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How Do I Maintain An Above Ground Pool

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Remove The Excess Water

How to maintain above ground pool

As I mentioned in the last step, a garden hose drain will cease to work once the water reduces to a few inches in depth. In many cases, you probably wont need to drain further than this anyway.

Otherwise, its recommended that you use an electric pump to drain the rest of the water. If youre on a tight budget and have no way to get your hands on a pump, scooping the water out manually is another option, albeit slow and painful.

Of course, if youre using a submersible electric pump from the start, this step is irrelevant as a pump will be able to drain all the water.

If You Have A Salt Water Pool

If your pool uses a salt water system, switch the chlorine generator to the winter setting, if it has one. If it doesnt, most chlorine generators have a removable electrolytic cell you can access by unscrewing the end caps. Remove the cell, or your entire salt system if you prefer, and store it inside for the winter.

Note: Take a few moments to clean the cell before storing. Itll prolong its life and help reduce the risk of hardware problems when its time to reopen your pool.

How Do You Balance Ph With Baking Soda

In balancing pH with baking soda, you need to check your pools pH. Then you need to add the proper amount of baking soda according to your pool volume.

The general rule is 1.5 pounds of baking soda will help decrease the pH of a 10,000-gallon pool by ten ppm.

So if your pool pH is below 7.2, you should add three to four pounds of baking soda into the mix.

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Use A Winter Closing Kit

If youre not in the mood to break out your lab coat and beakers, grab a winterizing chemical kit for your above ground pool. Follow the directions on the label, and youll be good to go.

Note: Some winter chemical kits dont require you to run the filter when you add them. Double-check the directions and verify which type of kit you have. You might be able to skip a few steps when finishing your close.

Above Ground Pool Filter Maintenance

5 EASY Ways To Maintain An Above Ground Swimming Pool

Running your pools pump filter doesnt do much good if your filter isnt working. You need to change your filter cartridge as often as is required.

You should also clean your cartridge from time to time by removing it and hosing it down until it is clean. This is a good way to deal with the problems caused by pressure changes.

You should also be emptying your pumps basket around once a week to ensure any bigger pieces of debris arent blocking up your system.

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If You Have A Lot Of Calcium In The Water Use A Water Softener

Water becomes hard when there are too many free-floating calcium ions. These can leave scale on the walls of your pipes. Thus, creating maintenance problems. To soften your water, use a water softener.

We hope our guide and tips going over what chemicals you need for your above ground pool and also how to put chemicals in your swimming pool for the first time have been helpful to you.

Whenever you are about to add a new chemical to your swimming pool, we always recommend reading the chemicals instructions carefully and making exact measurements.

Protect Your House From Leaks

Although national and local building codes require that above-ground pools are placed several feet away from your home due to electrical reasons, there remains the question of what to do if the pool fails and water starts gushing out of it at high speeds? The ground, and possibly your basement, can become flooded fast. The best protection is to install a sump pump in your basement to handle any water overflow that reaches your home.

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Test And Balance The Pool Water

Test the water to make sure the Total Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium Hardness levels are within proper ranges, and make adjustments as necessary.

Total Alkalinity should be in the 80-120 ppm range, depending on the type of primary sanitizer used. It should be between 100-120 ppm for dichlor, trichlor, and bromine sanitizers, and between 80-100 ppm for sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, or lithium hypochlorite.

Once Total Alkalinity has been addressed, adjust the pH to 7.4-7.6. Finally, make sure the Calcium Hardness is around the ideal of 200-400 ppm.

Need help testing and balancing the water in your above ground pool? Check out our comprehensive guide, “How To Balance Pool Water.” Just remember, follow all label instructions, and never mix pool chemicals!

BONUS TIP: For the most accurate analysis of pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and other aspects of water chemistry, bring a water sample to your local Leslie’s store for a free AccuBlue® water test. We’ll provide you with a customized water treatment plan that will take all the guesswork out of this step in the pool closing process.

You Werent Planning On Leaving That Gear Up Were You

How To Maintain an Above Ground Pool Summer Waves Elite Pool

If you figured youd just close your above-ground pool without dissembling any of its parts and call it a day, Id advise you to check your handy dandy weather app. If you live somewhere that never, ever freezes, you probably dont have to worry about your equipment cracking during the winterwhich would lead to some pretty costly replacements and time-sucking installs. If youre in the Midwest or somewhere similarly snowy, youd better think twice about leaving your pool parts to whims of the elements.

Closing season is the perfect time to plan for the futureand an efficient pump will save you tons of cash and effort to come. Try the Copper Force Above Ground Pool Pump, which has a start capacitor and different horsepower options. According to customer Doug Paar, The pump is very quiet and has good pressure. I would recommend.

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The Pool Butler White Glove Service

Maintaining an above ground pool requires almost daily effort. If you neglect maintenance for more than a few days, you could be turning your pool green and unusable. But theres one way that you dont have to worry about missing a cleaning. The Pool Butler offers our White Glove Service to take care of all of your above ground pool needs. So leave the work to us and enjoy a crystal clear pool all season long. Contact us today to find out how!

Install The Pool Cover

Almost done! Place the pool cover over your pooland the air pillowand secure it by using the cable and winch, or a combination of winter cover clips and a cable.

Sometimes, more really is more. A combination of winter cover clips and a cable and winch will ensure a snug fit and give you greater peace of mind. If your pool has a walk-around deck, you can also add water bags to help secure your cover.

Dont use bricks, stones, stray elephants, or anything else that might damage your liner if it were to fall into the pool.

Throughout the winter, keep an eye on your cover and do your best to keep it dry. We recommend buying an above ground pool cover pump to help remove excess water and keep your pool cover in good shape.

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Install The Pool Pillow

Knowing how to close an above ground pool means mastering the mystical art of the inflatable. In cold climates, placing a pool air pillowalso known as an ice compensator because it compensates for the pressure of the snow and ice on top of the coverunder the cover protects the sides of the cover and the walls of your pool from damage.

Even if you dont live in a cold climate but you close and cover your pool, you can use an air pillow to keep water and debris off to the side of the pool for an easy spring clean-up.

The secret to winterizing success lies in inflating the air pillow to around 50% or 60% of its capacity. This allows the pillow to compress without immediately popping after the first substantial snowfall.

Blow up the air pillow and place it in the middle of the pool. You can use a thin rope to secure it to either side of the pool so that it stays in the middle, or use an accessory designed to center your pillow automatically. Some pillows also come with built-in grommets to allow you to secure them on all four corners for easy centering.

Note: While you dont absolutely need the pillow to stay centered all winter, doing so protects your pool cover and walls from ice more effectively.

You can prolong the life of your pool pillows by sealing the seams and valves with duct tape once youve inflated the pillows. This will reduce air loss due to leaks and bolster the pillows strength.

Clean The Pool Weekly

How to Keep Pool Cover on Above Ground Pool?

Keeping a clean pool will help avoid stains on the pool liner, and will reduce the negative effect debris has on pool water chemistry and sanitizer levels. Besides, no one wants to swim in a dirty pool! For best results, use your pool cleaning tools to thoroughly clean the pool at least once a week, or more often if needed. First, remove floating debris with a leaf net. Next, vacuum the floor of the pool to remove dirt and sunken debris. Finally, brush all pool surfaces, including behind the ladder, to keep your pool spotless. Remember to clean the pool filter according to manufacturer recommendations. In most cases, you should clean the pool filter when the pressure gauge reads about 8-10 psi higher than the clean or starting pressure. Its also important to regularly empty the pump basket and skimmer basket to help your pump work efficiently.

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How To Clean And Maintain An Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool cleaning can be just as labor-intensive as cleaning one fitted into the ground.

The tasks are a little different but the ultimate goal is the same having a clean and fresh pool to enjoy.

When it comes to pool maintenance and cleaning, most owners have a lot to do.

Between skimming and keeping the filter in good condition, cleaning the floors and walls, and keeping the chemical balance in check youll never be short on work to do.

Above ground pool maintenance might not be buried under the ground but neglecting it can be just as big of a problem as with in-ground pools.

Cleaning and maintaining an above ground pool is going to be easier, or more difficult, depending on what services or equipment youre using. Of course, the easiest way would be to hire a pool maintenance company.

Pool cleaning and maintenance can be expensive when you do it yourself. However, keeping your pool in good condition will help prevent bigger maintenance costs arising.

No matter where your pool is, keeping it clean is going to make it nicer to swim in and cheaper to maintain. A properly cleaned pool that receives plenty of care is a lot less likely to have large problems like leaks occur.

If you want to keep your above ground pool looking its best, thee are the things you need to do.

How Do I Keep My Above

Preventing Ice & Snow Damage

  • Always use an Air Pillow under winter pool covers.
  • If the pool leaks during winter, release the pool cover.
  • Remove snow buildup on top of the pool carefully.
  • Use skimmer closures like Skimmer Plug, to protect your skimmer, and wall.
  • Use a good Pool Cover Pump to keep the ice sheet thin.
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    Patch And Clean The Liner

    It may be tempting to neglect a pinhole or teeny tear in the liner, especially if it’s above the water line. It’s highly advisable to patch these problems as soon as you spot them or they can tear further and cause leaking and other problems. Have a pool patch kit, including underwater pool liner patch adhesive, in your arsenal of pool maintenance tools.

    How Do I Add Stabilizer To My Pool With A Sock

    Above Ground Pool Care & Maintenance – The Ultimate Guide

    To add a stabilizer to your pool with a sock, all you need to do is pour the stabilizer into an old sock. Make sure to close the top of the sock with a tie or rubber band.

    Place the sock on the skimmer and wait for the stabilizer to enter your pool slowly. This will take about one to two days. While it’s not as efficient, it can keep your pool free from unintended murkiness.

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    Top 5 Tips For Maintaining An Above Ground Pool

    Above ground pools are a great option for many different reasons. They are affordable, dont take too long to install, they can fit in small areas and they are mobile. Another benefit from having an above ground pool is how easy maintenance can be, if you are doing it right.

  • It is crucial to clean your pool weekly, even if you arent using it weekly. Use a skimmer and an above ground pool vacuum. By cleaning your pool weekly you will avoid a build up of bacteria and algae that will cause a very time consuming clean up.
  • Check the chemical balance of your pool with a test strip. Add chemicals or do a shock treatment depending on what your test strip shows. This should also be done weekly.
  • Clean out baskets for the skimmer and the pump. If there is built up dirt and leaves in the baskets the skimmer or pump will not be able to perform their jobs as well as they should. This will help keep your pool clean and should be done on a weekly basis.
  • Check all the equipment that keeps your pool up and running. You should do a quick check weekly and a more thorough check once a month. It is important that everything is running smoothly and finding a problem in a pool part early will decrease the seriousness of the problem.
  • Clean out the pool filter. The method you use to clean your filter depends on the type of filter you have. This task should be performed on a monthly basis.
  • Need some advice?

    Dont Throw Away The Key

    Youve made sure your pool equipment is safe, but dont lose the plot here: winter will end, and the off-season with it. And sure, you might have to move a few boxes of old school medals and Halloween wigs to get to it, but your swim essentials will be right where you left them, right when you need them. Lets hope its sooner rather than later. In the meantime, enjoy.

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    Take Down Your Accessories

    These little parts might be easy to overlook, but theyll take a hit this winter if left in the elements. Remove any pool ladders, rails, and other accessories you have installed in your pool. This is also a great opportunity to give them a good rub down, then let them dry.

    Do you have a saltwater pool? Now is the time to remove your salt water chlorine generator, drain it, and store it. Plus, you can turn off all power and gas to your system, since you wont be needing them. I have two pieces of good news for you: youre about to love the bills that come in, and youre done!

    The next part of closing your pool involves using a winter cover, which is at risk of collapsing under rain and debris this winterbut that can be prevented with a cover pump that works on its own. Keep your cover light and secure with the BLACK+DECKER 800 GPH Automatic Pool Cover Pump, which detects up to a quarter inch of rain and works fast.

    What Happens If You Dont Clean Your Swimming Pool

    How To Keep Your Above

    A dirty swimming pool wont just ruin your day improper pool maintenance or care could lead to recreational water illnesses like diarrhea, ear infections, respiratory infection, rashes, inflamed eyes, and lungs.

    This is why its important to keep up on pool maintenance and make sure the pool chemistry is balanced so everything stays safe and clean.

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    Zero In On Calcium Hardness

    A frozen pool might be the ultimate in hard water, but its calcium hardness were worried about. Hard water deposits calcium in your pool and plumbing, forming an unsightly, crusty build-up over time.

    Conversely, if your water is too soft, it will try to draw the calcium it needs from inside the pool, which can damage tiled pools in the process by feasting on the plaster and grout. Too-soft water can also corrode metal.

    Plaster loss might not be a concern for above ground pools with vinyl liners, but avoiding metal damage definitely is.

    If your waters too hard, you can purchase chemicals to lower the hardness, or just dilute your pool water with fresh water that isnt hard. Water too soft? You can boost the level by adding a calcium hardness increaser or simple calcium chloride.

    The ideal calcium hardness range is 175 ppm to 225 ppm, or 200 ppm to 275 ppm if you have a concrete or plaster pool.

    How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Above Ground Swimming Pool

    March 5, 2021 By Denise Martin

    Above-ground pools can be great substitutes for typical swimming pools because theyll cost you much less. Also, above ground swimming pools come in a multitude of sizes and materials, which results in a wide variety of prices available on the market.

    But, how much does it actually cost to maintain an above-ground pool once youve bought one? Surely, it cant be as pricey as maintaining an in-ground swimming pool, but its a great idea to have an estimation of this cost.

    In this article, well answer this question in depth to help you see the whole picture before you invest in an above-ground pool.

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