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How To Use Chemicals In Above Ground Pool

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Balancing Your Water Chemistry

How to Use hth Pool Chemicals in an Above Ground Pool

Step away from the Bunsen burner. Pool chemistry might sound intimidating and complicated, but you dont have to worry. While it is an essential part of effective pool maintenance and water care, basic pool chemistry is surprisingly straightforward.

The most important tool in your bag of water care tricks is your water testing kit. You wouldnt season your stew without tasting it. So before you reach for the chemicals, do some pool water testing. Understanding whats in your water, and what isnt, is the first step to balancing it.

The three most important parts of pool water chemistry are:

  • pH levels: The measure of how acidic or basic your pool water is. Low pH levels are acidic, while high levels are basic. The ideal range for your pool is 7.4 to 7.6.
  • Alkalinity: Works as a pH buffer and helps avoid huge spikes in basicity or acidity. The ideal range is 100 to 150 parts per million . And you can use baking soda to increase your pools alkalinity level.
  • Sanitizer levels: The amount of chlorine, bromine, etc. in your pool water. Proper levels vary depending on which type of sanitizer you choose.

Once you know your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels, you can start to add chemicals to tweak your water balance. Take your time, follow all the directions, and be sure you know what each chemical does and how itll affect the water, and the folks who swim in it, before you add it.

Good Pool Maintenance Begins With Knowing Your Pool

Before you can properly enjoy or care for your pool, you might need to brush up on all the parts of your pool. You dont need to take an annex course or go for your doctorate in swimology from Harvard. But knowing the basic parts of your pool, and their functions, helps you keep everything running smoothlyand makes it easier to resolve issues when they occur.

Looking for even more pool maintenance tips? Weve got just the thing. Check out The Pool Care Handbook and Video Course and become a pool care master.

If You Have A Lot Of Calcium In The Water Use A Water Softener

Water becomes hard when there are too many free-floating calcium ions. These can leave scale on the walls of your pipes. Thus, creating maintenance problems. To soften your water, use a water softener.

We hope our guide and tips going over what chemicals you need for your above ground pool and also how to put chemicals in your swimming pool for the first time have been helpful to you.

Whenever you are about to add a new chemical to your swimming pool, we always recommend reading the chemicals instructions carefully and making exact measurements.

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Best Chemicals For Above Ground Pool For 2022

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Ready To Shop For An Above Ground Pool

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Inventory Your Pool Chemicals

Youll want to have all of your chemicals ready to go before you start opening your pool. Check the expiration dates on all of your pool chemicals, and replace any that are past their prime. . You should also replace any chemicals that werent properly sealed before they were stored.

Chemicals Checklist: Everything You Need to Open Your Pool

Need to do a pre-opening pool chemical supply run? Heres what youll need to get the job done right:

  • A good test kit or test strips for checking your pools pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity,and chlorine levels
  • Chlorine granules or tablets
  • Stain treatment

Algaecidal Application Is Crucial

If you would prefer water without algal blooms, then you should think about using algicide. These chemicals kill them on the spot.

Without That, Blooms Are Only a Matter of Time

Unfortunately, pool water without these chemicals is a great growth medium for algae. Therefore, without preventing their growth, youll see them before too long.

Luckily, With the Right Algicide, Preventing Blooms Is a Cinch

As long as you follow the directions, any common algicidal chemical should suffice. Depending on the one used, youll have to apply it every so often. Ensure that the directions are followed strictly.

Otherwise, You Run the Risk of Skin Irritation:

Since the chemicals can be harsh, you dont want to use them excessively. If you do, things might not be as fun inside of your pool for guests. Harshly treated water tends to irritate the skin.

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How Many Chemicals Do You Need To Start Up Your Pool

Once you know the state of your pool prior to start up, you can start to add and adjust the chemicals in your pool. The amount of chemicals for pool start up that you need to use is going to depend on what state your water is in.

Each chemical that you add to your pool needs to be doing something to the water to help it reach those targets. However, you need to be careful of chemical interactions and not overload your pool all at once.

These are the chemicals that you might have to add to your pool to get it in working order.

Keep Pool Water Sanitized With Bioguard Smart Silkguard Sticks Containingsilkguard Technology

Pool Chemicals For Beginners Above Ground Pool Start Up Easy Care and Tips
  • Smart SilkGuard Sticks: Long-lasting chlorine sanitizer that dissolves slowly and all but stops dissolving when pump is off
  • Kills and controls algae
  • Easy to apply to skimmer, no special feeder required
  • The special formulation works best with the skimmer chlorination application

*If pump circulation is more than 12 hours per day, Smart SilkGuard Sticks may need to be applied more often than once per week

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Beginners Guide To Swimming Pool Chemicals

I was super excited when I purchased my first Intex Easy Set Deluxe Pool and remember spending every single minute of my free time swimming or just floating in my beloved pool.

Although I did my pre-purchase homework and bought all the right accessories for my pool, I lagged behind on the pool chemistry the most important part of pool care.

As a novice pool owner, I had no idea how important it is to use the proper chemicals to maintain a clean and clear pool. Within a few days, my sparkling clean pool started to lose its beauty and the water started turning cloudy.

That was when one of my dear friends came to the rescue and guided me through the pool maintenance routine. Your pool needs cleaning, toning, moisturizing just like your face. Those were her exact words to me, which I have never forgotten.

I know that there are a lot of excited new pool owners out there who, like me, may be overwhelmed by their new purchase and may need some coaching on basic Pool Chemicals. Then you can enjoy spending more time in your pool and less time wondering which chemicals to use and when.

Test For Ph And Free Chlorine Levels

After becoming an above ground swimming pool owner, you will have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. To fulfill them, youve got to learn what is required, otherwise, youll be lost in the dark.

We recommend using a quality pool water test kit. Below, we include a general guideline that you should use. That way, you can quickly check the appropriate parameters.

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Why Buy An Above Ground Pool

Adding a pool to your backyard can be a great source of entertainment and a fun way to cool down in the summer. However, installing an in-ground pool may not always be possible because of spatial or monetary issues. You may not have a large space available, or you may not want to spend a lot of money right now. So how should you solve your pool problem?

Choosing the perfect above ground pool is the best solution. They give you the swimming experience you desire in your backyard, but with none of the hindrances of an in-ground pool. However, even an above ground pool will need basic maintenanceif you want it to last. You can choose any shape you want, but at the end of the day, it is essential that you use a proper filter and pump depending on the size, so you only get clean water.

Protect Your House From Leaks

Used Above Ground Swimming Pool FOR SALE from North York ...

Although national and local building codes require that above-ground pools are placed several feet away from your home due to electrical reasons, there remains the question of what to do if the pool fails and water starts gushing out of it at high speeds? The ground, and possibly your basement, can become flooded fast. The best protection is to install a sump pump in your basement to handle any water overflow that reaches your home.

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Finish With Algaecide And Stain Remover

At this point, your Intex pool is balanced and ready for swimmers. But if you want to safeguard your investment, and protect yourself from cloudy water, pool stains, and algae, then these next few steps are worth every minute of effort.

To prevent pool algae from forming: Use an algaecide treatment every other week, and keep your water balanced

To prevent pool stains: Use a stain remover or enzyme treatment monthly, and install a metal collator in your skimmer.

To prevent cloudy water: Add DE powder to your pool filter and use a clarifier for more effective filtration. Also, keep your water balanced.

1.) Clean your water

Cleaning your Intex pool breaks up into 3 main tasks:

  • Skim the water at least 2 twice a week to clear out leaves and other surface debris
  • Brush the inner walls and surfaces of the pool at least once a week to prevent buildup
  • Vacuum the pool floor at least twice a week to keep the pool floor clean

For the cleanest water, remember to clean out your pool filter at least once a month. This ensures the best performance and energy efficiency.

2.) Test weekly

If you want to keep your water balanced while spending the least on chemicals, test often. When you test your water regularly, you only need to make a few small adjustments to keep everything in order.

But if you wait too long in between testing, your pool chemistry will fluctuate more. And the more out of balance your water is, the more chemicals youll need to fix it.

3.) Shock weekly

Do Above Ground Pools Need Chemicals

Having a pool in your backyard is amazing in the summertime, but not everyone can afford to install one. One viable alternative to a traditional in-ground pool is an above ground pool. Theyre faster, easier, and cheaper to install, but they do still require significant maintenance. People in the market for their first above ground pool may find themselves wondering: Do above ground pools need chemicals?

Here well take a look at the necessary maintenance to take care of the water in an above ground pool. Even though its not as expensive as a real pool, you still want to protect your investment. Making sure the water is nice and fresh to swim in is vital.

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Stain And Scale Remover

If you have metals in your water, like copper and iron, you can use a metal remover or stain and scale remover to keep those metals in solution so that your filter can filter them out.

If metals come out of solution that can attach themselves to the walls and other parts of your pool and produce unsightly stains.

Here Are 10 Above Ground Pool Maintenance Tips To Help Keep Everything In Good Shape

Advice & easy guide on swimming pool chemicals for above ground Intex & Bestway splasher pools

Above ground pools are less expensive, easier-to-install alternatives to in-ground pools. And if that werent enough, theyre also usually easier to maintain. There are a few things youll want to do to keep your above ground pool in good working condition. Here are 10 key tips for above ground pool maintenance.

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Healthier Alternatives To Chlorine For Swimming Pools

Chlorine, as a purification agent, has been used for water treatment and swimming pools since the early 1900s. However, there are increasing concerns of this chemicals widespread and the long-term exposure to human health. It is well documented that chlorine, when combined with organic matter, can produce toxic byproducts such as trihalomethanes . The health risk of THMs to swimmers is increased as chlorine levels are higher and the organic load is heavier . Chlorine, even at proper levels, can cause rashes and allergies in some people. Chloramines is known to irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Those suffering from asthma and bronchitis are at a higher risk.

Many consumers lack the knowledge and understanding to properly maintain the chemistry of their pool. Confusion on terms such as total chlorine, combined chlorine, and free and available chlorine is common. Understanding the need and timing to sock a pool relates to the previous sentence. Since chlorine cannot stabilize in the water on its own, a dry stabilizer is added to the water to make it resistant to sunlight. Many end users are not using the correct levels of the stabilizer which increases chlorine consumption or could be damaging to the surface of their pool.

How Do You Clean A Bestway Pool

Although the above chemicals are used to prevent algae and bacteria, that doesnt mean your pool doesnt need cleaning.

Basic cleaning should include cleaning grease from the waterline and regularly cleaning any pool equipment, such as steps. If you want to take it a step further, you can also invest in some proper cleaning equipment for your pool such as:

  • – A swimming pool vacuum
  • – A swimming pool pump

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Ph Adjusting Chemicals For Pool Start Up

Your pH level is really important for keeping your pool in good working order. If this is off, then your chlorine wont be working properly which can lead to unsafe water and too much chlorine.

Your pH level should be the second thing that you address when adding chemicals. The ideal range is between 7.2 and 7.6. This is perfect for your chlorine and for keeping your water safe for use.

If your pH level is too high, you can use the same pH decreaser that you would use for adjusting alkalinity. Be sure to check that level again afterwards.

The Basic Components Of A Swimming Pool

Benefits of Using The Above Ground Pool

Like most major home improvements, you can get as fancy as you like with your swimming pool. You can add advanced heating and lighting, install high-tech pool covers, and even enjoy music while you swim with underwater pool speakers. But whether you have a basic backyard pool or a massive inground oasis shaped like Elvis, every pool has four components that need regular care to keep the good times rollin.

These include:

  • The pools interior wall or liner
  • The pools filter system
  • The pools system of skimmers and returns

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A Pool Cleaning Schedule

If it has proper circulation, youve already made cleaning your pool much easier. But youll still need to apply some good old-fashioned elbow grease. The basic tools youll need are:

Both Mother Nature and the folks using your pool bring all sorts of wild and wacky things into your pool, from leaves, mold, and the odd duck or frog to residues from shampoos, perfumes, and hair products. Add in the risks of bacterial contamination, and cleaning your pool becomes an absolutely essential part of safe swimming.

Skim, brush, and vacuum your pool weekly, at a minimum. This will keep debris out of your water, and your walls sparkling clean. Baking soda paste works particularly well as a basic scouring cleaner that wont damage delicate tile or a vinyl liner when you brush.

An automatic pool cleaner can significantly cut your pool cleaning time. It wont eliminate the need for regular skimming and brushing, but itll make both tasks easier, freeing you up to spend time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it.

You can also make your cleaning life easier with a few unorthodox additions to your pool. Toss a few tennis balls into your skimmer basket, or even right into the pool, and theyll absorb surface oils left behind by suntan lotion, cosmetics, etc. You can also wrap your skimmer baskets with pantyhose to create an extra-fine filter thatll catch more contaminants than a skimmer alone.

Alkalinity Adjusting Chemicals For Pool Start Up

If your pools initial test shows an incorrect amount of alkalinity, then you need to add some chemicals to fix it. It doesnt matter if it was too high or too low, chemicals are going to be needed.

This should be the first chemical that you add to your pool during start-up. This one can really affect the pH level of your pool. Sorting this out first prevents you from ruining your hard work on your pools pH level by doing it afterward.

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