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Hot Tub Set Up Ideas

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Enjoy Your New Hot Tub

Wood Burning Hot Tub Setup in 5 Simple Steps

It will take around four to eight hours, or longer, for your new hot tub to reach appropriate temperatures . You may also want to wait a day to ensure that the chemicals in your water are balanced correctly and that any chlorine level is safe. Note that chlorine is not the only choice when it comes to a sanitizing chemical. Generally, you can expect to begin using your hot tub within 12 to 24 hours after filling.

Hot Tub Setup Ideas That Will Make Your Spa Experience Even Better

From the exterior to the interior, there are many ways to make your hot tub look and feel like your own personal spa. Dont sweat it if you arent an electrical whiz with a background in construction. These 8 ideas will help you achieve the perfect spa experience at home.

Theres no need to spend a fortune on a fancy vacation when you can have your very own luxurious retreat in the comfort of your own backyard or patio. All you need is a little creativity and ingenuity.

Give Your Guests A Getaway Of Their Own In A Sunken Stone Lounge

Photo via Garden Shop of Homewood

Sunken lounges are all the rage right now, so why not include them in your outdoor space? This stone patio with an inground spa is perfect for leisure and relaxation. Include greenery for some privacy, as well as lamps and other decor features to make the space pop.

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Give Your Hot Tub A Garden

Install your hot tub in a serene backyard landscape with waterfalls and a pondless reservoir. When installing a manmade stream with waterfalls, some of our clients prefer the pondless feature where the water seeps into the gravel and acts as a more green maintenance-free source. Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

Interject An Outdoor Kitchen In Your Deck Design

35 Ideas for Dream Hot Tub Patio Set Ups

Photo via Lowes

Love to cook? Create the perfect kitchen area in your deck design where you can entertain both family and friends. Not only is this a perfect addition to your outdoor living space, adjacent from your hot tub, but it keeps you engaged in the conversation without having to run back into the house for something.

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A Touch Of The Mysterious East

Serenity is the first word that comes to mind when viewing this tranquil space. Both gazebo and hot tub coordinate in this outdoor recreational space that reminds us of a high and secluded Asian meditation station along a long journey. Not built for frolicking, this hot tub is purely for relaxation and reflection.

This would be easy to accomplish if you have an inflatable hot tub.

Get Inspired By Fabrics And Lattice Fencing

Photo via Digs Digs

Find inspiration in your patio decor design with this impressive lattice fence and fabric curtains. This is perfect for creating a space that allows for privacy, provides shade, and is a fun way to play with the space. When youre tired of the color, swap out the color and pattern for something fresh and new.

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Maximise Your Views While Maintaining Functionality

Many people adore the notion of incorporating a hot tub onto their deck. This gives them an entire 360-degree perspective and completes the outdoor living space. This design gives the impression that the hot tub was custom-made for you and your lifestyle, resulting in a stunning final product. Its critical, though, not to put function ahead of form. For a long-term happy hot tub, having an appropriate access area to the equipment area is vital!

Hot Tub On Patio Privacy Ideas

DIY Hot tub pt 5 .5 ( pump set up)

On the patio, you can use the same ideas as with the deck , with the addition of these 3 exciting options:

  • Gazebo
  • Pavilion
  • Dome
  • Since a patio is typically at ground level, hot tubs can be positioned off to the side, optimizing space and creating zones for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. Its easy to make privacy enclosures a part of the landscaping. Bamboo rolled fencing is a cheap but effective way to give your hot tub some privacy. For an even more tropical feel, create a living screen with bamboo include a root barrier to help prevent the bamboo from overtaking your garden. It is also an effective windbreak. Container gardens are another way to keep your hot tub safe from view, having the advantage of being any height you need.

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    Create Privacy With Screens

    Creating privacy with screens is a more viable option than other types of fencing. Privacy screens are typically smaller in size than fences and come in a variety of designs and materials. A hot tub privacy screen can be portable, folding, or fixed in place. Which one would be more useful to you? Choose materials that reflect the style of your hot tub, backyard, and home, particularly when the hot tub is located against or near an exterior wall.

    Some types of fabric screens have adjustable panels. Bamboo is popular because of its texture and tropical appearance. The same can be said for wicker and rattan hot tub privacy screens made of these materials create visual interest. Add some hot tub ambiance with screens that mix and match materials such as vertical wood planks with latticework or louvered panels with thin metal slats.

    S To Fill Your Hot Tub

    Once your hot tub is delivered, assembled, and wired, its time to fill it with water.

  • Turn off the electricity.
  • Clean the spa per the manufacturers instructions and open the air valves.
  • Make sure the drain port is closed.
  • Fill the tub with cold water 6 to 8 inches from the top edge, remembering the water level rises when occupied.
  • Turn on the power and heat to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Follow directions for adding the sanitizing chemicals.
  • Theres nothing like a hot tub to create a sanctuary in your backyard. Follow these guidelines for the peace of mind that takes your relaxation experience up a notch.

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    Go With Lanterns And Candles

    If string lights arent your style, lanterns and candles are great alternatives. Surround your hot tub area with warm lighting fixtures for a rustic appeal. Light the candles and play some jazz or calming music to set the mood.

    Top tip: The more coordinated the lights are, the more luxurious the spa will look.

    Is Decking Strong Enough For A Hot Tub

    Back yard hot tub

    When trying to determine if your deck is strong enough to hold a hot tub, its important to get an expert opinion. Talk to your hot tub company and get their advice before you decide on deck designs with a hot tub. However, there are some guidelines to help you estimate what your deck can handle. Usually, a deck that is raised a few feet can handle about 100 pounds per square foot. If the spa youre considering is less than 100 pounds per square foot, your deck will be able to support it.

    How Much Weight Can an Elevated Deck Hold?

    An elevated deck can usually hold about 50 pounds per square foot. To find out how much weight your hot tub will be, youll need to know:

    • Weight of the empty hot tub
    • Weight of one gallon of water is 8.34 lbs
    • Weight of the average person is 175 lbs
    • Width of hot tub x Length of hot tub

    Now you can add the hot tubs dry weight, plus the water capacity, plus the number of recommended occupants multiplied by the average weight of each person. This will give you the typical pounds youll need your deck to support.

    How Much Weight Can a Composite Deck Hold?

    A composite deck can also hold about 50 pounds per square foot. It is one of the best options for a hot tub, since it stands the test of time and can be made to be moisture-resistant.

    How To Reinforce a Deck for a Spa

    If your deck is not designed to bear the weight of a hot tub, you can reinforce the deck to make it more structurally sound. Here are a few ideas for reinforcing your deck:

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    Outdoor Hot Tub Design

    That longing for your own backyard oasis to relax and unwind in? We’ve felt it, too.

    With a Master Spas ultra-therapeutic hot tub, you can create a personal retreat and enhance your daily living.

    The key to creating an escape that you can enjoy year-round is making the most of your outdoor space. You not only want to choose a location for maximum accessibility and the best views but where you have the flexibility to complement the hot tub design. Outdoor lighting, plants, gazebos, patio furniture, and custom steps and decking can complement the spa design. Many also choose a theme or style, helping to create a cohesive look to the outdoor space.

    Natural elements can also play an important role in the landscaping around your hot tub. Stones and water features can add to the relaxation, as well as help the spa blend into the yard.

    Provide Privacy With A Trellis

    Hot tub trellis ideas are only limited by your imagination. A classic wood trellis placed near the hot tub and covered with climbing vines and/or flowering plants is both a functional and decorative way of providing privacy while bringing harmony to your landscape design. Trellises come in a wide variety of styles and materials select one with a planter if it will be installed on a patio without a garden bed.

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    With A Beautiful Screen You Can Add Some Privacy To Your Hot Tub Deck

    Add a screen to your indoor garden space for extra privacy, as well as a backdrop to hide any unwanted views. With the shifting sunshine hues, this screen offers a dramatic lighting element to enhance the outdoor ambiance.

    These designs will help you to create an idea to make an attractive, pleasing, and eye-catching hot tub in your garden. Following the ideas will help you to design an excellent and cheap hot tub that makes you feel more comfortable and happy with your friends.

    Include A Flowing Fountain Feature To Amplify Peace And Relaxation

    Chemicals for Hot Tub Start Up – Step-by-Step Instructions

    Photo via Madison Planting & Design Group

    Water features are a wonderful focal point to include in your outdoor design. Plus, by incorporating the four elements into your space, youre involving all your senses and adding value to your property.

    Key insights:

    • Add a foot path in your backyard design , install a fire pit of tiki lamps , hang wind chimes , and include a fountain, pool, or hot tub to enhance your outdoor space and reconnect with your senses.

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    Create Raised Benches And Tables From Concrete Blocks

    Photo by Better Home and Gardens via The Urban Homestead

    If youre working on a budget, use cement blocks to create a striking patio design in your backyard. Throw in some colorful pillows and seat cushions to make this a cozy place to sit. Plus, give your ground cover a fun design with these circular foot steps surrounded around gravel. Can you picture how great your hot tub would look sitting in this setting?

    Powering On The Hot Tub

    Now it’s time to close the cabinet door and turn the power on at the circuit breaker. The owner’s manual will describe your hot tub’s control system, so glance over it before your initial soak. You are going to have to draw on another childhood lesson at this point: patience. It can take anywhere from seven to 24 hours before the water is thoroughly heated. While you wait, you can check on the jets and control system and make sure they are functioning properly.

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    Hot Tub Enclosure Kits

    If you want to enclose the hot tub but dont really want to spend a lot of time on the project, hot tub enclosure kits save you time on designing, selecting materials, and building one from scratch. Theres a lot of variety permanent, freestanding, attached to house, semi-permanent, gazebo, solarium, or pavilion. Some manufacturers offer customizable options. Cedar hot tub enclosure kits create a natural organic vibe. For more info on the one shown above visit

    A Gazebo Design To Beat The Band

    Pin on Gardening

    This little charmer brings history to life. About 150 years ago, every town had a gazebo just like this in a municipal park. Barbers, grocers, doctors and schoolboys gathered weekly in the evening to play in a Silver Band for the entertainment of all. Here is its replica holding a modern hot tub that brings just as much fun and relaxation with your friends.

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    Construct A Bench To Go Around Your Hot Tub

    If the underground hot tub is too much labour , another alternative is constructing a seat around the spa for a clean, modern appearance. Composite materials are more functional for most people when building an area outside or around a hot tub. If you opt to go with wood, make sure its well sealed . Your local home improvement retailer or contractor can advise you on the most acceptable alternatives for the climate in your region.

    Backyard Hot Tub Ideas That Will Transform Your Plot Into A Blissed

    Bringing hot tub ideas into your garden is a wonderful way to enjoy vacation vibes right on your own doorstep.

    From luxurious spas under twinkling lights and miniature tubs for loved-up couples to contemporary pools that look seamless with decking, there’s a hot tub look to suit everyone. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks below.

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    Consider The Convenience Of Inflatable Tubs

    The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs AirJet from Lay-Z-Spa

    If you fancy something portable, practical, and affordable, then an inflatable hot tub might be the one for you. These tubs come in various styles and sizes, and often have neat functions, such as color-changing lights and heat timers. Quick and easy to set up, they provide a retreat for relaxation without the big commitment of a permanent build.

    A Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub offers the same relaxation and health and wellbeing benefits as a solid hot tub, but at a fraction of the price. And, there’s the convenience of being able to easily set it up and pack it down as many times as you like, says the team at Lay-Z-Spa . ‘The versatility of an inflatable hot tub also means you can choose your preferred spot to set it up and, should you move house, you can take it with you.’

    Make A Statement With A Theme

    How to Set Up Your Hot Tub in 6 Easy Steps

    Redwood Stone ‘s creation is inspired by Roman spas, and is great for privacy too

    Surrounding your spa with a garden folly is a surefire way to make a statement. With glorious arches and columns, you’ll instantly be transported to a luxurious Roman-style spa. Billowing curtains and twirling tendrils of ivy all add to the drama, creating a stunning focal point for any garden.

    It ticks the box if you’re looking for hot tub privacy ideas, too. ‘The extra benefit is that the owners also have screening, allowing them to enjoy their hot tub in private. What we can create can easily be retrofitted around an existing hot tub, or as part of a new scheme,’ says Tim Redwood of Redwood Stone .

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    Preparing Your Hot Tub

    First, cut off all power to the equipment at the circuit breaker since you will be working with the hot tub equipment inside the cabinet. There are a couple of safety checks to go through before getting into the hot tub setup itself:

      • If not already open, go ahead and open your gate valves. This allows the water to flow through the pump and heater into your spa.
      • To avoid water seepage around the spa, check to see that the drain valve is closed.

    Once you’ve taken safety precautions, it’s time to get down and dirty by cleaning the interior of your hot tub with a clean towel and a mild, non-foaming, non-abrasive cleanser. If you use a common household cleaner to do the job, you may wind up with a plethora of problems, including damage to the inner shell, foaming problems, and/or altering the pH balance of the water. If you opt for a natural, earth-friendly cleaner, you won’t even have to rinse it out, since they are composed of non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm your spa or skin.

    Build Your Deck Around The Trees In Your Yard

    Photo by Dave Simmerman Photography via

    Embrace the natural beauty of your space by constructing your deck around the trees in your backyard. This is great for incorporating the natural look and appeal of mother nature in a more modern design. Include an artistic inlay to give the space the feel of running water through a forest.

    Key insights:

    • When positioning your hot tub in your outdoor landscape, keep in mind which areas get prevailing winds, a lot of sun, and shade.

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    Throw In A Bar With Accented Seating Around Your Hot Tub

    Photo via DesignscapesNY

    Create a wet bar around your hot tub with a striking brick pillared stone bar. Add some candles to set the mood for either a romantic night with your spouse or a fun night of entertaining guests. Included accented stools to enhance the space and make it feel more like you.

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