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Hot Tubs In Colorado Springs

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Certified New Hot Tubs For Sale

Backpacking to Colorados Conundrum Hot Springs – What To Know Before You Go (Permits Needed!)

When you choose a new and luxurious hot tub from Colorado Spring Hot Tub Sales and Service youre not investing in another persons neglected hot tub.

Youre investing in a tub that we , with the benefit of 60 years of total experience, have hand-picked from scores of tubs.

CSHT picks tubs from only manufacturers that meet our energy efficiency standards and high quality of original manufacturing. We also consider the financial health of a manufacturer and how available the parts for the refurbished tub will be in the future.

More Jetted Tubs In Colorado:

  • The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel – Theres lots to enjoy at the Antlers: Two on-site restaurants, and not only an indoor heat pool, but also an outdoor rooftop pool with amazing panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. The Founders Suite with Mountain View, features a Whirlpool tub and 1240 square feet of deluxe amenities. 2021 ERV Rating*: 66% – Fair. COVID Safety Plan: Yes
  • Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs – Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies! Pamper yourself at the spa or relax lakeside, enjoy a game of golf, or partake in the bounty from nearby farms at one of the resort restaurants. The Executive King Suite features a private balcony or patio and your choice of either a pull-out sofa or jetted tub. 2021 ERV Rating*: 66% – Fair. COVID Safety Plan: Yes

Proud Provider Of Clearwater Spas

All Clearwater Spas are designed with E-Smart technology. This symbol signifies the highest energy efficiencies, the smartest engineering detail standards, global environmentally green components, and e-cycling sound programs. At Clearwater Spas of Colorado, we provide you with high-quality Clearwater Spas that will exceed your expectations. We help our clients all over the state of Colorado when it comes to deciding on which hot tub to get. Our team has the training to answer any questions you may have and give our recommendations. Stop by today, and together, we will help you find the perfect Clearwater Spa for you.

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Factors To Know When Buying In Colorado Springs


Prior to purchasing a new spa in the Colorado Springs area, it is very important that you make sure you understand and are familiar with the pool and spa chemical rules for Colorado Springs, CO. You can find all of the information you need regarding these rules on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.

There is also a United State spa maintenance code that covers federal rules, which you can check out here.


It is important that you make sure the spa that you want to buy is durable and can hold up during inclement weather. The last thing you want is to spend thousands on a repair that you could have avoided.

Colorado Springs, CO, is known for its extremely cold winters and arid summer. During the dry summers, you might need to add additional water. You might also have to consider getting a spa that has a strong cover, as it is one of the ways that you will be able to stop the water from evaporating and retain the internal temperature of your spa/


Prices can vary for hot tubs pretty widely in Colorado Springs. The price truly comes down to what style and features you want in your spa, as well as what business you shop at. Brands can make a difference too. Hot tubs from Bullfrog Spas will cost a lot more than hot tubs from Softub.

The more you attempt to customize your spa and add different features or accesories, the more that you will end up spending in the end.

Looking For The Best Hot Tubs In Colorado Springs

About Us You Can Own A Brand

Hot Tubs Colorado Springs CO

OK. We admit it. Were hot tub fanatics! Weve been in this business for a long time . After being in the business for so many years we thought it was time for a different approach.

We wanted to offer customers the luxury and reliability of the best hot tub brands in the businessat savings of 60 to 70 percent below retail prices.

The only thing more relaxing than soaking in the comfort of a brand new hot tub is enjoying all the comforts, features, and benefits of that tub at a fraction of the cost. Visit our hot tub showroom today! With a professionally refurbished hot tub from Colorado Springs Hot Tubs, you can afford to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Theres More to Value Than Price

Getting a great deal on a brand-name hot tub is a wonderful thing. But you need someone who will be there for you after the sale. We service everything we sell. Most places selling new tubs dont have people with the experience to service the tubs they do carry.

Theyre only interested in selling you a tubnot in making sure it keeps performing. We know hot tubs inside and outand we know how to keep yours performing like brand new! And as an independent specialty retailer, we have access to all component manufactures, which means you get the best possible choice in component replacement. At Colorado Springs Hot Tubs, weve been in hot water for a long timeand we want you to be, too!

Were there for you after the sale.

Why buy a hot tub?

Choosing the right hot tub

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Is Your Hot Tub Or Spa Not Working Properly

At hot tub repair Colorado Springs, we are the specialists in repairs and spa maintenance. We know everything there is to know about spas inside and out so we can locate the problem quickly and have you back relaxing in no time! Hot tub ownership doesnt have to hard work. In fact, that would defeat the purpose of owning one! Hot tubs are intended for relaxation, recovery, and therapy. But, as machines do, they occasionally need repair and maintenance. Our technicians have hot tubs, love hot tubs, and are experienced in identifying every issue that might require hot tub repair.

Need your hot tub moved?

Moving a hot tub can be overbearing for an individual without assistance. The average hot tub can weigh anywhere from 500-1,000 lbs. Moving a hot tub alone or without professional assistance can cause personal injury to the mover or internal or structural damage to the hot tub. Special precautions and equipment are necessary when moving a hot tub. Our professionals here at are knowledgeable in all aspects of hot tub moving in Colorado Springs.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Specializing in the ultimate spa and wellness excursion, Joyful Journey Hot Springs easily makes our top twelve list. Nestled in Moffat within the vast San Luis Valley, each stunning hot spring tub has views of the Sangre De Cristo mountains.

Joyful Journey loves providing options. For lodging, you may choose between exquisite hotel rooms, backcountry camping, an adventurous yurt, or even a teepee if its the summer season. You have three choices for pools, ranging from 98 degrees to 108 depending on your desires. Each pool is drained nightly for the utmost cleanliness.

Lastly, Joyful Journey focuses on fun. From the multitude of spa services to choose from to the weekend camel rides, you will find more than one thing to enjoy here. Yoga is offered on Tuesdays, and Wednesday night is a clothing-optional evening in the hot pool. Whatever you fancy, Joyful Journey resort awaits!

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Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

The Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is widely considered one of the oldest and best hot springs resorts in the country. Its located in the city of Hot Sulphur Springs, which is about a 3 hour drive from Colorado Springs.

The seven natural springs have been flowing for hundreds of years and were originally used by the Ute Indians.

These mineral waters bubble up from the ground at a constant 104-126 degrees and keep the resorts twenty-one hot springs pools heated.

Different pools have different temperatures so you can hop from pool to pool until you find the best fit.

In addition to enjoying a hot soak in the hot springs, check out the spa! Here you can book a Swedish massage, body wrap, salt glow, or deep tissue massage for further relaxation.

Guests who book a massage will also receive a free 1-hour session in the hot springs pool.

The one thing to note is that the Hot Sulphur Springs lives up to its name and has some of the stinkiest mineral water in the state.

Still, its a great hot springs near Colorado Springs that is worth a visit.

Distance: 162 miles

Travel time: 3 hour 9 minutes

Hot Tubs For Heroes In Colorado

Pagosa Springs [Hot Tub]

Hot Tubs for Heroes was started by Spa Palaces owner, Mike Wiege, and is a Spa Palace Sundance® Spas sponsored program in conjunction with Wish for our Heroes Rocky Mountain Chapter and the U.S. Army Fort Carson AW2.

Hot Tubs for Heroes provides free hot tubs to selected wounded warriors who require hydrotherapy for healing. Contact us today to learn more about Hot Tubs for Heroes!

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Sunwater Spa Manitou Springs

The closest hot springs near Colorado Springs is Sunwater Spa. Its located just 15 minutes west, in downtown Manitou Springs.

The spa is a local favorite thanks to naturally hot mineral healing waters and unique cedar soaking tubs.

The Sunwater Spa is like most other traditional spa and offers treatments, classes, facials, waxing, and massages to guests.

The hot springs water however, is definitely not traditional. The water that is used at the Sunwater Spa is filled from the nearby Seven Minute Springs which is located in Manitou Springs.

The crystal-clear mineral water is heated naturally between 99 to 104 degrees.

Families or couples can book a personal tub for 90-minutes or a private tub for small groups. Or book multiple tubs if youre planning a spa day with friends.

In addition to the cedar soaking tubs, guests get access to the public pools, saunas, and even a cold plunge pool.

After enjoying a day at the Sunwater Spa, take in the sights and shopping available at the nearby city of Manitou Springs.

Taste some delicious food, experience some local shopping, and explore the unique architecture. You can even go on a free Manitou Springs Mineral Springs walking tour!

With views that overlook the Rocky Mountains and city below, Sunwater Spa allows guests to soak away their stress in the naturally hot, mineral water.

Distance: 6 miles

Travel time: 15 minutes

Indian Hot Springs Idaho Springs

Located very conveniently off I-70 in the town of Idaho Springs, is Indian Hot Springs. This historic hot springs destination is about an hour and half drive from Colorado Springs.

The resort offers a hot springs spa experience that feels like youre escaping to the tropics.

The large bath house is great for swimming or soaking, all of which is indoors under a beautiful glass dome.

It feels like youve been transported to a warm, tropical getaway. The main soaking pool is great for families, couples, and small groups.

At the Indian Hot Springs Resort, guests will also enjoy the outdoor jacuzzis, Roman-style private baths, and geothermal caves that are gender-specific.

The water in the natural mineral springs pools is spring-fed from underground, and stays at a consistent 90-100 degrees.

And if you want something hotter, check out the vapor caves. Inside the geothermal caves the air is very humid and the tubs are kept between 104-110 degrees.

If youre a couple hoping for a relaxing and romantic weekend, or a family who enjoys a hot springs spa, the Indian Hot Springs Resort is the perfect getaway.

Distance: 99 miles

Travel time: 1 hour 32 minutes

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Delivery Installation Accessories & Furniture

Backyards & Billiards is your one-stop shop for all things billiards and pool tables in Colorado Springs, CO. We offer a full range of supplies and accessories, to include pool cues, billiard ball sets, chalk, racks, and more. We also offer matching furniture to complete your ultimate game room.

With every pool table purchase, we deliver and set up the pool table for you in any room you choose. Our expert billiards serviceman excels at getting your pool table perfectly balanced and set. He is amazing! truly a master artist at his trade.

Should you ever need to repair or replace the bumper or felt, we got you covered there. And all pool tables come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Best Natural Hot Springs Near Colorado Springs To Visit Now

Hot Tubs Colorado Springs CO

The content of this website may contain affiliate links and we may be compensated . Thank you for your support!

Want to visit a natural hot springs near Colorado Springs? Youre in luck.

There are lots of options for visiting the best mineral-rich waters, without having to drive all day long. In fact, many of the hot springs destinations on this list are just an hour or two away.

There is even one hot spring spa that is just 15 minutes west of Colorado Springs.

Thinking of living in Colorado? This guide will help you avoid costly mistakes and remove the stress of planning so you can experience the joys of mountain living.

Whether youre looking for a relaxing hot springs resort for a weekend getaway, or just want to spend a day relaxing in the mineral waters, this list has you covered.

Keep reading to find out our best picks for the top hot springs near Colorado Springs.

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Hot Tub Repairs & Service In Colorado Springs

Whether you have been relaxing in luxury for years or are just beginning to research the many benefits of a spa Hot Tub Repair Colorado Springs is here for you. We specialize in service, repair, hot tub opening, hot tub closing, maintenance and moving. Your hot tub is an investment and we want your stay-cation experience to be hassle free and cost effective.

One thing important to understand as a hot tub owner is that your spa is not a small pool, its management and limitations are much different. The high water temperature of the hot tub allows far more opportunity for bacteria to grow. And if not properly tested and treated, the water can be responsible for complaints such as rashes, nausea, athletes foot and other skin infections.

Untreated water can also cause damage to the spa surface and equipment. You want to protect your investment and keep it healthy. Properly maintaining your spa can add 3-4 years to the life of your hot tub

Valley View Hot Springs

Another San Luis Valley resort in the tiny town of Moffat, Valley View is nestled 45 minutes south of Salida and an hour north of Alamosa. Naturism is what drives the passion behind Valley View Hot Springs. This means they want each guest to understand that they have the

option to choose whether or not to wear clothing. Its a natural, personal choice that is appropriate for people of any age or setting, most especially pristine natural spaces like Valley View Hot Springs.

They have a high bar set within their stunning natural setting, seven pool choices, and all-season camping and lodging accommodations. The highlight of their pool options is the Waterfall Pond, which has the hot water trickling in from behind, creating the perfect atmosphere.

Afterward, head to their Sauna, Cooling Basin, or massage therapist for your final detox. Just as it sounds, Valley View focuses on the environment by being geothermally heated in all of its lodge rooms, cabins, and dorms. Escape to Valley View for a natural sanctuary set apart from the world.

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Come Visit Our Showroom Were Located At:

890 Dublin Blvd, Suite G., Colorado Springs, CO 80918

719.246.2128 ext.2

Hours of operation:

The only thing more relaxing than soaking in the comfort of a brand new hot tub is enjoying all the comforts, features, and benefits of that tub at a fraction of the cost. Visit our hot tub showroom today! With a professionally refurbished hot tub from Colorado Springs Hot Tubs you can afford to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Come Visit Our Showroom!

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Nathrop

Secret Spot on Red Mountain Pass // Natural Hot Springs Tub

Another hot springs resort located near Buena Vista, in the town of Nathrop, is the popular Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

This is one of the largest and most popular hot springs resorts in the state. And with good reason!

Mount Princeton Hot Springs has a resort-like feel and is the perfect vacation for couples or families to enjoy all year long.

The natural hot springs resort is located next to the Nathrop Chalk Creek Canyon, so the views and experience are unmatched.

One of the main things that sets Mt Princeton Hot Springs apart from the other hot springs near Colorado Springs is for its odorless water.

Most natural hot spring waters have a strong mineral or sulphuric smell, but Mount Princeton is completely odorless.

You and your loved ones can sit back, relax, and unwind in the natural hot springs without having to endure the strong mineral water smell.

Mount Princeton features a wide variety of hot spring pools from creekside soaks and a larger swimming pool.

Plus, you can rent a private hot springs soak along with the other luxury accommodations.

Distance: 101 miles

Travel time: 1 hours 55 minutes

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Strawberry Park Hot Springs

If youre looking for a more laid-back experience, Strawberry Park may be your choice. With rustic cabins and onsite camping available, they help you escape from the hustle and bustle of reality. Its located in the town of Steamboat Springs within the unforgettable Yampa Valley.

Their hottest pool measures in at 104 degrees most days, so it is sure to be one of the best hot spring soaks in Colorado. After the sun sets, Strawberry Park becomes clothing optional and 18+. The pools here have a primitive feeling, with gravelly sand lining the pools.

They also offer private massage huts and watsu water therapy in a private pool. If youre looking to melt away your stress in a more secluded place, choose Strawberry Park.

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