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How To Assemble Above Ground Pool

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Ways Of Leveling Your Pools Base

How to assemble the Intex 12×30 metal above ground pool

Its not something you think about on a regular basis , but each cubic yard of dirt weighs about 2,300 pounds. That same cubic yard, spread out over the area occupied by a 15-foot round pool, is less than half an inch deep yikes! Thats a lot of shoveling.

If your backyard is far from level, your best bet may be to hire some equipment, like a Bobcat with a dozer blade, or even pay professionals to do the necessary earthmoving. This adds to your total cost, so may make it worth looking at either a larger or a more durable pool than what you first had in mind.

Should you choose to do the job yourself, you first have to decide between The Hard Way and The Easy Way.

The Hard Way starts by using a sod cutter or rototiller to hack out a chunk of your lawn. After that, youll use a shovel and rake to smooth and level what remains, removing all rocks and roots as you go, finally tamping down the soil with a lawn roller.

The Easy Way produces nearly as good a result, with much less sweat and no risk of damaging a buried cable or sewer line. It does require a patch of ground thats at least eyeball level, though, so you may still have to do some digging.

Sand takes much less effort to rake flat. Its recommended that you tape a spirit level to a straight board. As you drag it around the site of your future pool, any hollows and dips will be easy to spot and deal with.

Once your ground is level, you can lay down bottom plates, a base protector, and a tarp, and youre good to go.

Tips For Preparing The Ground:

  • If the ground is clay use a floor pad for the installation
  • Oval buttress free pools require additional room at the sides for the ungrounded leg supports
  • You can not install an oval pool on concrete
  • Dont install a floor pad on a dished pool because the floor pad is designed to lay flat
  • You can not dish an oval pool if it has strapping
  • The pool must be level across the perimeter
  • For areas with severe weather or cold, a 6 inch base is recommended rather than a 2 inch base

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set 24

The pool set is designed for buyers looking for a strong and durable pool set that can withstand weather elements as well as frequent use. This set is made of durable Intex Tough PVC material. The material is resistant to the effects of oil, gas and even salt water. Given that these form a list of damaging items that come into contact with the pool from the people using them or during maintenance, it is highly resilient. The PVC based material allows you to leave the pool outside during winter without any worry. The steel frame is also rust resistant maintaining its strength and appealing appearance throughout use.

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Directions For Assembling A 24

  • Stand in the middle of your pool location and measure out 14 feet from the center. Mark the ends with a stake or spray paint. Mark a spot about every 5 feet. You should have a round circle with spray paint or stakes.
  • Remove all the components and lay them out on the ground away from the actual pool location.
  • Look for the instructions booklet, material list and equipment needed list. Inspect parts and check against materials list.
  • Remove the bottom metal tract sections from the packaging. Begin laying out and connecting the tracks until finished. Your pool may come with metal plates that the tracks attach to. The cement blocks will be sunk into the sand directly under the metal plates.
  • Unroll the aluminum wall of the pool, and begin inserting the bottom into the tracks. This will take some help, as it will be heavy.
  • When you insert the entire wall into the tracks and end up meeting the start of the wall, you will connect the ends with bolts provided, with the automatic screwdriver. Tighten up each bolt as much as possible, careful not to strip the screw.
  • Start inserting and attaching the upright metal braces that will hold the wall in place. They will attach to the bottom on the plates or track, depending on the pool model.
  • When all braces are attached to the wall, begin installing pool liner. The liner will be pulled out from the center to the sides and hung over the wall. Be sure it is equal on all sides.
  • Decide On Pool Size And Shape

    Cornelius 24

    The size and shape of a pool will determine its cost. Typically a bigger and taller pool will run more expensive than smaller ones, but be sure to do some research to find the right kit for you. Pools are either round or rectangular in shape. Round pools can range from 12 to 30 feet. Rectangular pools can have dimensions of 12-by-24 feet, 15-by-30 feet or 18-by-33 feet. The height of pools can range from 48 inches to 54 inches. Pool kits can range from $720 to $8,240, depending on the size.

    NOTE: Youll want to calculate how much it will cost to fill a pool at this time, too. There are several pool capacity calculators online. Pools typically need 15,000 to 30,000 gallons of water. For comparison, the average family of four uses around 10,500 gallons in a 30-day period, according to the EPA. So expect your water bill to double in the month you fill it for the first time. Once filled, it can cost between $40 and $60 per month to keep it filled. You can hire a water truck to fill your pool, but that will typically cost between $600 and $1,200.

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    Slowly Fill Pool With Water

    Its recommended to fill the pool halfway then refer to the separate instructions on how to install the skimmer and return fittings. Once installed, you can finish connecting the rest of the pool equipment like the filter system and pump. After installing all the above ground equipment, you can fill the rest of the pool.

    What Youll Need To Vacuum Your Swimming Pool

    The first, and most obvious, thing youll need is a pool vacuum! Be sure the vacuum is designed for above ground pool use.But, in order to vacuum your pool properly, you will need just a few things beyond the vacuum itself. You will need a pool skimmer . The pool skimmer will help you get the large pieces of debris out of the pool before you put your vacuum to work.Next, you will definitely want a long extension pole. Without an extension pole, the process for vacuuming your pool will be a challenging and cumbersome slog.Another important piece is the vac skimmer plate. This is the plate that you attach the hose to so it will fit over your pool skimmer.Finally, besides the vacuum itself, you will need a vacuum hose and head for the vacuum to do its work. These items almost always come included with the purchase of the pool vacuum.

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    Installing A Pool With A Sand Base Foam Cove Liner Floor Pad And Wall Foam

    Step 1

    Using fine sand , lay a 3 thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool this will form your base.

    Step 2

    After installing the 3 sand base, lay the liner floor pad on top. Please note your liner floor pad is pre-cut to fit your pools exact dimensions.

    Step 3

    Using spray glue or duct tape attach the pool wall foam to the metal pool wall. Start attaching the foam at the top of the pool wall. This will leave a small portion of the bottom of the pool wall not covered with foam but this area will be hidden with a sand or foam cove.

    Step 4

    After installing the pool wall foam, attach the pool cove by removing the adhesive backing and sticking it to the metal pool wall directly on top of the liner floor pad .

    Step 5

    This is the completed above ground pool liner installation. The vinyl pool liner should be completely supported by the pool base to avoid any stress or damage to it or the metal pool wall.

    In conclusion, there are several ways that one can prepare their pool base prior to installing your above ground pool liner. If these steps are followed correctly they can help prevent issues with your above ground pool liner post installation and in years to come!

    Tips To Install The Pool Wall:

    How To Assemble An Above Ground Pool Part 2: We’re Going Swimming!
    • As you unroll the wall put the top plates on to help support and give the pool strength.
    • Make sure the skimmer cut is on the top portion of the wall.
    • If your pool has buttresses:

    • Make sure gaps are tight along the wall where the buttresses are.
    • On oval pools the first buttress that you install will be the reference to install the remaining buttresses, therefore ensure that measurements and placements are exactly where they need to be.
  • Use stakes around the pool to hold the wall up while you are installing it.
  • If you find that the wall hasnt aligned properly once you have finished placing the wall tracks in the bottom plates, then adjust the bottom rails of the plate to ensure they fit properly. Do this evenly throughout the pool if needed.
  • Dont skip any nuts or bolts or your pool will not be stable.
  • Staggered wall bar systems dont have pre-attached bars. Connect the bars yourself using the nuts and bolts provided.
  • Wall bars must not touch each other.
  • Build a 6-8-inch cove along the inside of the pool wall. The cove is an important part of the pool structure. Take your time to make a complete, full-sized cove.
  • Pack your cove. Be careful not to scratch the pool wall when youre doing this. You can use a trowel.
  • If the pool wall is floating, there is probably dirt in the track. To correct this issue, lift the wall and use a shop vac to clean it out. If you can’t lift the wall you might have to dissemble the pool structure to correct this.
  • If your pool has strapping:

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    Prepare The Pool’s Base

    The location for your above-ground swimming pool should be level. Leveling the base for your pool is critical since variations may cause the pool to collapse.

    Even if you decide on do-it-yourself above-ground pool installation, you may want to have the base prepared by professionals. A general building contractor can do this. In some areas, professional leveling services can help grade and prepare the base for the pool.

    Bring In Sand For Base

    Our bases are built of sand. You will need to wheelborrow in the sand inside the pool. If you are going to a quarry, the best we have seen is screened sand, slight mix of clay. This allows the sand to compact firm. Do not use the popular mortar sand, which is often used for bricklaying.

    Note: You can start bringing in the sand before the previous step. Just make sure that you lay down a piece of plywood or cardboard to protect your border. When you are done bringing in sand, make sure to re-level and inspect the area to walked over the stone dust to ensure it’s leveled.

    We usually bring in 4 inches of sand inside for the base. You will find yourself roughly spreading it inside the swimming pool. But do not bring it against the stone dusk circle yet. You will need to have the wall installed before you do that. So simply add extra sand near the edges inside so that you will be able to level it later.

    During pool installations with our crew, we usually have a few steps happening at the same time.

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    I Consider Additional Electricity Needs

    Ideally, a swimming pool can be vast and hence require more electricity needs. You have to factor in all the possible applications that will require electricity.

    Elements such as salt chlorine generators and ozonators need electricity. Therefore, you got to look into it and find out whether they can affect the electricity supply.

    Check whether they need an upgrade or if they can work just fine.

    Installing A Pool With A Sand Base And Foam Cove

    Bestway Above Ground Pool 10FT Easy Assemble Round Steel ...

    Step 1

    Using fine sand , lay a 3 thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool this will form your base.

    Step 2

    After installing a 3 sand base, attach the pool cove by simply removing the adhesive backing and sticking it to the metal pool wall directly on top of the sand .

    Step 3

    This is the completed above ground pool liner installation. The vinyl pool liner should be completely supported by the pool base to avoid any stress or damage to it or the metal pool wall.

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    What If You Dont Like Vacuuming Your Pool By Hand

    If youre the kind of person who just knows that youll never have the will to go through the somewhat arduous process of manually vacuuming your pool, there are still options available. For instance, there are various kinds of automatic cleaners that can do the job for you, if youre willing to shell out some extra dough for the convenience. Consider pressure-side cleaners, suction-side cleaners, and robotic cleaners for a high-tech solution.Alternatively, you can always hire a professional. But think of how much more satisfying your next pool party will be knowing you did all the hard work yourself!

    Where Should I Install My New Pool

    To begin, organize your tools and above ground pool parts. For the pool location, Find a large and flat area in your yard that is big enough to accommodate your above ground pool. If you are installing an oval above ground pool, keep in mind that it may have buttresses on each side . Before digging, check for utility lines and underground obstructions. Last but not least, make sure your installation is in compliance with all state and local codes before building. Do not assemble your pool on asphalt, tar or oil base surfaces.

    You can rent a transit from your local equipment store for a precise level measurement or use a board with a level.

    Things to avoid:

    • Buried debris
    • Sudden slopes within 6′ of pool area

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    Do A Random Search On The Internet

    You can also find your favorite above swimming pool design by doing a random search on the internet.

    Ill give you a few links at the end of this section on how to get some of the best above ground swimming pool designs.

    Anyway, here is how to go about it:

    • Enter search term say above ground swimming pool designs

    How to get above ground pool designs from Google search

    For that reason, they can offer you with what youd really need regarding preference and choice.

    I always recommend that you have a variety of these designs to choose from. It makes it easier to pick what necessarily interests and appeals to you in all aspects.

    Nonetheless, you need to ensure that the particular pool design you ultimately pick can suit your budget. You dont choose something that is costly for you and ends up draining your bank account.

    Learn more:

    Install A Swimming Pool Cover

    Part 3 Above Ground Pool Deck Construction

    To protect the pool from debris, snow or the suns heat, you must cover the above-ground swimming pool. Pool covers for above-ground pools are also effective ways to reduce the cost of owning a swimming pool.

    I have a good article for you on this Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Covers. It contains everything you need to know about swimming pool covers.

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    Tips For Installing Plates Rails Covers:

    • Follow manufacturers instructions carefully. The pieces should all fit together easily.
    • Check to ensure the sides and top are level.
    • Make sure the top plates are perfectly straight using a level before you tighten them.
    • Bottom rails must always be held in place in the bottom plate.
    • You must recheck the gaps at each and every one of the bottom rails so that they are all equal in gap size.

    Dont Wait With The First Setup

    To tell the truth, there are actually multiple reasons to give yourself plenty of time for the task of installing an above-ground pool. For one thing, its an excellent idea to set it up early in the season to give the sun time to heat it up before summer starts in earnest this also gives you time to get used to maintaining the right water chemistry.

    On another level, even the best above-ground pools sometimes leak from day one. If you need to return yours, you dont want the warranty period to slip past with it still in its box.

    How big a factor this is depends on which kind of pool you buy. The pool liners of the Intex Metal Frame and Bestway Power Steel are typically covered for only 90 days. That of the more expensive Intex Prism series, by contrast, can be sent back at any time during the 12 months following purchase, assuming that the cause of the leak is a manufacturing defect.

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    Choose The Size And Shape Of Above

    The size and shape of the pool are important since these factors affect the cost of the pool and its maintenance, as well as its ability to fit well within your yard.

    The size of the available space helps to determine the eventual size of the pool. The cost of water should be figured in, too, since treated water comes at a cost for all municipal users.

    Above-ground swimming pools range from small wading pools to large round, oval, or rectangular pools.

    Cost to Fill Above-Ground Swimming Pools by Size

    Based on 2021 findings from Home Guide.

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