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How To Shade My Pool

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How To Position A Cantilever Umbrella

DIY Shade Sail Over Your Pool | Swim More Burn Less | Instant Shade Less for $$$ | Enjoy Your Pool

So, you’ve decided to go with a cantilever umbrella due to its durability and flexibility. Now, how do you position it over the pool?

First, scope out the area and get a feel for where you need the shade. You can even test this by observing the objects in your backyard.Where the shadows are longest, the sun is farthest awaywhere they’re shortest, the sun is more overhead.

Based on these findings, position the cantilever in a space that needs the shade mostfacing the direction of the sun. It also helps to knowwhere the sun travels in your area. Where is it rising and falling based on your particular backyard?

As the seasons change, you may need to repositionwhich is possible with this option.

Take Advantage Of Custom Designs

This pergola adds interest to the pool deck with its custom curves. One end is supported with short columns placed on a wall while the other ends columns are supported by the ground. The butterfly design adds a unique look to a pergola that is a shade structure for people needing a break from the hot summer sun.

Pool Shade Ideas Featuring Permanent Constructions

A pergola is the most obvious choice if you wanted a permanent construction. A pergola over the pool will be a magnificent centerpiece in the patio and cast enough shade.

Another contemporary suggestion from all the pool shade ideas would be the cantilevers. Their structure is using a single support structure on one side.

We all rely on pool shades in the greatest heat of summer. However, is good to think about something very important the cleaning of the awning or canopy. Regular cleaning is essential for the life span of the fabric and construction. At the end of the summer season you need to wash the shade, especially ones crated from fabrics and wrap them well during the winter period to avoid dirt and damage. Most shades are easily cleaned with water and brush. Some types may require special cleaning solutions so you need to check with the manufacturer or the dealer.

Modern home with a huge pergola

Individual sun protection

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Dont Wait Stay Safe And Comfortable By The Pool

Now you know more about staying cool by the pool by choosing the best pool shade. If youre looking for a way to beat the heat, ProjectShade has what you need.

Were a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor shade needs. We only source products that use the highest quality materials that last seasonafter season.

Stop sweating in the sun. Contact Project Shade today at or visit our online showroom to view ourselection of best shade options for your pool to help you beat the heat.Please note the contents of this post is information only and general in nature.If you require advice it is best to contact one of our shade specialists who can review your particular circumstances and then providetailored advice according to your needs.

The Size And Depth Of Your Pool

How to Best Shade Your Pool (Summer 2020/2021)

For those with a smaller, more shallow pool size, youll have a hard time getting rich pool water color from it.

Without getting too much into the physics and optics side, shallow water is easier to see through than deep water.

Think about the last time you went to the beach.

When youre on the shore, you can still see the bottom of the ocean when the water barely covers your ankles. Venture out further, and the ocean floor begins to disappear.

Why is it disappearing?

As theres a greater mass of water at that depth theres less light absorption. This creates a dark, opaque look to the water.

Pools that have a shallow end and a deep end will end up with a color gradient in their water. Additionally, large pools will have a richer and darker water color than small pools due to their additional water mass.

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Why You Need Shade Near Your Swimming Pool

by Aquascape Pools | Nov 1, 2019 | Custom Backyard, Custom Features, Outdoor Living

Designing your ultimate backyard? Dont forget a shady spot! Whether you opt for a patio cover, tree cluster, or just a big umbrella, setting up a shade structure near your pool elevates your entire backyard.

Any Houstonian knows the importance of shade on a hot day. And while comfort is certainly one of the larger reasons to set up a shade source, its far from the only reason. Heres why your backyard needs a shaded area if you dont already have one.

Why Pool Water Color Matters

Water is a clear, transparent fluid that has no discernable hint of color in it so why does pool water come in various shades of blue, green, or dark turquoise?

The short answer is that the pools water color is an illusion. Clean water will always be clear. But theres ways to tint it, giving the impression that the pool is filled with colored water.

A common misconception is that the color is due to the reflection of the sky, which is blue. Theres some truth in this due to waters reflective qualities, but its not the only factor. A pool with emerald colored water is reflecting the exact same sky that a light blue pool does.

The truth is, there are multiple factors that determine a pools water color, and yes the color matters.

Pools are not only a functional structure, but they also add a therapeutic element to your life. A big part of this element is their visual aesthetic.

Pools can have light aqua water for a tropical feel, or deep green water that looks like an exotic lagoon, bringing your water features to life.

Some pools can even imitate a dark blue lake, with the surrounding environment mirrored on its surface.

When designing your pool area, the water color needs to be considered for aesthetic uniformity providing color blend or contrast throughout the space.

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Shade Ideas For A Perfect Pool Oasis

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun on a hot summer day. Many times, poolside areas offer little to no respite from the suns rays, which can limit the time spent enjoying an otherwise incredible outdoor space.

Thats where pergolas, pool shades, and shade sails come to the rescue. With a nearly unlimited capacity for customization and endless design options, Structureworks can create the perfect modern accent for any poolside area in need of a defined space and the addition of shade, bringing any swimming pool shade idea to life.

The addition of a pergola gives you many options for sunbathing, relaxing, dining, reading, and more.

With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, these pool deck shade ideas will help you create the perfect summer sanctuary:

Patio Awnings Extending Over The Pool

Quick & Inexpensive Sun Shade Project with Rigging Products from

If your pool is located close to your home , perhaps you could mount an awning to your house.

Then with the awning extended it would provide some shade for your pool, and give shade to your outdoor patio area.

The website AboveAllAwnings has several pictures on their website for awnings above a swimming pool.

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Pergola Shade And Shelter

If youre looking for ways to find shelter from the blazing sun without covering the pool itself, then putting a roof on a pergola may be the perfect solution for you. It provides not only shade but privacy as well. It will define your swimming pool area, giving it a warm and stylish touch. You can enjoy the sun and water and then retreat to this lovely structure. Lounge chairs or other comfortable seating will only add to a relaxing atmosphere. Adding some potted flowers and other outdoor accessories will transform your patio area making it modern and romantic. A thoughtfully designed pergola will incorporate beauty and function into the swimming pool area in your home.

The Scenery Around Your Pool

Water is a highly reflective surface, and because of this your surrounding environment adds its own influence to the water color.

This is one of the most common issues with new pool installations.

Many people will look at a pool photo and say, I want that color! So, the pool gets designed with the appropriately dyed finish, but the final product sometimes ends up looking slightly off.

Maybe the water is the wrong shade of blue, or has too much green in it because the earthy tones of your backyard are easily reflected.

Its very hard to plan for how every single element in the surrounding environment will influence pool water color.

This is because theres so many of them from grass and vegetation size and color, to pool deck size and color, patio furniture, surrounding buildings, or windows that are constantly reflecting light.

The good news is that in most cases, the water color will be pretty close to the look you want, as most builders have enough experience to know what things may affect the water color.

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Install A Shade Structure

Getting proper swimming pool shade structures installed and constructed might be your best bet. If you want to create shade for your outdoor space, why not just build a roof over this place?

Now, there are many outdoor structures you can set up. Sometimes you want a nice awning or a canopy there . You can most likely save a buck here and there if you build it yourself, but that, of course, necessitates a bit of planning, and the appropriate skills, free time, and tools.

The complexity of the structure will, of course, depend on your needs, your budget and skills. So, you can get a pergola that gives just the right amount of shade but still letting some light in. However, you can always install a shade over your pergola.

Complete enclosures are also an option, as are freestanding structures with some added features .

What Is A Shade Sail


A shade sail is a decorative and practical shade that protects from the suns harmful rays while maintaining style and beauty. They are offered in a variety of colors, sizes, and cloth options to fit the decor of any backyard. In addition, shade sails are also highly affordable and can fit into almost anyones budget. Furthermore, they are easy to install making them an awesome weekend project for the weekend warrior do it yourself types out there. With an almost endless assortment of options, easy installation, and affordability shade sails are an excellent way to improve the livability of your backyard and add some style especially while on a budget!

Photo By: Got Shade

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How To Shade Your Inground Pool

A post shared by Jeff McEwen on Aug 3, 2020 at 4:08pm PDT

Looking for a stylish addition to your pool area that also provides you with partial shade? A shade sail may be the perfect option for you! Shade sails are pieces of fabric that are stretched between posts, which are anchored in the ground or your patio. The sails themselves are made out of heavy-duty mesh fabric that allows water to drain through while keeping harmful UV rays out. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles, so you can certainly find one that matches your pool areas decor.

One of the best things about shade sails is that they can be custom designed for your needs, so you can decide what parts of your pool and pool deck will be covered.

The only real downside to installing shade sails is that they are vulnerable to wind and will need to be taking down on extra windy days or when a storm is coming.

Shade Sail Placement And Installation

It is crucial to examine the best location for your shade sail before installation. For example, covering the pool with shade might be your goal. In that case, you will want to take into account the size of the shade sail, the strength of structures that will be used for anchor points, the capacity to add fixing posts as needed, the direction of the suns rays, locations of high heat sources , maximum wind speed and prevailing direction for your area. Additionally, be sure to check with local regulations as some areas do have building codes that regulate the usage of shade sails.

Installing a shade sail is an easy weekend project for those up to the challenge. Many places can be used as anchor points such as a pergola, fence post, large tree or branch , soffit, fascia, or wall. Furthermore, if not enough mounting points are available fixing posts can be installed into the ground to make optimal placement possible.

Photo By: Jason Dewey Photography

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Provides Protection From Heat

So, a quality shade will give you style along with other benefits. It will add visuals and appeal to your outdoor area and at the same time protect you and your family from the heat and harmful UV rays of sun. With shade matters you can buy quality and durableshade sail online in Australia at affordable prices. Shade sails by shade matters are made from heavy duty or waterproof fabrics and are highly efficient in providing protection from heat. They are a perfect way to achieve protection from sun and are very easy to use and install. To have a shade sail for your swimming pool visit their website at


Pool Shade Ideas To Protect You During Hot Summer Days

Intex pool canopy shade review mounting and disassembly

We have collected 20 pool shade ideas to help you choose the best type for your space. It is most natural when you think of a swimming pool to think of sun, beautiful weather and time outdoors. Besides the practical function shades can add significantly to the appearance of your backyard or patio and serve you for years.

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Pool Canopies To Protect Seating Areas

Your sites guest amenities depend on quality care. A shade canopy from Superior Shade can reduce the harmful effects of the sun on your tables and chairs. Why replace them year after year? Shade coverage with UV blocking capability over chaise lounges, bamboo seating, chairs with cushions, and wicker furniture makes sense not only from a financial perspective but also as an added guest offering. Guests who leave cell phones, sunglasses, and other items on poolside tables out of habit wont have to worry about sun damage to their belongings if swimming pool shade structures are available.

Pool Shade Ideas Stay Cool And Avoid The Sun

Swimming pools have always been associated with summer, sun, and fun. Whenever the weathers hot and sunny, expect everyone to lounge around the pool and dip in the cool water.

Do you have a pool, but you want some protection from the suns scorching rays? So you have come to the right place. Installing a shade structure over the pool can deliver a range of benefits beyond UV protection and relief from the rays.

Todays shade structures can be great aesthetic additions to a pool, giving you a bit of ambiance and style. And with well-structured, large-scale permanent structures, youll also be adding value to your home.

Considering that such shades do more than just shielding the sun, its important to choose one that complements your pool in the best possible way. So today, weve compiled a list of the 9 best pool shade ideas for varied requirements.

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How To Shade A Pool

If youre lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, youll want to create the best possible environment to enjoy it. Youve got your loungers, inflatables, maybe even a minibar but what about some shelter from the sun? Its an important consideration, with growing concern about sun damage and skin cancer. Basic shading can offer UV reduction of up to 75%, with specialist materials increasing protection up to 98%.

Aside from the health reasons, pool shading can also be a spectacular design feature. A stylish shade structure can elevate the appearance of your pool and turn the whole area into a classy feature. So dive in and find out how to shade a pool in your garden.

Providing Your Employees With The Lifeguard Stand Shade

How to Make a Pool Shade and Set Up Shade Above Ground Pool

Of all the people who need protection from the sun, lifeguards definitely need a break in the shade. They spend more time than anyone else at the pool in the sun and do not even get to take a break or cool off in the water! Give your employees the protection they deserve while they keep your patrons safe with the Lifeguard stand shade

Providing Necessary Shade

Whatever the temperature may be, being in the shade will be twenty degrees cooler than being in the sun.Lifeguard shade structures protect lifeguards from the suns heat and harsh rays

Beautiful Design

Shade structures can add beauty and functionality to an outside space, even if they are meant to look like fancy umbrellas for your lifeguards. Not only does a lifeguard shade add a high quality, elegant look to your pool, but it also provides the necessary shade to keep your employees cool and protected.

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Best Kiddie Pool Shade Ideas

There are all sorts of pool toys, floats, and cool summer accessories that you can buy for your kids. But what about the best kiddie pool shade ideas?

If youre looking to keep your little ones comfortable this summer, then its important to find a way to shield them from the sun during their playtime.

Since kiddie pools are usually inflatable pools or small above ground pools, the best kiddie pool shade should also be portable. For this reason, we highly recommend getting either one of these two pool umbrellas.

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