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How To Design Backyard With Pool

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Design A Plan For An Infinity Pool In Your Backyard

How to Design a Backyard Pool | DreamPlan Home Design Tutorial

The first thing that you need to do is to establish the measurements for your infinity pool.

Lets assume the infinity pool will take up about 1/3 of your backyard. So its important to keep in mind where the infinity edge will be and what view it will be facing.

This means that youll also need to consider other things like what type of landscaping or furniture will go around your infinity pool. But most importantly, what type of infinity pool do you want.

Large Space Pool Placement

There is usually more flexibility in the design and placement of a pool on larger properties. Although this can also lead to more choices and options which can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips:

  • When constructed away from the house, a pool can become its own destination zone
  • It can have a larger deck that makes entertaining easier and makes the pool more of a focal point
  • Freeform designs usually work best because they complement the natural surroundings
  • Pools set back from the house should still be visible from the house
  • Pools set back from the house open up the yard, creating more opportunities for outdoor rooms
  • Pro Tip:“Almost no garden space is too small for a swimming pool, though it may take some engineering and design creativity to make it work.”Here are some suggestions:
  • Place the pool right up against the edge of the property
  • Dig into a slope and build a retaining wall to acquire more room
  • Use multiple levels in the pool design to create a sense of depth
  • Employ a variety of textures and materials to create a perception of bigness

– Catriona Tudor Erler, author of Poolscaping: Gardening and Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool and Spa

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Choose A Small Inground Pool

If youre working with limited space in a small backyard, then building a small inground pool might be the solution youre looking for. With small inground pools, you still get to enjoy all of the benefits of a standard sized pool, just in a more close knit space. But they end up being cheaper to install, and less money to maintain in the long run due to their compact size.

So if youre looking for backyard inground pool ideas on a budget, this is one of the best places to start with your pool design.

For those who prefer decorative and immersive themes, a sand pool is the perfect choice. Its made out of concrete with a special sand-like coating, and is designed to mimic the shore of a beach.

With a sand pool, its like your backyard truly becomes your own private island oasis. A secret lagoon just a few steps from your back porch.

The best way to create a sand pool is plan it out before installation. Contact a specialty pool builder to get a quote for your own sand pool.

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How To Create The Ultimate Backyard Pool Oasis

Royal Swimming Pools is pleased to present an article from guest blogger: Antonio Hernandez

The installation guys are gone. Sparkling water has replaced the dirt and noise, and you’re dying to take a dip in your new pool. But before you dive in, there’s just one more thing to think about: landscaping.

Think of your pool as the star of your backyard show, with the landscaping as the supporting cast the final touch that will take your backyard from good to award-winning.

These tips will help you fill your yard with landscape co-stars that will create a show-stopping pool experience.

Contemporary Pool Design With Traditional Slate Pool Tile

34 Awesome Elegant Swimming Pools Design Ideas

This modern-looking large pool is full of comfort and elegance. The wide tanning shelves allow sitting without having to swim in the water, and the few stairs between the shelves create a dynamic image and provide gradual access to the pool. The slate pool tile creates an intimate backyard with its large traditional look while offering multiple seating areas both in and out of the pool, making it ideal for fun and socializing. The hot tub next to the pool gives a resort-style pool look.

ID# 101409 | Credit |

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Small Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas: Specific Design Tips With Photos

15 tips to overcome space limitations for building an inground pool

What are some ideas for building a concrete swimming pool in my small or narrow backyard? Is it even possible?

Its a common question among homeowners with small property lots who want a private aquatic retreat. The good news is that in many cases, the answer is yes, and a variety of solutions are available.

Pool Design Ideas Are Endless

Once you have the basics for your pool down, reach out to pool contractors to compare portfolios and prices. Professionals will give you even more pool design ideas to play with. When you get your pool design right, youll feel like youre on vacation in your own backyard. No passport or hotel reservation required.

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Warm Up That Water With A Pool Heat Pump

Although your pool wont look any different, itll certainly feel a lot different. Heating your pool is one of the most important addons you can get as a pool owner.

When you heat your pool with a pool heat pump, you can swim at whatever temperature water you want nearly any time of year. Rain, shine, clouds? It doesnt matter, a pool heat pump can handle it all keeping you and your swimming pool comfortable month after month.

Dont: Plant These Specific Plants Avoid The Insects

Geometric Pool Design with Waterfall & Fire Features | Backyard Oasis Customer Testimonial

Unfortunately, some plants and trees are more likely to shed and attract a swarm of annoying bugs and insects. A pool area with a lot of bugs and insects is uninviting to most and can easily irritate the skin. Bushes like bottlebrush and bougainvillea shed, grow big, and can spread out, which takes up more space. So while honeysuckles may have an alluring fragrance, they arent considered child-friendly since the scent attracts bees, who are more likely to pollinate. Additionally, plants like azalea are beautiful in the springtime and can bring a lot of color to a pool area. Unfortunately, this shrub can also shed a lot, which will require constant upkeep. As such, we feel these types of plants work better in front of the house, where they can freely shed away from your pools crystal clear water.

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What Is Your Budget

Needless to say, this is the first thing you should consider when choosing a backyard pool. It is essential to sit down and work out exactly what you can afford before committing to anything.

Backyard pools made of fibreglass tend to cost significantly less than concrete pools, as a concrete pool has to be constructed from scratch on your property, so there is a lot more work involved. A concrete pool will also have to be either tiled or pebbled, unlike a fibreglass pool, which has a protective gel-coated surface pre-installed. This adds even more to the cost of a concrete pool in comparison.

However, the cost of the pool itself is only the beginning. You also need to consider related costs such as lighting, heating, and cleaning systems for your pool. There are a wide range of options available, so you will need to consult with your pool specialist, who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate choices for your individual property.

Finally, the area around the pool will need to be landscaped to ensure it looks its best and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who uses the pool. The cost of landscaping, as well as that of installing the required safety fencing that meets legislative standards in your state or territory, also need to be factored into the overall cost of your pool.

Deep End Diving Board

If you have opted for a deep end of more than a meter and a half, you could get yourself a small diving board to help make jumping in a little more fun. This doesnt have to be a diving board that is mounted on steps, one which simply sits over the top of the water is enough to bring some fun to proceedings. Your choice will be to add a solid diving board or one with springs to give you a little more lift when you jump in.

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How To Design A Backyard Pool

Once you decide to install a swimming pool in your backyard youll have to start answering some practical questions. Where will you put the pool? What kind of shape will it be? What about the surrounding structures and vegetation? All these questions and more will need to be answered while you figure out how to design a backyard pool. To help you get your thinking on track weve come up with some suggestions of what you should be mindful of during the planning stages of your new pool.

Add Colored Lighting In & Around Your Pool

Designing Your Backyard Swimming Pool: Part I of II ...

Color-changing, app-controlled lighting adds very little cost to the overall project but it can be a really cool sizzle feature that enhances the beauty and fun factor. A lot of people are talking about trying to use Philips Hue lights in a pool. Though it is currently not marketed for underwater use, here is a good $120 bulb option to put a splash of color in your pool area.

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How Much Would It Cost To Put A Lazy River In Your Backyard

Usually, how much money you put in, how big and how fast the river is going to be.

For example: If your backyard can hold 3740 gallons of water and the speed is around , the lazy river could cost about $20,000-$30 000.

The bigger and faster the river, the higher price it will become.

Finally, the biggest question is:

Other Permanent Buildings And Structures

When it comes to backyard pool design, youll also need to be aware of the location of other buildings and structures. If youve got a pre-existing shed with critical equipment for the maintenance of your yard and pool, perhaps youll want it closer, rather than farther, from the pool. What about a pergola, gazebo, or even a new pool house? How will that work in the space and placement of your new yard and pool? Do these structures create any unwanted shade or disrupt the line of sight from the house to the pool? Maybe you can use them strategically to create some extra privacy as you wade in the water or tan on the patio.

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Do: Research Which Plants Are Great For Backyards & Pool Areas

At Shoreline Pools, we always guarantee that our clients backyards have a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Arranging different plants and flowers in your backyard will help it stand out, transforming it into the preferred oasis to entertain guests and neighbors. The Shoreline Pools team believes that certain plants, such as hibiscus, canna, shrubs, and cacti, can brighten up pool areas regardless of size or design style.

Tropical plants like hibiscus and canna offer appealing color to any backyard area. Meanwhile, cacti and shrubs will deliver a delightful assortment of scents you can enjoy as you lounge by the pool. These tropical plants are a great idea due to their vibrant color and light fragrances. These two important characteristics help tropical plants keep curious animals like squirrels and chipmunks from damaging these plants by acting as a repellent of sorts. Furthermore, plants like potted citronella grass and mint have a strong scent and will protect children from annoying mosquitos since they act as natural mosquito repellents. Additionally, all these vibrant plants can help create a beautiful, diverse garden that both your family and friends can enjoy all season long!

Modern Lap Pool With Disappearing Edge And Travertine Tile

BackYard Patio Landscape Design & Pool Removal in Edina Mn

This huge, modern rectangular, hot tub lap pool is enjoyed in the backyard of living and having fun. Travertine pool tile creates a harmonious modern look by integrating the pool with the facade of the house, while the dark wall tile has a disappearing edge along the long side of the pool. Spotlights lined up on the edge of the roof for perfect outdoor lighting in the backyard, reflected in the pool in the evenings, creating a fun outdoors.

ID# 101427 | Credit |

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What Is The Right Placement For A Pool

You will be looking at your pool every day, and it will be the main focal point of your backyard. While it might be tempting to tuck the pool into an unused corner of your outdoor space, this will not show it off to best advantage. With the right placement, your poolside area can become the ideal spot in which to enjoy an alfresco breakfast, or the perfect setting for a pool party after the lights come on at night.

The right pool placement can also add value if you ever decide to sell your home. Prospective buyers will be more inclined to offer a higher price if they see a beautifully designed backyard with a magnificent swimming pool as its main feature. If the pool and the yard look as if their layout has not been designed carefully enough, this will make your property less attractive, and may result in a lower price being offered.

Some pool buyers ask if having their pool built in a particular position can cost less than positioning it elsewhere in the yard. This depends entirely on the size and shape of your backyard. While some positions are easier than others from a construction point of view, and could therefore be cheaper, the difference is not likely to be great. It is much more important that the placement of the pool works practically with the rest of your property and looks attractive.

Virtual Architect Home Design Software

Design a house from scratch either for yourself or a client with this intuitive piece of software. While its not a specific pool design program it comes with the necessary functions and utilities that are expected of any similar software.

The software is also a complete tool for designing everything from your interior rooms to your landscape. Design swimming pools, kitchen, gardens, and others. The beauty of designing in a virtual environment is the ability to simulate what the house could look like in the real world.

Normally, software of this kind already comes with 3D assets so designers dont have to download or model their furniture. It also comes with a texture library so you dont have to pay for another service online from which to outsource textures.

While you can just google textures, you could run into copyright issues. So at a reasonable price, this software can provide you with all the necessary items you need.

Virtual Architect visit website

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Not Just A Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard might seem like the ultimate enhancement, but most people find themselves requesting additional features that allow them to comfortably spend more time outdoors. For that reason, the swimming pool idea often leads to other amenities such an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, a shade structure such as a pergola or pool house, that all together complete the pool environment.

Whether you plan to do it all at once or in phases, a landscape architect or landscape designer will be thinking big picture in a way that a pool builder generally will not. They wont waste space in your yard that could be useful for future additions to the landscape.

So dream big, even if your budget cant include every element you want right now. The key is to have an in-depth conversation about the future of your backyard at the beginning of your pool project, so you can be certain that no matter how far down the road it happens, there will be room enough to install everything you want.

Upgrade Your Pool Landscaping

Appealing Backyard Pool Designs for Contemporary ...

It starts with something as simple as clearing up some space, and adding a few potted planted around the pool deck. From there, you can add more permanent fixtures, like dirt patches and garden areas for planting trees, shrubs, and flowers.

For more pool landscaping ideas, check out this post: 11 Simple and Cheap Pool Landscaping Ideas

If youre looking for a simple way to add some flare to swimming pool, try installing an underwater mural on the floor. Its a clean splash of art, that adds a tasteful balance of color and intrigue to your pool/

Underwater murals come in a few different forms, which include tile mosaics, and aqua decals .

Rock waterfalls are great for matching the theme of a space, or creating a whole new look altogether. Theyre an elegant and natural looking water feature that easily blends into your current pool landscaping.

You can use it to connect different parts of your yard together, or as a stand alone feature like in the image above.

If you like the kind of ambience that a rock waterfall adds to your pool, but want something a little more subtle, go for a cascading waterfall. These waterfalls can be installed around the sides of your swimming pool, and look especially good coming out of retaining walls.

The best time to add waterfalls to your pool is before installation.

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