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Brominating Tablets For Hot Tub

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Choosing Between Chlorine And Bromine For Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub Maintenance with Bromine (step-by-step)

When it comes to choosing between chlorine and bromine for your hot tub, it can be a bit confusing. Bromine is a more effective anti-fouling agent and is also less corrosive than chlorine.

On the other hand, chlorine is cheaper and easier to use, so it may be the better choice for some people. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Can I Crush Bromine Tablets For Hot Tub

Some people prefer to crush their tablets.

Yes, you can crush 3 bromine tablets for every 300 gallons of water spa and add the crushing to the water.

When you add the bromine tablets to your spa water, it is actually in the form of bromide ions which doesnt start killing germs and bacteria right away. It needs to be activated using an oxidizer to turn bromine ions into hypobromous acid. At this point, your crushed bromine tablets will start reacting and killing an organic contaminant.

Top 5 Bromine Tablets For Your Hot Tub: Useful Tricks And Expert Review

  • Can I use chlorine instead of bromine in my hot tub?
  • Everyone wants to keep the hot tub clean. Clean and clear water is a guarantee not only of pleasant use of a hot tub but also of your safety for health. Therefore, this article is designed to help you decide on the best bromine tablets among the top 5.

    Also in this article, you will be able to learn about signs you need to use bromine in your hot tub so that you can be 100% sure about the bromine as the most effective chemical. What is more, we will explain how much bromine you should add to your hot tub and a step-by-step guide on how to use bromine tablets. In the end, we described all the pros of brominator and why its worth buying.

    So do not waste a minute and choose the best bromine tablets for yourself!

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    Can You Use Crushed Bromine Tablets In A Hot Tub

    You can use crushed bromine tablets, either to establish an initial bromide bank or reserve in your hot tub, or to top up your spa’s bromide reserve in place of tablets.

    Whenever I’ve bought a bottle of bromine tablets, there’s always been powder in the bottom, where the some of the tablets have been broken or crushed. It seemed a shame to waste, so I experimented with using it in my spa.

    What were the results?

    I found that it works well in both cases, but a little goes a long wayespecially for regular top-ups.

    Start by adding a teaspoon of crushed brominating tablet powder to the water. Check the sanitizer levels next time you shock your spa, to make sure it’s still within the 2-6 ppm range.

    The powder dissolves much more quickly than it would in tablet form, so it’s easy to end up with higher levels of sanitizer than you want.

    What Is The Best Type Of Brominator

    Hot Tub Bromine Tablets

    Brominators are plastic floating devices that hold bromine tablets. They are designed to let the tablets dissolve gradually over time, which keeps your spa’s bromide bank topped up. You can usually control how much water comes into contact with the tablets, and therefore how quickly they dissolve.

    There are a few different designs of brominator. These are the most common shapes you’ll find:

    The type on the left is cheaper and more common, but also less sophisticated. The top has an opening and the bromine tablets are placed inside. You twist the bottom to try to limit how much water can get inside, but it’s not the most accurate mechanism in my experience.

    The one on the right is my preferred type. The tablets stack up inside the tube, and you partially unscrew the bottom to expose the lowest tablet. The water cannot reach the tablets above. This design gives you fine-grained control over exactly how much tablet is exposed to the water at once, so not all the tablets will start to dissolve right away.

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    Bromine Hot Tub Danger

    Even though bromine is considered a better sanitizer compared to chlorine, there are some dangers associated with its use.

    Continuous exposure to bromine can give you rashes, eye irritation, and respiratory problems. Ingestion of water containing bromine is also associated with hypothyroidism because it affects iodine absorption.

    • Corrosion of the shell

    The other danger associated with the use of bromine is that it can cause corrosion on the shell. If you use the bromine floaters to dispense bromine, once it disinfects all the germs in the hot tub, the excess chemicals end up corroding your hot tub. Of course this means that the hot tub wont serve you for as long as you envisioned.

    The Dial Setting Should Be Checked

    The dial of a salt generator, for example, can be turned up to increase the amount of salt dispersed. Make only one setting adjustment per day to ensure the desired level of chlorine or bromine is maintained.

    Monitor the water for 24 hours after making the adjustment. Do not alter the setting once it is found to be optimal. The water should be shocked when conditions are abnormal .

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    How Much Bromine Should I Add To My Hot Tub

    Check the levels in your hot tub water using bromine test strips. Your hot tub bromine level should always be between 3-5ppm . How frequently you need to add bromine will depend on your usage and bathing habits. It could be daily, every two to three days or weekly. For 3mg/l add 12g per 1500 litres.

    Top tip: 1mg/l = approximately 1ppm.

    You should also check the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6 using the test strips . If the level is outside of this range, you can use a pH increaser or pH reducer to balance the levels. Find out more about balancing a hot tub pH level here.

    How Many Bromine Tablets To Put In A Hot Tub

    Bromine/Chlorine Tablets in a Hot Tub Okay?

    Those who just purchased their first package of bromine tablets are probably wondering how many and when to add those bromine tablets to their hot tub.

    You should add 3 bromine tablets for every 300 gallons of spa water added every 5 to 7 days while maintaining bromine residual of 2 ppm.

    You should be using a floating tablet feeder that should be set to obtain an active bromine residual of at least 2ppm.

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    How To Build A Bromine Bank

    Building a bromine bank ensures the effectiveness of bromine in the hot tub.

    A bromine bank is a reserve of sodium bromide ions in the water. The sodium bromide dissolves into bromine via spa shock, ozone or liquid chlorine. The average sodium bromide tablets compose of about 30% chlorine and 70% bromine.

    To successfully build a bromine bank, always add sodium bromide tablets after draining, shock the spa with your preferred oxidizer and this activates the bromide ions and converts it into hypobromous acid which is the killing form of bromine.

    Can You Use Chlorine Test Strips For A Bromine Hot Tub

    Most test strips will allow you to test for either chlorine or bromine. If your test strips are 4-way this means they can test for both. If you only have 3-way chlorine test strips, then you will need to buy some new bromine-compatible test strips.

    These are a good example of 4-way test strips :

    For comparison, these 6-way test strips will also read total chlorine and total hardness:

    When you have test strips that can test both bromine and chlorine, simply follow the instructions for bromine readings on the tube. They will use the same set of colored squares you just need to match against a different number on the scale.

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    Why You Should Never Use A Chlorine Floater In A Hot Tub

    Using a chlorine floater with tablets in a hot tub is NOT a good ideain fact, it could even void your warranty.

    Why? Well, most chlorine tablets are designed for pools.

    Chlorine tablets contain trichlor, which is a type of chlorine with an acidic pH. If not corrected, this low pH can corrode the internal components of your hot tub and shorten their lifespan. Using a chlorine floater with trichlor can therefore lead to expensive repairs.

    It can also bleach your hot tub’s acrylic shell. In fact, many brands specifically exclude damage caused by chlorine tablets from their warranty, so be sure to check this too if your spa is still covered.

    Do I Need Bromine In My Hot Tub

    SpaGuard Brominating Tabs for Hot Tubsâ1.5lb bottle

    Chlorine tablets for hot tubs tend to be harsh and cause skin irritation. Hence the use of bromine in spa water and hot tubs.

    In case you are using chlorine now and wonder how often you need to add it to your water, I have a nice article that took me some time to research that can give you more information about using chlorine. You can read it here.

    You need bromine in your hot tub because it is proven to be an effective sanitizer that destroys algae, microorganisms and hot tub bacteria.

    If you use chlorine for hot tub, it exhibits weaker oxidation properties even though it might be faster but bromine has a larger molecular size which gives it an advantage at killing bacteria and viruses.

    Bromine combines with bacteria in spa water to neutralize it even though a good portion of the bromine stays active even after combining with the bacteria. If your family has sensitive skin, bromine is obviously a better option to chlorine.

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    Change Your Mind Change Your Sanitizer

    The choice between chlorine and bromine tablets and granules should be a lot easier now. And remember youll be changing your water and deep cleaning your hot tub every few months. If you dont like the sanitizer you chose, you can always switch when you change your water.

    Whichever sanitizer you choose, just remember to regularly test to make sure the levels stay where they need to be to keep your water clean, and keep you and your hot tub guests healthy and happy.

    Happy Soaking!

    Testing Your Bromine Levels

    A spa water usually has varying levels of bromine based on how frequently it is used and how much time it stays uncovered in the sun and in the dew. Spa water should have a bromine concentration between 1 and 3ppm .

    You can use a bromine water test kit provided by your spa dealer to determine the current level of bromine in your hot tub water. Ask the dealer if you have any questions about how the water is purified. Use the instructions that come with the kit.

    Using a bromine meter, you can estimate exactly how much bromine should be added, or how much it may need to be diluted. Every week, you should test your water to ensure that it is as pure as possible.

    Test strips can be used to determine if the pH level is between 7.0 and 7.4. They are often used in conjunction with a bromine test strip to determine pH and total alkalinity. Depending on its level, the water can be balanced by adding either a pH+ or a pH- increaser or reducing agent.

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    Chlorine Vs Bromine For A Hot Tub Which To Choose

    When it comes to choosing a disinfectant for your hot tub water, chlorine and bromine are the two most popular options. Chlorine effectively kills bacteria and viruses, while bromine is effective at inhibiting algae growth.

    Both of these chemicals have their own advantages and disadvantages. Chlorine is the more popular disinfectant because it kills a wide range of bacteria, including E-coli, salmonella, and staphylococcus.

    The bad side of using chlorine is that it can be toxic if ingested or inhaled in high concentrations. On the other hand, bromine is less effective at killing bacteria and viruses, but it is safe to breathe, is normally better for sensitive skin and doesnt have any harmful side effects.

    Ultimately, it is important for hot tub owners to strike a balance in choosing a disinfectant that effectively reduces the bacteria and viruses that may be present in your hot tub and safe for your family.

    Bromine Tablets Are Not Dissolving In Hot Tub

    What’s The Best HOT TUB Sanitizer: CHLORINE or BROMINE? | Swim University

    Check your pH, alkalinity and total hardness levels.

    In case your hardness and pH are high, you will need to address this first before you can add your bromine tablets. Check to see if your heater has any forming.

    This is usually the main reason why your bromine tablets wont dissolve.

    With bromine, with new hot tub fills, you might need to shock your hot tub more often in order to keep the bromine levels up for a few weeks. This is only until you have enough ions in the tub.

    What shocking will do for you, is that it will re-establish most of the used bromine.

    Again, before you can get to this test, get your levels sorted. As a note, you should keep your calcium hardness between 50 and 150. Any levels above 400 are super high.

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    How Do You Put Bromine In A Hot Tub

    Sanitizing a spa with bromine is a usually 3-part process:

  • Establish a bromide bank. You need to do this by adding a ‘bromide booster’ like Spa Choice Bromide Booster Spa Sanitizer each time you initially fill your spa with fresh water. This is to get the water up to an adequate starting bromide level.
  • Use shock to activate the bromine. Spa shock works with the bromide to convert it to bromine, which can then kill any contaminants in your water. You should add a shock such as Oxy-Spa Non-Chlorine Hot Tub & Pool MPS Oxidizing Shock weekly, as well as after every time you use the spa.
  • Add brominating tablets in a floating dispenser or ‘brominator’. These tablets dissolve gradually over time. The idea is that they keep your bromide bank topped up just enough, so that there is always enough bromide in the water ready to react when you shock your spa. I’ve found Clorox Spa Brominating Tablets to be the best value.
  • When measuring bromine levels, the ideal range to aim for is 2-6 ppm .

    And that’s really all that’s involved. With a little practice, bromine can be a very low-maintenance and convenient way to sanitize a spa.

    Clorox Spa Brominating Tablets The Fastest Result


    • The fastest result due to the active and effective action of substances that disinfect water just in a few hours
    • Best for stable bromine level due to slow dissolving
    • It works much more efficiently in hot water, so it is ideal for hot tubs


    • In the first days of use, the water may become a little cloudy

    Tired of waiting weeks for bromine tablets to work and you see the perfect pH result between 7.2 and 7.6? In our fast-paced world, there is no time to wait for something, so we offer you Clorox Spa Brominating Tablets, which will show results in the first days of use!

    Thanks to a special formula that contains active and effective ingredients, your water will be completely disinfected after 1 or 2 uses. The bromine tablet itself dissolves very slowly, which allows you to maintain a stable level of chemicals. However, we still recommend that you use test strips for continuous monitoring.

    These tablets are especially effective when used in hot water thanks to the strong structure and special ingredients that allow tablets to maintain efficiency for a long time. And let us remind you that this is one of the biggest advantages of bromine compared to chlorine.

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    Spa Choice Bromine Tablets The Most Long


    • The most long-lasting result due to the solid tablets which last 2x as long as other brands
    • A very solid structure of tablets allows them to not crumble and dissolve slowly
    • Doesnt have pungent odor


    • The lid is quite difficult to open

    Spa Choice is a very well-known and popular brand, so it is not surprising that users often choose it. Due to this, the company is constantly trying to improve its products, and Spa Choice Bromine Tablets are no exception. Thanks to the innovative formula, these tablets last twice as long as others.

    Unlike Clorox Spa Brominating Tablets, these tablets do not make the water cloudy and remain solid for a very long time. This means that they will not only save your time but also a lot of money.

    What is also a special difference is that your restless children will not be able to open the container easily. This model, as well as SpaGuard Brominating Tablets, has a special lid with a protective mechanism that prevents opening. It is quite difficult to open even to an adult, but such a trifle is worth it to make sure that your children are completely safe.

    What If You Have Added Too Much Bromine

    Brominating Tablets

    Several options can be tried if your bromine levels are really high :

    • Allow the levels to drop naturally. This is the most convenient if you wont need it for a few days. Youll find the levels will gradually go down on their own if you take the bromine floater out and dont add any more shock.
    • Open the spa. Let the cover hang off for an hour or so. Sunny days are best. Bromine is broken down faster by evaporation and sunlight.
    • In some cases, replace the water. Replace the water you removed. To dilute excessively sanitized water, use fresh water.
    • Neutralize If your bromine levels are too high, products like Thio-Trine Neutralizer by Applied Biochemist can help. They typically come with instructions for large pools. Since spas are smaller, you will only need a very small amount.
    • All the water needs to be replaced. There is no other option. You might be better off with new water and a fresh start if youre still having difficulty getting your levels in an acceptable range.

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