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3 Inch Chlorine Tablets For Pools

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Chlorine Feeder Safety Hazard

How to Use Chlorine Tablets, Brought to You by HTH

Chlorine feeders are often used to distribute chlorine tablets throughout your pool. The problem is it is very easy for children to access chlorine tablets in your chlorine feeder.

So if your child opens up the feeder and swallows some of the tablets inside, it can result in a serious health consequence.

What Are The Best Chlorine Tablets

Most chlorine tablets will do an equally good job at keeping your pool clean. And thats because most brands use the same, or similar ingredients in their products. So it mostly comes down to your pools specific needs and budget.

But for outdoor pools, as long as you choose 3-inch stabilized tablets, youre good to go.

On that note, here are a few specific brands of chlorine tablets worth checking out :

  • Pool Time Max Blue 3 inch chlorine tablets
  • Clorox Pool and Spa chlorine tablets
  • In The Swim 3 inch chlorine tablets
  • Swim Best 3 inch Trichlor chlorine tablets

Best Pool Chlorine 3 Tablets

1HTH 42033 Super 3″ Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, 5 lbsChlorinating Tablets for Pool

2In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets for Sanitizing Swimming PoolsChlorine Tablets for Sanitizing Pool


  • Trichloros-triazine trichlor tablets are fast-dissolving and stabilized, making them perfect for floaters or any automatic chlorine feeder.


  • Some users report that the tablets can be difficult to open due to their small size.

CLOROX Pool& Spa XtraBlue 3-Inch Long Lasting Chlorinating TabletsLong Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

4Pool Mate 1-1404 Jumbo 3-Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine4 Pounds of Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

5Rx Clear 3-Inch Individually Wrapped Chlorine TabletsWrapped Chlorine Tablets

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Chlorine Tablets

When it comes to drawbacks, we should point out some aspects. For one thing, when you add a tab in the skimmer, this will lead to an acid buildup. This is especially prone to happen when the pump is off. Over the course of time, the acid will damage o-rings and gaskets.

What is more, if the build-up occurs during the summer, this might prevent you from using your swimming pool. Not to mention that youll have to substitute all the affected parts.

Another aspect that could qualify as a drawback is that you cannot drop the tablets directly into your swimming pool. You need to get a floater. Without a floater, the tablets will inevitably stain the plaster. In addition to that, this might result in the fading of liners.

There is also the possibility for the tablet to get sucked in the drain this is where it is likely to dissolve at a faster pace. Not only that this would mean that the tablet is wasted, but it might also create an imbalance of chemicals in the water.

Chlorinating Tablets Vs Liquid

Pool Care 36150 Swimming Pool Chemical 3

What is the difference between chlorinating tablets and chlorinating liquid?

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to sanitize swimming pool water and kill bacteria that can be harmful to swimmers. Pool chlorine commonly comes in two formssolid and liquid. While chlorinating tablets and chlorinating liquid both sanitize pool water, there are some key differences to consider when choosing which product is right for you.

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The Composition Of The Tablet

Depending on the manufacturer, chlorine tablets might contain different chemicals. Before purchasing something, though, you should be 100 percent sure that the tablet contains roughly 90 percent chlorine. The disinfecting properties of chlorine are highly acknowledged.

This will make the tablet highly efficient at killing viruses, bacteria, fungus, algae, yeast and other naughty elements that might be present inside your pool water.

Best Chlorine Tablets For Pools

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Having a pool is all fun and games as it provides an excellent way to relax and hang out with friends. However, many people overlook the importance of properly maintaining their pool. The thing is that it is your responsibility as a pool owner to maintain the correct balance of sanitizers, which will prevent algae build-up and the growth of bacteria. This is where the best chlorine tablets for pools come in. These will make it easy to keep your pool clean and sanitized round the year.

As important as it may be to keep your pool sanitized and it is you will inevitably find it a tad challenging to choose a product out of the sea of items available on the market. Plus, they all look the same and promise to offer the same thing. So, our guide should come in handy, as it encompasses the best chlorine tablets for pools reviews, and not only.

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Wrapped Or Unwrapped For Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets can either come wrapped or unwrapped.

The idea behind wrapped tablets is that you can just drop them into a feeder or chlorinator from the wrap without you having to touch the tablet with your hand directly. Wrapped tablets usually cost more because of this seemingly extra protection for your hand.

In reality, it often does not protect your hand as well as youd hope. You will still most likely get chlorine on your hands. There are also times you will have to adjust chlorine tablets inside the equipment after you add them.

If you are worried about protecting your hand, Id recommend you use tongs to handle chlorine tablets.

Swimming Pool Chlorine 3 Inch Tabs

50 lb Bucket of 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets | 12000295-50LB

I realize Leslies tabs might be better quality but $36 more for chlorine tabs was more than I could handle so I ended up buying them online at Amazon and I got free shipping with my Prime.

This also saved me a hurt back because I didnt have to lug the 50 lbs bucket from the store to my car, then into the trunk, then from the garage to the backyard. Ouch!

However, I did have to lug the 50 lbs bucket from the front door to the backyard about 50 feet.

As you can see from the pictures, the tabs are Kem-Tek Power 99 3 inch Chlorinating Tabs. And theyre individually wrapped.

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Who Are Chlorine Tablets Recommended For

Pool chlorine tablets are a popular selection by swimmers and pool owners who know their worth. It is recommended for all type of audience conscious of their pool safety and purity.

Apart from swimming pools, these tablets also work well with the Jacuzzis so if you own a hotel and want to present clean and clear Jacuzzis to your customers then these tablets are for you.

Best Pool Chlorine Tablets Faqs

Q: What are Chlorine Tablets?

A: Chlorine tablets refers to chlorine in tablet form. The chlorine chemical being dried and pressed to give these dense tablets is used to disinfect pools by killing bacteria. Always ensure you wear gloves when handling these tablets, as they are still quite dangerous and corrosive if they touch the skin.

Q: Can I Throw Chlorine Tablets in My Pool?

A: Avoid throwing chlorine tablets directly into your pool as doing this can lead to bleach stain on the liner or concrete on the pool floor. Instead of throwing the chlorine tablets into the pool, place the tablets into the skimmer, floating dispenser or automatic chlorinator.

Q: How Often Should You Put Chlorine in Your Pool?

A: During the swimming season, it is advisable that you add chlorine to your pool at least two times every week. Ideally, the chlorine concentration in the pool should be within 1-3ppm if it falls below 1ppm, then it would be best to top up the amount of chlorine in the pool. The chlorine level can be manually or digitally checked with a pool test kit. In addition to this, a test kit to check the pH level is also required, and the recommended pH is within 7.2-7.8.

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Best Chlorine Tablets For Keeping Your Swim Pool Sparkling Clean

Nuke bacteria and algae and keep your pool clean and sparkling with the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools. Lets do this.

Theres a lot of fun and enjoyment to be had with your swimming pool.

Its tough to beat those long summer days, feet dangling in the cool water with family and friends.

Of course, along with the fun and good times that come with your swimming pool is the frequent cleaning and maintenance required.

Whether its attending to your pool vacuum, using a robot pool cleaner to automate cleaning, or collecting leaves with a pool skimmer, keeping the pool water clear and clean can feel like a full-time job.

Chlorine tablets are a way to keep your water sparkling clean, avoiding obnoxious algae blooms and restricting yucky bacterial strains from infecting people swimming in the water. Although chlorine is an assassin when it comes to bacteria and even insects, its safe for humans when kept at appropriate levels and the pool water is probably balanced.

Fun fact: While other pool disinfectants exist, including bromine and iodine, chlorine is by far the most effective at killing bacteria like E. coli and strep.

Chlorine tablets are great as they dissolve slowly over time, are premeasured , and can be added to a floating chlorine dispenser for ease of application.

In this round-up of the best chlorine tablets for backyard pools , we are going to take a deeper look at the best-reviewed tablets on the market.

How Often Should You Add Chlorine Tablets

HTH Super 3 inch Chlorinating Tablets for sanitizing Swimming Pools, 25 ...

You typically will only need to add chlorine tablets one time per week. It is best that you pick a day that you will be able to perform some weekly maintenance and replenish chlorine tablets on a set schedule. This will become routine and make your pool care much easier.

If you have a 16,000 gallon pool, you would need to add 4 tablets one time per week. When you add the tablets each week it is also a good time to clean your skimmer and pump skimmer basket if you have one. Check to see if you need to clean your filters or backwash your pool and take care of all your pool care at once including testing your pool water.

Pro Tip! When it is your weekly schedule to add more chlorine tablets, look at how much chlorine is remaining. If the total amount of tablets equal 1 tablet by estimate you can count that tablet. Therefore if you add 4 tablets each week, you can add only 3 to bring the total back up to 4 making your chlorine last longer during the season. During the cool months when you water is cooler, this may occur from time to time. When the water gets warmer, chlorine will be dissolved at a much quicker rate.

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Chlorine Tablets Vs Chlorine Granules

Many pool owners believe that chlorine tablets and chlorine granules work well together. However, most tend to use granules at the beginning of the cleaning process to remove bacteria and algae.

This is because they usually remove these at a much quicker rate. If you havent treated your pool for a week or two, granules will get things done much quicker every time.

That being said, chlorine tablets are very effective when used on a regular basis, once a week.

But, if you have a pool that is under regular rainfall, sunshine, or experiences frequent debris, chlorine granules are usually preferred.

Suncoast Complete Chlorine Tablets Combine A Water Clarifier Stain Inhibitor Algae Preventative And De

Suncoast Complete 4-In-1 Multi-Purpose 3″ Chlorine Tablets contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that will reduce the amount of pool chemicals needed to keep your swimming pool crystal clear. Complete offers you more than a sanitizer – these 3″ chlorine tablets also contain a clarifier, a stain and algae preventer and a de-scaler to help keep your swimming pool in top-notch condition. They are individually-wrapped for convenience, ease of use, and product purity plus packaged in Lite Latch containers with senior-friendly, child-resistant lids. Suncoast Complete Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets are great for floating chlorinators or automatic chlorine feeders.

Suncoast 4-In-1 Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets:

  • Act as a sanitizer, clarifier, a stain and algae preventer and a de-scaler
  • Contain 84.65% available pool chlorine, 94% active ingredient
  • Are slow-dissolving, stabilized chlorinating tablets
  • Are UV protected for extended chlorine life
  • Are individually-wrapped for convenient, mess-free pool maintenance

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Hth Super Chlorinating Tablets

The HTH Super Chlorinating Tablets are another large tablet, at three inches. The obvious upside to this is that a 10,000-gallon pool only requires one tablet per week.

Made with cyanuric acid, these tablets dissolve slowly and prevent chlorine loss while also donkey-punching algae and bacteria. HTH markets this as part of their pool protection portfolio which includes an algae-specific protector, shock, and a pool test strip kit.

More fun facts: The smell of chlorine in swimming pools isnt from chlorine, but a byproduct called chloramines that occur when chlorine mixes organic substances like sweat, pee, etc.

The 8lb container pictured below will contain around 16 tablets in it, giving you a solid four months of clean pool water and retails for around $60 per 8lb container .

How Would You Know Which Of The Best 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets Options Is Best For You

How to Add Chlorine Tablets to your Pool

The standard appliance in your life is the Best 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets. Because the item is available in various models, picking one might be difficult, each with its functions and characteristics. However, everything has a solution, including that. We, the most trained experts in this field, will be here to assist you.

Before going through the thorough purchase advice, have a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Best 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets on popular websites:

Is your money well spent on this product?What benefits does the product provide to customers?What should buyers consider while determining whether or not to purchase a product?What is the most popular model of this product currently on the market?Where should you look for information on a product if you need it?

There are numerous aspects to consider once looking for the best Best 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets for you. You will be expected to consider each of the following elements thoroughly to make the best decision:

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How To Use Chlorine Tablets

A really basic question that compels you to wonder why we cant just throw them in the pool and let them do what they are supposed to.

However, the fact is that simply leaving them on the floor of the pool is the least effective method of using them. They will dissolve more slowly and emit the chlorine unevenly.

This way most of the sanitizer gets wasted and youll need to use even more of it. Also, leaving them on the floor of the pool for a long time can leave behind stains to the material.

Therefore, to avoid that, there are other, better ways of doing so.


The pool skimmers primary purpose is to block out external pollutants like bugs, leaves, and other particles. However, it is a great way to chlorinating the pool water as well. You need to place the tablets in the skimmer. The water constantly runs through the skimmer before going into the pool. Therefore, the chlorine automatically get dissolved leaving you with sanitized water.


A floater is a plastic container that can float on the surface of the water. All you need to do is to place some chlorine tablets in the floater and leave it in the pool. The floater itself floats around the pool while slowly dissolving the tablets and releasing the chlorine into the water.


How Long Do Chlorine Tablets Last In Your Pool

How long your chlorine lasts does not depend on the size of your pool.

Your chlorines longevity depends on:

  • The method you used to add chlorine tablets into your pool
  • The temperature of your pool. Chlorine tablets tend to last longer in a lower temperature
  • The setting of your feeder or pump
  • Generally speaking, you can expect your tablets to dissolve in about two to three days fully.

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    Top 10 Best 3 Inch Chlorine Pool Tablets In 2022

    If you’re a buyer, then this section is for you. Many factors determine what the 3 inch chlorine pool tablets is worth the price, and we’ll cover them all in this blog. There’s much to consider before purchasing an item, from quality to customer service. Read on to find out if it’s worth your money or not!

    • What does it mean to get a good deal on a product?
    • Is the item worth the price?

    The 3 inch chlorine pool tablets are those that provide you with quality and value. Quality means that an item will last for years while providing excellent service. Value means that the product is worth what it costs.

    Before buying a product, you should ask yourself these questions:

    • What do I need this for?
    • How often am I going to use this thing?
    • Do I know of any comparable alternatives?

    Why Use Chlorine In Your Swimming Pool

    HTH 41236 Chlorine 3

    To help safeguard the swimmers from detrimental microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, and other germs. They act as the first line of defense against the harmful germs causing diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid among the swimmers.

    It keeps your pool clean, purified and swimmable while sanitizing any contaminants posing health hazards. Not to forget, it also purifies the pool with the sweat and excretory substances of swimmers. That explains how the mass of people can swim in the same single swimming pool without getting sick.

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