector to eliminate hot spots.

And its superior lens geometry provides a full range of lighting effects. Its light beam distribution produces more uniform illumination for exceptional light intensity.


  • Able to light up 25000-gallon pool
  • Easy to use instruction manual


Benefits Of Using A Pool Light

There are a lot of obvious reasons for using pool lights, but there are also some you might not have thought of.

For one thing, you can extend your pool time safely into the night. Pool lights will keep the water and surrounding area visible to avoid potential mishaps.

And since we mentioned safety, it can also save someones life if youre able to see immediately if a non-swimmer or young child accidentally falls in.

Pool lights also add a sense of drama to your backyard. They can set the mood for entertaining, family fun, or even a little romance.

Another benefit is the way they can highlight special features in your pool. This can include waterfalls, fountains, and special architectural elements.;

How Durable Is The Light

It is no use getting pool lights if they will not last very long. What good is a pool light if it lasts for just a couple of hours? Make sure that you check out the ratings of the LED lights that you are considering and how long they can last. Those that last longer than the others will typically cost a lot more. Ensure that you get a model that will last you a very long time of service.

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Happox 50 Watt Daylight Led Pool Bulb

This is an LED pool light for in-ground swimming pool fit in for Pentair and Hayward pool light fixtures. It is designed as a replacement for incandescent light bulbs with high brightness.

Lastly, the Happox bulb is very easy to use. Installing it as easy as unscrewing your former bulb, and screwing it in its place.

How To Select The Ideal Led Pool Light

What Is The Best LED Pool Light?

There are many unique options available. You must know what you are getting before you end up throwing your money to the wind on something that is not suitable. Understanding pool light options and how each will benefit your pool experience is vital.

  • Voltage The first thing to consider is the voltage of the light. There are 12V and 120V lights. Putting in the wrong one could result in irreversible damage to your light system. Before you decide which you prefer, check with your local code, as some require low voltage 12V lights.
  • If you are installing a 12-volt light, you also need to purchase a transformer to convert the 120-house voltage to 12. If you are replacing current lights, its essential to check the voltage. You can find this information on the face of the bulb or on the back of the light housing.

    The brightness of 12V and 120V is identical. Dont forget that if the length of the cord is more than 100 feet, it may not be suitable to use a 12V, as volts will drop considerably.

  • Power The power of the light bulb is measured by watts. The cost of electricity is increased, as wattage gets higher. Standard LED lights range from about 30 watts to 90 watts. A 45-watt LED bulb generates identical light power as a 300-watt incandescent bulb. The difference is that it has 85% less electric costs.
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    Solar Led Underwater Pool Lights

    Save on your bills and make sure that your pool is well lighted, especially during the night. Purchase solar LED underwater pool lights. The lights are fully charged by solar power for 8 hours. It has built-in batteries that absorb solar energy during the day and lights up at night. The floating lights have a stunning effect on your pool.

    Inground Pool Light Fixtures

    Inground pool light fixtures come in two types, flush-mounted and surface-mounted.

    Flush-mounted light fixtures are installed during the initial build of an inground swimming pool, positioned underwater, clearly visible on the pool walls and pool steps.

    As their name suggests, they are fitted directly inside the walls so theyre perfectly flush with the wall.

    Heres where you need to be careful though. Different lights fit different flush-mounted fixtures, so if youre simply changing your old bulb for a new one then you better be sure its compatible with your fixture.

    • Colorful Color & Memory Color: 7 static modes, 8…
    • Remote Control & Switch Control: No remote…
    • Energy saving & Easy to Use: Replaces up to…

    Of course, if youre certain you want to convert to a different type or brand of pool light, you may be required to change your fixture entirely.

    Ultimately, its impossible to say if any given light will fit your current flush-mounted fixture without knowing your current setup, so its important to read the documentation for both before making a purchase.

    Surface-mounted light fixtures are less common, but often used in the absence of flush-mounted fixtures at a much cheaper cost.

    They function the same way as their flush-mounted cousins, except theyre retro-fitted to the wall surface making them very slightly raised from the wall itself, but also far easier to install.

    Dont you just love the creativity in this industry?

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    Installing Wireless Pool Led Lights

    As mentioned above, there are LED lights that come with a cable that needs to be connected to the system, and there are light bulbs that can be replaced. They are screw-on bulbs that are easy to install to get impressive light results and money-saving.

    Knowing how to upgrade your pool light to an LED light isnt that difficult at all. Simply follow these steps, and youll be enjoying your newly lit pool in no time.

  • Make sure the power is turned off to the pool. Check and double-check.
  • To make reaching the light fixture easier, you may want to drain some water.
  • The pilot screw needs to be removed. Each light fixture has different screw locations and screw types. Therefore, you may have first to locate it and determine what screwdriver will be necessary.
  • Take the light out of the fixture. There should be enough cable to take it out and place it on a towel on the side of the pool.
  • Before taking any further steps, check the wiring with a multimeter to ensure no electricity is running through.
  • Once youve tested theres no electricity it is time to take it apart. Remove screws, and any clamps hold it and remove the lens, gasket, and face ring. You will have to take care when taking it apart because parts may have become corroded over time.
  • Using a dry and clean towel, wipe down debris and dirt. If parts are corroded enough it may mean its time to replace the face ring and gasket.
  • Moonbrook Submersible Led Waterproof Lights

    The Best Lighting for Your Pool: Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED

    Most Affordable Lights

    Regardless of the occasion, the Moonbrook Submersible LED Waterproof Lights can provide all the fun and vivid lighting at a more affordable price. For convenience, these lights include a remote control that works within ten meters of where the lights have been set up.

    Unlike some pool lights, which must float on the surface to avoid water damage, you can submerge the Moonbrook Lights in the bottom of your pool, a water fountain, or even take them indoors if you want to. As IP68 waterproof, these pool lights are versatile and can light up any area you put them in.

    When youre using them, these batteries can last up to twelve hours, ensuring that theyll provide all the lighting your party or special occasion needs. If you arent satisfied with the 4-pack that you receive, Moonbrook offers a complete refund as well as 24/7-hour customer service if you have any questions.

    • Plenty of different light and color modes


    • May not be as durable as some choices

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    Do You Care About Attracting Insects

    We all know light attracts insects, so its not surprising to learn that swimming pool lights attract insects to your pool.

    Its simple: the brighter your pool lights, the more bugs they will attract.

    Of course, that will be of little concern if youre not using the pool after dark, but its a whole different story if you plan on sitting or standing near the pool, especially when hosting gatherings or pool parties.

    The best way to counteract this pest problem is to position your lights away from parts of the pool where humans are likely to congregate.

    If insects persist, its a good idea to check your water chemistry and stay on top of algae growth, as most light-attracted insects feed on algae . If all else fails, consider a pool enclosure.

    Types Of Light Options:

    • Incandescent These are the oldest types of light options. These are like the standard light bulbs that offer only white light and use up excessive amounts of energy to power. These types of lights are not recommended if you want to save money on electricity.
    • Halogen These types of lights produce very bright light and are less expensive than LED lights, and more than incandescent lights. They use up five times more power than LED lights and have a lifespan of 10-15 years. The only option is white light, with no color options.
    • LED These are the recommended lights for all household applications in general. They have much lower energy consumption but still produce a very bright light. You may end up paying more but its worth it. Such lights typically come in up to 20 different colors, and many can be controlled by a remote. The lifespan of LEDs is between 5 and 10 years.

    If you have decided on LED, take a look at our top LED pool lights choices;and how to select one for your pool. They are the most energy-efficient powerful lights currently on the market, and if you have the budget for the initial investment, they will pay for themselves in no time.

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    Melon Boy Submersible Led Lighting System

    The Melon Boy Submersible LEDs are the smallest on our list. Despite that, you can rest assured of their performance. The remote control operated LEDs feature two CR2450 button batteries that will last for at least 36-48 hours and are easy to replace.

    You can submerge them up to 10 feet underwater. Every light includes 5 LEDs of red, green, blue, bright white, and warm white colors. With the included remote, you can easily adjust the brightness and change the color.

    The color modes will leave you spoilt for choice Melon Boy provides you with 13 different static modes and 4 dynamic color-changing modes.

    Twisting the lid puts the O-ring in place and seals the reserved gap thus preventing any water from entering. You are protected by an 18-month warranty.

    Toveen Led Swimming Pool Light

    9 Best LED Pool Light: Buying Guide and Reviews for 2019

    When you get led light for your pool, you want to make sure that its something that shines brighter than most basic led lights. And thats precisely what the Toveen led swimming pool light is.

    The Toveen led pool light is a color-changing pool light with a remote control for changing the color mode. With the remote control, youll be able to toggle between all the colours the bulb comes with all the ease in the world. The item also has something called colour memory. This feature means that multiple lamps can be synchronised to display the same colour.

    The bulb also has higher luminous efficiency, and has a way longer led life than most other options on the market. The brightness of each color is 2 times that of regular bulbs. It also has a longer LED life distinguishing it from other 35w bulbs.

    The Toveen is designed for a 120v underwater swimming pool light fixture and can be controlled by a switch if the remote is lost.

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    Are Led Pool Lights Worth The Money

    LED pool lights are worth the money because they can save roughly 75% on your energy usage as compared to incandescent lights. While LED pool lights cost more than the average incandescent ones, they can last longer and are also durable. Hence, you will get your moneys worth because you will use it for a long time.

    Wireless Led Submersible Pool Lights

    For easy installation and to ensure that everyone is safe while swimming at the pool, choose wireless LED submersible pool lights. These kinds of lights are easy to install because there is no need to arrange wires around the pool area. Most of the wireless lights are battery operated. Place them around your pool and operate using a remote control.

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    Pentair Surface Mount Led Pool Light Premium Light

    Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Inground Pool Light is quite simply the brightest, whitest, and most energy efficient white LED pool light on the market.

    With a wider beam and more even light distribution, the Pentair IntelliBrite is an underwater LED pool light that features superb lens geometry and a unique reflector design that is combined to make a wide beam with a more consistent light.

    Its also versatile in that its capable of providing both wide and narrow beam patterns with a simple rotation of the lens.

    This energy saving LED light provides powerful illumination while utilizing minimal electricity around 85% less than an equivalent incandescent light.

    Positive Customer Feedback

    • The light is extremely clean and bright.
    • It makes the pool water look sparkling blue.

    Common Concerns

    Hapikay Solar Floating Pool Lights

    How to: Upgrade Your Pool Light To an LED Color Changing Light

    The Hapikay solar floating pool light automatically changes colour every 25 seconds These balls are especially cool to have display colour shows at your pool party.

    These balls are 14 inches long, and light up the area. They are especially good for festivals and parties. It could literally make you feel like youre in a club or festival.

    Another wonderful thing about these RGB led lights is that they are solar lights that automatically charge during the day and illuminate themselves at night.

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    Types Of Above Ground Pool Light Installations:

    • Floating These are generally relatively inexpensive options as they are either solar or battery powered. They float on the water and provide more ambient light than actually pool illumination. The lighting is uneven, so they are used more for décor.
    • Magnetic These types of installations are actually quite beneficial and have excellent results. They are designed to work only on soft-sided pools and cannot attach to metal pools. They consist of 2 parts. One on the inside with the light, the other on the outside connected to a power source. Using magnetic technology, they stick to the wall and allow enough electricity to pass through to illuminate the pool
    • Over the Rail Another easy-to-install option to hang the light over the poolside under the rail. The pool light hangs under the water. On the outside, it is connected to a waterproof power source that connects to your electricity.
    • Water Return Lights These are probably the most difficult to install, and when we say difficult, just take slightly longer than the rest. Some are powered by the flow of water of the return. Some serve as water return and light that is powered by an electrical cord on the outside. They are the ones that really give a traditional pool feel.

    Lighting In Your Pool

    Installing lights within the pool underwater can transform the pool. You can easily customize and spread them out in a way that you can properly see every inch of the pool underwater. You can use the lights to create different moods by using different colored lightings.

    Lights within the pool are typically installed in the pool walls for in-ground pools. Some are installed under the coping or even in pipes to provide the illumination and beauty that homeowners want in their pools.

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    Niched Vs Nicheless Pool Lighting Options

    Niche refers to the pool light housing. Niched pool lights are generally larger in size and require advanced planning for placement during the rebar installation phase. “Nicheless” lights are smaller and dont require a niche or special accommodation with the rebar.

    You can sufficiently light most swimming pool designs with either oneor two niched pool lights. Alternately, you can use multiple nichelesslights with little to no difference in energy consumption. Plus, with morelights spread throughout the pool, more even light distribution will beattained making it an aesthetic decision.

    View our Light Design Guide to see how nicheless lights can lightdifferent features of the pool.

    Your pool designer can help you determine the best pool lighting options for your pool design.

    Transform Your Pool With Led Underwater Submersible Pool Lights

    9 Best LED Pool Light Reviews

    LED underwater submersible pool lights can transform the look of your pool. Not only that, but it can also enhance the ambiance of your backyard by adding customized lighting. Customized LED lighting enables you to highlight the features and architecture of the pool. If you are still using incandescent lights, its time to move up to LED pool lights. It would be best if you chose the right pool lights to upgrade the look of your pool.

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