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Hot Tub Benefits Weight Loss

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Can a Hot Tub Help with Weight Loss?

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Physical Benefits Of A Hot Tub Hire In Cornwall

There are also physical benefits to the use of the inflatable hot tub. Theyre indirectly connected with weight loss. They have their own importance in our general well-being:

  • Dilation of blood vessels and consequent improvement of circulation
  • Body massage and stimulation of lymphatic circulation
  • Reduction of muscle tension
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Regulation of the wake-sleep rhythm

These physical benefits of a hot tub hire in Cornwall are provided in three ways:

  • The heat in hot water increases circulation by dilating blood vessels.
  • The absence of gravity relieves joint stress by reducing weight by 90%.
  • The powerful jets soothe tensions and anxieties with the massage.
  • These elements work together to provide several benefits that enable our customers to lead a more active and fulfilling life.

    So why not treat your family or friends to a relaxing and enjoyable weekend with a hot tub from Cornwall hot tub hire. You will have physical benefits, but also psychological and mental benefits. For some precious moments, immersed in hot water, its possible to withdraw from the outside world and re-emerge regenerated and ready to take on what our busy lives throw our way.

    Do Hot Tubs Speed Up Metabolism

    Yes, hot tubs can speed up metabolism using hot water and a small amount of exercise in the spa. To speed up your metabolism using a hot tub, use the spa for 15 to 30 minutes each morning after a fasting period. Eating healthy and adding exercise to your daily routine will also speed up your metabolism.

    When you take a dip in a hot tub, your body will begin to sweat, and your core will be forced to work harder and increase the release of toxins from your body.

    But is there any truth behind all this? Did hot tubs increase my metabolism? Well, the answer is yes and no. While taking a hot tub will increase your heart rate, and the relaxation you will feel will also increase your metabolism, it really shouldnt have much of an effect on your weight loss.

    The reason that it wont speed up your metabolism is that you are not changing your diet. When you do a hot tub, your body is at a resting stage, and no calories are being burned, so it is not going to burn any extra calories when you are done.

    However, this doesnt mean that you should not work out regularly. When you work out, your body heats up, which increases its metabolic rate. Therefore, by working out as much as you can in your hot tub, you can burn off those excess calories and end up with a trimmer figure.

    The hot water will increase your bodys temperature and could have a slight benefit on your metabolism, but diet and exercise are always best.

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    Did You Know That Regular Hot Tub Use Can Aid Weight Loss

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    Losing weight and then going on to maintain it can be hard work, and require lifestyle changes in order to make it an achievable goal. But did you know that regular hot tub use is something that could help to aid you in your weight loss journey?

    Does A Hot Tub Help With Weight Loss

    Benefits Of Hot Tub For Health

    Wouldnt it be wonderful!? Imagine the joy if something as pleasant and relaxing as simply being in your hot tub helped you to lose weight. Surely it would be too good to be true!

    Can simply sitting in your hot tub really help you with your weight loss goals, surely life isnt that kind we need to at least suffer a little bit in the pursuit of the body beautiful, surely?

    Well, ever the optimist, I set out to find out the facts and to see if using a hot tub regularly can really help with weight loss and this is what I found out.

    So, does a hot tub help with weight loss? Soaking in a hot tub does not directly help with weight loss. In fact, you only burn 3% more calories in a hot tub than you do sitting on a couch. However, hot tub users experience reduced levels of stress and this is a key factor in helping you to lose weight.

    So, thats good news then! Hot tubbing can be a contributory activity that can help you to reduce your stress levels which in turn can lead to weight loss. Lets find out how that works and see if there are any other ways that a hot tub can help with weight loss and a generally healthy lifestyle.

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    Hot Tub Exercises For Weight Loss

    While it is true that sitting in a hot tub alone does not help you to significantly get rid of those fats, you can, however, do some light exercises to increase the benefits.

    These exercises may include calisthenics, simple stretches, and cardio workouts, and even yoga! Doing leg kicks while sitting or punching with your arms under the water, can provide some light resistances which can help with your cardio workout.

    Yoga is by far the most compatible method when youre in a hot tub, though. For one, it helps you to achieve specific poses easily because of water buoyancy. That way you can retain the pose for longer periods of time and focus on your breathing.

    Hot Tubs And Weight Loss Goals

    When setting your weight loss goals, Mayo Clinic advises focusing on your process goals along with your outcome goal. Process goals set the hows in achieving your desired weight. It may be the total number of crunches you want to achieve or the total distance you would like to cover daily. It can also be the amount of calorie-intake you would like to maintain every meal.

    Whatever the specifics of your process goals may be, you will need to have the focus and determination to follow through. This is where soaking in a hot tub can help immensely.

    Soaking in a hot tub detoxifies both your body and mind. It removes the toxins released from your skin. The warm water opens up your pores, allowing your body toxins to be discharged.

    At the same time, soaking in warm water and getting some light massage at the same time encourages the release of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is your natural happy nerves. This relaxes the mind and can literally melt away worries and stress.

    With your mind relaxed, you are more likely to focus on being consistent with achieving your goals. You are not bothered by unhealthy thoughts of failure or even worries. In fact, you feel good about yourself. It is only natural that the more you feel good about yourself, the more you will continue doing what feels good.

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    Hot Tub Use Is Perfect To De

    Hot tub use is ideal for de-stressing since the warm water and jets have a therapeutic effect on the muscles to relieve any pain and reduce tension. Raised body temperature increases blood flow and heart rate can lower, whilst circulation improves and allows more oxygen to flow to the different parts of the body. At the same time, toxins are sweated out of the body which can improve skin and overall self-worth, and breathing slows as heart rate decreases, which in itself is calming. This can make sleep easier, which can also give the body proper rest which in turn aids weight loss.

    Benefits Of Epsom Salt

    How to Lose Weight in a Hot Tub

    The main benefits of Epsom salt come from its active ingredients. Though Epsom salt looks like and shares a name with table salt, theyre actually different chemical compounds.

    Table salt is sodium rather than magnesium and sulfate. However, the ingredients in Epsom salt are vital minerals for the body and hard to come by through diet alone. This is why many people try to absorb them through their skin during a bath.

    Keep in mind, taking Epsom salt baths will not cause drastic weight loss, but it can support your healthy lifestyle. Weight management is best achieved through a balanced diet and physical activity.

    Epsom salt baths have been used to:

    • improve nutrient intake
    • support the bodys detox systems
    • ease constipation
    • replace emotional eating with a warm bath to relax and de-stress

    A 2009 review reported that magnesium levels in food are declining. But consuming foods that are rich in dietary magnesium can help you increase your intake.

    The following body systems and functions rely on healthy levels of magnesium to work properly:

    • cardiac and circulation

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    How Caldera Premium And Luxury Spas Provide The Best Hot Tub Experience

    Having a hot tub makes your life better. Soaking regularly in your spa can improve your health, your sense of well-being, and your personal relationships with friends and family. Of course, in order to fully experience these benefits, its important to choose the right hot tub. A hot tub that doesnt work properly, requires constant repairs, or uses energy inefficiently may add more stress to your life than it ultimately reduces. Thats why its best to invest in a hot tub that will be a worry-free joy to have in your life for years to come.

    Caldera spas offer the ultimate spa ownership experience. Built of the highest-quality materials and precision-designed for efficiency and comfort, Caldera spas are extremely durable and require little maintenance. Their quiet filtration systems allow you to hear the songbirds at dusk and the music of the stars after midnight. Their powerful pumps deliver deep, soothing massages that relax your muscles and enhance joint flexibility. Enticing designs beautify your backyard, while carefully considered ergonomic seating provides the perfect relaxation space, just for you.

    Injury Recovery To Get You Back To Exercising

    Exercise is a critical component of most successful weight loss journeys. As such, it’s vital that you stay activewhich can be very difficult if you’ve suffered an injury. A hot tub might be able to assist you in your recovery efforts, as the hot water can help temporarily relieve pain and promote healing.

    High-impact cardio exercises such as running and cycling are amongst the most effective activities for weight loss andthe maintenance of a healthy physique. But high-impact exercises frequently result in injuries. These injuries can beslow to heal, which can ultimately lead to weight gain due to inactivity.

    Fortunately, improved circulation can aid in recovery from an injury. Hot water causes capillaries and bloodvessels to dilate, which allows blood to flow more freely within the body. This increased blood flow to the injuredareaand to your body as a wholeresults in accelerated healing, because the body uses the circulatory system totransport vital healing resources to the site of the injury.

    As with every injury recovery plan, it’s important to consult a physician before using a hot tub. Your doctor mayrecommend special measures during different phases of the healing process.

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    Relief From The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

    Akin to the way it might help people suffering from arthritis, spending time in your hot tub may also ease some symptoms of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disorder involving chronic pain and fatigue throughout the body, often resulting in disturbed sleep and an impaired ability to focus or concentrate. It can cause disruptions at work and disturbances at home.

    As with arthritis, a study of the effects of hydrotherapy on fibromyalgia patients showed demonstrable benefits. Following a course of hydrotherapy treatment, patients reported improvements in physical functionality, sleep quality, and the ability to do their jobs, accompanied by a reduction in pain intensity, fatigue, stiffness, anxiety, and depression.

    Of course, these studies are limited in scope and should not be taken as medical advice. Before determining whether a hot tub can help you manage your fibromyalgia symptoms, consult with a qualified medical professional.

    They May Help Reduce Inflammation

    Benefits Of Hot Tub For Health

    Exercise can help curb chronic low-grade inflammation â which drives many diseases â and there’s some evidence that regular hot baths can have a similar benefit.

    Hot bathing can decrease inflammatory markers, which may reduce your risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality by as much as 25 percent, Dr. Higgins says. But the long-term effects of hot baths on inflammation aren’t certain and more research is needed.

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    How Stress Makes Us Fat

    Cortisol is a hormone that is released as a response to environmental signals. When faced with threats, cortisol helps our bodies and minds make an important decision known as fight or flight. This system was greatly beneficial to our ancestors who encountered stress intermittently. They would experience extreme hunger or fear when fighting or being chased by another animal.

    Stress, as we all know, is a big problem in modern life, and when we are stressed our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. Now, cortisol, in many ways is a good thing. It sets us into fight or flight mode it was great for helping our ancestors react quickly to short-term stressful situations before receding when the threat had passed.

    The problem today is that many of us are in an almost continuous situation of stress and overstimulation and our bodies are producing large quantities of cortisol on an almost constant basis.

    Promotes A Good Nights Sleep

    Did you realise that almost half the population cant get a good nights sleep with almost 16 million of us suffering from mild to chronic insomnia? How many people have a bath before bed to ensure we can nod off?

    Well, a hot tub has similar benefits. When your body is relaxed and warm you will fall asleep faster and experience a much deeper sleep

    It has been scientifically proven that getting plenty of sleep has tons of positive effects on your well-being and overall health from concentration, increased metabolism even your mood.

    Your chances of not having to count sheep, are much improved by a soak in a Jacuzzi, so get out there and enjoy a late-night soak under the stars with a glass of something chilled.

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    The End Of The Workout Is: Stretching

    How: Start by standing and stretching your thighs by bending your knee and grabbing your foot behind you. Pull against the resistance of the water and try to keep your legs together. This is great quadriceps stretch.

    How many: Hold each leg for 30-45 seconds, and then switch.

    Top Tip: For support, hold onto the wall with one hand.

    Yoga is also a great way for starching. There are many yoga positions that can easily be adapted to the hot tub. Practicing yoga can help you relax, unwind, connect with nature, and focus on your breathing techniques, all while strengthening and stretching your body.

    These easy and straight forward exercises are great ways to improve many aspects of your health and overall quality of life. But please make sure you take extra safety measures to prevent injuries. As you’ll slowly build control and strength, youll move better. The stronger you get, the more repetitions you can do.

    The best thing about exercising in your hot tub is: it doesnt feel like exercise at all. Exercising in your hot tub is really the best of both worlds in your own back yard.

    Constant Stress Leads To Weight Gain

    The Shocking Results of Keto, Hot Tubs & Weightloss. Xyngular 8 Day Jumpstart Day 7

    Fatty, salty foods are available everywhere. Our bodies are programmed to experience pleasure when consuming these high-calorie foods, so its no surprise that many of us self-medicate with unhealthy food.

    Youve probably heard that muscle weighs more than fat, but did you know that muscle actually burns more calories than fat? The more muscle you have, the more calories you can burn, and the more fat you have, the fewer calories you can burn. To make matters worse, cortisol can block the release of testosterone, a hormone essential to building new muscle.

    When cortisol is released, it signals the body to store fat, in particular deep abdominal fat. This type of fat receives more blood flow from the body and has more cortisol receptors than other types of fat.

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    Navigate Your Weight Loss Journey With Sundance Spas Kitchener

    Did you enjoy the information in this article? Take a look at the other articles on our online hot tub blog. For more information about the health benefits of hot tubs or to take a look at the wide selection of Sundance® Spas hot tubs we have for sale, visit our showroom in Kitchener. We have some of the best hot tubs, hot tub accessories, supplies, water care products, and more!

    To learn more about the connection between Sundance® Spas and weight loss, watch this helpful video!


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