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Hot Tub Control Panel Instructions

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Where Is The High Limit Reset Button On My Hot Tub

Hot Tub Control Panel Instructions – Touchscreen

The high limit reset button is typically located on the control pack under the hot tub. When the front panel is removed, you can find the high limit reset button on the outside of the control pack, which is a small red button that can be pressed.

It looks just like the reset button on a disposal if youve ever pressed one of those.

It is a safety feature of your hot tub. Its designed to protect users of the hot tub and the sensitive parts of the hot tub. How?

It deactivates the heater when the water hits extreme temperatures. This is usually not more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above this level become highly dangerous!

The high limit switch is always closed, but when the water reaches such extreme temperatures, it opens to break the circuit. This prevents the heater from experiencing a literal meltdown.

A tripped switch cuts the power before the fuse to stop the heater and the pump. In some older systems, it may also cut power to the heater.

It must be manually reset after conditions return to normal.

The high limit switch senses the water temperature through a capillary tube that is attached to a bulb and is housed in a thermowell. In some models, the high limit switch is a sensor known as a thermodisc.

The switch is sometimes activated when youre refilling the hot tub and has to be reset by pressing the aforementioned red button on your spa pack.

How Long Should A Hot Tub Circuit Board Last

A hot tub circuit board can last between 5 and 10 years, but it can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

The signs of wear on your hot tubs circuit board include overheating. The circuit board is usually part of central components in your hot tub operations.

The electronics inside the spa are exposed to harsh conditions that determine how long they last.

Its always good to be ready to maintain the electronics inside your spa a few times over the life of your hot tub.

How Do I Know If My High Limit Switch Is Bad

When a high limit switch has gone bad, the most common giveaways will involve issues with water temperature regulation. For instance, a high high limit switch is designed to keep a hot tubs water at safe temperatures, typically preventing it from reaching anywhere beyond 120 degrees.

However, if water begins to climb beyond this temperature, it is likely the high limit switch is faulty. In order to test the switch, users should first ensure that the hot tubs thermostat levels have not been altered causing a change in temperature regulation.

Next, users should ensure that the thermostat probe is placed properly within the water. If it is not submerged sufficiently, the temperature readings will be faulty.

Finally, if the hot tubs temperature is still not regulated, the temperature of the high limit thermowell should be measured. If its temperature is the same as the waters, the high limit switch must be replaced. How do I know if my hot tub circuit board is bad?

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Hot Tub Control Panel Doesnt Light Up

When you turn on the hot tub, the control panel usually lights up or comes on. If you notice that the control panel doesnt light up or it doesnt display any message, then you should check if the control panel is properly plugged in.

If its plugged in and it still doesnt light up, then maybe the backlight is burnt out. This might need a replacement. It might also be faulty wiring. You can fix this yourself or have a professional electrician have a look at it.

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What Is A Hot Tub Control Panel

Balboa hot tub control panel instructions

The hot tub control panel of the hot tub is used to control every function of the hot tub ranging from raising the water temperature to turning the jets on. The type of control panel on your hot tub depends on the brand of hot tub you purchase.

Some hot tub control panels have a single button while some others have up to eight buttons, each having its specific command. Some control panels dont even have buttons but can be operated by touching the screen, just like your iPhone.

Seeing a control panel at first might seem confusing because the buttons are usually labeled in codes and abbreviations. If you dont know what they mean, you might not know how to operate the control panel. Sure, there is a manual that comes with all hot tubs but the instructions are usually not explicit. So how can you use the hot tub control panel? Lets find out below.

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Know Your Hot Tub Control Panel

The hot tub control panel is a functional display system that operates all your tubs features. It handles everything from the main power, to the spa jets, and even things like the lights and music.

A standalone hot tub has the control panel built into the top of the tub. This is known as a topside control panel.

It consists of a small screen outfitted with LEDs or LCDs, with various buttons and indicators covered in an overlay. The buttons control the functions and the screen communicates to the user what current function is being carried out.

Both digital and analog panels exist, and theyre designed to work only with specific control boards.

If you have a tub that was built from the ground up, the controls will be housed with the rest of the spa equipment. This is known as a spa side control panel.

Many spa side controls will be linked up with a remote, so you can still access the control system while in the tub. In most cases, the remote will be installed at the tub, and hardwired back to the control panel through tubing.

With recent advances in technology, wireless remotes are also available, although they are usually only compatible with certain controllers.

If The Display Is Wrong

Sometimes, a display will begin showing the wrong information.

This borders on error messages , however, it also may be presenting the right information, but with compromised LEDs that make it look incorrect.

An issue like this could be the result of a cracked panel, or one that has been exposed to moisture. In this case, a full panel replacement is usually the best solution.

A wrong display can also be a sign that the control panel has run its course, and again, will require replacement.

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Break The Silicone Mounting Seal

Its very important to be careful when breaking the Silicon mounting seal because you can damage the control panel.

The best way to do this is to use a plastic spatula. You should place it at the perimeter of the control panel and slide with some force to break the silicone mounting on the control panel.

If the spatula is not effective, use a flathead screwdriver to do the same.

Unfortunately, the latter is metallic and can cause cracks on the control panel. However, these can be prevented by placing a towel between the silicone and the screwdriver.

After breaking the silicone seal, lift the control panel slowly from its mounting.

If You Have Ordered Our Chemical Starter Kit You Will Receive The Following Items:

How to lock the Balboa TP400 control panel by Hot Tub Suppliers

Ph Minus : The effectiveness of all chlorine-based sanitisers decreases as the pH level of the water increases.

pH reducer can be added directly to the water to reduce the pH to a desirable level. For the chlorine to remain effective, the pH level should be kept below 7.6. However, if the pH level drops too low then the water can start to degrade pumps and liners, so aim to keep the pH level between 7.4-7.6 pH. Add as instructed on the bottle.

PH Plus : Bathing water that is low in pH can be corrosive to pumps, heat exchangers and damage the tub lining. pH plus can be used to raise the pH to a desirable level. However, too high a pH level and the effectiveness of all chlorine sanitisers starts to decrease. Always aim for a pH level of between 7.4 and 7.6 pH. Add as instructed on the bottle.

Antifoam: Antifoam will eliminate foam which is built up from such products like sun cream, fake tan, oils and many cosmetics. This Chemical will disperse foam build-up instantly. Once you have used antifoam, make sure you jet wash your filters. Disperse over the water at the rate of 25ml per 1000 litres.

3 in 1 Test Strips: These test strips test the levels of free Chlorine/Bromine, pH & total alkalinity to keep you and your family safe. To use, dip a strip into water and remove immediately, hold strip level for 15 seconds . Compare Free/Chlorine/Bromine, pH and total alkalinity pads to colour chart on label.

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Is There A Reset Button On A Hot Tub

Hot tub control panels do not have reset buttons, but their spa heaters can be reset using a button. In order to fully reset the control panel, users should manually turn it off or unplug it and wait 10 to 20 seconds.

However, to reset the heater, users can simply use the high-limit reset button. Furthermore, if these two methods do not work to fix any errors being experienced with a hot tub, users may want to flip the breakers connected to the hot tub.

Finally, in order to reset a hot tub, users should ensure that proper maintenance caer has been done correctly. For example, all filters should be clean and free of debris, water levels should be sufficient, and all outlets should be fully plugged in to appropriate units.

How Do I Test My Hot Tub Control Panel

In order to test a hot tubs control panel, users must first identify whether any issues being experienced are stemming from the control panel or the circuit board.

Then, users should check for any moisture that may have accumulated in the display panel.

Next, the panel should be checked for any cracks or broken buttons. Finally, if a single part is causing issues, users should check for error warnings or blinking lights.

Then, the breaker should be reset. If problems continue after this, the breakers should be turned off, and the control panel should be disconnected in order to inspect the circuit board.

If none of these methods work, users can connect another control panel known to work and connect it to the circuit board. If this control panel works and the original does not, it can be assumed that the problem exists within the control panel and not the entire circuit board.

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How To Fix A Tripped Gfci Breaker In A Hot Tub

How to fix a tripped GFCI breaker in a hot tub depends on the nature of the cause. Most of the causes are easy to fix. However, in some cases, the GFCI breaker may be so worn out that it would need to be replaced. Rest assured that a hot tub tripping a breaker is a relatively common problem.

Lets check out a few causes and how to fix the breaker in each case.

How Do I Reset My Hot Tub Control Panel

Balboa Hot Tub Control Panel Manual

A hot tubs control panel can be reset by manually turning it off and waiting between 10 and 20 seconds before turning it back on. It is crucial to wait the full 10 to 20 seconds in order to allow all of the data to clear from the panel.

If after taking these steps, the control panel is still not working correctly, users may want to check to ensure no water has found its way into the control panel. Next, users should check for any corrosion thay may have occurred on the wiring.

If the control panel still is not working, users can turn it off overnight in order to allow the hot tub to fully reset. Finally, users should make sure that no buttons are damaged on the control panel. If problems persist, the control panel may need to be fully replaced, and it is wise to call on an expert for help.

  • Why is my hot tub light flashing?
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    If The Display Wont Turn On

    If the display isnt showing anything, youve got a problem.

    Follow these steps to get it operational again

  • Start by resetting the spa controller. Sometimes this universal trick can fix any electronics issue. Turn off the power, wait for 20 seconds, and turn it back on.
  • Check the controller for any condensation that may be present between the overlay and the display.
  • Inspect the cables that run to the controller. They may have come loose, or been damaged in some way . Ensure all cables are connected cleanly as well. You may have a situation where the termination point has failed for one reason or another and needs a new end on it.
  • Check the circuit board transformer to make sure there is power.
  • Ensure power is present at the fuse and that it isnt blown.
  • Double check that the topside controller is compatible with the circuit board model.
  • Look over the circuit board for any damage on it. Any compromised areas could cause the display to fail.
  • If none of these work, you may have to fully replace the topside controller, as they do have a shelf life of around 10 years.
  • How Does A Hot Tub Control Panel Work: Conclusion

    A control panel is central to the functioning of your hot tub equipment.

    There is so much that goes on in the hot tub. Ideally, it enables you to control almost all operations from a single point through the press of a button.

    Control panels vary in design and functions based on your hot tub model. But this guide has laid out standard information applicable to most control panels in the modern and the traditional hot tub models.

    I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the basic features and functions of the control panel discussed in this article so that you can diagnose and resolve common issues without calling a technician.

    I have indicated the meaning of different displays that can appear on the control panel, how you can test the control and how you can remove and change the control panel without causing any problems to yourself and your equipment.

    I hope this article on how hot tub control panels work was helpful.

    Thanks for visiting

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    Moisture In The Breaker Box

    Rainwater, splashout, or flooding could introduce moisture into the breaker, so much that the dampness could make it to trip. This can be easily remedied by using a dry towel to wipe it down or using a dehumidifier or fan to dry it out.

    After which, you reset it. If its still tripping after this, it may need to be moved a bit away from the hot tub so that the odds that it gets wet again are reduced. If this does not work, then the troubleshooting is continued until the actual cause is found.

    If The Display Flickers On And Off

    Hot Tub Control Panel Overview – Touchscreen

    A flickering display is a sign that the voltage from the transformer is too low.

    You can test it using a multimeter, but if voltage isnt your specialty you may want to call a professional to fix it.

    Additionally, you may have an issue with the cable from the control panel being too close to another cable in the filtration system.

    These lines can cross if theyre too close to each other, causing the display to act erratically.

    If The Spaside Buttons Wont Work

    Unresponsive buttons are an issue you may encounter with your controls.

    This could be the result of a damaged panel, insufficient voltage, or a faulty connection between the control panel and the circuit board.

    To fix it, try the following:

  • Start by verifying the DIP switches on the board are in the factory default positions. If they need to be repositioned, turn off the power to the tub before resetting them.
  • Inspect the connection between the board and the control panel. The connection could be compromised in some way and needs to be fixed/replaced.
  • Ensure the voltages between the control panel and the system pack terminal block are compatible.
  • Enter Priming Mode on your control panel and test the buttons.
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    Hot Tub Or Spa Control Panel Not Working

    • |May 4, 2021

    Modern hot tubs come equipped with automated control systems to allow you more time relaxing, and less time fiddling around getting it to work.

    But as we all know, technology can be a finicky thing, and sometimes the hot tub control panel might not work properly.

    Well go over potential issues that can arise and how you can troubleshoot them for a quick fix.

    Balboa Hot Tub Control Panel Manual

    Topside Spa Panel Manuals. NEW spaTouch⢠Menu Panel User Guide . User Guide. 40361 EL/GL Series, Control with SL550 Panel .Below is a collections of our manuals and instruction sheets available for you to. Air Control& Diverter Valves. Bath & Spa Jets Installation Instruction.How to use the Balboa GS523 System on the Zen Spas range of luxury hot tubs at: http://www.hottubsuppliers.Hottubsuppliers & The Balboa Water Group Quick Set Up Guide To The GS100 System. Hot Tub Suppliers.An overview of the Balboa GS523DZ spa system & the VL801D topside panel.Balboa Spa Control Panel Manual. Marshall Kirkland. Loading. Unsubscribe from Marshall Kirkland? Cancel.Hot Tub Suppliers Of Leicester & The Balboa Water Group Quick Set Up Guide To The GS100 System. Hot.Home · Dealer/Tech Application · Bath Parts ·Spa Parts · Clearance Items. If you are looking for a manual for a topside panel of system control please go here first. Balboa Direct and Balboa Water Group products are intended to be installed Temp Control. On panels with âWarmâ and âCoolâ buttons, to display the set temperature. Your spa will enter Priming Mode when it is energized.. Follow all owner’s manual power connection instructions.

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