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How Much Does It Cost To Open Pool

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Cost Of Pool Maintenance Service

How Much Does a New Swimming Pool Cost in 2020?

While pool maintenance may be a job that you can handle on your own, hiring a professional comes with a host of benefits. Oftentimes, hiring a company will help save you money related to long-term remodeling and repairs. Not to mention, they will have the tasks done in less time and youll enjoy the reduced danger associated with working with equipment malfunction and harmful chemicals.

The average cost to hire professional pool maintenance is between $90 and $270 for three months, or about $60 to $90 an hour. Depending on the specific company, they may charge a flat weekly, monthly, or annual rate, or by the hour. The final cost you pay will ultimately come down to the type, size, and material of your pool. Most pool service costs also come from materials, including filters, cleaning equipment, chemicals, and replacement pool parts. Whereas, labor accounts for the remaining percentage.

Cost To Winterize An In

The cost to winterize an in-ground pool averages $200 to $400. In-ground pools take longer to winterize than above-ground pools. They are often larger and have more equipment that must be treated, such as heaters and additional pumps. Water features, attached spas, or multiple drains increase the closing cost because these all must be treated separately. Water features generally receive their own cover, increasing costs. Specialty equipment, such as solar heaters, requires additional work and costs, including adding antifreeze.

So What Does An Above Ground Pool Really Cost

When you choose an above ground pool kit that is tough enough to withstand years of summer play, you can start with a base price as low as $1,200. At the other end of the spectrum, for a an extra-large deluxe saltwater pool with all the extra fixin’s, can run as much as $12,000.

Make sure, as you’re considering your price, that you’ve added in the potential cost of installation . Also consider the cost of landscaping and any other features that you’ll want to add to your pool: decking, a fence, and any other elements you want to add. Though remember, those items can always be added later in phases.

If you’re ready to start your new above ground pool project and you need more information about the package that’s right for you, contact us! We can assist you with picking out the perfect pool for you and pairing it with the correct equipment as well as walk you through how you can save big by doing all or part of your own labor. Either way, we’re happy to help you obtain your favorite new space with your own above ground pool.

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Why Winterize A Pool

If you live in the sunbelt or snowbelt and do not use your pool when the weather gets colder, it is important to winterize it before covering it for the season. Regardless of where you live, failing to winterize can lead to algae and bacteria overgrowth. It can also lead to debris composting in the pool, meaning it can be much more difficult to get your pool cleaned and ready to open the next year.

Failing to winterize can seriously damage the pool walls and equipment if you live in an area that sees freezing temperatures. Because water expands as it freezes into ice, water inside your pump, filter, or heating system can cause irreparable damage, necessitating their replacement. Not lowering the water level in the pool can also damage the tile and other parts.

When you winterize your pool properly, you help stop algae and bacteria growth and prevent new debris from entering. You also ensure there is no trapped water in the machinery or water lines so that the pool is easier and less costly to clean and open again next summer.

Many risks are associated with not closing your pool. The repair costs for burst pipes, damaged filter systems, and cracked tiles are often more expensive than closing your pool. This preventative measure saves money in the long run. It is almost always less expensive to winterize a pool than repair it.

Cost Of Diy Pool Installation

Financial Costs of Swimming Pools

Installing an in-ground pool is not generally considered a DIY project. And if you do try to install a pool yourself, saving on costs isnt likely.

Hiring a professional ensures the job is done right, whereas doing it yourself may lead to costly repairs or significant damage to your property that adds to your long-term costs.

Installing a pool also requires proper training. Attempting to install a pool yourself without the necessary experience can prove dangerous and costly.

The bottom line: Pool installation is not a DIY job. Its not safe and usually wont save you money. Hiring a professional is typically the wiser investment to make.

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Do Inground Pools Add To Home Value

Yes, but youll have to do your homework to decide if its worth it in your own unique situation. Real estate experts estimate that an inground pool can add five to eight percent to a homes value. Factor in the average cost of your home and the average cost to install a pool to determine if this added value is worth it.

Cost To Close A Pool Permanently

If you have a pool on your property that is in disrepair or no longer in use, you can close it permanently and remove it from your property. This is known as filling in the pool. It can be done by completely removing the pool material or crushing the material and using it to fill in the pool before adding soil. The type of pool fill you need is determined by the pool type you have and what you want to do with the property. The cost of filing in a pool ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the removal.

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Installing A New Pool

Some homeowners remove a pool to replace it with a new one. Typically, the installation of a new swimming pool costs$17,000 to $45,000. People often opt for this choice when their existing one hasn’t been properly cared for and is suffering visible structural damage, or they are looking for a more modern look or more economical size.

If your goal is to replace your pool, your project will be more expensive and take longer to complete than if you were simply taking one out. You should expect to pay added labor and material fees. However, you won’t have to worry about filling in the space since you’ll be installing a new one, which can save around $15 per cubic yard.

Get a Pro Pool Removal & Fill In Quote

The common tools involved include:

  • Excavator with rubber tracks.
  • Truck for pouring in fill.
  • Dumpster for storing debris and hauling it away.

Typically, a contractor includes these charges in his or her estimate. If this is a DIY project, it could run a homeowner up to $2,000 to rent equipment for a few days.

Another item that might add to overall price is access. If it’s tricky to get the required equipment into your yard for the teardown, fill-in, and haul-off, then the cost of the project could rise substantially.

Cost To Maintain Chlorine Pool

How Much Does A Pool Cost? | California Pools & Landscape

The upfront cost to install a chlorine pool is relatively low, however, the cost to maintain one is high. As a chlorine pool owner, you can expect to pay between $60 and $125 an hour. The most important part about maintaining a chlorine pool is ensuring that it maintains the proper balance of chlorine.

The chlorine in the pool should be tested about every other day and it should stay between 1 and 3 ppm. In addition to making sure the levels are balanced, chlorine pools also need to be vacuumed, skimming, and the filters should be cleaned out. When compared to saltwater pools, chlorine pools typically need to be shocked much more frequently.

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Setting Up The Surroundings

Once the pool is installed, you will need to set up its surroundings. For example, you will need a sunroom or garage, pool enclosures, etc. You will also need to arrange for electrical lines and plumbing. These are all additional yet unavoidable expenses that will come with setting up an indoor swimming pool.

First Choose The Type Of Pool You Want

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula. The price of a swimming pool depends on a number of things. Before you buy a pool, consider the following points and think about the type of pool you want. Psst: Don’t forget about your budget!

  • Style: inground, semi inground or natural
  • Material: steel, concrete or fiberglass
  • Shape: round, oval, rectangular, etc. You should also consider the poolâs dimension.

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Cost To Open And Close A Pool

Most people do not use their pools all year, so they need to open and close them as the seasons change. When opening a pool, usually in the spring or summer, you first need to clean the pool, skim away the debris, check the various fittings and filters, and potentially add new chlorine or other chemicals. This can be a DIY project, or you can hire a professional. Opening a pool costs between $250 and $350. Closing a pool costs an average of $200 to $300, so the total cost of opening and closing a pool in a typical year is between $375 and $600.

Annual Pool Maintenance Cost

How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cost?

Your average annual pool maintenance cost runs from $960 to $1,800, with most homeowners spending around $1,400 along with the cost of any necessary repairs. A considerable variance in pricing depends on the type of pool.

According to Nerdwallet, there are two more costs that many homeowners dont think about in regards to yearly pool maintenance costs when researching the cost to build a pool.

  • Liability insurance can bump your monthly pool cost by $17 to $25. A pool increases the chance of injury on your property and will increase the price of your homeowners insurance, and insurance companies recommend liability insurance of half a million with an umbrella policy to bring it up to one million.
  • Inground pools typically increase your home’s property value by 7% when it goes up, property taxes tend to follow increase as well.

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Choosing A Pool Material

One of the first determining factors youll have to consider is your materials. What material you decide to use for your pool will not only play into the price you pay, but it will also impact how you maintain and use your pool for years to come.

Some materials are easy to maintain and clean, while others require much more effort and involvement. Also, some are affordable upfront, but the maintenance cost down the road quickly catches up to you. Lets take a look at the options and some of the pros and cons associated with each.

So How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pool

Pools are beautiful features in real estate, but they arent common everywhere if you own a pool in areas where indoor pools arent the norm, finding someone to sell it to might be a dreadful task.

Town zoning authorities require that swimming pools have fences, cleaning nets, thermometers, landscaping, and several accessories. If we ignore these costs, a standard in-ground swimming pool costs around $29,660 on average.

If you care about these add-ons, you should be aware of spending a few thousands of dollars more than the average price of a swimming pool.

Besides buying the pool, you would have to pay for installation, which can get a massive chunk from your bank account. Going forward, you will have to pay for weekly and monthly maintenance consistently, especially in buying chemicals to stabilize the chlorine contents of your pool water and keeping it from going acidic or highly alkaline.

Quoting Wall Street Journal, recurring expenses such as swimming pool cleaning equipment and chemical purchases are quite underestimated, but they cost around $800 annually. According to HomeAdvisor, other expenses include weekly payments for vacuuming, pool filters, skimming, and several other recurrent works on the pool.

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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools are best suited for people who are looking for something that can be quickly constructed, involves minimal costs and is portable. These swimming pools are prefabricated and made of fiberglass composites or are vinyl lined. You can pick and choose from a wide range of colors and styles. The best aspect of this type of indoor swimming pool is that it is portable, and you can take it along with you, if you decide to move.

What Type Of Environment

How Much Does A Pool Cost? $75 K & Under | California Pools & Landscape

You might think that indoor pools cost less to maintain than outdoor pools. And this may be true, depending on which company you choose. Indoor pools even when located outdoors and covered by an enclosure or awning can come with cleaning costs similar to those of outdoor pools.

Even though outdoor pools are more susceptible to debris, lawn clippings, dirt, and even animals, most professional pool cleaning companies charge based on pool size. However, as a rule, indoor pools typically use about $20 worth of chemicals per month.

Other than that, there is minimal maintenance required. For best results indoors or outdoors invest in a pool cover to keep debris from getting into your pool and damaging lining and drains.

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Indoor Pool Cost Calculator

A vinyl 12 x 16 indoor pool starts at $110,000, and costs as high as $220,000 for a 16 x 32 concrete indoor pool. Expect to pay $200 to $250 per square foot for your indoor pool, factoring in a four-foot perimeter around the pool, a roof and walls, plus the vital dehumidifier system.

Cost To Build Indoor Pool

$70 $150 per square foot
Dehumidifier $20,000 $30,000

An indoor pool offers year-round swimming, less maintenance because debris can’t get into the pool, and less chemical use as there is little sunlight disrupting chlorine levels. However, they come at a much higher construction cost and uses more energy.

How Does Size Impact The Cost Of A Pool

When it comes to budgeting for a pool, size makes a big difference. Pools are sold and priced by the square foot, and Aquamarine Pools estimates that the dimensions drive about 75% of the overall price.

Miguelez says the average size of a backyard swimming pool is 12 x 24, but they can be made in virtually any size. According to Pool Pricer, some other common dimensions are:

  • 10 x 20

When selecting a pool size, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will you use the pool?If you plan to use it for swimming laps and other exercise, youll want a longer pool. But if its primarily intended for sunbathing and quick dips to cool off, you can probably get away with a smaller size. If youll be adding a diving board, the pool will need to have a deep end of at least eight feet.
  • Who will be using the pool?If its for adult use only, you can probably opt for an overall deeper pool, but if a mix of children and adults will be swimming, you may need to incorporate a shallow end and zero-entry access. If you have a larger family or plan to entertain guests, you should plan for more swimming space.
  • How much space is available?Ultimately, the potential size of your pool will hinge on the size and suitability of your backyard. Make sure there is enough room to accommodate not only the pool itself, but also the surrounding deck, patio, and landscaping.

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Cost To Maintain Vinyl Pool

The cost to maintain a vinyl pool is pretty average when compared to alternative materials. Aside from regular maintenance like balancing chemicals, cleaning, and changing filters, you also need to check the liner of a vinyl pool. Vinyl liners are notorious for weakening over time because the chemicals can tear away at them.

In most cases, these liners will need to be replaced every five to nine years. The thinner the liner, the more susceptible it will be to rips and tears. Regular vinyl pool maintenance ranges from $475 to $800 a year, while the cost to repair a small tear or hole in a vinyl liner will run you between $350 and $550.

Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service

How Much It Cost To Build A Pool In Your Backyard In Fl

When looking to hire a pool service company, be sure to get at least three detailed bids. Compare online reviews, contracts, services, features, and add-ons before making your final decision. Things to look for are:

  • A/A+ rated members with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Have been in business for longer than five years.
  • Are an insured and bonded professional pool company.
  • Rated highly on HomeGuide and Google.
  • Has a CMS certification.

Get free home improvement estimates on HomeGuide from trusted pool cleaning companies:

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How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost In Canada

By Jackie Gillard on March 18, 2021

Your choice of pool construction style, shapes and sizes, along with pool decking, landscaping and access to your backyard, all affect pricing. To make matters even more complicated, costs can differ greatly from one contractor to another.

And when COVID-19 hit, they were glad they had put down a deposit with their pool contractor in late 2019. With lockdowns underway, the couple knew theyd be spending a lot more time at home and they had beat the spring 2020 rush for pool installations. They took their first swim in July.

Today, many pool contractors are fully booked for 2021, and even for 2022, as Canadians who are missing the ability to travel and socialize look for ways to enhance their backyard spaces, as Rubinoff has.

If youre interested in getting an inground pool, its important to know upfront there are numerous choices in pool styles, shapes and sizes along with pool decking and they all affect pricing, which can also differ greatly from one provider to another. Rubinoff decided on a fibreglass pool over the other options. Originally, we budgeted $80,000 and they laughed at us, Rubinoff shares. There are costs you dont think of cheaper isnt always better.

As with most major purchases, its best to shop around, do your homework and get detailed written estimates before signing a contract. This guide will help you through the process.

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