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How To Decorate Pool Area

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How Can I Decorate My Pool Area

Pool Area Designed and Styled by Rochele Decorating

To decorate a pool area and add color and energy opt for an accent color for patio umbrellas that can be picked up on patterned throw pillows and outdoor rugs. Add planters with summer blooms, too.

If your pool parties tend to stretch into the evening, dress up the area with lanterns to add soft light and design detail or use outdoor string lighting ideas to add atmosphere. You can stave off any late night chill and create a focal point with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace along with throw blankets you can offer guests. And for table settings for day or night-time dining, choose colorful china and glasses.

Large Deck With Designated Pool Area

For many homeowners, keeping the pool area secured is a priority. With this deck design, the section that contains the pool is surrounded by fencing. This approach can be ideal for homes with small children or pets, as it keeps them from getting to the water unsupervised.

Additionally, the full deck is quite large, making it a great choice if you have a substantial yard. Theres plenty of seating space both in the pool area and outside it.

Gorgeous Pool Deck Ideas And Designs

Many people dream of having a magnificent pool in their backyard. The idea of being just steps away from a cool dip is just too much to ignore.

But what about the space around your pool? Are their pool deck ideas that can make that space usable and enjoyable? Will the right ground level deck enhance curb appeal and pool accessibility?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to elevate your swimming area. By using an amazing pool deck design, you can create additional living space and enhance your poolside experience. Here are some inspiring deck ideas that might work for you.

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Best Diy Pool Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Outdoors For The Summer

A pool is the main attraction of any backyard it makes a big, splashy statement all on its own.

If your pool is looking a little plain, a few pieces of furniture and some decorative items can do wonders.

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Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground model, these DIY pool decor ideas can help transform your yard into a fun and functional outdoor living space.

Backyard Spaces That Lead To Our Pool

How to Decorate My Pool Area

Although it would be wonderful if we had a level yard weve been able to create different outdoor spaces taking advantage of the slope as much as possible.

At the back of our kitchen, we have a door that leads out to our deck.

We added an outdoor tv to our deck area that we are really enjoying.

Then down the steps from the deck, you come into our patio in our side yard .

And then down the last set of stairs to our pool area.

I hope youve enjoyed taking a look around our backyard pool and patio.

Be sure to check back often for more ideas and inspiration.

And you need to see Annes gorgeous pool and pergola spaceits just perfect on a nice flat backyard!

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Backyard Pool Ideas & Storage

Most new pool owners quickly learn how many trinkets and necessities come with their pool. Plan ahead and find clever ways to store pool toys, towels, and other items.

  • Storage Bin a storage bin is a great option and can be organized inside with baskets and plastic bins to keep things sorted.
  • Towel Cabanas a covered towel cabana may make sense for your space if you want to create a focal point and have space for everything you need. We love a towel cabana like this because you can use top shelves for beverage storage when having a party.
  • Shelving if youve got a covered area nearby, an open shelf and cabinet may make sense like this Outdoor Bakers Rack. Unsightly pool toys can go in baskets in the bottom, with folded towels or robes on open shelves above.

No matter what kind of outdoor storage pieces suit your needs and space, plan to have a mix of open and closed storage for your new backyard pool.

Exterior With Interior Swag

Combined kitchen and patio with pool decor by designer, Drew F.

By blurring the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces, you encourage a laidback atmosphere like that of a relaxing seaside retreat. Let your interior flow into your pool area by adding a luxurious sitting area and outdoor essentials complete with coffee table, soft furnishings, rug, décor, and lighting. Just ensure whatever you place outside is weather-proof or stow items inside after the day is done. If you have a bigger budget, you can also replace the dividing wall with sliding glass doors or add a well-kitted kitchenette to your patio.

WHAT WE LOVE: The spaciousness of an indoor-outdoor exterior brings. For more of an oomph-effect, pair open concept design with mid-century modern pool decor and symmetry.

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How To Landscape Around A Pool Patio

We planted trees and shrubs in the garden area between the house and pool patio including these beautiful hydrangeas and pampas grass.

We also added several Leyland cypress between the trees in the side yard beyond the pool patio which have grown so much in the past 10 years and gives us privacy from our neighbors.

And because our yard is so sloped we didnt clear too far behind the pool.

So when the trees all fill in during the summer it feels like an oasis with all the greenery surrounding our backyard.

Layer Textures And Soft Furnishings


Nothing says lounge like an array of scatter cushions. Adding a selection of textured throws and pillows to your poolside patio is an easy way to introduce color. Plus, they can easily be adjusted according to your tastes.

DESIGN TIP: Pick colors that echo the inside of your home or, better yet, reuse and recycle!

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Diy Umbrella Stand With Side Table

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Heres another smart and affordable DIY umbrella stand. Its essentially a wood tabletop that rests on top of your existing stand.

That way, the wooden top is a breeze to reach from your sun lounger or patio chair. Load it up with a beverage and a snack, and youre ready for a relaxing afternoon by the pool.

Provide A Shield From The Sun

Place a large patio umbrella over your eating table to shield from the sun and rain. You can also set up a nice gazebo or even a veranda for a more permanent solution. I love the look of a patio cover with luscious vines growing above it adds a great Tuscan feel and is even more beautiful when you can pick grapes, kiwis, or flowers from above.

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Cheap And Simple Pool Landscaping Ideas

While they look great inside, they look even better in your backyard. String lights add just the right amount of brightness to any setting.

For decorating your backyard, choose white LED Christmas lights over large bulbs.

Theyre lighter, easier to set up, and WAY more energy efficient. A winning combination for illuminating your patio with a beautiful, ambient glow year-round without driving up your energy bill.

IMPORTANT: We recommend setting up lights against the walls of your pool enclosure or home, far away from the water. Its safer, faster, and reduces most of the hazards that come with stringing lights over the pool .

Looking to brighten up the inside of your swimming pool? Consider LED pool lights. They come in a variety of colors, offer quick installation, and drastically lower your energy bill. Especially if youre replacing halogen or incandescent bulbs.

LED pool lights emit a cooler, brighter, and more vivid range of lighting. Lighting that can adapt to the occasion whether youre sitting poolside on a summer night sipping a drink, or lounging by the water for brunch.

Some LED pool lights can even change color, which helps you get festive for the holidays, or set the mood for warm, peaceful midnight swims.

Looking for a simpler, more natural lighting source for your pool? Theres nothing that beats a firepit. Its an active, breathing source of light that doubles as a stunning accent piece.

Swimming Pool Decorations: Enchanting Bright Decor

20+ Swimming Pool Ideas Beautiful

Tons of lanterns and tealight candles brighten up this small swimming pool in a very mesmerizing way. Besides decorating the floor, some lanterns are also hung on the trees which are planted around the pool. They make the area look sparklingly beautiful which you can try to copy effortlessly and affordably.

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Not All Light Fixtures Are Created Equal And An Electrician Knows This

When we did the landscape lighting job around the homeowners swimming pool last week, one of our licensed electricians told us that different types of light fixtures do different things/have different effects. For example, so you could see the waterfalls at night, we had to use a different pathway light than what we used around the walkways. Just because they are both pathway lights doesnt mean they illuminate the same way.

We chose the Duracell Low-Voltage LED Pathway Lights because these specific light fixtures shine outwards, lighting up the waterfalls. It also has a smoked lens so that they arent blinding at eye level. Sean B., electrician at KB Electric LLC

All lights have different effects on their surroundings. You just have to know which works best with what you have. Sean B., electrician at KB Electric LLC

Hire a licensed electrician for pool area lighting installation because they know the best pool area lighting ideas specific for your setup. Plain and simple.

Swimming Pool Decorations: Elegant Fire Bowl

The stunning fire bowls decorate the side of this swimming pool which elegantly bring the style of the decor to a whole new level. The bowls are finished in black which matches with the coals as the fuel. Moreover, it also has the waterfall feature which even makes it look way more fascinating.

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Simple Ways To Enhance The Look Of Your Backyard Swimming Pool Oasis

Fiberglass Pool Information | Installation & Construction | Patio and Coping | Pool Videos | Pool Design Guides | Retaining Walls, Fence, and Landscaping

Although there are certainly many ways to dress up an inground swimming pool, I wanted to write a brief list showing 11 things you may consider to dress up the overall appearance of your backyard poolscape.

Keep in mind that as you read the following ideas they are just thatideas, and by no means a requisite to having a beautiful pool in your backyard. As I always say, its better to have a pool in your backyard without all the options you wanted, than it is to have a beautiful pool with every option you ever dreamed of…in your headand not in your backyard.

Without further ado, here goes:

Landscaping Ideas For Pool Areas

Tropical Decorating for a Pool Area : Landscaping & Floral Decor
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Now that you have a pool, turn it into a luxurious oasis by surrounding it with luscious plants. But, you’ll want to carefully choose the plants that will go near a swimming pool or hot tub. Something that is attractive at 2 feet tall can grow quickly and drop leaves and debris into your pool in just a couple of years. Research the best plants, shrubs, trees, and ornamentals that will survive and even thrive when planted close to a pool full of splashing chlorinated or saltwater. Whether you are choosing plants for privacy or ornamentation, there are three main considerations when choosing plantings for your pool area:

  • They should unify, balance, and fit in with the rest of your landscaping and home.
  • They should be easy to maintain and safe for children and pets.
  • They should be able to grow well in your native climate or microclimates on your property.

Here are 16 plant selections for landscaping your pool that will bring color, texture, and scent to your backyard.

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Swimming Pool Decorations: Elegant Wood Step

For you who have an above-ground swimming pool, this idea can be good reference to decorate it. Some wood boxes in various sizes are simply stacked which then becomes a small deck to access the pool conveniently. It totally enhances the beauty and comfort of your pool in a very simple way. As a more affordable alternative, you can use used shipping pallet to create this pool decor.

Dozens of ball lights decorate the concrete wall of this swimming pool which becomes the main attention grabber around. They help to make the pool area look much brighter especially in the night time. You can have a more exhilarating pool time with this kind of decor.

Ways To Decorate Your Pool Area For The Holidays

While your backyard swimming pool is more a focus of activity during the summer, theres no reason you cant dress it up for the holidays. Whether party guests are outside getting a breath of fresh air when the weather is nice or simply gazing out at your beautiful backyard, its fun to deck the halls out back!

Here are some tips for adding a festive flair to your pool and deck area:

  • Wrap it up Your pool is a gift that keeps on giving every summer. Make it look like one by putting an oversized bow on top of your pool cover. Its a decoration thats sure to get some grins and have people looking forward to warm weather.
  • Lots of lights in sight You line your roof with holiday lights, why not run some strands around the pool area? Lights that twinkle are especially appropriate in this place where sunlight shimmers on the waters surface all summer long.
  • Oversized decorations Nothing says Happy Holidays like enormous faux bulbs and bobs. Set a few on top of the pool cover and watch the kids eyes light up.
  • Trim any and every tree Who says you can only decorate an indoor tree? Buy some plastic ornaments and hang them from the greenery in your pool area. Who knows, maybe the tricked-out trees will inspire someone to leave some gifts there as well!
  • Fabulous floating candles If your pool is uncovered around the holidays, floating some lighted candles in the pool adds an elegant, eye-catching touch to your holiday décor.
  • And on into the New Year

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    Deck For Custom Shaped Pool

    This cedar deck was designed to not just work around a custom-shaped pool, but to essentially frame it. The boards were adjusted to follow the angle of the pools sides, causing the pool to visually stand out more than it did already due to the refined appearance.

    On the far side of the deck, theres a pergola, creating a spot that could serve as a conversation or barbecue nook. However, the decks size also ensures it can support additional seating and lounging, all while keeping walkways open.

    How To Decorate My Pool Area

    Discover enclosed outdoor kitchen ideas made easy ...

    The perfect poolscape is something unique to every household, and a little inspiration goes a long way. Whether youre incorporating decorative elements during the design and build stage, or whether youre adding them afterwards, these finishing touches can really elevate the style of an outdoor space, and boost the enjoyment of your new poolscape.In this article, well take you through some stunning pool decoration ideas to transform it from beautiful to breathtaking.

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    How To Decorate Your Enclosed Pool Area

    Pool enclosures give you a private, exclusive space to enjoy the water, alone or in company. Whether you use your pool primarily for relaxation, exercise or parties, your design for the area can take the space from a pleasant hang-out zone to something truly special. Because your pool area is enclosed, you can create whatever look you wish without the rest of the yard or house intruding on the illusion.

    How To Properly Decorate Your Pool Area

    More often than not, we focus so much attention on specific parts of our home that others end up being left out. Bearing in mind that a lot of us go through four different seasons every year, we cant help but put more importance on our homes interiors than its garden.

    At its core, a garden especially if it has a swimming pool deserves proper attention as much as the inside of our house. A well-thought-out backyard adds a refreshing feel outside. Its a breath of fresh air, so to speak, as well have another worthwhile area to cool down, unwind, and chill out in with the people we care about.

    With all that in mind, there is a bevy of articles on the web that suggest tricks on how to revamp our backyards. Cute DIY Projects lists makeover tips for our gardens, while Rex Garden answers swimming pool-related questions to help us grasp the subject better.

    Indeed, there will be doubts and the issues of knowing where to start and figuring out how to do it in our garden. Above all else, we have to understand that everything starts and ends with efficient organization. With that in mind, lets tackle the intricacies of how to properly organize your outdoor swimming pool area.

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