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What Size Pump For 16×48 Pool

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Ultra Frame Intex Pools

Intex 16×48 Ultra Frame Pool–How We Set Ours Up

Boasting a larger footprint, the cream of the Intex crop has upgraded materials and aesthetics that more than justify their somewhat higher price tag. Their powder-coated steel frames are rust resistant and extremely strong, and the extra-durable three-ply liner and exterior band feature an upscale grey and white color scheme.

Round Frame Ultra Intex Pools range from 14 ft. to 16 ft. in circumference and from 42 in. to 48 in. high.

Rectangular Frame Ultra Intex Pools are available in 18 ft. long by 9 ft. wide by 52 in. high, or32 ft. long by 16 ft. wide by 52 in. high.

These pools often include a cartridge filter pump, but you can spend a bit more to get a model with a sand filter pump instead.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Filter Systems

Ultra Frame pools need the largest filters, but these pool sets may be sold in the box with one of the smaller filters. While they may do the job, they tend to wear out quickly under the strain of so much water.

Ultra Frame pools can certainly use a 16 Intex sand filter without any issues. But if you have one of the larger Ultra Frame pools, you may be better off using something like the Hayward Pro Series or Pentair Sand Dollar filter and pump systems to maximize filtration efficiency.

To upgrade to a ridiculous level , look at the Hayward XStream pool filter system. This thing is the real deal, offering industrial-grade equipment for permanent above ground pools. Youll never again have to worry about insufficient filtration or circulation.

If youre looking for superior pool filtration in terms of particle size, then look no further than the Hayward EC-50 Perflex filter. When purchased as a combo, the package comes equipped with the same Power-Flo pump as the X-Stream cartridge filter. The only difference is youll have the added filtration efficiency that comes with a diatomaceous earth filter.

Calculate Flow Rate And Turnover

Flow rate is the number of gallons the pump moves per minute, and turnover is the minimum about of time to circulate all water through the filter.

Use this formula to determine your turnover rate:

Pool Volume in Gallons ÷ Turnover Rate in Minutes = Flow Rate

Example: If you have a 25,000-gallon pool, and you want the water to turn over once every eight hours:

25,000 ÷ 480 = 52 GPM

Your 25,000-gallon pool needs an output of 52 gallons per minute to circulate the water once every eight hours.

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Re: Best Pump/filter For Intex 16′ X 48 Pool

Originally Posted by CarlDIf you maintain your Intex using our methods you’ll find your pump is adequate. It just takes regular, daily attention and you’ll be fine.My first pool was an Intex donut–15′. Since I’m in my 8th season with my next pool, the Intex filter just went in the dumpster….but it worked fine for 3 years.I even was able to run a 4’x10′ solar panel with it. sounds good. we’ll see how it goes and hopefully all will be fine. If I don’t have to spend more money that’s FINE with me.

Sand Filters Vs Cartridge Filters

Bestway 16

I know by now, you are not sure whether to go for sand filters or cartridge filters. There has always been the debate of sand vs. cartridge when it comes to pool filters and in this segment, we want to put the matter to rest.

Sand filters This is a filter system made out of special sand which filters any debris that may be in the water. I like sand filters because they require very little maintenance and one you replace the sand filter, you can go for 5 years before you replace it again.

This makes sand filter pumps best for pool owners with tight schedules or those with no handy skills. But on the downside, they are not the best when it comes to efficiency when compared to cartridge filters. Also, sand filter pumps are bulky because of the sand.

Cartridge filters On the other hand, cartridge filters are more efficient and will capture smaller particles. Sand is known to catch particles as small 20-40 microns but when it comes to cartridge filters, the larger surface ensures they catch particles as small as 10-15 microns. But then, you need to find the time and a few bucks to carry out the frequent maintenance and replacements. When buying, it is important to know the size of filter you need. Look out for the filter type often defined in letters.

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How To Hook Up Intex Pool Pump

But you might see better efficiency with an after-market filter cartridge. These filters may have a longer practical life, with enhanced filtration products that allow you to change your filter less regularly during the season due to use and tear. Think about Yourself an Intex Swimming Pool Insider Take A Look At you, balancing charm, price, and efficiency with adaptability.

You will agree with me that Intex provides a few of the finest above-ground swimming pool solutions. If you have one, or you are preparing to purchase one, I also recommend you purchasing an Intex swimming pool pump they provide excellent performance much like Intex pools. But then, swimming pool pumps may be rather technical, especially for beginners, so picking the right one may be quite a hassle.

While it might be the very best for your household’s health, it will need frequent upkeep. The Intex Cartridge Krystal Clear line is a fantastic swimming pool pump for families. Remember, swimming pool water may have impurities, and a common sand filter won’t capture the smallest particles . However these designs have a cartridge filter that is understood.

You see, cartridge filters are changed more often compared to sand sand filter systems remain for as much as 5 years. The series boasts the that enhances water clearness and freshness. However on the drawback, you will be required to replace the filters every 2 weeks for moderate usage and weekly for heavy usage.

Can A Pool Pump Be Too Big

Too large of a pump can cause poor filter performance and even damage it, if the filter is not also oversized accordingly. Another possible consequence is pump cavitation in which bubbles form in the water inside the pump and then burst with great force, resulting in damage to the impeller and other internal parts.

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How To Hook Up Pool Vacuum To Intex Pump

Staff, Courtesy of Hayward There are plenty of decisions to make when purchasing a swimming pool, but you may be amazed to find out that there’s also a lot to consider when shopping for a pool filter. There are 3 different typessand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth filterand there are advantages and disadvantages for each.

Fortunately, we have actually done the legwork and rounded up the best pool filters on the market, plus offer recommendations on what to think about while you go shopping. Sand filters are popular, frequently budget friendly, and easy to keep over the longterm. The drawback is that you will not get the very same level of water clarity as other alternative, they require backwashing, and the sand needs to be replaced about every 5 years – how long to run intex pool pump.

That stated, they do a strong job keeping your pool water clear and are fairly energy-efficient. DE filters do an exceptional task with purification and are very energy-efficient, but they tend to be expensive and need backwashing. All of the pool filters we cover are ranked 4 stars or more, and a number of have scores of 4.

99 $315. 91 This cartridge filter pump for above-ground swimming pools is more pricey than the above option, however still fairly well-priced for what it delivers. It’s designed with aeration innovation that helps enhance filtering, circulation, and clearness, plus increase the number of negative ions to help avoid pathogens in the water.

What Size Pump Should I Get For My Pool

Choosing The Correct Size Pump For Your Pool, Factors To Consider

If you’re looking to build a new pool or simply looking to replace a pool pump you may find yourself asking, “Is a larger horsepower pool pump always better?”

PRO TIP: No matter which type of pump you choose, youll want to make sure you properly select the correct pump and filter combination. The pump needs to be sized appropriately compared to the filters flow rate. Choosing a pump with a higher flow rate than the filter will put strain on both the pump and filter, reducing life and efficiency of each. This means that you would not want to choose a pump designed to be used with 2″ plumbing piece, and then use a filter designed to be used with 1 1/2″ plumbing piece. Proper pairing of these two units is essential for a pleasant pool experience.

For example:

If choosing a pump with a 1-1/2 inlet/outlet, you should choose a filter with a 1-1/2 inlet/outlet as well. However, a pump with a 1-1/2 inlet/outlet can work with a filter with a 2 inlet/outlet if needed to.

X You would not want to attempt to use a pump with 2 inlet/outlet with a filter that has a 1-1/2 inlet/outlet as they would not be sized correctly or efficient when used together.

You can also learn more about Single Speed and Variable Speed Pumps Here!

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Re: Intex 16×48 Ultra Frame Pool

Originally Posted by bdearen The guy at the pool store gave me a bag of salt to spread around and said that could help fix any small leaks from the pool settling. What do you guys think? That’s one we haven’t heard before and we’ve heard a lot of stupid things that people are told by their ‘pool store supposed experts!’I’ll let someone else address your question about the water under the liner but can help you get the chemistry started.1. What kind of pool is it? What is the volume?2. What size pump and what kind and size of filter?3. Exactly what all have you added to the pool, meaning ingredients and not just product names like ‘shock.’4. What does the water look like?5. Do you have a drops-based test kit? If so, what kind? Post current numbers.If you don’t have a good drops-based test kit:The test kit that we think is by far the best is the Taylor K2006 or 2006C . Not available locally but you can get it through this link that takes you to Amazon: But, in the meantime, go to Walmart and see if they have the HTH 6-Way drops-based kit and get that. If they don’t, get an OTO/Phenol Red kit instead. Use it to test and then post your numbers. Also while you are at WallyWorld, get several jugs of their generic 8.25% bleach and a couple of boxes of 20 Mule Team Borax .We have a Super Simple Start-up Recipe that would perfect for you to use to get your chemistry going. You can read about it here:>


Is My Filter Too Small For My New Pump

After selecting your pool pump, verify the GPMs of your pool filter. The GPM information is typically listed on the outside label on the filter housing. If unavailable or weathered, you can also locate this information in the user manual. If for whatever reason you cannot find your manual, we recommend doing a quick search in our manual database or a Google search. Once you find the manual, print and keep it. I guarantee that you will use it in the future. If its an antique of a filter, you may want to call the manufacturer.

Inside the manual, the filter specs typically include the flow rating, filtration area, port size, and turnover rates. The flow rating is essential because it dictates the maximum gallons per minute your filter can handle. In other words, do not go over this number. If your GPMs on the pump exceed the GPMs on your filter, sit back and analyze which one needs to be bigger, the pump, the filter, or both.

Look at the turnover rate listed on the filter. Your pool size should fit within those parameters. If they do not, you should consider purchasing a bigger filter. A properly sized filter is always larger than the gallon size of the pool. You want wriggle room in your filtration area because that way you arent backwashing or cleaning your cartridges every week. So, unlike your pool pump, we always recommend oversizing your filter.

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Calculate The Maximum Flow Rate

The maximum flow rate is the highest water flow your pool plumbing system, and other equipment can support. If you bought a pump with a higher GPM than your pool, you risk bursting the system and wasting your electricity.

If you bought an above-ground pool, the maximum flow rates would be in the documentation. The same applies to pool equipment.

But if you built the swimming pool from scratch or if these details arent available, here is how to estimate your systems maximum flow rate:

a) Plumbing

The best place to start is at the pool plumbing and work your way to the pool filter and other equipment you may have along with the pool filtration and circulation.

You want to make sure the pool pump you use doesnt blow out your system. And the maximum flow rate of the pool plumbing will depend on the pipe size used. Thats why its a must that the system be labeled clearly.

If the contractor forgot to label, make a call. You can also the following standard values used in pool plumbing.

Pipe Size
2.5 120

But remember, the plumbing system in your swimming pool might be different in size. Some pipes might be smaller or bigger than your samples. So, while estimating its maximum flow rate, take the smallest value you get. It will help you avoid the risk of damaging the system.

b) Pool Filter

Itd be best to stay under the filters maximum flow rate as going overboard can damage it. Below is a breakdown of the various pool filter flow rates:

Surface Area

Installing A New Intex Pool Filter System

What Size Pump Should I Get for My Pool?

All you need to do is swap hoses from the old system to the new one, prime the pump, and plug it in! However, if you replace with a sand filter, youll also need some filter sand. Or, if using a diatomaceous earth filter, youll also need some DE powder. Both of these items can be purchased online, but pool filter sand is best purchased locally to save on shipping costs.

If youre ready to upgrade to a bigger and better filter system for your Intex pool, In The Swim has plenty to choose from! For the savvy DIY pool owner looking to set up their own pool pump and filter combo, we have a couple of articles that will help you choose the right ones for your pool volume that will pair nicely together. Learn How to Size a Pool Filter and discover the ins and outs of Size and Selection of Swimming Pool Pumps with a little help from In The Swim!

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Best Pump For Above Ground Pool + Intex Filter Pump System Reviewed

This independent website is funded by its readers. It can earn a commission on any purchases made through product links, at no extra cost to the buyer. Learn more >

This guide has been compiled to help owners find the best Intex above ground pool pump to match their pool installations.

If youre upgrading, or just need a replacement pump, weve highlighted the some of best pool pumps and pump / filter systems on the market.

Were concentrating on the brilliant Intex above ground pool pump range, but weve also included pumps from other trusted manufacturers.

Theres a lot of pump choices and filter systems available to above ground pool owners. Most of them are simple to understand, and very simple to install.

The Intex filter pump range is especially straightforward for easy installation by the pool owner rather than a professional.

As one of the most popular manufacturers of above ground pools Intex has made owners lives very easy by combining and matching pump and filter systems for their pools into a single combo unit.

Of course Intex is not the only provider of above ground pool pumps and filter systems, there are other excellent alternatives for permanent above ground pool installations. Thats why weve included the Hayward product range in our guide.

What Are The Factors That Play A Role In Pool Pump Sizing

I will start by saying that sizing a pool pump is not an exact science nor does it need to be.

It is more of an approximation and you can err to the side of caution and go with a little more powerful pump once you have determined a figure for the pool pump size that you need.

You can also forget about going strictly by the horsepower of a pump. Thats because one manufacturers 2 horsepower pool pump may not move water as efficiently as another manufacturers 2 HP pool pump.

So, what do you need to consider when determining the right size pump for your swimming pool?

Take a look:

  • The Number of Gallons of Water in Your Pool
  • The Minimum Flow Rate Necessary to Filter Your Pool Efficiently
  • The Maximum Flow Rate Necessary to Filter Your Pool Efficiently
  • Target Flow Rate Necessary to Filter Your Pool Efficiently
  • A Pool Pump Models Performance Rating
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