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How Do You Keep Ducks Out Of Your Swimming Pool

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Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool

How to Keep DUCKS Out of Your POOL | Swim University

How to keep ducks out of your pool.

We take time out explain the options, but unfortunately we have only found two viable solutions!

Over more than a decade, our customers have tested various duck prevention methods including:-

  • Solar Blankets & Thermal Covers.
  • Chemical repellents such as Duck Off& No More Ducks.
  • Flags, plastic Snakes & other deterrents.
  • Pool Safety Net
  • Premium Leaf & Debris Cover.

Solar BlanketsSolar blankets float on the surface of the water and will submerge sufficiently with the weight of a duck to provide enough water to for them to paddle, play and enjoy. This means that ducks will continue to enjoy the use of your pool, pooping on the pool blanket, coping and surrounding areas.

The top surface of the solar blanket will quickly become soiled with feathers and faeces which will smudge across both surfaces of the cover when the blanket is rolled. In short, a Solar Blanket exacerbates the duck problem and does not offer any form of relief.

I just wanted to deter the ducks, I did not want to KILL them! Christina Rees. Grasmere, NSW.

Chemical RepellentsChemical repellents such as Duck Off and No More Ducks work by reducing the surface tension of the water. This causes the ducks to sink further into the water, which they do not like. Our customers have collectively used this product widely and report the following issues:-

Our Leaf & Debris Cover is the best available, featuring:-

Get Yourself Some Scary Looking Pool Toys

Wild ducks have evolved to avoid predator-infested bodies of water. You can leverage this bit of knowledge by tricking them into thinking your pool is just that.

To put this brilliant plan into action, keep a few inflatable pool toys floating in your pool when its not in use. Get inflatables that look like frightening animals, such as a snake, killer whale, or an alligator.

However, this method isnt foolproof. Thats because some ducks are too smart for their own good and cant be fooled by decoys. Once they know the inflated plastic isnt a threat, theyll just ignore it.

Its Harmful To The Ducks

Ducks are wild animals and should not be hanging out or roosting in your backyard. Not only is floating in and drinking chlorinated water unhealthy for the ducks but if they stick around long enough, they might start laying eggs in your garden.

Wild ducks dont know youre pool water is chemically-treated. All they see is a sparkling lagoon with no pond scum in sight. Drinking chlorinated water over time will cause serious damage to their kidneys and hatching their young in a residential area is a recipe for long term ducky danger.

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Keeping Ducks Out Of The Yard

  • 1Avoid feeding birds in the yard to discourage them. Feeding any birds, including ducks, will inevitably make them want to stick around and use the pool. Shoo away any ducks that venture into the garden, and also remove any hanging bird feeders from the trees.XResearch source
  • Feeding ducks will entice them to keep returning, and possibly to nest in the yard too. Overall this means that more ducks will be attracted to your garden, making it more difficult to get rid of them.
  • 2Remove water sources from the yard to make it less attractive to ducks. Put anything in the yard away that you notice the ducks being drawn to, aside from the pool. This can include plastic childrens pools, bird baths, and large containers that are full of water. If possible, remove any large puddles of water too.XResearch source
  • This will make the ducks less likely to stop in your yard, and therefore less likely to use the pool.
  • This will also make other types of birds less likely to be in your yard too.
  • 3Plant grass barriers around the pool area to keep ducks away. Tall grasses around the pool can be effective at keeping the ducks out. This is because, from the point of view of a duck, the tall grasses could be hiding predators, and therefore the ducks will be less likely to go into the pool.XResearch source
  • When planting, make sure to choose plants that the ducks wont feed on. Avoid plants that have nuts, berries, and other fruits as this could attract them instead.
  • Get Your Robotic Pool Cleaner Going

    How Do You Keep Ducks Out Of A Swimming Pool

    Robotic cleaners are not only fantastic at cleaning swimming pools, but they are great a scaring off unwanted guests such as ducks. To work, they move in random motions rather than slow fluid movements, and this in conjunction with the shape underwater can appear like a predator and frighten them off. Running your robotic cleaner is win, win, it keeps your pool water sanitary and healthy and stops pesky ducks from swimming in your pool regularly.

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    Why Should You Keep Ducks Out Of Pool

    The first and foremost reason is your health. Ducks can bring all sorts of parasites and diseases into your pool and you may not even be aware of it. Not to mention that they can get the pool water dirty in no time. They might even lay eggs on your property. But how long does it take for duck eggs to hatch? Well, if this happens next to your pool, in about a month you will have a fresh batch of mallard ducklings in your pool.

    What do baby ducks eat? Usually, they prefer vegetables, fruits, and greens, so if you have such foods around the pool, they might be encouraged to stay. Make sure you dont give them any reasons to stay in the pool or around it. At the same time, the chlorine water can affect their kidney system, so its also good for them to stay away.

    Why Are Ducks In My Pool

    Ducks are water fowl and live in and around a body of water. They spend a large portion of their lives swimming around waterways searching for food and raising their young. They can walk around on land but are better adapted at floating around in ponds and lakes.

    Ducks get into water to protect themselves from other animals and predators. They like to land directly in the water and take off again from the water. A predator, apart from an alligator, cannot sneak up on a duck in the middle of a pond of water.

    An adult duck sees your swimming pool as a nice place to bring up a family of ducklings. It looks safe, its fully fenced, there are no other animals using it and there are no obvious predators around.

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    Place Toys And Other Floaters On Your Swimming Pool

    If you dont like shiny objects on your pool, you can consider using floaters that resemble alligators, sharks, and other predators to act as bird repellents.

    This is the same technic used in corn fields where scarecrows are installed to scare birds away.

    The toys dont necessarily have to be in animal form. You can inflate large balloons and paint large eyes on them. This is a fun and effective way of keeping ducks away.

    Simple Ways To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool 2022

    Ducks in Your Swimming Pool – How to Scare Them Off
    • Pete Ortiz

    Ducks in your pool may not be a universal problem, but once youve had ducks in your pool, you know its challenging to get rid of them. You want to try to do everything you can to keep them from getting there in the first place. While ducks are more likely to take up in an inground pool, they can also land in an above-ground pool.

    If you live in an area prone to duck invasions, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to help you prevent the ducks from making a home in your pool. Wherever possible, we will try to supply you with an example product, but these products are just examples. Similar products will work just as well in most cases.

    Keep reading while we review these 11 simple ways to keep ducks out of your pool.

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    Use An Ultrasonic Pet Repellent

    There are electronic machines made specifically for keeping away all kinds of pests, including rodents, ducks and other birds.

    They emit a high-frequency sound that humans cant hear but that is highly irritating to birds.

    Some also have lights that flash to scare them away when the sensor detects movement.

    Put A Plastic Owl In Your Pool Area

    Owls are one of the known duck predators. Good thing that owls are often stationary. It might not be easy for ducks to figure out that the owl they see lurking around the pool area is fake.

    Having plastic owls lurking around your pool area can be enough to scare them away. For this methods success, you should consider putting up decoys that move their heads and make a hooting sound. Having several of these around your pool area wouldnt be a bad choice either.

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    Tips On How To Get Rid Of Ducks Fast

    As beautiful as they might be, wild ducks can be quite problematic. They can keep your insect population under control, but they can also make a mess out of your yard and pond.

    The good news is that there are many great ways to deter ducks from your yard humanely.

    Here are the best tips on how to get rid of ducks starting today.

    Have A Pet In The Yard

    How Do You Keep Ducks Out Of A Swimming Pool / A Beginner S Guide To ...

    Pets like dogs love to be outdoors. Having a dog in the backyard where your swimming pool is would scare the ducks away for sure. You dont even have to have a big dog. A small barking dog can also help it will disperse them all quickly.

    The joyful dog will definitely keep ducks away from your pool. They are scared of stationary things, so the dog will be frightening.

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    How To Keep Birds Away From Your Pool

    Birds can be a huge problem for new pool owners, so how do you keep birds away from your pool?

    Not only do they create quite a mess but they also pose a health risk for you and your family, particularly with their droppings.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bird droppings contain many germs which can infect humans.

    For instance, dropping from ducks and goose contain e.coli, cryptosporidium, campylobacter, and salmonella.

    After spending thousands of dollars building the perfect pool, the last thing you want is for you and your kids to get sick because you came in contact with such germs, right?

    Luckily, there are many ways on how you can keep birds away from your pool and we have listed them all here. Try any of the following methods and say goodbye to cleaning up bird poop in your pool and its surrounding areas.

    Intimidate With A Motion

    Waterbirds arent that scared of water in the first place, but they dont really like it when it splashes on them continuously.

    If youve been searching for a convenient way to keep ducks out of your yard and you also want to keep your grass patches well-watered, investing in a motion-activated sprinkler should be right up your alley.

    Such a sprinkler can make the best duck repellent for yards, gardens, and even orchards if youve noticed that your ducks have a penchant for your berries and other types of fruit. You can even use it as a duck deterrent for docks if you install it properly.

    The neatest thing about such a device is that it comes with a built-in sensor that detects movement on a specific range around it.

    Once it detects any critter, it will automatically spray it with water, making the animal want to leave that area right away.

    That is why motion-activated sprinklers are effective against a variety of pests, from raccoons to wild ducks.

    For the best possible results and if you have a bigger yard, we recommend using two or more such devices across the surface. In terms of efficiency, some can work for half a year on a nine-volt battery.

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    Tip : Use A Duck Repellent

    There are a variety of duck and goose repellents available on the market and each one does the same job. Apparently, the chemicals are completely harmless to humans or ducks which is good to know. Most of us dont want to hurt these creatures, but we do want them to keep away from our pools!

    Duck repellents can be sprayed on lawns, plants and other vegetation. The jury seems out on how well these work some say they work perfectly while others say that it doesnt work at all. If you want to try this for yourself you can buy Liquid Fence Goose Repellent on Amazon.

    Simple Tips For Keeping Ducks Away From Your Pool

    How to Keep ducks out of your swimming pool

    I am an IT engineer and have been a pool owner for over five years.

    Most of these tips are not only effective, but they’re cost efficient too. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to take back your pool.

    Are you having problems with wild ducks or geese hovering around your pool? Sure, they may be cute to look at or fun to watch, but problems can arise when you start to find bird droppings or can’t enjoy your pool in peace and quiet. Plus, if you see a pair of birds swimming, chances are they will soon begin mating and laying eggs in your yard. Before this happens, you need to scare them off. Here are some simple tips that anyone can do to prevent birds from ever landing in your pool. Some of these tips will also work for keeping them out of your yard/garden.

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    Tip To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool

    When you first see ducks in your pool, you may be thinking that they look cute floating around, but they can become a problem if they decide to make your backyard their permanent residence. If youve already got some living at your place and youre wondering how to get them to move on, this post is for you. Here, well share some handy tips to help you keep ducks out of your pool and yard.

    The Problem With Ducks In Swimming Pools

    Duck and goose droppings are a significant health hazard to humans. E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, or Cryptosporidium are a few of the germs contained in duck feces. While chlorine kills most bacteria within minutes, however, Crypto can survive for up to a week, even in the most well-maintained pools.

    Theres also a danger to the ducks to consider. Drinking chlorinated water irreparably damages their kidneys, and they often drink water while they are swimming.

    Protect your family and the local wildlife by keeping ducks away from your pool and spa.

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    How To Keep Ducks Off Your Swimming Pool

    Ducks certainly love your pool. It is a comfortable environment with crystal clear, clean water. It is situated in a delightful location, and it is totally free from predators.

    Despite how cute they are when you first see them, we probably don’t have to talk about the nuisance it is having ducks call your pool home – mainly because of the way they like to re-decorate the deck…

    Besides, ducks in the pool are a health concern for you, your family and pets. Not to mention that pool water is also not healthy for ducks, either.

    There are many tactics you can use to keep the ducks away, but not all of them work. To get rid of the ducks, you need to address the root cause of the problem.

    One of the most effective ways is to use a pool chemical to break the pool water surface tension so that they can’t float on it. Below are some samples:

  • Add to Wish ListAdd to Compare
  • Even though these chemicals are effective and safe for people , they do require regular usage.

    A clever, alternative way to solve this problem is to install a pool cover. Not only you will get rid of the ducks for good , but you will keep the pool heated up and free of debris while saving on chemicals.

    It is a win-win: no ducks and a better pool experience altogether, with less work, and no need to buy anything regularly.

    Its Unhealthy For You

    How can I keep ducks out of my swimming pool? Can my ducks and geese ...

    A lot of wild animals carry diseases, and birds are no exception. Some of the bacteria and viruses spread by ducks and other birdsbird flu, salmonella, E. coli, and otherscan make humans sick.

    Theoretically, the chlorine in your pool will eradicate those contaminants so you dont have to worry about infection and illness. But if the chlorine in your pool isnt at the correct level, its not going to be as effective at killing those bacteria and viruses.

    Also, some of those things are spread through the animals feces. If the ducks poop on your pool deck where theres no chlorine, and then you accidentally walk in it with bare feet you see where were going.

    Your best bet to avoid illness is to keep ducks out of the pool altogether.

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    Simple Tips For Keeping Ducks Out Of Your Swimming Pool

    Did you say how to keep ducks out of pool? So, it seems that youre not the only one anticipating the opening of the swimming season- the ducks are too! And looks like they got into the pool ahead of you, but certainly, ducks dont belong in your pool!

    The onset of spring signals a busy pool ahead- and the ducks nesting time. When you see ducks in pairs near your pool area, beware -they might have scouted it for a possible nesting site! Drive them right away!

    Unless you want them to build their nests and hatch their young, and deal with the problem of keeping them out of your pool at the end.

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