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How To Clean Pool Liner

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What If Your Pool Steps Have Stains But Theyre Made Of Fiberglass

How to remove stains from your swimming pool liner – Pool stains (Problem Free Swimming Pool )

Tackling fiberglass stains is going to require a different set of rules. You can read about removing stains from a fiberglass surface here.

For a brief recap on how to remove stains from fiberglass, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Maintain your water chemistry
  • Dont let leaves or dirt sit on your pool steps
  • Try wiping stains off with a fiberglass friendly sponge or cloth
  • For metal stains, try rubbing a vitamin c tablet directly onto small stains
  • Try a metal sequestering agent to fade the stain and remove metals

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How To Clean A Pool Liner

Cleaning a pool liner is a task every pool owner is faced with at some point or another. Pool owners use pool liners to protect the interior surface of their pools from environmental and man-made hazards. But these liners, whether they are in ground pool liners or above ground become stained from the buildup of residue or other grime they are exposed to and need to be cleaned from time to time to maintain the look and condition of the pool.

Follow these steps on how to clean stains from your pool liner.

Step 1: Drain the Pool

You must drain the pool before starting the clean up process to make sure you clean the entire liner, without leaving any part behind. Follow the directions on your manufacturers handbook to drain the pool properly.

Step 2: Remove the Liner

After the pool is drained completely, remove the in-ground pool liner following the manufacturers instructions again. Keep all the liner clips together in a basket or bag since you will need them when putting the liner back.

Step 3: Scrub the Liner

Leave the solution to sit on hard stains for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing again. If they do not dissolve immediately, repeat the process again until they disappear or fade significantly. Chlorine in swimming pools chemicals prevents permanent stains, so there are not many stains that cannot be removed from a pool liner.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse the entire liner again with a garden hose after cleaning it to ensure any remains of cleansing chemicals are washed away.

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Using Magic Eraser On Vinyl Liner

X-PertPool said:I’ve been using a product called wipeout, the only problem is that it only removes the grime where it touches so when you pour it on it drips down and when you wipe it away you can see where you missed. Although you can get around this problem by misting it on with a pump spray bottle, I used this in conjuction with the mr. clean eraser and found that the wipeout works better than the eraser since there is no real scrubbing needed just mist it on the vinyl and wipe it off. The mr. clean erasers work, it just takes time and it’s basically just a micro abrasive.

Stubborn Bathtub Ring Around Vinyl Liner

Organic Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Pool Liners

I have been a follower of the Pool Forum for several years now and appreciate all of the great information compiled here, thank you! Ive usually been able to find answers to my questions/issues over the years by searching through the Forum. Somehow I cannot find my current problem addressed so I am posting for the first time a newb. I have a 24 ft. round AG pool with vinyl liner. I’ve had the pool for about 4 years now and noticed that over the past 2 years, it is developing a dark ring above the water line. We tried using some Soft Scrub but this was only very minimally effective. Im a BBBr so knew I might be risking water balance by using the Soft Scrub but fortunately it did not seem to have much negative affect on the 13,500 gallons of water. I have a couple of teenage daughters who like to have their friends over in the pool. They use tanning oil and my thought is that this ring is a result of their increased use of the pool and the tanning oil over the past few years. What is the best way to get rid of this ring and keep it away? Thanks for your help.


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Easy Pool Liner Cleaning Tips Every Owner Should Follow

While most of us would rather be enjoying the pool than cleaning it, cleaning is part of life for pool owners. When done regularly and properly, cleaning will help keep your vinyl pool liner in tip-top shape. As you pull out the sponges, vacuums, and pool scrubbers, check out these tips to help make your cleaning process more efficient and prevent major maintenance issues down the road.

How To Clean To Clean Metal Liner Stains

  • Check for obvious sources of the stains, like rust around the pool ladder.

  • Get rid of any debris in the water, vacuum the pool and clean the filter.

  • Balance the pools water chemistry.

  • Use a metal test kit to confirm that metals are present in the water. And get rid of them with a metal sequestering agent.

  • Use a metal stain remover to get rid of tough stains.

  • You may need to change the metal parts of your pool, or even your water source, depending on what causes the stains.

  • If you suffer from ongoing staining, your best option may be to hire a professional pool maintenance company like Aveco to keep your pool looking great and avoid prematurely changing your vinyl pool liner.

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    Which Cleaners Should Be Applied To The Intex Pool Liners

    It is essential to know which cleaners should be used for cleaning pool liners. There are many pool vacuum cleaners available in the market that do not affect the quality of the pool liners, but also made them go dull in color. Therefore, you should use the cleaners that are right for pool liners.

    Use a Beach Cleaner

    If you see that fungus is accumulated on the pool liner or it is stained because of bacteria, you should use a cleaner with a bleach base. Take the same amount of chlorine bleach and water, and mix them. You can pour this material into a spray bottle and spread the cleaner on the pool liner. Lastly, let this bleach cleaner dry over the liner. Once it gets dried, wash it off with water.

    Use an Alkaline Cleaner

    The acid-based cleaners clean thoroughly. But these are not gentle on the vinyl liners and they can even cause tearing of the liner. Therefore, it is better to use alkaline-based cleaners. These cleaners work great on stains and discoloration. You can use a spray bottle for ease to evenly spread the cleaner over the liner.

    These are the well-suited ways and materials to clean the pool liners. We hope you do not have any doubts about how to clean the Intex pool liner anymore.

    Be Thorough: Reach The Unreachable

    How can I clean my steps in a vinyl liner pool?

    Its true that this guide is all about easy and simple tips, but every now and then, you just have to get in there and give that pool a thorough scrub. People tend to forget that some pool areas are neglected in your day-to-day pool routine. Dirt and other bacteria can form around swimming pool ladders, stairs and pool surface corners. You could either do a thorough clean once a year or have a professional over.

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    Vinyl Pool Stain Colors

    • Blue-green: This shows copper present in water or in the pipes bringing the water to the pool.
    • Reddish-brown: This shows iron or rust stains caused by corroded pool pipes.
    • Green, brown, red: Due to leaf deposits, flowers, pollen, or dust.
    • Black: Black pool stains on a vinyl liner show a mold build-up.

    Pool Cleaning Should Be Undertaken By A Suitably Qualified Pool Cleaning Operative

    POOL CLEANING should be carried out minimum 2 times per week, 52 weeks per year. Whilst the pool may not be used during the winter, this is the key time to balance and protect the water and get it ready for the heavy summer use.

    PLEASE dont buy pool cleaning only on price: qualified pool cleaners offer competitive pricing AND professional qualifications. We are happy to quote you happy on your pool cleaning too!

    POOL CLEANING RECORDS should be kept every visit and available to you at any stage. Vital in the case of a claim e.g. for ear infection or similar

    LIABILITY: is yours as the owner of the pool . EN Regulations ESN 15288-2.

    CHLORINE: isnt the only chemical necessary to clean a pool. We check for many.

    POOL VISIT CHECKS include:

    • Total Chlorine PH Alkinity Calcium Hardness Cynuric Acid plus observations of the general area of the pool

    CLEANING A SWIMMING POOL BORDER / TOP LINE should ideally be undertaken daily, with the correct chemical and gently. If you only have a couple of visits by your pool cleaner each week, try to clean between the visits. Suntan lotions and debris, attaches daily to the pool. Ensure that:

    • Swimmers shower before using the pool
    • The pool chemical balance is correct
    • That the wrong chemicals arent being used to clean the border/top line eg bleach is an absolute No/no
    • That rubbing the border or top line is done gently and carefully, no scrubbing

    Other Tips:

    If you see any problems, ask the pool manager to address them.

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    The Right Tools Make A Big Difference

    9. Using an automatic pool cleaner can be a simple way to keep a pool clean. Its important to use it properly, though. In general, using a robotic cleaner two to three times a week during normal, temperate weather for about two hours is all thats needed to maintain a clean pool. Excessive use should be avoided. Excessive rubbing of the cleaner against a vinyl liner can be abrasive enough to cause the pattern to wear off of the vinyl.

    10. Use equipment which is designed specifically for use in a vinyl liner pool. Keep all equipment in good condition. Replace any badly worn or defective parts before continuing use in the pool. For example, a vac head with missing brushes may cause a wrinkle to form in the liner and possibly tear the liner if the suction is strong, and if the vac head remains in one spot for a long period of time.

    What Is The Best Way To Clean Vinyl Pool Liner

    How to Clean Above Ground Pool After Draining


    Mix vinegar, baking soda and hot water in a bucket. Use a mop to clean the liner. This will kill mold and mildew and leave the liner clean and fresh smelling.

    Likewise, can you power wash a vinyl pool liner? If you pump a liner pool completely out, especially an inground liner pool, the liner may relax and wrinkles can occur when it’s filled again. As the pool drains, hose and brush off the steps and walls if there are any dirt or stains, but do not use a pressure washer!

    Similarly one may ask, how do you remove brown stains from vinyl pool liner?

  • Scrub the algae with a soft nylon brush. In most cases this is all that is needed with vinyl pool liners.
  • Check the pH levels of the pool with the test kit.
  • Don the safety glasses and rubber gloves.
  • Add dry sodium bisulphate to the pool to reduce he pH rating.
  • Add four times the normal amount of chlorine for your pool.
  • Can you use magic eraser on pool liner?

    But if you really scrub a vinyl liner with a magic eraser it can visibly scratch the liner. Often the scratches are better than the stain, but they do tend to change the appearance.

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    Tips For The Best Ways To Clean Your Pool Liner Effectively

    What can be better than taking a swim in your private pool? Thankfully, a pool liner helps you keep that delightful swimming pool strong and sound for many years to come. For that exact reason, every pool liner needs efficient maintenance in order to be properly preserved. But truth be told, no one wants to work hard at maintaining their pool. This is why weve prepared here a number of easy things you can do to ensure that your pool liner remains clean, and of course enjoyable.

    Take a look at these great pool liner cleaning tips that will definitely extend your pool liners life!

  • Cover it Up Covering Your Pool
  • Staining Caused By Tape

    It is important to make sure that any tapes used for joining underlay or for any other use where they are likely to come into contact with the liner, are compatible with PVC liner material. Some tapes, particularly those commonly known as duck tape or gaffer tape can stain or distort the liner.

    Interestingly, tape can also sometimes act as a barrier to staining. In the picture the stains are broken up by straight lines of tape under the liner which are preventing or at least delaying the process of the hydrogen sulphide gas permeating the liner.

    Similarly the welds of the liner can present a barrier to staining as they are essentially a double thickness of material. Another side to this phenomenon can be seen at the end of the process when the staining is receding the welded areas retain the stain longer and remain the last sections to be free of staining.

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    Test Your Water Chemistry Regularly

    Good water chemistry is incredibly important when it comes to cleaning your pool. Dirt and debris can impact your water chemistry, so you should always do a water chemistry test before and after you clean your pool to make sure levels are where they should be. Proper water chemistry will help prevent algae and other debris that can stain and damage your liner, so its an important preventative maintenance step.

    Vinyl Pool Liner Repair

    How To Remove Stains From A Vinyl Pool Liner

    Fortunately, most minor tears in vinyl pool liners can be repaired with special kits and products available from pool professionals. In order to determine whether or not a tear can be repaired, you should consider the location of the damage. Rips near return jets or skimmers are less likely to be successfully repaired because water often leaks behind the liner in these locations. Other issues, such as wrinkling or discoloration can also be difficult to address. In these cases, a replacement may be a more costly, but advantageous, decision.

    Another factor to consider when dealing with vinyl pool liner repairs is the age of your liner. Liners older than three years may need to be replaced depending on the condition of the vinyl.

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    How To Clean A Very Dirty Vinyl Pool Liner

    A swimming pool liner, constructed of a plastic vinyl material, prevents water from escaping the pool and saturating the ground nearby. The pool’s liner directly contacts the water and as such can become dirty due to debris entering the water and settling down onto the surface of the liner.

    Cleaning a dirty vinyl liner requires vacuuming and scrubbing off stuck-on dirt and debris with a pool brush.

    Wipe Them Out: Stains On Your Pool Liner

    There are several causes that can lead to stains on your pool liner. For instance, imbalanced pool water chemistry, or oils that build up. To prevent stains, that affect both your pools cleanliness and appearance, make sure that you clean your pool regularly, and when needed, use a gentle brush to scrub them out. You can even use natural cleaners to wipe them out. Be careful however not to use harsh chemicals that might set off your pools chemical balance.

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    Clean Your Pool At Least Once A Week

    Removing debris, vacuuming, and brushing the liner on a regular basis will help reduce the likelihood of major stains and pool maintenance issues. There are plenty of that can help keep you on a regular cleaning regimen. The more you and your family use your above ground pool, the more often you should clean it.

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