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How To Keep Birds Away From Your Pool

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Provide The Birds An Alternative Spot

How to prevent birds from pooping on your dock, boat or pool area!

Another way to keep the birds out of your pool is to give them their own place. You can set up a bird feeder and water fountain on the other side of your property, away from the pool. However, this will only work if you have a large property with enough distance between the pool and the feeder.

Also, you can install another water feature where the birds can freely drink and bathe. However, this can be tricky as water features may attract more birds than you intended to.

Install A Netting Cover

The most effective way to prevent birds from getting into your pool is by installing a net cover overhead. This will also keep your yards water feature away from the birds view. Aside from that, the netting can trap droppings before it gets into the water.

Just make sure that you use netting with thick patterns. This way, the droppings wont drip into the pool. I also recommend a durable material that has excellent UV resistance.

Aside from preventing birds, a net cover on top of the pool area can help keep the water clean. It will block falling leaves and debris so that maintenance will be much easier in the long run.

How To Keep Birds From Nesting By Your Pool

The best way to prevent any breeding near your swimming pool is to trim and prune the trees, shrubs, or any kind of vegetation nearby. However, there are other ways to do this as well:

  • Use citrus repellents
  • Make your pets help you
  • Clear all the twigs or dried leaves
  • Install sets of bird spikes.
  • Get reflective and shiny objects to scare the birds away
  • Pinwheels and wind chimes

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How To Keep Birds Away From Pool: Faqs

Q: How can I stop birds from pooping in my pool?

You can use several methods to keep birds away from your pool. For instance, you can eliminate food sources, trim back shrubs and trees, remove birdbaths and fountains, and using floating pool predators.

Q: Do wind chimes keep birds away?

Unusual and unexpected sounds do help in keeping birds away. However, when birds get used to the voice, they can keep coming back. Wind chimes may yield temporary results in your yard and may not be practical after a few years.

Q: What home remedy can help keep birds away from my pool?

You can use water, apple cider, and chili peppers to make a homemade bird repellent. The spray helps keep birds from plants around your pool. All you need to do is spray the repellant on plants, among other areas where birds land.

Q: What scents can help keep birds away from my pool?

A mixture of citronella and peppermint oil has proven to produce a smell that birds find offensive but pleasant to humans. You can hang the mix on the tree branches around your pool or fence.

Q: How do I stop birds from pooping on my pool?

You can get reflective banners or flash tapes that reflect sunlight. The banners may confuse the birds and make them leave your property. Also, you can use a thin fishing line. Tie the line across the pool area from your roof to your fence in crisscross patterns.

Q: Are scare tactics such as plastic owls and eye balloons effective?

How To Keep Birds Away From The Swimming Pool

How to Keep Birds Away From Pool Decks

Birds are beautiful creatures and are very useful for the world and the environment. What is not so convenient are the birds around your pool. You dont want that so in this article, well teach you how to keep birds away from the swimming pool.

They do this to cool off and can bring their whole family there. The problem arises when birds poop into the pool, making a mess.

Just as there is a danger to water and swimmers, so it is dangerous for young birds to hang around the pool. As soon as they learn to fly and move, tragedies can occur to drown in the water.

You dont want that for sure to happen to you in your own swimming pool. In addition, you also dont want to clean bird poop and feathers every day. Sometimes it accumulates so much that you need hours a day to clean everything up.

That unnecessary time is wasted, and in order for that not to happen, it is better to prevent it in time.

It is essential to know, if this happens, how to clean your swimming pool. Bird droppings can infect people because they have a lot of harmful bacteria.

They may also contain salmonella, which requires you to be treated in a hospital. To properly clean your pool, you must first deny access to swimmers.

Then take out the bird poop using gloves, a bucket, and a net to catch. When you take it all out, wash your hands well, and a couple of times if you need to make sure they are clean.

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Dont Leave Food Around The Water

How to keep birds away from the swimming pool? Well, for starters, dont leave any food nearby.

Many birds return to their original habitat if they see that there is food there. Try to eliminate every source of food you have around your pool. These most often include trees and bushes that have some fruit on them.

It attracts them a lot because they come to eat those fruits. Take and transplant those trees somewhere away from the pool, and you wont have a problem. Also, make sure you have as little grass as possible, which is also a food source for the birds.

Keep Birds Off Spill Over Spa

The ledge of your spill over spa creates a perfect landing zone for those pest birds to perch and drink from the flowing water. The main idea here is to eliminate the landing area on the ledge with one of the following bird deterrent products.

  • Bird Spider wire arms block birds from landing on the spa ledge to drink water
  • Easily place the bird spider on the ledge using the optional Sand Bag Base
  • Weatherproof design, wire arms swivel in the wind
  • Available in 2-ft, 4-ft, 6-ft, and 8-ft diameter options
  • Best for Pigeon sized birds
  • Solar powered spinning bird deterrent
  • Place on dry spa ledge, do not submerge Solar Repeller in water
  • Retracting telescopic arms cover up to a 5-ft diameter area.
  • Best for pigeon sized birds

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How Do I Deter Birds From My Pool

To keep birds from your swimming pool deck or patio without going through much hassle, you can put up some reflective objects or mirrors to blind the birds, use inflated toys, etc.

If you are a proud dog owner, then you can even use the help of your dog to scare birds off your property. My dog loves this but never gets even close to catching any.

Further, some wind chimes and pinwheels also help to deter birds, especially on a windy day. You can even sprinkle baking soda over your grass lawn area or near the porch as the smell will repel birds.

Pinwheels To Scare Birds Away

How To Keep Birds Off Intex EasySet Pool Ring

This trick will not only help you scare off birds but also be a fun object to put up in your swimming pool area, especially when you have kids around. Pinwheels are mostly multi-colored or even metallic objects which spin, creating a whirlpool of motion and noise that help you scare birds away.

It is better to go for a metallic pinwheel as it can reflect light which further deters the birds.

You can get these pinwheels from your nearby local childrens toy store. Also, you must make sure you secure these spinning wheels near a windy area like the pool deck or a tree.

You can buy these Bird Blinder Sparkly Pin Wheels on Amazon.

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Tips On How To Keep Birds Away From The Water

  • Remove everything that may attract birds from and around the swimming pool. This may include a birdbath, bird feeder, food, and nesting material. If there are bird luring plants around the swimming pool, transfer them to the garden or at some distance.
  • Run a fishing line in a zigzag/ crisscross pattern above the swimming pool. This will act as a barrier and prohibit bird movement in that specific area. Tie the fishing line slightly higher than the height where birds usually fly.
  • Add crocodile pool toys into your swimming pool. Birds have a love-hate relationship with crocodiles. You may have spotted birds perching on these giant backs however, crocodiles in the wild also see them as food. Thus, invest in an inflatable giant gator ride-on. Apart from deterring birds, it will also add fun to the pool.
  • If you keep a dog or a cat as pets, tie them close to the swimming pool. If your pet is well trained, you can let them roam free around the pool. Upon seeing birds, these canine buddies will chase them out of space.
  • Eliminate all the bird roosting areas near the swimming pool.
  • Blind birds sight with aluminum, mirror, or other reflective objects. Anything that reflects sunlight makes it difficult for birds to fly close. It basically blocks birds vision without harming them. It is just the reflection and flashiness that does the job humanely. You can find such commercial products and hang them around the swimming pool.
  • When not in use, cover your swimming pool.
  • How To Keep Birds Away From The Pool Deck

    Relaxing and hanging out on a swimming pool and deck around is quite happening. But what if your pool deck is all ruined by birds dropping and feathers? For stopping this damage, consider lining your pool deck with bird repelling spikes. These devices keep birds from landing on the deck, let alone ruining it.

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    Put In An Automatic Pool Cleaner

    A submerged pool cleaner will not only ensure the water is clean and fresh for the family relaxation time, but it can also scare away birds. Since its submerged, it will appear like an underwater predator to most birds, deterring them from swimming in the water. The cleaner also disturbs the water while its working, which some birds wont like.

    Using a pool cleaner that looks like a bird might give the opposite result, though, so choose the model carefully.

    Electric Track Bird Deterrent

    How To Keep Birds Away From Pool In 4 Simple Steps (Aug. 2020)

    The unique electrically charged tracks transmit mild electrical shock when birds around your area land on them. The mild shock will not harm the birds but will create an uncomfortable environment from them. The awkward environment created by the electric tracks can keep off birds from even nesting in that area.

    There are several bird control products in the market. One has to learn the kind of birds that flock their pool to pick a useful product. You can also involve professionals if you are not aware of which product may work best for you.

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    Tips On How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck Porch Patio And Pool

    Birds are lovely creatures, and theyre an important part of natures ecosystem. However, the droppings they leave behind are certainly not pleasant. Not many of us have time to fully pressure wash our deck and patio before spending time outside on a nice day. And if youre a pool owner, you dont need me to tell you that seeing bird droppings float on by as youre swimming is unsavory.

    If youre wondering how to keep your outdoor spaces clean, check out these 12 tips for keeping birds from pooping on your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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    Got Grackles 4 Ideas To Help Keep Pool Areas Clear Of Nuisance Birds

    I had never heard of the word Grackle before but many of our clients seem to know it well. A Grackle, a North American Blackbird, is a nuisance bird to any pool owner as they not only litter the pool deck with their large droppings but also conveniently land their unsanitary bombs into the swimming pool. This time last year, Curt and Debbie from Paris, Ontario introduced me to the Grackle and what they can do once they take over a backyard and nest close by the pool. Soon after, another client from Dunnville, Ontario, approached me with the same problem.

    Depending on the weather and from what clients have shared, it seem that Grackles begin nesting sometime in April and can linger until as long as early June.

    I reached out to Curt and Debbie and asked if they could share some of the things that they had tried to help chase their Grackles away or deter them from nesting in the first place and here are some tricks they found to be successful:

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    How To Keep Birds Away From Swimming Pool

    So youre all set to dive to your pool when you see a flock of ducks gliding through the waters.

    Birds are a big problem, especially in swimming pools. Their smelly and acid-filled droppings will make a big mess on the water. Also, birds can bring a slew of diseases that pose a big threat to your familys health. This is why you should know how to keep birds away from swimming pool to prevent communicable diseases and filth that will ruin the summer fun.

    In this post, I will share my tried and tested methods to drive away the pesky birds away from your pool.

    Install Bird Shock Tape On Roosting Areas

    Solar Bird Repeller -Keep ducks away from your pool and pontoon.

    Another effective way to stop birds from roosting is to install perching surfaces with bird shock tape. To use this method, you will not only need bird shock tape but a bird shock tape charger as well.

    The tape is installed similar to your office double-sided tape: unroll, peel off the paper covering the adhesive, and smooth onto the surface.

    The difference is that bird shock tape has metal leads to conduct electricity from. It will get that electricity from the charger. When birds land on the tape, they will experience a sudden, mild shock that will immediately send them flying away.

    Bird shock tape can be used to stop birds perching and keep birds from nesting on anything with a flat surface, be it pipes, tops of walls, or roof shingles.

    The tape is often transparent after removal of the adhesive covering, so its hardly noticeable. Make sure to install this where there isnt much human foot traffic and out of reach for children and pets.

    But take note that this method should be used only if you are sure that the birds infesting your home are not protected by state laws. Harming certain birds, particularly migratory ones, may cost you a pretty penny and then some.

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    How To Keep Birds Away From Your Pool

    December 26, 2021 By Nick White

    The last thing you want to deal with after spending a large amount of money on your pool, or a home that has the swimming pool, is a flock of birds hanging around your pool as if it was their own.

    Thus, the creation of our full guide on how to keep birds away from your pool.

    Whilst dealing with birds can be annoying by itself, there is also the task of cleaning up bird droppings, and making sure they are not riddled with disease.


    Fortunately, you do not have to put up with the problem because there are several things you can do about it. This article will outline different methods to help with keeping birds away from the outdoor pool.

    Read on to find out how.

    Dalen Horned Owl Scarecrow Decoy

    Dalen Owl Scarecrow a good old-fashioned scarecrow that you will find very useful to deter birds from your patio or garden.

    The horned owl decoys to scare birds away very well. It will surely get rid of those pest birds for good and will also add some value to your garden in terms of looks.

    The figure is 16-inch tall and it has been hand-painted to create that authentic look for maximum effectiveness and realism.

    You will immediately notice a change in the visiting patterns of those pest birds.

    It wont create any sounds or movement, but it will get the attention of those birds. For better results, you can use other scare tactics as well.

    For instance, you can record and use the sounds of a fake owl to keep birds away and create some real effects.

    • Very lifelike and real in looks
    • Requires no expertise to use
    • Doesnt take much space very visible
    • Adds value to your space
    • No batteries needed
    • Fill it with sand to make it stable

    What we didnt like

    • Not entirely effective against squirrels
    • Would have been useful with audio aid

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    Clear Out Potential Food Temptations

    Like all animals, birds will frequently go where they know they can easily find food. A bird feeder near your pool will draw feathered companions. Move your feeder away from the pool. Also, clear any plants that may grow berries, fruits, or nuts from your yard. Plus, you shouldnt leave human food lying around, either.

    Why Birds Hang Around A Pool

    Essential Tips on How to Keep Birds Away from Pool

    Birds will always naturally gravitate towards water. They may find your pool a great place to prune their feathers and clean themselves. Obviously, they have no idea that this pool is used by humans to swim in, so it really is not their fault they have chosen it as their go-to to cleanse.

    Even so, it can be an annoying situation, and there are plenty of ways to distract and deter them and even the possibility of giving them their own space.

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