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Who Rebuilds Pool Pump Motors

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Pool Pump Repair Services For Pool Pumps Not Working & Not Turning On

How To Rebuild And Install A Pool Pump Motor

Pool pump not working?Pool pump not turning on? Dont worry, we fix broken pool pumps and motors for homes and apartments in Gilbert, AZ with our professional pool pump repair services. The best way to get the most from your spa and/or pool is to ensure that your pump motor stays in perfect condition all year around. The work that your pump does deserves to be noticed. The pump not only circulates the water in your spa and pool to keep them nice and clean, but also helps out with properly distributing those necessary chemicals . These chemicals work to keep your spa and pool clean also, making it sparkle . On the other hand, if your spa and pools pump motor is not working up to par, you will not think of your spa and pool as so dreamy anymore.

Above All Pool Care has a highly qualified staff specializing in the repair of pump motors thats keeping your spa and pool running sufficiently and efficiently. Anytime you are having a problem with your spa and pool, please let us assist you. Well have you back in the water before you have time to dry off!

Above All Pool Care services the entire Phoenix metropolitan area including surrounding areas. We offer FREE Estimates!!!

Follow A Video Installation Guide

I know whenever I do any home repairs around my house I like to jump on Youtube to watch an expert perform the repair. This always seems to make the task go a little smoother. There are many videos online on how to replace a pool motor and these will help out tremendously during your installation. We would like to think our step-by-step motor installation guide and video is one of the best. We also cover how to remove your pool pump impeller, how to replace a shaft seal and how to wire a pool pump motor.

Pool Pump Troubleshooting Guide

  • IF your pump is leaking AIR look for the problem around the Hair & Lint Strainer.
  • IF your pump is leaking WATER look for the problem to be in the Volute or Seal Plate.
  • IF your pump sounds like a SCREECH owl, the motor bearings are shot rebuild or replace the motor.
  • IF your pump sounds like its Gargling ROCKS, it is starved for water, look for obstructions or closed valves.
  • IF your pump is overheating, check the motor air vents have adequate air flow, and voltage is correct +/- 10%.
  • IF your pump is not pumping water, check for an air leak first, then inspect the impeller for damage or clogs.
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    Repaired Pool Pumps Keep Swimming Pools Clean And Inviting

    It is an absolute must, that your spa and pools pump always be in good working order. This is because, without a good working pump the water in your spa or pool will not have good clarity, it will not be a bluish color, it will not look clean, and it will not smell very nice either. The reason for this is simple. The pump is the heart of your spa and pool, its what gives your spa and pool all those good qualities that you, your friends, and your family enjoy so much.

    The importance of your spa and pool pump cannot be emphasized too much. A pump that is not in perfect condition will not let your spa and pool have good clarity, nor will it circulate the water as it needs to, which means that those chemicals will not get circulated around either, as they are suppose to.

    We specialize in spa/pool pump repairs and replacement services in and around the vicinity of Gilbert, AZ. Above All Pool Care has a complete professional staff that specializes in the repair and replacement of spa and pool pumps, and we would be glad to assist you in resolving any swimming pool or spa pump problems you may have.

    Replace Your Pump When:

    Pentair Whisperflo WF

    1. You Live in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada or Texas. If you have a standard motor over 1hp, and are located in one of these energy conserving states, the law requires most pools to install an energy efficient pool pump. Check the website of your state or local government for requirements, but it usually calls for either a dual speed or variable speed pool pump be installed.

    2. Your pump is undersized or oversized for the application. If the filter pressure is running 20-30 psi, your pool pump may be too large. Switching pumps to a lower flow model, or changing the pump or motor/impeller to a lower horsepower, can reduce pressure, improve flow, and reduce energy consumption.

    Undersized pumps, although less common, could be having trouble keeping the pool clear, or may require nearly 24 hour operation to do so.

    3. Your motor is older than 5 years, or has suffered fatal damage -and- there are other expensive parts that also need replacing.

    4. You dont enjoy tinkering with equipment, and would prefer to have a reliable new pump, with a new factory warranty.

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    Hayward Super Pump Parts

    For Models: SP2600X5, SP2605X7, SP2607X10, SP2607EE, SP2610X15, SP2615X20, SP2621X25

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    Strange Soundscoming From The Motor

    Ifeverything looks like itâs in good shape with the overall pump, itâs time tomove onto the motor. Motors are fairly straightforward. Theyâre either runningor theyâre not. The best way to make sure your motor is in good shape is to useyour ears. Keep the pump housing open, so you can listen closely to whatâshappening with the motor. You might want to wait until some of the other soundsin your neighborhood settle down for the evening. When itâs quiet, listen forthe following sounds:


    Ifyou hear a loud grinding sound, itâs usually a sign that the bearings aregetting worn down. The bearings are the part of the machine that keep the motorrunning. Your pump could be leaking water, or the bearings might need to bereplaced instead of the entire motor.


    Screechingis also a sign that your motor bearings need to be replaced. These loud, oftenpainful sounds could also be a sign of rust or oxidation, making it moredifficult for the bearings to do their job.


    Whenyour motor is accompanied by a strange humming sound, it usually means thecapacitor has failed. This component provides a charge so the motor will runconsistently. The most likely reason your capacitor has failed is a surchargeof electricity that causes the capacitor to overheat. You can replace thecapacitor instead of replacing the entire motor.

    Pops and Clicks

    No Sound at All

    Ifyour motor is completely silent, it probably means the motor is dead and itneeds to be replaced.

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    Replace Your Shaft Seal

    The # 1 reason for motors going bad is corrosion to the motor due to shaft seal failure. We cant emphasize enough the importance of replacing your shaft seal when you replace your pool motor. An important reason for replacing your shaft seal is that the warranty offered by the motor manufacturer is voided if there is seal failure. The manufacturer can spot a seal failure pretty easily as the face of the motor will get a scale build-up and often the shaft of the motor will completely seize. Typically if you use your old shaft seal, it will not line up properly with the new motor and you will have leakage. The good thing is that a shaft seal is pretty inexpensive and shaft seal installation is easy. We have made a video and step-by-step guide here showing how to install a shaft seal.

    Another route you may consider is to get a tune-up kit, also known as a Go-kit. This kit consists of the $15 shaft seal, diffuser gasket, lid O-ring, housing gasket and lubricant for these O-rings. When you have the motor disassembled from your pool pump, it is an easy time to replace your O-rings and gaskets. Tune-up kits are normally in the $35 price range.

    A few things to remember when replacing your shaft seal:

    Rebuilt Pool Pump Motor

    Pool Pump Tutorial [ Hayward ] – How to Rebuild Pool Pump Motor 101

    Diving in your cool swimming pool on a blazing sunny day can create a whole bunch of happiness, but when your swimming pool pump and motor is worn-out, pool diving will become no choice for no one. When your pool pump fails, your water stops circulating, and dirt starts getting in your pool.

    It is worth knowing that your pool pump or motor is not useless when it is no longer functioning. You can choose to either repair or rebuild. In situations when repair did not work, you can reconstruct the entire chassis of the motor. Stripe down the whole engine, re-insulate, install new bearings, test, and finish the body with fresh coat paint.

    Apparently, most used pool pump motors you see in the market have been rebuilt to function like a new one. This is a new technique to help you get into your pool quickly.

    This guide will show you the steps involved in replacing your pump motor.

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    Enjoy Cool Waters Again With Swimming Pool Electric Motor Repairs

    If you’re lucky enough to own a swimming pool, you have a convenient and entertaining way to beat the heat of an Arizona summer. However, nothing puts a stop to the fun like a broken pump motor. If your pump motor fails, your water won’t circulate and it will get dirty, and worst of all, it will get warm. Jumping into a warm pool is about as fun as walking out to get the mail in your bare feet in July.

    At Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors, we have the know-how and experience to fix your pool pump so your water remains cool and refreshing. Our certified service technicians offer testing and Glendale swimming pool electric motor repair services to residents across the Valley of the Sun.

    Common Problems With Pool Pumps

    Issues with its electrical parts: There are specific amperages that a pool pump needs to operate, and your pump will not operate efficiently if it is not serviced properly, and can ceased to work at all.

    Debris getting lodged in the draining system: When debris gets sucked up into the pool pump it blocks its airway and cannot function properly. We can professionally remove any debris and ensure that your pump will work sufficiently.

    The pumps motor does not work correctly: Before deciding that your pump has went out completely check all electrical fuses and breakers. Then, if it doesnt begin working again, call us and we will assist you further.

    The pools motor has a noisy sound: When your pool begins making a loud sound it could mean that your pumps bearing have wore out. Give us a call to assist you with this.

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    Serving Residential & Commercial Customers

    Run ‘Em Again Electric Motors is proud to serve both residential and commercial customers across the Phoenix metropolitan area. Whether your backyard pool needs a new pump or your fitness center pool needs a new motor, we bring 50 years of experience to solve the problem fast. Remember, the next time youâre looking for a shop that provides services for pool pump motor rebuild & repair, Surprise, Peoria, and Glendale residents have contacted our team time and again.

    Pump Parts Motors Equipment & Supplies

    Like New Rebuilt Pool pump motor(s)

    We take pride in not only providing quality service, but also high-quality, affordable parts and equipment. If youre undergoing a renovation project and are looking to install a fan in your bathroom, we have the parts and the skilled service to get the job done. We can help you complete your DIY projects and offer expert advice along the way.

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    Biggest Mistakes When Replacing A Pool Motor

    I talk to thousands of customers each year about replacing their pool pump motors and the vast majority of our customers install the motors themselves without a hitch. However, occasionally we do encounter mistakes which are made when replacing your motor. So I decided to poll my fellow co-workers, manufacturers and vendors to come up with a list of the seven most common mistakes when replacing a pool motor. The results are in Drum roll please

    What Makes Tucson Pumps The Best Repair Service In Tucson

    Simply put, focus and attention to detail. Were excellent electric motor and pool pump repair technicians. Thats all we do. Many of our repairs are completed in 24 to 48 hrs.

    We rebuild pool and spa pump motors, and they look great and run like new. Youll get a fair price and we guarantee our work.

    The motors carefully dismantled, cleaned out, sand blasted when needed and freshly painted. We install new top quality bearings, seals and gaskets.

    And thats not all:

    The motors are thoroughly tested. Rebuilt motors come with a year warranty. Our employees make sure installations are top notch and all your questions and concerns are answered.

    If you would like to quickly get back to using your electrical equipment or swimming in your sparkling pool, give us a call at 520-333-3323.

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    How To Replace An Anthony Bronze Pool Pump Motor:

  • Shut off power at the breaker, and the time clock.
  • Remove the bracket nuts that connect the open volute or bracket to the hair & lint strainer.
  • Remove the rear motor cover, and unscrew the wires, 2 power leads and 1 ground wire.
  • Loosen the flexible conduit nut, and pull the wires out of the motor.
  • Remove the set screws which secure the stub shaft to the keyed motor shaft.
  • Remove the rear bracket bolts which secure the bracket to the motor.
  • Pry the bracket off of the keyed shaft with a large flathead screwdriver.
  • Remove the impeller from the stub shaft by holding the shaft firmly and unthreading the impeller.
  • Replace the shaft seal between, thread the impeller back onto the stub shaft.
  • Slide the bracket / stub shaft assembly over the keyed shaft of the motor.
  • Reinstall the bolts that secure the bracket to the new motor.
  • Push the impeller very close to the motor, and reinstall the set screws to secure the stub shaft.
  • Wire up the motor and replace the rear motor cover. Give a quick power test to check wiring.
  • Replace the paper gasket and reattach the bracket to the hair & lint strainer.
  • Fill the hair & lint strainer with water, open the valves and turn on the pump.
  • I hope this has been helpful to those who want to save a few dollars and replace their own pumps, or for younger pool guys who dont often come across the old style Anthony bronze pump .

    How Do I Test My Pool Motor

    Pentair Whisperflo WF-28 Pool Pump Motor Rebuild Part One

    Testing the Capacitor with a Multimeter

  • Remove the cover at the back of the motor or on top of the motor to expose the capacitor.
  • The capacitor will store an electrical charge.
  • Remove the leads to the pool pump capacitor.
  • Set the multimeter on ohms to 1K.
  • Slip a heavy piece of paper between the points on the switch.
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    Pump Problem Or Motor Problem

    The electrical motor is the back half of the pump, connected to the front half of the pump by a seal plate, which bolts or clamps the two pump halves together.

    Motor problems could have symptoms of not starting, overheating, or a loud, screeching operation, which indicates that the shaft bearings have gone bad.

    Pump Problems includes all of the parts where the water moves through, such as the pump pot, pump basket, volute, impeller and diffuser sealed up with several gaskets and o-rings, and a mechanical seal on the motor shaft.

    Wet end problems include leaking air or water, broken baskets, worn seals or o-rings, clogged impellers or diffusers, cracked volutes.

    Once you determine the items that are causing the issue , you can price out the pump parts needed, and determine if it makes sense to repair the pump, or replace the entire pump and motor.

    The Heartbeat Of You Pool

    Pool pumps circulate the water, which is essential for pool health and maintenance. Water flow from your pump mixes your pool cleaning chemicals and helps them get to work. The pump is also responsible for moving debris through your filtration system. Oh and if you have a pool heater, your pool pump ensures that heat is evenly circulated throughout your pool.

    Pool pumps prevent water from sitting still which reduce the buildup of algae and discourage pests and small animals from getting too comfortable in your pool water.

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    How To Replace Pool Motor Bearings

    Pool pump motor bearing replacement. Most local electric motor repair shops will be glad to replace your motor bearings. Replacing your bearings as an alternative to replacing the motor, , can save a lot of money. Consider this:

    1. Replace Entire Pump: $400-6002. Replace Pump Motor: $200-4003. Rebuild Pump Motor: $125-1754. Do it Yourself: Priceless

    Can A Pool Pump Be Rebuilt

    Pentair Whisperflo WF

    4.1/5Pool pumprebuildingRebuildingcouldPool pump

    Consequently, how much does it cost to rebuild a pool pump motor?

    A replacement motor is generally going to cost you in the neighborhood of $150 $300 depending on the horsepower. Add another $15 $30 for the absolutely necessary, non-negotiable new shaft seal.

    Beside above, how do I know if my pool pump is bad? 3 signs your pool pump is going bad

  • Low readings on the filter pressure gauge. If your gauge is reading low, it could be due to a clogged skimmer basket or pump strainer.
  • Constant leaking. We talked about the ways to check for leaks and how to fix them.
  • Constantly losing prime.
  • Also know, how long do pool pumps last?

    8 to 12 years

    How long should I run my pool pump every day?

    Swimming pool pumps should be run an average 8 hours a day to properly circulate and clean your water. The pump should push your entire pool in gallons in this 8 hour period of time.

    common pump problems andquick fixes

  • The Pool Pump is Making a Loud Screeching Noise or Sounds Like it’s Full of Rocks.
  • The Pool Pump is Leaking Water.
  • The Pool Pump Basket Does Not Fill with Water.
  • The Pool Pump is Making a Humming Noise and will not Start.
  • The Pool Pump is Sucking in Air.
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