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How To Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer

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Is It Safe To Use A Pressure Washer To Clean A Pool

Part 4 Mr. Hard Water Pool Tile Cleaning – Blast Tips

This is a question asked by most pool owners, especially those with a pressure washer they use for other cleaning purposes at homes, such as car washing, roof cleaning, and more. The main concern here is, will the pool surfaces handle the pressure?

Of course, a pressure washer can clean pool tiles if appropriately used. Pool tiles are made from ceramic or porcelain. These two materials can be damaged by a pressure washer if used with much power.

You must follow the right techniques on how to clean the pool tile with a pressure washer. Later on, I will discuss various ways you can pressure wash your pool tiles properly and avoid damaging them.

Organize Your Cleaning Into Sections

You should clean one part of the pool at a time if you want your cleaning frenzy to be productive. So take your time pressure washing one area at a time, and after its clean, you may go on to the next.

It may appear to be a time-consuming process, but the result will be well worth the effort. Furthermore, you should not need to return to that region to clean any places you may have missed if you do so.

Pool Tile Cleaning Services

If you dont have the time, tools, desire, or are just unsure about cleaning your pool tile, you can always hire a professional, like Above All Pool Care LLC. By hiring an expert pool cleaner, you can be sure the job will get done properly, leaving you with a sparkling pool for your family and friends to enjoy.

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How To Remove Calcium Deposits From Pool

You do what you can to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. You skim for leaves, bugs and other debris. You sweep. Even when you are not sure you need to, you vacuum.

Compared to some of your neighbors, you feel like a responsible pool owner.

One day, you notice that the plaster seems to be discolored right around the water line. Whats going on?

If this has happened to you, you are absolutely not alone. This is one of the more common questions pool owners have, along with another frequent query: Why is my pool green? Most likely, if you notice stains along your waterline, youre dealing with a calcium deposit. Unfortunately, it tends to be very difficult to clean calcium deposits.

Youre likely wondering how to remove calcium deposits but, what exactly are they?

What Youll Learn:

Keep Distance From The Tiles

Pool Tile &  Surface Cleaning with Dustless Blasting ...

Another tip would be to keep distance from the place you are spraying. The thing about pressure washers is that they shoot extremely concentrated amounts of water, thats why they can cause damage to some tiles. To make the water not so concentrated, stay far from the spot youre hitting. We recommend at least 3 feet of distance.

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Make Sure Nobody Is Out While Cleaning

A pressure washer can be dangerous to the people around you while you are washing. Make sure nobody is out while cleaning the pool tiles.

  • Severe accidents might take place if your children or pet come in between while cleaning.
  • Fractures or even severe injuries can be the result of negligence.
  • Ensure you tie up your pets inside the house and lock the porch door to keep the children safe at home.

You should also be careful with the device make sure you handle the nozzle well otherwise, decrease the pressure.

Finally, make sure you have worn good quality protective gear and a good non-slippery pair of shoes.

Can You Clean Pool Tile With A Pressure Washer

With the right pressure washer, you can get your pool tiles cleaned more quickly and efficiently. Youll just need to make sure you have the right nozzle and the perfect amount of pressure to have a clean pool tile and not damage it. Keep in mind that there can be more of a risk for pressure washers to cause damage, so youll need to be careful.

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Cleaning Of The Pool Tiles With Pressure Washer

Once we have gotten all the necessary equipment in hand, it is time to move forward with cleaning the pool tiles with a pressure washer.

Here is the step by step guide that you will need to follow:

  • Wear your protective clothing and start setting up the pressure washer for cleaning. If your pressure washer can go to a higher temperature, choose hot water or steam to clean the tiles.
  • Before using the pressure washer, ensure all the pool toys are removed, and the debris is removed by using a pool vacuum. Do not forget to clean the surrounding area as well.
  • Now move forward with testing the pressure washer at a low setting or use a wider nozzle to remove the dirt from the pool. Sweep the washer in Horizontal motion for at least 30 seconds.
  • As you move from one section to another, start increasing the pressure to understand what works best for you. Make sure the section is fully clean before you move to the next one.
  • Change the nozzles around the corners and gout lines as they are pretty tough to clean. A long spray gun works best in this region.
  • Once you are done cleaning, switch off the pressure washer and pull the trigger to release the extra water. Let the tiles air dry.
  • Do not use any external method for drying the tiles it might harm the surface of the tiles.

    Here is the link to a video guide that will help you understand the use of a pressure washer.

    It Is Important To Know How To Set Up The Machine For Best Results


    Steam cleaning technology always delivers superior cleaning results. Make sure the machine is set up according to the manual and all the inlet, outlet, and accessories are connected and secured perfectly before you start the cleaning application.

    Using a steam pressure washer to clean swimming pool tiles is a smart decision to make, as it cleans efficiently and faster too. Moreover, there is no need to add expensive chemicals and detergents to the cleaning process, as the power of steam can easily tackle all types of grime, dirt, and even bacterial and microbial presence. Top steam pressure washers come with a host of attachments and wands to reach hidden corners, making cleaning convenient and comprehensive.

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    # : Start Your Cleaning

    Now begins your main cleaning part. Start the engine of your pressure washer, put 15-degree nozzle and check the water force you are getting. From one side of your pool start spraying on the blocks of the tiles and move the spray gun from left to right and vice versa. Clean the outer part first and then go inside and clean the walls and finally spray on the tiles grounded on your pool. Most of the dirt will be removed using the 15-degree nozzle. Next, take the 0-degree pencil jet nozzle and spray on the joining parts of two tiles where the other nozzles are not effective. Spray the entire pool cleaning every joint of your pool.

    In some cases, you might need to spray detergent for a shiny look. To do so first, you put the detergent solution on your onboard tank that comes with your pressure washer. Start the engine and spray from one side to the other, distributing it evenly on the entire pool. After that, take a long brush or scrubber and start rubbing the tiles. Pay more concentration on the sides where there is some tough dirt or mold. Finally, spray water using a 25-degree nozzle and clean the entire pool.

    How To Clean Pool Waterline Tile

    Waterline tiles are installed around the pools top area to prevent dirt from getting into the pool, and over time, the tiles in this area get discolored or laced by calcium scaling, which you may have to clean up.

    If the scaling is minimal, use a brush to scrub the calcium away however, if it is a more pronounced stain, use a pumice stone and a recommended tile cleaner.

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    How To Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer A Detailed Guide

    Fact Checked By Daniel Wood | Post Updated On: August 2, 2021

    A machine that brought a revolution in the business of cleaning is a pressure washer. In the beginning, it was only used for commercial purpose with heavy-duty machines. Nowadays the smaller size and convenient carriage bring the second phase of its invention. It can be comfortably used to clean your house, car, patio, fence, boat, garage, pool, etc. Today well discuss how to clean pool tile with the pressure washer.

    The pool is a place which tends to get dirty very often, thus making it slippery with the combination of dirt and water. If you dont clean inside and outer part of your swimming pool for a long time you are actually putting yourself in danger of unwanted accidents. There are few procedures of cleaning this area, and if you follow them, you can clean it yourself easily with a power washer. Before I go into the procedure, let me answer a few common questions.


    Get A Pressure Washer

    How To Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer Without Damage?

    If you dont have a pressure washer, youre going to need to get one. Depending on how often you plan on using it, you can either choose to purchase or rent one. Ultimately, youll want to think about which choice will be more cost-efficient and effective.

    Choosing a steam pressure washer will ensure the most effective results without the need for detergents, which can allow for a more eco-friendly clean as well as the ability to keep more money in your pocket.

    There are a couple of features youll want to consider in the ideal pressure washer for the task. To begin with, it should be able to get the water to about 300 degrees at least. This is going to be important for making sure your pool tiles are properly sanitized. Additionally, it should have a minimum PSI of 2,000 and ideally a maximum of around 2,600.

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    How To Clean Pool Tile With A Pumice Stone

    A pumice stick works well to scrub off that last bit of calcium that a scraper just cant get under. While its generally safe to use pumice on tile, always test on a low key area of your tile first. You can usually find pumice sticks at pool stores, home improvement stores, and even online.

    One other way to clean your pool, but is a little more in depth, is Acid Washing.

    Do Not Put Too Much Pressure

    If its your first time, you are likely to make a common mistake using too much pressure.

    But the trick is using less pressure while cleaning. Id suggest that you use something around 3000 PSI, which would be perfect for the job at hand.

    However, if the tiles arent in very good condition, you can use PSI as low as 2000.

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    Things To Remember While Cleaning Pool Tiles With A Pressure Washer

    Now that you know the important tips to get your pool tiles cleaned, here are some essential tips to remember to get your job done quickly and easily:

    • Clear away the objects you think the pressure washer can hit near the pool, along with cleaning debris inside the pool.
    • Keep the heat a little lower when you are testing the hoses pressure to avoid any kind of damage.
    • Once you have now started the actual cleaning process, turn the heat up. Three hundred Fahrenheitheat is better to get the job done quickly for steam pressure water.
    • Even when using very little pressure, dont forget to maintain a safe distance from the tiles to avoid damaging or breaking them.
    • Dont use any kinds of chemicals while washing the tiles with a pressure washer since it may damage the washers internal parts. With the pressure that the washer has to offer, water is enough to remove any kind of calcium or algae present on the surface of the tiles.

    How To Choose The Right Pressure Washer Model

    Part 2 Mr. Hard Water Pool Tile Cleaning – Set Up Installation

    You can choose the most suitable pressure washer for your purpose taking into account, first of all, the size of your pool: the larger the area to be cleaned, the better you can rely on a professional or semi-professional model with a high power motor.

    On the contrary, if your pool is smaller, you can opt for a more compact and lighter model that is easy to handle and takes up little space in the shed.

    If you are lucky enough to have an indoor swimming pool, however, you should definitely opt for a pressure washer with an electric motor that does not emit exhaust fumes, while outdoor you can use both electric and combustion engine models.

    You can also choose between cold water and hot water pressure washers: the only precaution, in the second case, is not to use hot water on above-ground or inflatable pools, made with plastic tarpaulins that cannot stand for high temperatures. For these types of pools, in any case, it is recommended not to exaggerate with the water pressure and operate too close.

    Finally, when you purchase a pressure washer, keep in mind that you can use it for many different operations: besides cleaning the pool, it will also be very useful for cleaning gardens and furniture, for yard floors and for washing your car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle.

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    By Step Guide Of Pool Cleaning With Drainage Of Water

    Step 1: It is the long process but should be done once a year for the better usability of your swimming pool Because of calcium deposits in the pool tile becomes slippery.

    Step 2: Firstly drain water from the pool from the exit way of the swimming pool. Wait some time to drain properly, Now wipe all the debris from the pool and enter your pressure washer inside the pool.

    Step 3: wash your all tile with maximum pressure but if you are using a commercial pressure washer then pressure should not be more than 3000 PSI. The 80% of your deposits will be cleaned with a first wash.

    Step 4: Now for the remaining hard deposit, you can use calcium releaser/acid for the complete cleaning. Apply the calcium cleaner/acid to the deposits, Rest 5 minutes and scrub from the scrubber. Clean in sections for better cleaning.

    Why Pressure Washers Are Recommended For Swimming Pool Tiles’ Cleaning

    Swimming pool maintenance experts recommend pressure washers for cleaning of swimming pool tiles and other areas because these machines have the right features to deal with this special cleaning application. A superior steam pressure cleaner can deliver improved cleaning results and can work faster than ordinary cleaning machines. Pressure washers with high pressure level and impressive hot water and steam temperature options can easily dislodge and remove tough and stubborn grime and dirt deposits that build up quickly on pool tiles.

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    Can A Pressure Washer Be Used To Clean Pool Tile

    In short, the answer is yes you can use a pressure washer to clean pool tile.

    I am very aware that you are worried about your pool tiles getting damaged from the pressure washer. After all, theres no shortage of people who have gone through this situation.

    However, you are not going to make the same mistakes they did. Since you have this article to teach you how to clean pool tile with pressure washer safely.

    So, lets begin.

    Is It Possible To Wash Pool Tiles With A Pressure Washer

    How To Clean Pool Tile With A Pressure Washer â Upgraded Home

    Pool tiles are made from either ceramic or porcelain, and a pressure washer can easily damage them. But if you know how to do it, you can wash pool tiles with a pressure washer without damaging the pool tiles.

    You can start by cleaning away all the debris that is in and around the pool and remove all dirt from the pool. In most pools, you will find tiles inside the pool at the top in one or two or even more rows of tiles.

    Most of the time, the tiles will accumulate some calcium and algae in and around the pool. To get all the dirt off from the tile, you will need a lot of effort and some chemicals to help remove it.

    To clean the tiles of your pool with a pressure washer is much cheaper than to replace the tiles with new ones. That is why you need to clean them and do it right without cracking the tiles of your pool.

    You do not need a lot of pressure, so when you clean the tiles, you can set it at low pressure. By using low pressure with the pressure washer, you will help prevent damage to the pool tiles.

    Luckily for us, a pressure washer is strong enough to clean away all types of grime and dirt that accumulate on the tiles. But unfortunately, it is also strong enough to damage the pool tiles, so you need to take extra care.

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    Pool Tile Cleaning Equipment

    Professional pool technicians use many of the same materials as you might for a DIY project.

    However, we have the expertise to optimize the process and your maintenance regime. Willsha Pools can recommend the right products to use for your pool and usage. We can also bring out various equipment when the situation calls for it.

    Power washing is adequate if all you need is to have your pool cleaned. Over time, the tile may get stained from everyday use. Algae may take its toll on the shine and vibrancy of the colors. Sunlight can also do a number of its appearance. And sometimes no amount of scrubbing or acid washing will restore it.

    Thats when youll need to consider resurfacing your pool.

    More powerful washers can scrape off chips and get the ball rolling. A better option is to use dustless blasting.

    Not only will it clean the pool, but it will also remove any coatings to give it a fresh slate and make your pool look new again.

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