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How Much Does It Cost To Build Inground Swimming Pool

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How Long Do Inground Pools Last

How much does a swimming pool cost? | Inground Saltwater Pool

Pools with vinyl liners will last more than 20 years, as long as you replace your liner every 6-12 years. Concrete pools have exceptional longevity, but you need to resurface the concrete every 10 years or so. Fiberglass pools have the longest lifespans of any in-ground pool, often easily surpassing 30 years.

Average Cost To Install A Lap Or Endless Pool

A lap pool costs $20,000 to $70,000 installed. An average lap pool is 6 9 deep and 30 to 70 long. At a lower price, many homeowners are opting to install an endless pool instead, at a starting price of $24,000. Yearly costs for endless pools are much lower because there is less water to maintain and balance. An endless pool is a narrow 10 20 pool with a current which keeps the swimmer pushed back in one place.

Will You Need A Fence And A Deck

Depending on the building code, you may need to install a fence around your pool. That can add thousands of dollars to the cost, but it is really an essential safety measure.

Adding a deck can make it much more appealing to hang out by your pool. You can even use some landscaping and thoughtful design features to bring a theme to your overall pool design. You may also want to integrate the design of your pool with other major features of your backyard, like a barbecue patio or an outdoor kitchen.

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Reasons Why Diy Pool Installation Is Not A Wise Idea

For those looking to save a few thousand dollars, DIY pool installation is a viable option but at the cost of added efforts and a chance of messing up the installation. Some swimming pool building companies offer DIY kits, which are claimed to be easy to install and set up. However, considering the significant amount of investment it requires, it is advisable to hire professional pool builders for the installation and setting up of the pool.

How Much Does An Inground Fiberglass Pool Cost

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost To Install

Buying any swimming pool is a major investment, so it makes sense to do your research to find out exactly how much your new inground pool will cost. Picking out the shape and the color are the fun parts. But just as important is who is going to install your pool, who is going to design and develop your backyard oasis and how you are going to care for it. Making all of these decisions correctly will ensure that you will have a pool that it lasts a lifetime and fits within your budget.

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Disadvantages Of Fiberglass Pools

  • Because of transportation and the install process, it will generally not come any larger than 16 feet wide. However, being molded at the factory, it still manages to be a significant length.
  • The extent of customization, as well as the range of sizes, is minimal if you choose from prefab pools in stock.
  • If the backfill is not correctly packed in around the pool shell, the shell can bend, affecting plumbing pipes and drains.

Landscape Around The Pool

It is very common to need to landscape around your pool to help it blend in with its surroundings. This can be as simple as new grass seed or you can create a lush habitat around the pool with paths and benches. This means there is a range of landscaping costs from $100 to $45,000, depending on what you do.

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Indoor Pool Prices By Construction Type

Based on how they are constructed, swimming areas can be above-ground or in-ground, with prices ranging between $10,000 and $200,000. The big range of costs is because above-ground options are simpler and quicker to install than in-ground options. Above ground options do not require any excavation, while you would have to excavate a hole to construct an in-ground one. In-ground models can also be customized, while in-ground models come with limited customization options. These are just some factors that affect the cost of the project. Here is how much you can expect to spend for each type based on the way it is constructed:

Construction Type
$40,000 – $200,000

What Will Be The Purpose Of Your Pool

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

Will you be using your pool to simply relax by the waters edge and cool off with an occasional dip? Or do you have significant recreational demands like exercising, swimming laps, and playing games with friends?

You will need to choose a pool that is designed and sized appropriately based on your intended uses. For instance, if youre going to be swimming a lot of laps and doing Olympic-style turns, you need a long lap pool that is also fairly deep.

If youre planning on doing a lot of diving from an integrated diving board , your pool is going to need to be much deeper than one where there will be no diving.

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Indoor Pool Heater Cost By Type

You will find swimming pool heaters ranging in price from about $1,250 to more than $9,000. Installation costs vary depending on the type of heater and installation required. The average homeowner will likely pay $4,500 for the installation and unit. If you choose to heat your pool, you will have to factor in the added cost of the heat pump. There are several styles on the market today, and each has its own pros and cons to consider.

Type of Heater
$3,000 – $9,000

What’s The Cost Of Installing A Pool

lBy | Updated on July 05, 2022


Build or renovate your dream home.

  • 4.72%

Build or renovate your dream home.

  • 4.72%

Theres no doubting us Aussies love swimming pools – there are 1.2 million registered residential pools across the country, according to a 2014 survey by Swimart, while a 2018 study by Roy Morgan Research found nearly 2.7 million Australians live in a household with a pool.

Having a pool comes with many benefits. In addition to giving you a spot to cool off on a hot day, having a pool can make you the envy of your neighbours and can also potentially add value to your house.

But they arent cheap to install, and can be expensive to maintain as well.

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Inground Pools By Price

Some people pay for their pools out of available savings, but many pool buyers choose to use one of several easily available financing routes.

Regardless of how you plan to pay for it, your budget will be the largest factor determining what type and size of pool you’re able to install in your backyard.

Let’s take a look at what type and size of swimming pool you might expect to get within certain budget ranges, so you’ll have a clearer understanding of your available options.

Get Exact Cost Quotes From A Pool Contractor

What If My Pool Has Too Much Chlorine?

If you are ready to proceed with building an inground pool, the next step is to get exact cost quotes from a few contractors. You can find contractors on your own, and hope they are reputable and trustworthy, and tell each one the details of your project. OR you can fill out one simple form on HomeAdvisor to contact several contractors at one time youll also know that they have been screened and approved.

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Is A Pool A Bad Investment

Resale Value A pool can increase not only your social worth but also the value of your home. However, the increase is probably not as much as you think. According to HouseLogic, theres no real guarantee that youll make your money back. In fact, adding a swimming pool may only increase your homes value by 7%.

How Much Does An Underground Pool Liner Cost

Pool liners come in a range of thicknesses, and this affects the price you will pay. For example, a 28/20 mil 14 by 28 pool liner will average $600 while a thicker 28/28 20 by 40 pool liner will average $1,700. If you are replacing an existing pool liner with a new one, the labor costs associated with draining the existing pool, removing the current liner, and replacing it with the new liner are around $2,500.

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How To Save Money On Your New Pool

Swimming pool costs can come with some sticker shock, but there are ways to reduce the installation costs. If youre on a budget, follow these tips for an affordable oasis.

  • Cut the size. Shaving the area in half can cut your budget by even more than half. It also takes less in upkeep and electricity.

  • Choose a fiberglass shell. These premade options run almost 50% less than a concrete option.

  • Go above-ground. Ditch the digging and put in a freestanding oval for as little as $1,500 professionally installed.

  • Choose endless for exercise. Endless pools are small, self-contained and provide all the benefits of a lap-style pool for half the price.

  • Finance it. Consider a swimming pool loan or home equity loan to finance the pool.

  • Choose The Most Suitable Inground Pool For You

    How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

    Unfortunately, theres no magic formula. The price of a pool depends on a number of factors. Before you buy, consider the following variables and your preferences to determine the price of your inground pool.

    The cost of your pool will vary based on:

    • Style: Inground, semi inground, or natural
    • Surface: Steel, concrete, or fibreglass
    • Size and shape

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    Picking The Right Decking

    No inground pool is complete without beautiful decking to go along with it. Of course, this addition increases the overall price of the project.

    The layout of your deck and the materials you use impact the bottom line. If you add additional features to your decking, like a covered patio, an outdoor kitchen, or an inground fire pit, youll need to adjust your budget accordingly. While these amenities add costs, they make more of your backyard enjoyable.

    You may be tempted to build a pool and then build a deck around it later, but its often more cost-effective to do all of this construction at once. Plus, your pool will look unfinished without a well-designed and installed deck around it.

    Solar Pool Heater Installation Cost

    The solar heater and panels have an average cost of $3,000 to $9,000, installation included. Those who want to save in the long run can choose solar heaters. These have a higher initial cost but save more money on heating costs in the long run and protect from the risk of huge electricity bills. Solar heaters, however, can only be used in areas with direct sunlight. The size of the pool determines how many panels you need. Typically, for a 12 x 24 pool with a surface area of 288 square feet, youll need nine or ten solar panels.

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    Fiberglass Pool Costs Vs Other Pool Types

    Overall, your fiberglass pool will be about 10% cheaper than a concrete or gunite pool but about 20% more expensive than a vinyl pool. However, over ten years of upkeep costs, fiberglass is the clear winner, costing 50% less to maintain than a vinyl pool and 75% less than a concrete pool.

    Replace liner every 10 years

    Type Of Pool: Saltwater Or Chlorine

    How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cost?

    For decades, a chlorine pool was the only option for homeowners. Today, saltwater pools are becoming a popular choice thanks to a few extra benefits.

    A saltwater pool used added salt to keep the water clean through electrolysis. When you choose a saltwater pool, youll have fewer chemical smells and softer, smoother skin.

    The cost to convert an all-chlorine pool over to saltwater ranges from $600 to just over $2,000. If you want your new pool to use the salt water method, the cost is approximately the same as an all-chlorine pool but with lower maintenance costs.

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    Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Costs

    Your only fiberglass pool maintenance costs are in electrical power at $200/year and chemicals at $175/year, which come to a total of $375/year or $3,750 over a ten-year period. Compare this cost to $7,000 over ten years for a vinyl pools maintenance and $11,500 in maintenance costs for a concrete pool. Fiberglass pools are so easy to maintain. They dont need yearly pool cleaning, acid washes, retiling, replastering, or the replacement of the liner.

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted pool companies:

    How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own Pool

    A commonly asked question is how much does it cost to build my own pool my usual answer is another question, what size and shape are you interested in?

    After some discussion on pool size and shape, I can always say that, as a rule of thumb you will typically save half of what it would cost to have the pool installed by a local pool contractor.

    A lot of websites dont want to talk about pricing for an inground pool kit. We think its a valid question, and we will help you budget out every line item of cost in your pool installation project.

    Cost for Inground Vinyl Pool Kits: The cost of the inground pool kit will vary depending on the size, shape and style of pool you choose. We offer a 14 gauge Steel wall pool kit and also Polymer wall pool kit. New this season is our Basic Pool Kit a stripped-down version of our regular pool kits, which includes Steel or Polymer walls, pool step, liner, ladder, skimmer, main drains, returns, 1hp pump and a 24 sand filter. The Deluxe and Deluxe Plus pool kits are much more inclusive and include everything needed to build your own inground pool.

    We have 20 pool shapes and within each shape there are approximately 4 to 5 pool sizes. Smaller size pool kit prices are shown below in red. Upgrading from a smaller size to the largest in a particular pool shape will generally add 20-30% to the pool kit price. Price range for pool kits, depending on model, size and package selected, ranges from $5500-$9900.

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    Pool Maintenance Costs In San Antonio

    Over a 10-year period, again using averages available online, the maintenance of a concrete swimming pool is going to cost you an average of $27,000 to $40,000. This includes acid washing, re-plastering, and other repairs and maintenance issues that are sure to come up over time. In regard to pool remodeling San Antonio home owners usually spend between $10-15,000.

    So, it really depends on what you want and how much your budget is. Each type of pool has advantages and disadvantages, so take some time and decide whats best for you and your family.

    Another factor that comes into play when deciding on a backyard swimming pool is the size and actual location that you have in mind. On average, figure $40 to $90 per square foot for the construction of your pool.

    Types Of Inground Swimming Pools

    How Much Does An Inground Pool Installation Cost?

    The Spruce describes several primary types of swimming pools, but there are always customizations beyond this. By pool type we aren’t referring to shape, as modern curves work similarly to older angular designs with most materials.

    Concrete-based pools

    Highly popular are concrete-based inground pools. These pools are built using rebar to line the pool area then a layer of a type of wet concrete called shotcrete is added or a dry type of concrete called gunnite.

    Fiberglass pools

    Fiberglass pools use pre-fabricated pool liners which allow for quick installation but there may be potentially difficult maintenance after around 10 to 15 years. Think of many popular hot tub designs when considering fiberglass.

    Vinyl pools

    Vinyl pools utilize a vinyl pool liner which consists of prefabricated steel or aluminum walls and a sandy base layer with a vinyl liner held in place.

    Chlorine vs. saltwater pools

    Fixr also notes the choice between a traditional chlorine and a saltwater pool. Saltwater costs run between $70 to $100 per year for salt and chemicals while chlorine runs from $300 to $800 per year in chemical costs. Saltwater systems have a higher upfront installation costs but lower year-round maintenance than their traditional chlorine counterparts, but they do need regular checks and maintenance on the generator cells for electrolysis filtration.

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    Cost Of Diy Pool Installation

    Installing an in-ground pool is not generally considered a DIY project. And if you do try to install a pool yourself, saving on costs isnt likely.

    Hiring a professional ensures the job is done right, whereas doing it yourself may lead to costly repairs or significant damage to your property that adds to your long-term costs.

    Installing a pool also requires proper training. Attempting to install a pool yourself without the necessary experience can prove dangerous and costly.

    The bottom line: Pool installation is not a DIY job. Its not safe and usually wont save you money. Hiring a professional is typically the wiser investment to make.

    Indoor Pool Cost Calculator

    A vinyl 12 x 16 indoor pool starts at $110,000, and costs as high as $220,000 for a 16 x 32 concrete indoor pool. Expect to pay $200 to $250 per square foot for your indoor pool, factoring in a four-foot perimeter around the pool, a roof and walls, plus the vital dehumidifier system.

    Cost To Build Indoor Pool

    $70 $150 per square foot
    Dehumidifier $20,000 $30,000

    An indoor pool offers year-round swimming, less maintenance because debris can’t get into the pool, and less chemical use as there is little sunlight disrupting chlorine levels. However, they come at a much higher construction cost and uses more energy.

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