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What Is The Best Pool Deck Coating

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Wood Stain For Pool Decks 2022

Kool deck coating removal & currently in the process of patching.

We at DeckStainHelp.com would like to thank you for your continued support as we continue to be the internets number one resource for all things wood deck restoration-related. See this article for tips for picking the best stain for your wood pool deck. If you have stained a pool deck, we want to hear about your experience and any tips you may have. Feel free to leave us a comment below.

Exterior wood surfaces need to be protected from harsh elements like UV rays and moisture. Foot traffic from people and even pets can also do damage. A wood surface around a pool, however, is subjected to a lot more moisture and harsh chemicals like chlorine so it becomes even more crucial to provide protection. Doing so will help the areas like a pool deck last much longer.

When it comes to staining wood there are a few things to keep in mind. Prepping the wood correctly and choosing a quality deck stain is crucial. Follow the proper instructions for cleaning and prepping a wood deck prior to staining. Once the wood is prepared correctly the decision must be made as to which stain to apply.

The best stain for pool decks is a penetrating semi-transparent deck stain. Look for one that has exceptional penetrating traits. Any pool deck stain is going to take a lot of abuse so try to stay away from the film-forming stains that stay on the surface of the wood. These will be prone to peeling and flaking due to the chlorine and extensive moisture from the pool and foot traffic.

How Much Does It Cost To Resurface A Pool Deck

Resurfacing your pool deck will be more affordable than having it torn out and replaced. Basic pool deck resurfacing costs $3-$5 per square foot, as opposed to $6-$10 per sq ft to pour a new surface without any decorative options. Of course, the price will rise as you add customization.

See a more detailed analysis of pool deck costs.

While you might be tempted to complete your resurfacing project as a DIY, it is recommended that you hire a professional contractor. The contractor will bring in their years of knowledge and experience to make sure the project is done to your expectations, on time, and without error.

What Is The Coolest Pool Deck Surface

One of the coolest options for pool deck surfaces are textured acrylic coatings. A coating thats made of concrete and acrylic will absorb less heat than other materials. Texture also makes the surface feel cooler to the touch because when a person walks on it, their bare feet are exposed to less surface area.

In addition to keeping your pool deck cool, a textured surface is also slip resistant when the proper sealer is applied.

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How To Choose The Most Popular Coating For Pool Deck

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

What Is The Best Pool Deck Paint

Polyurea Pool Deck Floor Coatings

We consider the u003cstrongu003eTotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paintu003c/strongu003e as the best overall pool deck paint because of its UV-stable formula and how cost-efficient it is in improving your pool decks appearance and durability.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe best pool deck paint for concrete decks is the u003cemu003eINSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Coatingu003c/emu003e.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe best pool deck paint for wooden decks is the u003cemu003eKilz Over Armor Textured Wood Coatingu003c/emu003e.

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What Is The Best Pool Deck Coating You Can Use

here are many different types and styles of pool decks coating. The best pool deck coating for your personal taste and specific needs will depend on design and function. Pool decks generally fall into two broad categories: free-standing and built-in .

Free-standing pool decks are those that have been built as a free-standing structure where the bottom is generally the ground. In this case, you can choose from many different styles and coatings available in the pool decking market today. The best pool deck coating for your personal taste and specific needs will depend on design and function.

Built-in pool decks are those that have been built as a part of the pool house, such as in luxury pool house designs. In this case, what is the best pool deck coating will depend on location and specific needs? If you live in an area where freeze/thaw does not damage your pool decking, then a simple pool deck coating is all you need as it would be built to withstand the weather. In areas where freeze/thaw can damage your pool deck, then it would require a more sophisticated construction that will keep out moisture and last longer.

Here Are Our Best Pool Deck Paints Recommendations

Coverage: 250-300 sq. ft

Multiple Colors:YES

Whether youre painting your pool deck for the first time or trying to restore its beauty, the paint youll be using will have a lasting effect on your familys swimming pool experience.

Before we go into our list of the top 10 available pool deck paints, lets discuss first how you can select the best pool deck paint for your upcoming project. We love the Cool Pool Deck Paint since it stays cool in the summer sun. Check out our Cool Pool deck coating review here.

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How Should You Prep The Concrete Pool Deck For The Application Of A Sealer

Prepping the concrete deck prior to the application is hugely important. Failing to do so could lead to the concrete sustaining damage or the sealer not taking effect.

To prepare the surface properly, make sure you clear away any paint, older sealer, or any other substance that was previously applied. You should also clean the concrete to remove any debris that could get in the way of the sealer.

Damaged concrete decks need additional preparation. You will have to fill any cracks or other openings along the surface of the deck before you proceed with applying the concrete sealer.

Other Pool Deck Surface Options

New Textured Concrete At The Best Western Plus Beach View Lodge

Concrete Pavers

Like poured-in-place concrete, precast concrete pavers are a great option for pool decks because they are durable, slip resistant and can provide the look of natural stone or brick. Concrete pavers also come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes, permitting you to create design schemes that complement your pools shape and style. See below to learn more about concrete paver benefits and installation.

Wood Decks

Wood decking isn’t usually practical for in-ground pools because it doesn’t stand up well to harsh pool chemicals and moisture. Tropical hardwoods like ipe or composite products can be used, but are often too expensive. If you prefer the look of wood, you can stamp and color concrete to look like wood planking. It will last longer, be easier to maintain, and be less vulnerable to damage from chemicals, water and UV rays.

Brick and Tile

Brick and ceramic glazed tile have been long been used for pool deck surfaces. Tile is popular for use along pool copings due to its longevity and finished appearance. Brick is also an attractive, durable material for use along pool borders and pool decks. However, in climates where freezing occurs, “antique” bricks are to be avoided as this material is known to absorb water and spall or crack during the frozen winter months. Brick and tile can also be slippery, hot surfaces. Another problem with these materials is their steep cost and labor-intensive installation.


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Anvil Paints & Coating 956201

Anvils Deck-A-New resurfacer deck paint is the most affordable product in this review but this does not make it a low-quality paint.

In fact, being an acrylic based paint, it holds up very well during harsh weather conditions and in heavy foot traffic.

The product even repairs and rejuvenates structurally sound or damaged wooden, composite and concrete decks, patios, walkways or porches by filling up cracks that are up to 1/4 inch wide and pinning down any splinters.

However, before application, it is recommended to prime extremely weather-damaged wooden deck surfaces using Anvils Aqua Seal Waterproofer while for concrete, Anvil High Adhesion Grip-Tite WB Bonding Primer should be used as the bottom layer.

With the application instructions properly followed, you should expect a peel, scuff, and chip resistant pool deck that is textured so as to have a slip-resistant finish.

Other features include a wide coverage of 160 square feet per gallon and the availability in butternut, cedar, driftwood, redwood, and walnut colors.


  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic
  • Repairs and rejuvenates wooden and concrete decks
  • Creates a scuff, chip and peel resistant non-slip finish
  • Wide coverage of 160 square feet per gallon


Premium Acrylic Deck Paints

  • Premium acrylic paints can be used on bare concrete or decks that had been previously painted with acrylic paint.
  • This type of pool deck paints gives your deck a glossy finish.
  • For outdoor pools, it can take up to 3 days before the paint dries.
  • For indoor pools, it may take a week or more before it dries.
  • The premium acrylic paint can last for at least 3 years.
  • The drawback of using premium acrylic paint is it may not be enough to hide or cover cracks or damaged surfaces on your pool deck.

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How Can I Make My Pool Deck Look Better

You dont have to spend all summer on a dilapidated deck. Make it look brand-new instead. Here are some creative options to get you started:

  • Repair: Fix the broken sections of your deck before the seasons change. Replace missing railings and make the steps sturdy again.
  • Rebuild: Make a new design that better suits your personality and lifestyle. You can hire a carpenter to do the work.
  • Stain: Cover the surface with a beautiful wood stain to bring out the natural grain and smooth the texture.

The decking at your house serves a purpose. So, dont forget to consider that when choosing your next move. If you repair the deck, use high-quality products to ensure longevity. And if you rebuild it, choose the best materials, so your work lasts for years.

What Is The Best Paint For Cool Deck

3 Reasons Why Concrete Coatings Will Keep Your Pool Deck Looking Better ...

The textured acrylic coatings used to coat the deck surfaces makes them one of my favorite choices. When concrete and acrylic are used to coat paint, they absorb the most heat. On the other hand, texture adds another layer of safety since when the person walks on it, they have less surface area to cover their bare feet.

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Reasons To Choose A Pool Deck Coating From Ncc

  • Resistant to harsh pool chemicals.
  • Heavy-duty floor coating & 6x stronger than epoxy floor coating.
  • Last 15 to 20 years or longer!
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain.
  • Variety of colors & blends to choose from.
  • Protection of your existing concrete.
  • Looks impressive every single day.
  • Pool deck coating is such a great investment for your home. Youll spend less time and money on upkeep in the future, plus it lasts you years!

    A Deeper Look At Pool Deck Coatings: Should I Paint Or Stain A Pool Deck

    Of all the ways to enhance your pool business, revamping the pool decks aesthetic is your priority. Why?

    Dont you know that many issues can lead to the worst damage that begins from a poorly maintained deck? The decks that surround the pool are what you will first look into. So, if ones eyes catch cracks, dents, or even holes on the surface before reaching the water, it stops them from diving in.

    So, what do Experts at Pool Deck Remodeling say about apparent signs of unsafe pool decks? Resurface the pools, especially if you have concrete pools. The concrete decks are easy to maintain, and it also repels any factors that could give flaws on the surface.

    However, what you need to worry about is the losing appeal of the decks. What does it mean when the decks begin to look outdated or lose their vibrant features? This only means you need to reapply the color coating. That can either be paint or a stain.

    Here are factors why it is essential to have your pool decks coloring:

    • Concrete pool decks benefit your commercial pools by attracting more clients.
    • Concrete deck colorings enhance not only the form but also the function of the pool decks.
    • The Pool decks coloring also serves as sealing material that adds slip resistance on the surface.
    • Staining or painting the pool decks increases the decks lifespan.
    • The coloring functions as a pool deck coating that protects the decks from harmful pool chemicals, making the decks waterproof.

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    Elastomeric Pool Deck Coating

    Polyurea or polyurethane-type elastomer is the ideal solution for coating a pool deck. This product is weather-resistant, since it’s flexible. It’s also very comfortable, reminiscent of a rubber mat. Available in several colours, polyurea doesn’t discolour. It’s therefore the perfect product for lasting through the seasons and keeping its cachet. In addition, at PolySurface, the outdoor elastomeric membrane has a 10-year warranty on adhesion and a lifetime warranty against discolouration.

    Contact us to choose the perfect pool deck coating!

    What Are Todays Most Popular Coating For Pool Deck Models

    Sealing Travertine, Marble Decks Boca / Delray

    There are many coating for pool deck items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every coating for pool deck model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

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    Types Of Deck Surface

    There are many types of deck surfaces, but most surfaces are made with concrete and wood. It is vital to consider buying the pool deck paints directly related to the pools working.

    The above mentioned most of the paints are compatible with these two types of pool decks. If your pool decks surface is some other kind, you should research finding suitable and compatible paint for it.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Before And Afters

    The transformations that take place are impressive, see for yourself with these pool deck before and afters:



    A hotels indoor pool deck had chemical and hard water stains, plus the surface was rough and unfriendly to bare feet. An acrylic overlay was used to provide a fresh color scheme, and a smooth, slip-resistant finish.

    See the full project profile: Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing



    This residential pool deck was badly cracked and settling in spots. It was transformed using a special cast-in-place concrete overlay featuring a fieldstone pattern and decorative medallion.



    A micro-topping polymer was used to give the deck around this swimming pool the appearance of colored concrete.

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    Kelley Technical Olympic Patio Tones

    If you want a fast-drying pool deck paint, then Olympic Patio Tones from Kelley Technical is a good option to consider. This is because it can be left to cure overnight and for a heavily trafficked area, a full 24 hours may be needed, which is still relatively fast.

    Apart from this, the paint is also very easy to apply, requiring you to prepare the deck surface and coat it in only one day. This simple preparation has made it a top-rated pool deck paint.

    Other features include a slip-resistant finish once dried up, a champagne color option with a coverage of approximately 90-125 square feet and resistance to peeling and chipping when properly applied and left to dry.

    However, the paint is only recommended for use on concrete surfaces.


    What Is The Best Pool Deck Coating

    Residential Pool Decks

    Below is an overview of the most popular resurfacing options for pool decks. Contact a contractor near you for help deciding which option is best for your pool.

    Many of today’s overlay products blend resins with cement, sand and other additives to improve performance, slip resistance, appearance and the ability to bond to the existing concrete. Some coatings used for concrete pool deck resurfacing resist damage from salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions, and abrasion.

    For more information:

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    How Often Should You Paint A Pool Deck

    Most people repaint their pool decks every five to ten years. But you can do it more or less often, depending on the condition of your materials. Well-kept decking might not need to be refinished as often as neglected wood. And you can revamp the look of your decking at any time. Plus, its a good idea to refurbish old decks before selling a house. Thats because potential homebuyers dont want to think about work when touring properties.

    Protect Your Paint With Pool Deck Waterproofing From Capital Deck & Stair

    Though its possible to paint your own deck and even apply your own waterproofing, only an expert team can guarantee great results and an attractive finish. For over 30 years, the Capital Deck & Stair team has provided waterproofing services for homes and businesses throughout Southern California. All of our work is backed by a warranty and the same quick, professional service that our customers have come to rely on.

    For more information and to receive a free estimate, call Capital Deck & Stair at 339-0953 or visit our pool deck waterproofing page.

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