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Hot Springs Hot Tub Control Panel

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Main Control Panel Buttons & Display

Hot Spring Hot Spot Control Panel Operation

The main control panel has buttons which the spa user presses to set the temperature, initiate the clean cycle, vary the intensity of the light, and activate or deactivate the jet pump. With the exception of the CLEAN button, the control panel display responds to let you know youve pressed a button, and that the selected function has been performed. After a period of non-use, pressing any button will wake up a sleeping display, as well as performing its function.

Use The Hot Tub Controls To Keep Spa Water Crystal Clear

When spa water maintenance becomes a part of your weekly and monthly routines, you’ll enjoy crystal clear water with every soak and reduce the potential need for repairs down the road. With Hot Spring spas, water care is simple and intuitiveand achieved with the help of maintenance alerts that appear on your control panel. If you need guidance, your local dealer can show you how to recognize those alerts and take the guesswork out of the ideal combination of products and solutions for optimal spa health. When your water’s healthy equilibrium is maintained, it’s gentle on your skin and primed to keep water clean and free of algae, mold, and mildew.

Imagine kicking up your hot tub temperature by a couple of degrees right from the Connextion app on your phone as you leave work. The ability to ready your spa for the perfect tension-relieving soak whenever the mood hits is at your fingertips. Feel empowered to explore the unique spa experiences you can create with responsive hot tub controls.

Hot Tub Or Spa Control Panel Not Working

  • |May 4, 2021

Modern hot tubs come equipped with automated control systems to allow you more time relaxing, and less time fiddling around getting it to work.

But as we all know, technology can be a finicky thing, and sometimes the hot tub control panel might not work properly.

Well go over potential issues that can arise and how you can troubleshoot them for a quick fix.

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Getting To Know Your Hot Tub Jet Controls For A Custom Massage

Hot Spring spa jets have been carefully engineered and positioned to target different muscle groups. Your hot tub control panel also allows you to design your personalized hydro massage. From the Jet control menu, you can turn one or more jet pumps on and off from the diverter controls on the bartop, you can adjust the intensity of jet streams. In time, you’ll get to know the levels of intensity that are therapeutic for different areas of your body and for different needsdeep muscle massage versus deep relaxation and calm.

Why Is My Hot Tub Light Flashing

Hot Springs Hot Tub Remote Control

Typically, there are either red or green lights that will blink on a hot tub to indicate a variety of issues that may occur. For example, a red flashing light may indicate a hi-limit trip, a dirty filter, or a stalled circ pump.

Meanwhile, a green flashing light often indicates an error with the hot tubs sensor. Additionally, if both red and green lights are flashing, the hot tub is likely experiencing low flow.

However, many hot tubs also contain lights that also blink but are not used to indicate any issues. For instance, the power indicator turns on when the hot tub is sufficiently powered, the ready indicator flashes when the hot tubs temperature is within its set limits, and the clean indicator lights up and remains on throughout the entire cleaning cycle when the clean button is pressed.

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How Do You Diagnose A Hot Tub Problem

There are 5 common problems that may cause a hot tub to malfunction including an inability to heat up, fluctuating water temperatures, faulty jets, an error code displayed on the control panel, a loud pump, or the GFCI breaker tripping.

To troubleshoot the problem, users should first identify the source. To cover all bases water levels should be adequate, and filters should be clean and free from debris. Then, if the water is cold or irregular, there may be issues with plumbing lines or the heating element. If jets are not working well, the issue often exists with the jets being dirty or turned wrongly, or there may be an airlock in the plumbing.

The control panel is easy to read and will typically tell users the type of error occurring within the hot tub. Finally, if the pump is loud or not working and all other elements such as water level and blockages have been checked, there may be an issue with old components.

If specific problem areas have been addressed, and a hot tub is still malfunctioning, it may need to be completely reset. However, the easiest way to troubleshoot any issues is to call a professional.

How Do I Test My Hot Tub Control Panel

In order to test a hot tubs control panel, users must first identify whether any issues being experienced are stemming from the control panel or the circuit board.

Then, users should check for any moisture that may have accumulated in the display panel.

Next, the panel should be checked for any cracks or broken buttons. Finally, if a single part is causing issues, users should check for error warnings or blinking lights.

Then, the breaker should be reset. If problems continue after this, the breakers should be turned off, and the control panel should be disconnected in order to inspect the circuit board.

If none of these methods work, users can connect another control panel known to work and connect it to the circuit board. If this control panel works and the original does not, it can be assumed that the problem exists within the control panel and not the entire circuit board.

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Fix Your Hot Tubs Water Quality Problems

The Problem Youre Noticing The Likely Cause
  • Total alkalinity and/or pH are too low
  • High iron or copper content in the water source
  • Adjust the total alkalinity and/or pH
  • Use a metal deposit inhibitor
  • Contact your dealer for advice on keeping your home spa looking like new
  • Scale
  • Water has high calcium content, and total alkalinity and pH are too high
  • Adjust the total alkalinity and pH. To remove the scale, drain the spa water, scrub off the scale, refill the spa, and balance the water
  • Contact your dealer for tips on how to prevent future scale buildup
  • Remember to exercise caution when attending to your hot tubs mechanical and electrical parts. We recommend contacting an expert technician when repairs require professional attention, especially during the warranty periodyou dont want to risk voiding your warranty.

    Is There A Reset Button On A Hot Tub

    How to lock and unlock an NXT (Hot Spring) control panel

    Hot tub control panels do not have reset buttons, but their spa heaters can be reset using a button. In order to fully reset the control panel, users should manually turn it off or unplug it and wait 10 to 20 seconds.

    However, to reset the heater, users can simply use the high-limit reset button. Furthermore, if these two methods do not work to fix any errors being experienced with a hot tub, users may want to flip the breakers connected to the hot tub.

    Finally, in order to reset a hot tub, users should ensure that proper maintenance caer has been done correctly. For example, all filters should be clean and free of debris, water levels should be sufficient, and all outlets should be fully plugged in to appropriate units.

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    How Do I Reset The High Limit Switch On My Hot Tub

    High limit switches can easily be reset by simply pushing the button on a hot tub. Typically, the high limit switch is a big red button located on a hot tubs spa pack.

    The high limit switch is used to prevent hot tubs from overheating. Therefore, if the switch detects that a hot tub has heated beyond temperatures of 110 to 120 degrees, it will trip and shut off the heater. When this happens, the high limit switch works to break the energy circuit to prevent the hot tubs heater from literally melting. When water temperatures reach safe levels once again, the high limit switch must be manually reset.

    Control Panel Settings For Efficiency And Safety

    Saving your preferred hot tub settings at the end of a soak is as easy as pushing a button. With Highlife and Limelight models, the Memory feature learns your specific combination of jet and light settings. The next time you get in the spa, simply activate the Memory to replicate your favorite settings.

    If your Hot Spring spa is equipped with a circulation pump, the Summer Mode option on the control panel allows you to take advantage of the warmer air temperature and save on summer electricity bills. In Summer Mode, your spa’s heater and circulation pump turn off for 8 hours to save electricity.

    Hot Spring even offers an advanced option to help you carefully monitor the health of your spa and to control certain settings from a distance. The Connextion® mobile app synchronizes with your hot tub and provides you and your local dealer with real-time information and control options remotely. By subscribing to Connextion, you’ll receive timely dealer attention when issues or service needs arise and convenient reminders to complete routine maintenance tasks. Connextion can be particularly useful for people who travel often or who own a hot tub located at a vacation or rental home.

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    Unique Wireless Touchscreen Spa Control

    Highlife Collection spas feature a unique wireless touchscreen spa control that operates spa functions from anywhere, up to 9 metres away. The large waterproof, colour LCD touchscreen serves up intuitive icons and menus that are easy to read by day or night.

    Remove the remote control from the spa rim charging station and take it into the spa to adjust the jets, lighting and even music from your favorite place, then place the remote control in the secondary spa rim docking station while you relax.

    Administration & Showroom

    Know Your Hot Tub Control Panel

    Hot Tub Hot Springs Control Panel 1994

    The hot tub control panel is a functional display system that operates all your tubs features. It handles everything from the main power, to the spa jets, and even things like the lights and music.

    A standalone hot tub has the control panel built into the top of the tub. This is known as a topside control panel.

    It consists of a small screen outfitted with LEDs or LCDs, with various buttons and indicators covered in an overlay. The buttons control the functions and the screen communicates to the user what current function is being carried out.

    Both digital and analog panels exist, and theyre designed to work only with specific control boards.

    If you have a tub that was built from the ground up, the controls will be housed with the rest of the spa equipment. This is known as a spa side control panel.

    Many spa side controls will be linked up with a remote, so you can still access the control system while in the tub. In most cases, the remote will be installed at the tub, and hardwired back to the control panel through tubing.

    With recent advances in technology, wireless remotes are also available, although they are usually only compatible with certain controllers.

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    Fix Your Hot Tub’s Water Quality Problems

    The Problem You’re Noticing
    • Total alkalinity and/or pH are too low
    • High iron or copper content in the water source
    • Adjust the total alkalinity and/or pH
    • Use a metal deposit inhibitor
    • Contact your dealer for advice on keeping your home spa looking like new
    • Water has high calcium content, and total alkalinity and pH are too high
    • Adjust the total alkalinity and pH. To remove the scale, drain the spa water, scrub off the scale, refill the spa, and balance the water
    • Contact your dealer for tips on how to prevent future scale buildup

    Remember to exercise caution when attending to your hot tub’s mechanical and electrical parts. We recommend contacting an expert technicianwhen repairs require professional attention, especially during the warranty periodyou don’t want to risk voiding your warranty.

    No Display On Topside Control Panel

    • Reset Spa Controller, power down and restart
    • Check for condensation under display glass
    • Check cable for crimps or any visible damage
    • Clean plug-in cable connections on both ends
    • Check power at Transformer on control circuit board
    • Check power at fuse on spa control circuit board
    • Check that topside control number works with spa control chip version
    • Inspect circuit board for damage and correct power output
    • Replace topside control

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    How Do I Unlock My Hot Tub Control Panel

    It is important to note that every hot tub will operate a bit differently depending on the brand, its age, and the different features with which it comes equipped, and unlocking the control panel will likely not look the same for every user.

    However, there are a few steps that are similar if not the same for every hot tub. So, in order to unlock the control panel, users should find and press the Time button located on the hot tubs operating panel.

    Then, the Jets 1 button should be pressed followed by the Set Down button. From this point, an O will appear to indicate that the control panel has been opened or unlocked.

    How Do I Reset My Hot Tub Control Panel

    How To Operate Your Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection Hot Tub

    A hot tubs control panel can be reset by manually turning it off and waiting between 10 and 20 seconds before turning it back on. It is crucial to wait the full 10 to 20 seconds in order to allow all of the data to clear from the panel.

    If after taking these steps, the control panel is still not working correctly, users may want to check to ensure no water has found its way into the control panel. Next, users should check for any corrosion thay may have occurred on the wiring.

    If the control panel still is not working, users can turn it off overnight in order to allow the hot tub to fully reset. Finally, users should make sure that no buttons are damaged on the control panel. If problems persist, the control panel may need to be fully replaced, and it is wise to call on an expert for help.

  • Why is my hot tub light flashing?
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    Download 2021 Hot Spring Spas Highlife Manual pdf 13 MB Download 2021 Hot Spring Spas Limelight Owners Manual pdf 3.3 MB Download 2018 Hot Spring®Spas FreeFlow Owners Manual pdf 527 KB Download 2021 Hot Spring Spas Hot Spot Owners Manual pdf 3.2 MB Download 2019 RecSport Exercise System Owner’s Manual pdf 2 MB. We can help you with all your HotSpringSpa parts needs Spa Parts Depot 800-927-6110. Toggle menu. Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. Caldera Spa Aqua Flow Pumps Spa Chemicals Spa Pumps … Spa& Hot Tub Controls . Air Switch SpaControl Air Switch Spa Packs ES Series Solid State Spa Packs HydrQuip By Balboa & Gecko Lo-Flo Circ.

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    You can reset a hot tub control panel by switching it off, waiting for between 10 and 20 seconds and then switching it back on again. … If your spa has a 24 hour circulation pump you need to verify that is running and pushing water through spa. 74959 Control Panel HotSpring Spas Orca 74959 Digital Controller. Discontinued Item, Must Purchase 76844 and 76836 to replace. Technical assistance available and software will be provided. 74959 Control Panel HSS ORCA 74959.. A yellow or white sticker indicate that you have the Orca system..

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    Control Panel Hot Spring

    This Top-side control panel is used on all 2012.5-2014 Hot Spring spa models. If your existing control panel cord connection is a phone jack connection, you will need this retro-fit control panel and you will also need to upgrade your control box to item 76836. The manufacturer has discontinued item 74959 which had the phone jack cord connection.Orca to Eagle Retrofit Note: If your tub currently uses a control panel with a phone jack connection and that part has stopped working, there are no direct replacement parts available and you must complete a retrofit upgrade to the Eagle system 76844 and 76836 . There are replacement parts for the Orca control box only, but not the control panel. Once the control panel with the phone jack connection fails, you will have to install the retrofit.

    Hot Spring

    Honda Gx390 Crankshaft Size

    New 2014 Hot Spring remote control panel

    Hot Tub top side repalcment parts and controls. Register Log in Wishlist Shopping cart You have no items in your shopping cart. … Control Panels ACC Acura Arctic Spas Artesian Spas … Dimension One Dynasty Gatsby Gecko Hot Spring Spas HydroQuip Jacuzzi® LA Spas (3. May 02, 2022 · HotSpringsControlPanel Used on all HotSpring models from 2009-2012 Part # 74959 Used with ORCA control … Watkins IQ 2020 Control Box For HotSpringsSpaHot tub..

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    Led Hot Spring Control Panel Light

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