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Best Way To Clean Hot Tub Filters

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Cleaning Hot Tub Filters In The Dishwasher

How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

Pros: The dishwasher can clean oils and debris from pots and pans. So cleaning hot tub filters in the dishwasher may seem like an easy and efficient way to ensure a clean filter.

Cons: Unfortunately, this method can break down the small fibers of the filter, decreasing its effectiveness. It may even cause noticeable damage to the filters. Also, the stream of water in a dishwasher doesnt get into the filters pleats. So it doesnt result in a thorough cleaning. Therefore, cleaning hot tub filters in the dishwasher may not be the best approach.

Using one of the homemade hot tub filter cleaner methods above may save you some money. But a DIY hot tub filter cleaner isnt generally recommended by spa companies. It could even void the warranty on your hot tub. Thats because a homemade hot tub filter cleaner isnt specially formulated to clean filters thoroughly while also protecting the filters integrity. So the best way to clean spa filters is to purchase a hot tub filter cleaning solution designed specifically for this use made by a reputable company. Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is the most effective and economical filter cleaner for your hot tub. It provides 8 filter cleanings at a cost of $3.50 per cleaning.

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  • So How Do You Know If You Need To Clean The Filter In Your Hot Tub

    Well, if your pumps are having difficulty keeping the water clean, if water flow is low or has failed, and possibly the heater is not operating you need to clean the filter. You might receive a message on the control panel that details the mentioned, it might be indicated by HL LF Dr or Dy. If you see any of the mentioned indications- its time to clean that dirty filter.

    To clean your hot tub filter, youll need a garden hose, a 5-gallon bucket, a filter cleaner, and a towel. Make sure the power is off in your hot tub. Turning off the power ensures that unwanted items and debris dont make their way down the filter fitting, which can cause greater problems.

    After you make sure the power is off, take the filters out. Number of filters range from 1-3 within the tub. Remove any debris from the filter and then spray the filter with your garden hose, this knocks free any dirt or grim clinging to the filter. Now, grab your bucket and pour in the recommended amount of cleaning agent and at the same time diluting it with water. Once the bucket is filled, add in your filter and let it steep and soak overnight.

    Once the filter has thoroughly soaked overnight, remove it from the bucket. Rinse the filter from the cleaner with water from your garden hose. Leftover cleaner in the filter can result in it foaming up in your hot tub.

    Once thoroughly rinsed, filters then can be properly re-installed and your spa is ready to be used again! Enjoy!

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    How To Clean Hot Tub Filters Easy Cleaning Guide

    Cleaning your hot tub filter or filters regularly is one of the most important hot tub maintenance tasks you can do to keep the hot tub water clean. A dirty filter wont help keep your hot tub clean at all.

    This article will provide some more detailed instructions and some alternative ways you can use to clean your hot tub filters.

    When To Consider A New Filter

    Estelle Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

    There will come a day where no matter how much rinsing and deep soaking you do, the filter will no longer be effective.

    Youll know this when the tubs water chemistry is difficult to balance, your water remains visibly dirty, and you start to see the formation of scum marks on the inside of the tub .

    Another big clue is the amount of time youve been using the filter. If you take care of it properly, you should get at least a year of use from a cartridge filter, but if its compromised in any way, it could be considerably less time.

    If the filter media is torn or imploded, or its end caps have become cracked and discolored, its time to replace the cartridge. The good news is theyre extremely affordable.

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    Cleaning Hot Tub Filters With Tsp

    Perhaps the most common recommendation for making your own filter cleaning solution at home is to use TSP.

    Follow these instructions to obtain a solution that will provide you with an easy, stress free hot tub filter cleaner.

    Materials Needed:
    • 1 cup trisodium phosphate.


    1. Fill a plastic bucket with 5 gallons of water. If your filter is larger than your 5 gallon container then you may need to double the mixture in order for the filter to totally submerge.

    2. Add 1 cup of trisodium phosphate to the water and stir it well to mix. Make sure that you are using 100% real TSP and not a cheap substitute.

    3. Place the filter in the water and make sure it is completely submerged.

    4. Soak the filter for 1 to 2 hours.

    5. Take the filter out of the water and rinse it completely with your garden hose.

    6. Put it back in the hot tub.

    How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

    Are you struggling to keep your hot tub filters tidy and clean? This article features various methods, which will help you get things done, the right way. Each of the following methods will give you different results, so its really up to you to decide which method meets your particular needs and situation. There are many different hot tub models out there, and some respond to certain methods better than others.

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    Use A Filter Cleaning Solution

    One good thing about hot tubs is that there is always a product that can be used to clean each part of the hot tub. For instance, to clean the hot tubs plumbing, you have a line flush and to clean the filters, you have different filter cleaning solutions.

    The filter cleaners usually come in a spray bottle and they have different substances that are included in their formula. Some hot tub cleaners have white vinegar in them. Check the container of the filter cleaner you buy to know if the cleaner needs to be diluted with water or it can be used directly.

    The filters are usually made from delicate materials like fabric and plastic, so the wrong concentration of chemicals can corrode the filters. When you have sprayed the filters, leave them for about 10 to 15 minutes, so the cleaners can work their magic.

    The filter cleaner you purchased might need less or more time than that, so check the instructions on the container. After the required time has lapsed, thoroughly rinse the filters in clean water twice and allow them dry.

    Usually, the filters would be clean as a whistle after you have rinsed them. The filter cleaners are potent enough to dissolve and get rid of any solid particles that may have stuck to the filters over time.

    How Often Should You Change The Filter In A Hot Tub

    Best Hot tub Filter Cleaning Solution – Step by Step Cleaning

    Generally speaking, hot tub filters should be changed every 2 years if they get rinsed every 3 weeks and deep cleaned every 3 months. With less sporadic cleaning, changing the filters every 12 months is best.

    Replacing worn filters is one of the best ways to ensure your water stays crystal clear.

    The hot tub filter should also be regularly inspected and cleaned to avoid any build-up of debris. Heavily used hot tubs may need the filters to be changed more frequently.

    And an old filter may also begin to flake off some of the plastic housing. So if you see small blue flakes in your water, you know its time for new ones.

    Remember, a dirty filter can make your hot tub to become a health hazard, as well as potentially damage the hot tub itself. Understanding the few basics below is the key to avoiding problems.

    If the chemicals or filter arent doing their job correctly, then the water can become smelly, discolored, and unpleasant. Not only can this be damaging to the hot tub itself, but you will also not be able to receive all the hot tub benefits.

    Dont Forget Your Hot Tub Filters Theyre on the job whenever your hot tubs running, and your hot tub filters need a good cleaning to work properly. You can clean them using three methods: rinse, spray, and soak. When a chemical soak doesnt clean them, its time to replace .


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    What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Hot Tubs Filter

    Failure to wash out your filters can result in them becoming clogged and ineffective which will ultimately constrict water flow. This will put extra strain on the pump motor and potentially cause a mechanical breakdown. Poor filter care and maintenance is the number one cause of pump/heater failure so making sure that you have a clean filter and spares to hand is essential!

    Structure Of Hot Tub Filters

    Now that you know more about the structure of the tub, its time to figure out the filter. Of course not all filters are the same but in general there are only 3 main parts that you should know.


    The filter lid consists of the lock ring and the vent valve. The lock ring is what holds the filter in place while its working.

    It is also what prevents the entire filter from shifting to the wrong position.

    If the filter moves out of the correct position it will get dirt and grime into your tub. The valve, on the other hand, is what prevents air from entering the piping, which would wreck havoc on the entire system.


    This part of the filter is usually made of durable plastic or sometimes metal. Together with the locking ring it holds the filter in place and prevents it from moving. It is usually connected to the pipelines so that water can move through the filter.


    The body of the hot tub filter contains the cartridge. The cartridge is the part of the filter that you are most interested in as this is what actually filters your water.

    It is the part that needs to be cleaned regularly and replaced about once a year. Most of the time this is a big white cylinder that slides into the body of your filtration system.

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    How To Clean Hot Tub Filters

    The longer hot tub filters go without being cleaned, the more likely it is youre soaking in filthy water. So mark it on your calendar, set a reminder, and do whatever you need to do to make sure youre cleaning those hot tub filters on a regular basis. And make sure youre doing it properly and with the right materials.

    What Is A Hot Tub Filter How Does It Work

    Bestway Hot Tub Filter Pump Cleaning Tool Sanitizer Kit

    A hot tub is designed to filtrate and heat through circulation. Dirty water passes through the filter and/or suctions using the pump or circulation pump then goes through the heater and is pumped back out through the jets. This process of circulation ensures clean and warm water, as well as hydrotherapy – the whole basis of a hot tub. The filter plays a key role in this process as it is ensures that the water going back through the pump and heater is clean and free of debris, it is also stage 1 in the circulation process meaning that any sort of issue here will cause issues further down the line. Issues with dirty filters will be explained below.

    Hot Tub Filters are usually made of a pleated, polyester media. This media filters the water and catches debris on it’s way through. Manufacturers have used innovation to improve filter material over time. One example is the patented Hot Spring Tr-X filter, which is made of ceramic fibre making it more durable, longer-lasting and more efficient.

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    Why Do You Need To Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

    Clean hot tub filters are critical for removing all contaminants from the water because these unwanted substances affect the water quality. Contaminants include body lotions, makeup, hair products, bodily fluids, dirt particles, sweat, and hair. Such debris must be removed regularly to keep the water clean and allow the hot tub to work correctly.

    Filters remove all dirt and larger debris, but you must sanitize them at some stage. If they are not cleaned regularly, they stop working efficiently. Dirty filters can’t effectively clean the hot tub water.

    When the filter isn’t functioning correctly, it will lead to costly and unhealthy problems such as oily or dirty water and the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

    The worst-case scenario could mean your hot tub becomes damaged, the circulation pump overworked, and the pipes clogged. All these issues are expensive to repair. So hot tub filter cleaning needs to be a priority!

    Using A Hot Tub Filter Cleaner

    There are many hot tub filter cleaning options available from both hot tub supply stores and online and these are great for cleaning a hot tub filter thoroughly. These are better than homemade hot tub cleaning solutions and safer.

    They can be used either diluted in a clean spray bottle for a quick rinse or added to a bucket of warm water with the filter left to soak for the required amount of time.

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    How To Use Power Soak Filter Cleaner

  • Rinse your filter with a high-pressure garden hose at a 45° angle. This will remove large debris and get your filter looking a lot cleaner. If it was starting to turn brown or green, this color should start to lift.

  • Dissolve 1/2 cup of Power Soak in a large bucket of water. Hot or cold is fine, but hot works best in my experience.

  • Leave your filter to soak in the bucket. It needs at least an hour if you used hot water, or overnight if you used cold. I use hot water and still leave it overnight. Don’t worryyou won’t damage the filter by leaving it for longer.

  • Remove the filter from the bucket and rinse it thoroughly. This step is important. If you don’t rinse it properly, leftover detergent could cause foaming in your hot tub or interfere with the water chemistry.

  • Dont Use The Dishwasher

    How To Clean Hot Tub Filters (For Cheap!)

    Sure, spa filters may fit in a dishwasher rack, and theyll come out super clean. But youll also find yourself replacing your filter much sooner than necessary.

    Dishwashing detergent is made for hard surfaces like ceramics and plastics, not filter media. It can damage the polyester fibers, reducing the filters effectiveness.

    And no, you cant put spa filter cleaner in your dishwasher. Thats asking for a whole other basket of trouble.

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    Alternative Diy Hot Tub Filter Cleaner Options

    There are several ways to make a DIY hot tub filter cleaner if youre looking for a less expensive option or cant get out to buy one. You should not use anything that bubbles or foams up. A homemade hot tub filter cleaner should also cut through the grease or oils built up in a paper filter. The following are the pros and cons of several popular options.

    Follow Our 3 Easy Steps For How To Clean A Hot Tub Filter

    Once youve selected yours from among the best hot tubs, youll need to get savvy about maintaining your choice including its filter.

    High-quality hot tub filters are designed with a molded plastic core and a pleated polyester material that catches the dirt, explains Sallie Leslie-Golding from BISHTA . The pleats of the filter material increase its surface area allowing for more dirt to be contained.

    Its the particles trapped in the filter you need to remove, so heres how to clean a hot tub filter.

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    Soak The Filters In Chemicals

    Usually, after rinsing the filters in chemicals, the filters would be clean. But if you still notice dirt in the filters, then you should soak the filters in a filter cleaner. Soaking the filters means submerging them in chemicals for a long time. This can be a few hours or overnight.

    The time frame depends on the instruction on the container of the filter soak chemical that you buy. The filter soak chemicals usually need to be diluted with water before using them. To soak the filters, start by diluting the chemicals with water in the right ratio. You can dilute the chemicals with water in a bucket or a large bowl.

    After diluting the chemicals, dip the filters inside the diluted solution and leave it for a few hours as directed by the manufacturer of the filter soak chemical. Some filter soak chemicals would require you to leave the filters in the diluted solution overnight. After the required time has lapsed, remove the filters and stroke them with a soft brush. Your filters should be squeaky clean after this.

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