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What Size Pool Heater For 10000 Gallon Pool

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Size Of Propane Heater

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One of the most essential measurements in deciding on a propane pool heater is the dimensions, depth and liquid capacity of your pool. Its also important to measure any space you have around your pool in order to determine the proper size propane heater for your space.

For safety purposes, propane pool heaters should always be situated on a non-combustible surface or a non-combustible protective mat. They should be located in a clear location away from any overhead hangings or shrubbery. Propane heaters should never be located indoors unless rated for indoor operation.

Do Pool Heaters Use A Lot Of Energy

Water is very resistant to being heated. Therefore, heating a pool takes a lot of energy to accomplish. Add into the equation cold air, wind and cold rain, and heating a pool can become an energy-expensive endeavor. It can cost upwards of $400 per month, or as little as $100 to sufficiently heat a pool. Be sure to invest carefully in one that best fits your needs to keep energy costs reasonable.

A Swimming Pool Chemical Calculator

Adjust sliders to calculate the time needed to heat the pool.

This calculator is approximate because it doesnt account for the many factors that impact heat loss in the swimming pool. The exact time needed to change the pool temperature will vary based on evaporation rate, convection losses, thermal radiation losses and conduction losses . One of the easiest ways to reduce heat loss is by using a pool cover it can reduce convection losses between 15%-25%. Always oversize when purchasing a pool heater. An undersized pool heater takes longer to heat and cost more money to operate.

More About Pool Heat

Pool Heat Evaporative Losses:

Swimming pool water on the surface is continually transitioning to water vapor. The heat energy used during the transition to water vapor is lost from the body of water reducing the overall temperature. Evaporative losses can account for 50% of swimming pool heat loss.

Convection Losses

Convection losses are similar to evaporative losses in that they are both related to environmental conditions impacting the surface area of the pool. Convection losses occur when air contacts the surface area and heat energy is transferred. This effect is similar to the chill felt on the skin from the breeze when exiting the pool. Convection losses can be responsible for 15%-25% of heat energy loss. These losses can easily be reduced with the use of a pool cover.

Thermal Radiation Losses

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Hayward Heatpro Pool Heat Pump

For slightly smaller above-ground pools, Hayward also produces a model that is best suited for pools in the 90,000-140,000 range.

Made with a profiled fan that is engineered to be quiet, and with a corrosion-free gold fin, the Hayward Pool Heat Pump is designed to withstand the elements while also being relatively quiet.

The heat pump is efficient, but best paired with an above-ground pool cover when the pool is not in use. As one reviewer notes, leaving the pool uncovered combined with a half-decent wind quickly robs a lot of the heat being generated by the pump.

Again, Haywards stuff isnt cheap, with the 140,000 BTU model ranging in the $9k+ price range. With the explosion in backyard pools over the past couple of years, this has meant some models dont last long in stock .

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need For A 24 Foot Round Pool

Natural Current Water Products NCSF10K Savior 10000
Pool Size
Up To 17,000 Gallons Up To 27Round or 18 x 33 Oval 65,000 BTU

Therefore, the minimum size heater that is recommended for a 15 x 30 pool is 150,000 BTUs. Keep in mind, this is simply the recommended minimum size. Meaning, I wouldnt go lower but I might need to go a little higher. When it comes to gas heaters, you always want to oversize the unit.

Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to run a pool heater per month? For a typical size 400,000 BTU pool heater, thats 4 therms per hour. Currently, natural gas runs about $1.50 per therm near Tampa. The average cost to heat a pool for one hour on natural gas is around $ 7.00. To heat, an average pool with no solar cover typically takes 8-14 hours.

Also question is, how do you size a natural gas pool heater?

For an average 15 x 30pool , a 300K BTU heater would raise your pool temperature 2 degrees per hour a 400K BTU heater, 2.7 degrees per hour. For a 20 x 30poolthe temperature rise for 300K and 400K heaters would be 1.5 and 2 degrees respectively.

Can a pool heater be too big?

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What Size Heater For 10000 Gallon Pool

What size heater for 10000 gallon pool? Sizing a gas heater for inground pools is done by first matching pool heater BTU output to pool size in gallons. Or approximately 100K BTUs for every 10,000 gallons of pool water. For inground pools less than 20,000 gallons, small gas heaters like the Raypak 206K BTU output are suitable.

What size heat pump do I need for a 12000 gallon pool? 50K BTU heat pumps are meant for small pools, or aboveground pools, under 12,000 gallons. It will work on larger pools, but heating will be slow and total temperature rise may not be what you desire.

How do I figure out what size pool heater I need? The pools surface area divided by three gives you the minimal BTU size recommended for that particular surface area. Continuing the example above with the 15 x 30 pool, after dividing by 3, you get 150. Therefore, the minimum size heater that is recommended for a 15 x 30 pool is 150,000 BTUs.

Should you oversize a pool heat pump? A heat pump works by drawing in warm air from the outside environment and injecting it into the pool water. Generally speaking, you should oversize the heat pump as much as possible. Youll never regret going too big, as doing so means warming the pool at a faster rate without running the heater as much.

How Do I Know If My Pool Heater Is Working

There are a few things you can check to make sure your pool heater is operating well. Check for electrical supply by making sure that the lights and display are operable on the machine. Check for sufficient gas flow by adjusting the thermostat higher and visually confirm burner ignition. Check the pool filter and water intakes for obstructions that could reduce flow rates. Finally, be sure your heater has adequate air intake and ventilation.

If all of the above items are functioning as expected, its likely your pool heater is doing its job. If not, calling a qualified repair company may be necessary.

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Intex Solar Heater Mat For Above Ground Swim Pool

Intex is one of the leading builders of above-ground swimming pools, so it would make sense that they also produce heaters for backyard pools.

Designed specifically to work with Intex filter pumps, the solar mat is an efficient and cheap way to keep your pool running at a comfortable temperature.

Best suited for pools up to 8,000 gallons, the mat is hooked up in a matter of moments, and multiple mats are recommended for larger pools.

Intex says that you can expect an increase of 5-9 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the amount of sun and volume of your pool.

Intexs Solar Heater Mat is easy to hook up to your pool, and priced at just around $60 , provides a cost-effective way to keep your pool nice and comfortable this summer.

How Does A Pool Heater Work

How to Buy an Above Ground Pool with any Budget

These devices can be categorized into three main types: pool heat pumps, solar, and gas.

And each of them works a little bit differently, but they all use BTUs as their measurement sizes.

A BTU is the standard of measure for most heating and cooling appliance and it stands for British thermal unit. In layman’s terms, its the measure of heat required to raise the temperature of a pound of water by one degree.

Thats really about all you need to know in general, so lets look at the specifics of each type of heater.

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Should I Consider A Propane Pool Heater For My Pool

If you live in the Northeast it might be hard to believe this but Summer is almost here. More than ever, if you have a pool you might be considered heating that pool after the chilly May we are having. This blog will explain how pool heating with propane works and gives a rough estimate on how much propane you might burn to heat that pool. Often its very costly to run natural gas lines to the pool area as the majority of pools are in the backyard and a great distance from the street connection. Propane is a preferred choice for pool heating.

How To Calculate A Pool Filter Size

Among the many pool calculations youll have to deal with when you do DIY pool care and maintenance there is pool filter sizing. It might be that youre buying a new pool filter, or youre replacing your worn-out model. Whichever the reason, you need to know how to size it correctly for your swimming pool to get the best filtration. I will take you through the simple math involved to make the whole thing as simple as it can be.

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When To Start Opening Pool

The recommended time to open up your pool is when temperatures in your area consistently hit 70 degrees. While 70 degrees isnt exactly swim weather, these temperatures can promote algae growth. This can be especially problematic if you use a mesh pool cover, as the water will get plenty of sunlight.

Best Heaters For Above Ground Swimming Pools

Best Electric Pool Heaters (5 STAR) for In

Want to get more time and use from your backyard pool? Here are our hand-picked selections of the best heaters for above-ground swimming pools.

The backyard pool is one of the staples of summer.

Splashing around under the sun and in the crystal-clear waters of your above-ground swimming pool is a great way to spend the long summer days.

One of the ways to make the most of your pool is a heater.

Having a heater for your above ground pool is important for a few reasons:

  • You can use the pool earlier and later in the day. Whether its sitting around in the water under the stars or first thing in the morning for a quick workout, the heater opens up the cooler hours of the day for pool use.
  • Use the pool earlier and later in the year. Some spring days arent quite hot enough to swim, while some early fall days fall under the same category of maybe being a little chilly. A good pool heater makes the water just warm enough to use during these warm-but-not-warm-enough days.
  • Makes it comfortable on cooler days. Summer isnt always blazing sunshine and rays. There are days where the wind is blowing a little and the clouds are out. A pool heater allows you to comfortably use your pool these days too.

Lets assume that you are properly using a cover for your above-ground swimming pool. A solar pool cover is crucial because it helps retain heatwhether the sun or your heater is doing the heatingwhen the pool is not in use, whether during the day or overnight.

But where to start?

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Game Solarpro Above Ground Pool Heater

This pool heater is universal, meaning that no matter what model of pool you are rocking with, it helps warm the temperature a few degrees in a handful of days.

Designed for pools that are no larger than 8,000 gallons, the Game SolarPro soaks up the sun and transfers that heat to your pool. Reviewers found that the heater worked best when paired with a bypass kit .

GAMEs backyard pool heater and its unique design dont come cheap, with third-party sellers on Amazon selling them for between $350-400 .

The Customers Ideal Water Temperature

You need to identify what temperature your customers prefer to swim at .

This establishes what performance you expect your heater to maintain under different environmental conditions. For example, if a pool has an attached hot tub, the maximum water temperature for calculating Btu requirements would be as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Best Electric: Ecosmart Us Smart Pool 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater

Pool Type: Inground or Above ground

Pool Size: Up to 15,000 gallons

If you lack an existing natural gas line and dont want the hassle of monitoring propane tank levels, an electric pool heater is another option to consider. The EcoSmart Pool 27 is a tankless pool heater that saves space while raising pool temperatures by 1 to 1.5 degree Fahrenheit every hour. A digital thermostat control gives you the ability to adjust the target temperature quickly and precisely.

Sized for pools up to 15,000 gallons, the EcoSmart Pool 27 uses a flow sensor to prevent element burnout. This is a 240V unit and it requires three 40 amp breakers for installation, so keep that in mind when determining whether or not you have the space required on the circuit board. While you wont spend any money on gas or propane when using this electric pool heater, you can expect that it will cause an uptick in your energy usage. A big advantage of the EcoSmart Pool 27, though, is its price point. At less than $1,000, its significantly more affordable than many gas pool heaters on the market.

Pool Type: Inground or above ground

Pool Size: Varies

A heat pump is an alternative type of pool heater that uses ambient air to heat pool water. In warm climates, a heat pump is often more economical to operate than a gas pool heater or a conventional electric pool heater. The Hayward W3HP21004T is a popular choice that delivers up to 140,000 BTU and can meet the needs of heating an average to large swimming pool.

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need Guide On How To Size A Pool Heater

Sensaheat Premium Inverter Heat Pump

Calculate your pool sq. footage first.

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need?If you own a pool then its important that you purchase the right size because lets be honest, pool heaters are not cheap and choosing the wrong size will definitely ruin your day. As with most things, education is the key and knowing all the facts will ensure you make the right decision when it comes to choose your pool heater.

Now, lets have a look at what factors you need to consider when it comes to swimming pool sizes.

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Calculate Your Surface Area

When you are determining which size pool heater to buy, the first step is calculating your pools surface area. A lot of pool owners assume that you use your pools gallon size to determine your heater size. In fact, there are some websites that DO use the number of gallons. If you have a pool with a large surface area, the heat has more space to escape and subsequently, more water to heat. As a result, the heater needs to be large enough to compensate for surface area and the pool size.

To calculate the surface area of your pool, multiply the length times the width.

For example: If your pool is 15 x 30, then your surface area is 450 square feet.

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Swimming Pool And Spa Heaters

If swimming is your passion, why limit your fun to the summertime? Swimming pool heaters add months to the aquatic season, and in many parts of the country, you’ll be able to continue right through the winter. We have a great selection of spa and swimming pool heaters from top brands including Haywayd, Pentair, Jandy, Raypak, Sta-Rite and more to keep you swimming comfortably year round.

Natural gas or propane pool heaters offer an efficient means of keeping your pool water at the temperature you want with the least possible trouble. These popular models warm the water as it passes through the combustion chamber on its way back to the pool. Electric heaters operate in a similar fashion, using electrical currents instead of natural gas to heat a resistor inside the unit. The resistor, in turn, transfers the heat to the water. Solar heaters, in contrast, collect the warmth of the sun in photovoltaic cells. Since these units work best on sunny days, many pool owners augment them with auxiliary devices. Whether youre in the market for pool and spa heaters or pool heater parts, youre sure to find what you want for less in our wide selection.

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What Is The Best Place To Place Your Patio Heater

The best place to place your patio heater depends on how you want to use it. For example, if you want to use it for heating different areas of the patio, youll need to place it in various places. If youre using a small patio heater, youll need to place it close to the center of the patio space. This will ensure that everyone is warmed up equally.

If youre using a medium-sized patio heater, youll need to place it at the center or edges of the patio space. This will warm up the entire space equally. If youre using a large patio heater, you can place it in various places to heat different areas of the patio.

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Change The Temperature Of Your Pool Without The Hassle

How big of a propane tank do I need for a pool heater?
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A pool heater means you can start swimming sooner and extend your season longer. These units work in tandem with your pool pump to warm pool water to a pre-set temperature and are compatible with both inground and above-ground pools.

The type of pool heater you choose will depend on several factors, including the type and size of pool you have. More powerful pool heaters are typically required for large, inground pools. The gallons of water in your pool, along with how much you want the temperature to rise, will determine the BTU rating you should look for residential pool heaters usually range from 100,000 to 400,000 BTU. The power source is also important, since youll need to decide between natural gas, propane, or electric powered pool heaters.

Here, the best pool heaters to keep your water temperature constant for the whole swimming season.

Pool Type: Inground

Pool Size: 400 square feet

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