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How To Shade Your Pool

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What Is A Shade Sail

DIY Shade Sail Over Your Pool | Swim More Burn Less | Instant Shade Less for $$$ | Enjoy Your Pool

A shade sail is a decorative and practical shade that protects from the suns harmful rays while maintaining style and beauty. They are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, and cloth options to fit the decor of any backyard. In addition, shade sails are also highly affordable and can fit into almost anyones budget. Furthermore, they are easy to install making them an awesome weekend project for the weekend warrior do it yourself types out there. With an almost endless assortment of options, easy installation, and affordability shade sails are an excellent way to improve the livability of your backyard and add some style especially while on a budget!

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Install Sail Shades Over The Pool

If youre going for a more naval look, sail shades are just what you need. Theyre made from high quality, durable shade fabric that can be a colorful addition to your backyard. Although sail shades are permanent structures and are more popular with commercial spaces, they provide great coverage over the pool, so you dont have to worry about limited swimming space.

Pool Shade Cover Ideas

If your goal is to provide shade for the pool and patio, keep the pool area temperature lower during the day or just to add some color to the backyard there is literally something for every situation. We’ll go over each type of pool shade cover including benefits, installation process and cost and even go over how they compare to each other.

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How Much Shade Do You Need For Your Pool

Before you decide on how you want to shade your inground pool, you should ask yourself these six questions about your familys needs:

  • Would you be happy with a small area of shade over part of your pool?
  • Do you want your shade to be permanent?
  • What about having the ability to shade your whole pool when needed?
  • Do you want your pool deck to benefit from the shade as well?
  • Could you utilize natural shade?
  • What kind of budget do you have, and how much coverage will that provide?
  • Of The Best Ways To Put A Shade Over Your Swimming Pool

    Pool Shade Ideas: 8 Ways to Cover Your Swimming Pool

    Is there anything better than jumping in a swimming pool, drying off in the nice hot sun, and then retreating to the shade? Getting a nice tan, some exercise, lounging around by the pool.

    Indeed, its a downright shame being stuck inside the house during the summer, but at the same time, you dont really have a choice if you dont have any shade outside in your yard. You can only spend so much time getting a tan before you start getting crispy. But you know what they say if you build it, they will come.

    If you already have a swimming pool outside, why not get some shade out there? Below you can find 4 of the best ideas to put a shade over your swimming pool that will help you and your family cool off in those hot summer days, protecting you all from the Sun, but still keeping you outside.


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    Why You Need Shade Near Your Swimming Pool

    by Aquascape Pools | Nov 1, 2019 | Custom Backyard, Custom Features, Outdoor Living

    Designing your ultimate backyard? Dont forget a shady spot! Whether you opt for a patio cover, tree cluster, or just a big umbrella, setting up a shade structure near your pool elevates your entire backyard.

    Any Houstonian knows the importance of shade on a hot day. And while comfort is certainly one of the larger reasons to set up a shade source, its far from the only reason. Heres why your backyard needs a shaded area if you dont already have one.

    Best Pool Shade Ideas

    On the hunt for the best pool shade structure? Check out the top 8 ideas that are worth investing in and have one installed in your Sydney home.

    A swimming pool is nothing short of a homeowner’s pride!

    Naturally, theres a lot of effort that goes into building and maintaining a pool. Based on the space, requirements, and budgets, you will find various pool designs. And like the different swimming pool types, pool shades also differ in their structure and layout.

    Considering that such shades do more than just shielding the sun, its important to choose one that complements your pool in the best possible way. So today, weve compiled a list of the 8 best pool shade ideas for varied requirements.

    Now, lets get going!

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    Top 3 Reasons You Should Have Shade Over Your Spa Pool

    Do you own a spa or are thinking of buying one? If so, then one thing you really need to consider is installing some shade over it. Learn more below.

    If you have recently purchased a spa pool, or are thinking about it, then you may be thinking about shade and whether you need it.

    In this article, we explain the top 3 reasons for shading your spa or swim spa as well as the different shade options available, so you can make the most of your investment and outdoor space.

    Best Kiddie Pool Shade Ideas

    Sun Away Outdoor Shades can protect your pool pump

    There are all sorts of pool toys, floats, and cool summer accessories that you can buy for your kids. But what about the best kiddie pool shade ideas?

    If youre looking to keep your little ones comfortable this summer, then its important to find a way to shield them from the sun during their playtime.

    Since kiddie pools are usually inflatable pools or small above ground pools, the best kiddie pool shade should also be portable. For this reason, we highly recommend getting either one of these two pool umbrellas.

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    Consider A Reversible Heat Pump

    Reversible heat pumps are pool heaters that can instantly transform into pool air conditioners with the use of refrigerant and handy temperature controls.

    Installing one of these bad boys for your pool is going to be the easiest option, literally cooling your pool on-demand with the flip of a switch. They are, however, a fairly expensive proposition, especially when you consider the initial price and long-term operating costs.

    If youre looking for a pool appliance that can do double-duty: heating your pool in the winter and cooling it in the summer, a reversible heat pump may be just what the doctor ordered. Not only will you be more comfortable while using the pool, youll be able to extend your pool season far longer and truly get the most out of your investment.

    Cool It 5 Shade Ideas For Your Pool And Patio

    Ah, theres nothing like slipping into the refreshing water of a swimming pool on a hot summer day. At least, thats the idea. Unfortunately, without proper shade, even your own backyard pool might not offer much relief on those sweltering afternoons when the sun is beating down and the temperature is soaring.

    Feet-frying pool decks and simple heat discomfort are enough to make a pool less inviting than it should be. But then theres also the issue of UV exposure. After all, sun screen only goes so far, especially when you are constantly popping in and out of the water.

    The good news is, there are plenty of options for shading your pool and patio. The better news is, many of the options are affordable and even DIY-friendly. Here are some of best pool shade ideas to help keep you protected from the sun while in and out of the water.

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    How To Shield Yourself From The Sun: 5 Pool Shade Features Explained In Photos

    When its hot outside, a swimming pool is the perfect way for you and the family to cool off. However, since staying in the water the whole day is not practicalnor is getting sunburnedyou want to block or minimize the suns rays outside the pool and in the nearby patio.

    Whether you already own a pool or are planning to put one in, ensuring some shelter from the heat and the ultraviolet light is a smart idea. From a pool umbrella, to a built-in patio enclosure, lets take a look at some popular options for keeping more comfortable in your backyard resort.

    1. In-pool Umbrella

    umbrella-pole sleeve

    2. Screen Room Enclosure

    Popular in some East Coast areas and in southwestern states on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, a screen room is a permanent enclosuretypically with an aluminum framebuilt around the entire pool, deck, and often a patio area.

    While the key purpose is to keep out tropical insects, screen rooms provide other benefits: The screen material, coupled with the metal support frame, slightly diffuses the sunlight. This can keep the temperature lower in the pool water by a couple of degrees and in the ambient air by approximately six to eight degrees. However, you can boost these numbers with special solar film adding the film to the roof will help filter the UV rays and cut the resulting heat while allowing in the majority of overhead sunlight.

    3. Backyard Pergola

    4. Backyard Gazebo / Pavilion

    5. Pool Cabana

    The Ultimate Solar Protection For Pool Areas

    Pool Shade Ideas: 8 Ways to Cover Your Swimming Pool

    Shade sail provide up to 99% protection against ultra violet rays and are primarily designed for providing protection against the sun. They effectively filter out the dangerous UV rays harmful for our bodies. Continuous and extensive exposure to light can take a toll over the skin and the body. It is always better to have swimming pool shade that shall cover your head while you enjoy swimming in the pools.

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    Shade Sails From Privacy On Demand

    Shade sails from Privacy On Demand are a flexible shade option which allows you to get the shade where you want it most. Our shade sails are custom measured to fit into the different sections of your aluminum enclosure. You can pick and choose how many sails you want and where they are installed. Also, they are easily removable as part of your Florida hurricane preparation.

    Pool Shade Ideas And Types Of Sun Protection

    When you install a shade over your swimming pool you can transform your patio area into a modern looking and pleasant space with a lot of style and contemporary ambience.

    The most popular type of pool shade ideas are the sails. They get more and more popular because allow an installation in various angles. Besides they are offered in a wide variety of colors and can be designed in a stylish way to create a bright and practical solution for your home.

    Sail shades could blocks up to 96% of UV and does not heat up which is another great advantage.

    Retractable canopies are also a very popular solution. They could provide sun protection to a big section of a pool. Retractable canopies are available in cheaper or more expensive options, and in various decorative patterns to add to the visual appeal of the space. The retractable option allows the owner to have control over the shade which is important for outdoor pools.

    We should not forget the most obvious and traditional option of the pool shade ideas umbrellas. Umbrellas have been in use for centuries to provide sun protection and are the perfect choice for people who want to have flexibility and a movable shade.

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    Above Ground Pool In The Shade

    We are considering placing a 12 ft diameter above ground pool very close to the house, and will therefore be in the shade for half the day. It will receive the morning sun and will start to lose sun at about noon or 1:00. The summer temperatures here range in the 80s and 90s and nights are in the 60s.

    Do you think that the 6 or 7 hours of morning sun with a solar cover are enough to keep the water at a comfortable temperature? Do you have any warnings about placing a pool so close to the house?

    Hi Barbara.

    Placing the pool close to the house should not be a problem. Keeping it a comfortable swimming temperature should be easy enough with a solar cover. Since it will need to stay on daily you will probably want a cover reel system to make it easy to get off the pool and back on.

    Solar panels are inexpensive and easy to set up if you find you need the pool just a few degrees warmer.

    Pages related to a pool in the shade.

    Pool Shade Ideas: 8 Ways To Cover Your Swimming Pool

    Sun Away Outdoor Shades protects your pool pump

    When you think of a pool, its natural to think of sunshine. Pools are a hallmark of the summer months, keeping families and homeowners outdoors and entertained during hot and sunny weather. For more and more pool lovers, grabbing a bit of shade is becoming a priority. Whether its from concern over UV exposure, a need to find some respite from the hot midday sun, or simply to avoid a sunburn, many pool owners are turning to shade solutions for their pools.

    Installing a shade structure over the pool can deliver a range of benefits beyond UV protection and relief from the rays. Todays shade structures can be great aesthetic additions to a pool, giving you a bit of ambiance and style. And with well-structured, large-scale permanent structures, youll also be adding value to your home. Lets take a look at the eight best pool shade ideas:

    1. Shade Sails

    Shade sails are increasingly popular options that give a truly modern look to a pool. These interestingly shaped sails can be placed in an array of unique angles, giving a pool a very edgy and modern look. The downside of shade sails is that they can give inconsistent shade and because they have to resist high winds, can be surprisingly expensive.

    2. Pergolas
    3. Retractable Shade Canopies
    4. Umbrellas
    5. Cantilevers
    6. Retractable Enclosures
    7. Freestanding Canopies
    8. Shade Pergolas

    Do you have your own shade ideas for the pool? Let us know your own creative solutions to pool shade in the comments below.

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    How Much Sun Does A Pool Need

    I’m installing an 18′ round above ground pool. The area in which it is going will only get sun about half of the day. Will that create enough warmth to make the pool worth it?

    Are there any low cost pool heating solutions?

    Hi Bill.

    How warm you want your pool water is purely a personal matter. A pool in Arizona, sitting in full sun all day when the temperature is 110, is just right for me.

    There are some ways to make use of the limited amount of sunshine to keep your pool comfortable.

    The first step is to get a good quality solar blanket and keep it on the pool most of the time. When the sun is out the solar cover will gather the heat and warm the water. During the times when there is no sun the cover will keep the heat in the pool, not letting it rise up into the cold air.

    Solar panels are the next investment you could make. These are fairly inexpensive and could easily add ten degrees of warmth to you pool water.

    Insulating your pool wall is another way of keeping the water warm. This can be done with a layer of wall foam on the inside of the pool or simply attaching Styrofoam to the outside.

    The links below go to pages with more information about heating above ground pools.

    The Best Shade Solutions For Your Swimming Pool

    To choose the best shade for your swimming pool, you should learn about the different types, how they are made, how they function, and then you can make an informed decision of which you think is best. Some popular shade ideas for pools are:

    Retractable Awnings

    Retractable awnings in Denver are a great manner in which to shade your pool and the most comprehensive solution. It provides reliable shade to an area of your pool or the entire pool and it operates very easily. A custom retractable awning can be made in any size you want. They are large and made with fabric on a frame with support legs to provide shade. Being retractable, you can merely press a button to open and close them partially or fully. Retraction is advised when there are storms or heavy rains on the way so they dont ruin your shady area and result in you needing repairs.

    Solar Shades

    Shade Pergolas


    Patio umbrellas are a smaller solution for shade near your pool. They fit in a table that has a hole in the middle to support the pole. The bottom is stabilized on the concrete near your pool with an umbrella base that may be very heavy, filled with water, or filled with sand. The base keeps the umbrella stable in windy weather.

    Wooden framed umbrellas usually open with a string system in which you pull it much like a window blind to open and close it. Other models with a metal frame have a handle to crank clockwise to open the umbrella and counter-clockwise to close it.

    Shade Sails

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    Drain & Refill Your Pool

    If the temperature has gotten way too high or if youre due for a water change, starting from scratch with cooler and more refreshing pool water might be just the thing. Draining your pool is an expensive option but it might be necessary, depending on how hot your pool water is.

    We dont recommend this option, outside of the most extreme cases, as it is only a short term solution to a season-long challenge. Without a secondary cooling solution, your newly refilled pool is just going to heat up again not to mention all of the new chemicals youll have to throw in to rebalance and sanitize the new water.

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