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Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool

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Ii The Hole Has To Be Bigger Than The Size Of The Pool

Dropping an Above Ground Pool in the Ground

Above ground pools are assembled on site. They cant be pre-built somewhere cool and then helicoptered in and set down into a hole perfectly. The thing has to be built in the hole so more room is needed. As a guideline, if the pool is going two or more feet down, make the hole 1.5 bigger than the size of the pool all the way around. EXAMPLE: A 24 round pool should have a hole that is at least 27 in diameter.

Make sure the bottom of the hole is the desired size and not the top. I know that sounds stupid, but its not. A lot of times, holes get dug with a starting top dimension of 27 round and by the time the hole is two feet down, its dimension has tilted in and it ends up being a 26 hole at the bottom. Additionally, if your earth is really sandy and loose, it may be a good idea to make the hole even bigger. Theres little more frustrating than building one of these pools in a hole and it caves in on you halfway through with loose earth.

Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

Installation costs are going to vary by size, how deep you are going into the ground, local electrician rates, and a lot more. I will estimate installation including excavation installation, electrical, along with backfill and setup with plumbing to cost $7000.00.

Of course, if you can do any or all of this installation work for yourself, you will save on the job.

Installing an Optimum or Radiant Pool inground require a 1-foot of cement around the base of the wall. That will add to the cost and aggravation of any installation.

Important Things To Know About Sinking An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

In the past maybe ten years, future pool owners have been asking about sinking an above ground swimming pool in the ground more and more. And here in Florida, its no wonder as the prices for inground pools have gone up to an average of over fifty thousand dollars. Yikes!

You can sink or bury an above ground pool in the ground about half-way with few issues. Going deeper than that requires some precautionary measures.

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What Is The Deepest Pool In The World

Deep Dive DubaiWith A Staggering Depth Of 196 Feet, The Worlds Deepest Pool Is Opening In Dubai. Dubai, home of the tallest skyscraper, now hosts the worlds deepest swimming pool, too. Deep Dive Dubai plunges over 196 feet, a depth that has already set the Guinness world record for the worlds deepest swimming pool for diving.

How Deep Can You Dig An Above Ground Pool

Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool? What You Need To Know ...

Hear this out loudPauseMany pool owners, who want the experience of deeper water, opt for a dish-type dig in the center of the pool. The standard vinyl liner will typically allow for an added depth of 3-4 inches using this procedure. However, an expandable liner can be obtained which will accommodate a pool depth of up to six feet.

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Reasons To Sink An Above Ground Partially In The Ground

Having an above-ground swimming pool partially sunk in the ground has become a very popular option.

Digging the hole and installing the pool in the ground makes the job a much bigger one. There is a lot of dirt to deal with, the pool assembly is harder to do down in a hole, and building a retention wall or backfilling is a mandatory step.

The cost to put an above-ground pool in the ground is a lot too. Doing this can double the overall install price as its not cheap to have a hole dug and/or earth removed from the property.

When the job is done though, its usually worth it for the pool owner. But why exactly? Why would someone go through the added trouble and expense to put an above-ground pool semi in the ground?

During the 35 years of my being in the above-ground pool business, I have always installed a percentage of above grounds in the ground. Here are nine popular reasons why pool owners make this choice.

Can You Sink Any Above Ground Swimming Pool In The Ground

The answer to this now very common question is an enthusiastic yes. There are a few things you may want to know about it though.

First off, they dont call it an above ground pool because it just sounds good. This is a product that is, in fact, designed to go on top of the ground and not in it. That is not to say that you shouldnt put it in the ground some or that it wont do well in the ground.

This is just a good starting point for understanding that there are limitations. Some have the mentality that by burying an above ground pool, they can get the same thing as an in-ground for a fraction of the money. Yeah, no. But you can have something really, really nice when youre done.

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I Only Go Down About Halfway

These pools arent called above grounds just cause its catchy. Above ground swimming pools are not designed for inward pressure. So, when you put them in the ground, they can cave in from the weight of the earth, but only when they are empty. By sinking the pool down only halfway , the pool has a much less likelihood of caving in when the time comes to drain the pool while installing a replacement liner.

If your ground is super firm, it wont matter much how far down you go. In Central Florida its mostly sand-based so thats an issue, but if you have rocky, rooty, or earth with a lot of clay, you may be fine to go down further. Some will go with the extra cost of building a retaining wall all the way around the pool. If you do that then youre also good, but that adds to the cost of the job and arent you wanting a much cheaper alternative to an in-ground?

Also, most who sink their pool will have a wood deck built around it. Wood decks require some height off the ground so its structure can be built and thats another good reason to go only halfway down.

How Much Is The Average Pool On Insane Pools

Dropping an Above Ground Pool in the Ground (the details)

Our custom permitted and engineered Lucas Lagoons pools start with a base cost of approximately $250,000 within 50 miles of Sarasota, FL. Lucas Lagoons projects beyond 50 miles but within the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $350,000. Pools outside the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $500,000.

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Why Are Pools So Expensive 2020

Usually, this event occurs after a demand or supply shock. In this case, the good is above ground pools. This has started happening because there are very low levels of these in stock now and there is a very high demand for them. This situation has thus created a higher demand for above ground pools.

Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool

A question we hear from time to time is whether or not above ground pools can be installed as in-ground pools. The short answer is yes, but the longer answer involves several conditions. Not just any pool can be buried, and not just in any area, and not just to any shape or depth.

First, you need to make sure your above ground pool is built to be buried, as not all are. Of the brands we carry, the Doughboy Palm Shore model can be buried, either fully recessed or with a semi-in-ground installation.

If your backyard has the right composition and configuration, you can choose the installation style that best fits your lifestyle.

Note: The Doughboy Palm Shore is the only Doughboy model that can be completely buried AND is backed 100% by warranty.

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How To Bury An Intex Above Ground Pool

I can assure you that it works out great if you follow a few good rules Avoid SHARP objects or rocks in dirt on back fill or bottom.

Also, dont backfill against the liner and you should be fine. Mine is a slope, so I had to dig down about 20 at the high end and so far, I have no issues whatsoever.

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Some people prefer burying their pool 30 in the ground with a cone slop to the middle. Then, fill it but not to the wall. Only backfill with clean earth. The whole process from start to finish wouldnt last more than 10 days.

I have added some pictures that explains how we did ours.

Line Up With An Existing Deck

Can You Bury an Above Ground Pool?

Many backyards already have decks or patios. And many yards will slope down and away from the house.

This outward slope will make the existing deck or patio the highest point in the yard. With that, people will opt to have their above-ground pool partially buried to line up with the level of their deck/patio.

This is a nice option to do because you can incorporate your existing deck nicely with the pool. Decks are expensive, so its great when you can use what you already have for a pool deck.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Hard Sided Above Ground Pool

Those who have decided on a hard sided above ground pool and use it, note that this solution has far more positives than negatives. They list the following most common aspects:

  • a relatively short assembly and disassembly time,
  • the possibility to move it in another place,
  • resistance to atmospheric conditions,
  • the option to pick the right variant for your needs.

Because of those features, hard sided pools replace the once popular frame pools.

Frost And Freezing Can Be A Problem In Some Areas

In certain climates, frost and freezing also can be a concern for the pool owner. Because frost depth increases in more northern climates, burying an above ground pool does not always guarantee against the pool freezing. You should also factor in the frost depth in your region when deciding how deep to bury a pool to adequately protect against frost-heave damaging the pool wall and frame. Frost heave occurs when the ground freezes and thaws during winter temperature cycles, causing the soil to expand and contract in the process. Consultation on this issue with an experienced, reliable pool supplier is recommended.

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Buried Above Ground Pools

If you like the looks of the pool above then youre in luck Florida! The buried above ground pool has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. About ten years ago we were building 250 above ground pools a year in Central Florida and about 10% of them were being buried inground partially. Nowadays we install the same pools but get this request about 40% of the time. Thats a huge jump inground buried pools so whats going on?

Ially Inground Pools What Are They

How to bury an above ground pool

The pool in the image above is simply an above ground pool that has been installed partially inground. Some of you readers have seen this before but many had no idea that this could be done. Its not a big deal but does take more work to dig the hole and assemble the pool, so be prepared to spend an extra few hundred dollars on your installation. But before I get into that part of it I want to explain the reasons why people bury above ground pools and what the benefits are.

As you all know the economy has been tough and its hard for many people to justify the crazy prices inground pools now cost to build. For this reason many homeowners who were considering doing so have taken a second look at above ground pools as an affordable option for them. And if they can sink it down like the inground pools then they find it more appealing. High quality pools with stylish good looks, resin construction that are saltwater compatible certainly helps draw in a broader audience than models of years past.

Its no doubt much easier to keep an eye on the kids swimming when you can see the water and not staring at the side of the pool wall. The only way to do this effectively before was to build a deck up high and watch from there.

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Can You Partially Bury Above Ground Pool

anyareatoyou need togroundto

. Keeping this in consideration, can you partially bury an Intex pool?

Hi Jason. You would not want to bury this pool in the ground and pack dirt back around it. This type of soft sided pool would not hold up well to the weight of the dirt. You would either need to not backfill, or possibly build a retaining wall to keep the dirt off the pool.

Likewise, how do you prepare the ground for an above ground pool? Yard Preparation

  • Step 1: Placement. The first step is deciding where you want to place the swimming pool in the backyard.
  • Step 2: Clean the Area. Remove all items that could make it difficult to secure a proper foundation for the pool.
  • Step 3: Measure.
  • Step 5: Level the Pool Hole.
  • Step 6: Wait 24 hours.
  • Then, is it OK to backfill an above ground pool?

    Although most pool manufacturers do not recommend it, homeowners and contractors frequently use an aboveground pool as an in-ground pool. The pool must be filled prior to backfilling to prevent pool wall collapse and the water level in the pool must always be higher than ground level by at least 1 foot.

    How much does it cost to put in an above ground pool?

    The installation costs of above ground pools usually run $1,000$3,000, depending on the size and type of pool. Keep in mind that oval pools normally cost more to install than round pools, and the kits are also more expensive.

    How To Partially Bury Your Above Ground Pool

    Not all above ground pools are meant to be buried, so I recommend starting with a steel wall American brand pool if youre considering doing this. Imported pools from overseas are very thin and flimsy, they do not do well when buried in the ground. The same holds true for sheet aluminum pools, their nature makes them unstable when sunk into the earth. Both of these type pools are very sketchy to replace liners in or drain for service work. The thin or weak pool walls are the main problem.

    Once you have a quality pool to bury you can move onto whats possible. The good news is Central Florida soil is soft so the dig is fairly easy but how deep you can go depends on the pool and where you live. Because the water table in Florida is high, sinking a pool more than 30 may not be always possible without hitting water. Ive dug many pools between Orlando and Palm Bay where I could only dig about 12 before the ground turned wet and soft. I had to stop at that depth in order to complete the job, if not we were coming back after the rainy season to do it. You can typically dig deeper in the winter months when its not raining everyday as the water table is lower.

    If sinking a pool deeper than 30 or if the pool pump is located higher than the surface of the pool water, an inground pool pump is required. Im not a fan of burying a pool further than 30 anyway so I wont do it.

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    Make Sure The Pool Warranty Covers Below Grade Installation

    You should pay careful attention to your pool’s manufacturer warranty, and be sure you understand the potential effect when burying or partially burying your pool. Burying some above ground pool models may void the warranty completely. Most manufacturers do not warranty pool models that are not designed to be buried when they are installed even partially under grade. Others may significantly reduce or limit warranties on buried installations. However, there are pool models available that are specifically designed to accommodate being fully or partially installed below grade, and those models are warranted accordingly.

    Careful planning in your specific backyard setting is a key to successfully burying an above ground pool for years of trouble-free swimming fun.

    At, we carry a few select Above Ground Pool models that can be buried in-ground without worrying about many of the concerns listed above. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and help you select the perfect model for your installation. We’re eager to answer any of your questions about burying an above-ground pool or any other swimming pool questions you may have!

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    What Is The Cost Of An Above Ground Pool

    Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool? What You Need To Know ...

    Many people worry that an above ground pool is something they cannot afford. But everything depends on the model and the size of the product. Small variants without any decorative elements are the cheapest ones. The larger the pool, the higher its price. The cost also depends on the functions and additional equipment offered along with the pool. For this reason, some models might be quite expensive.

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