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Ideas For Above Ground Pool Landscaping

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The Best And Worst Ideas For Inground Pool Landscaping

26 Creative and Easy Above Ground Pool Decking and Landscaping Ideas

A pool will turn your backyard into an oasis. If you are thinking about an inground pool for your backyard, or maybe you already have one, you know having a pool requires upkeep but is undoubtedly worth the effort. Whether its your backyard pool or a community center, a pool can be at the heart of fun activities. You can enhance the experience for your swimmers and guests with excellent pool landscaping.

This guide will help you think about your goals for your pool and how the landscaping design fits into those goals. If you value privacy and simplicity, for example, you might take a different approach from someone who wants a pool that will make everyone stop and stare. Youll also get a list of great ideas to consider, plus some pool landscaping to avoid. From big decisions like fencing, trees and lighting to smaller touches like decorations and finishing touches, this guide covers it all. Keep reading to find inspiration for your backyard oasis!

Small Wood Pool Deck Mchenry

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This pool deck is more than a landing to access the above ground pool. It is turned into a connection to the second floor acting as a shelter above the front door.

It is entirely made of wood and covers only a small part of the pool perimeter. The reasons for this design are many- starting from the limited space of the yard and continuing to cost-effective solution and multifunction.

Bold And Modern Above

This black pool looks simple yet elegant. Everything is designed meticulously to provide the touch of boldness. Small black tiles are installed on the front part of the pool to accentuate it. However, the left side of the pool is just plastered which gives a matte finish.

Along the pool are some lights that shed some light on the plastered side so that you will feel as if you were walking on a shining pathway. To fill in the gap between the pathway and the pool, some decorative plants are added.


  • Ditching the raised deck will enable you to save some space especially if your backyard is not too spacious.


  • Without a raised deck, you will not be able to lounge by the pool.

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Design #1: Mega Above Ground Pool With Deck

Many people would say, âShut up and take my money!â Shut up and take my money indeed because this design is so unique to have in modern homes out there. The above ground pool is already elegant, let alone the built-in deck with a fireplace and seat next to it. It is so elegant and extraordinary, and there are many things that you can change to make it your style. From the design to the entire look, this is clearly among the best above ground pool ideas.

Consider Small Evergreen Bushes

Pin by Marie Halsall on Semi In ground Pool Ideas

Potted plants give you flexibility, which can come in handy when youre juggling different elements of your landscaping.

Evergreen bushes are a popular choice for above ground pools, as they provide good coverage that lasts year-round. For more lushness and flair, you can always add a layer of more colorful plants.

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Go For A Budget Option

If you are budget conscious, wooden pallets make an affordable above ground pool idea. Purchase pallets and then use them to create walls for your pool. Cover the surface of your pool with a durable blue plastic layer. Ensure there are no holes so that you dont find any leaks.

Although pallets make your above ground pool cheap to install, they still look attractive. Your pool will be small enough to maintain easily. And youll have a fun and refreshing space to relax during the hot weather.

Above Ground Pool Ideas That You Can Try On A Budget

If you love the idea of a swimming pool but have neither the space nor the budget for a built-in pool, you may be looking for above ground pool ideas. Above ground pool ideas are great when you have a small budget.

They are also great for homes with soil issues. Nice above ground pools will give you a chance to splash in the water during summertime and will spruce up your garden as well, and they come in different shapes and sizes too.

If you think you will hate the way an above ground pool will look in your garden, dont fear. Above ground pool designs can be incredibly aesthetic. There are some great above ground pool landscaping ideas that will add a wonderful touch to your garden.

Above ground pools are often as attractive as built-in pools. So if you are looking for outdoor above ground pools, and you hope to find your dream swimming pool, youve come to the right place. This article will share cool above ground pools to suit all backyards and budgets.

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Add Pool Side Seating On A Hill

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Take advantage of a hill by extending the seating next to the pool and deck area.

A pergola adds shade to the seating area in the far corner. The zones are separated by pink and cream flower beds. The side of the pool is finished with a stone wall.

Stepping stones lead to the different seating areas.

Design #1: Light Stone Above Ground Pool With Deck

50 Creative Above Ground Pool Ideas

When it comes to thinking outside the box, this is one of the above ground pool with deck ideas that say so. While many people opt for the common and regular materials, you can try light stones like this one. It is also very charming and neat, and it gives out a different vibe to the entire area. The deck is small, but it still provides a decent sitting spot for several people to enjoy. You can also add some lights to illuminate the pool at night, and you will surely love how it turns out.

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Create A Minimalist Mediterranean Pool Landscape Design

Vast, open spaces allow for limitless creativity. This project brings a Grecian vibe to the backyard with a Mediterranean-influenced pool landscape design thats both expansive and minimal.

Stone poolside pillars and an elevated, mixed vegetation landscape add character to this otherwise bare concept. We included a colorful combination of exotic evergreen trees, low-lying shrubs and ornamental grasses, and dense green ground covers.

What Could Be Simpler

A swimming pool needs two things to be successful, plenty of water and a level piece of ground. In this case, the homeowner decided to keep it simple with a poured concreted pad and a set of wood steps leading up to the pool. It’s not fancy, but then who needs fancy when you have a nice big pool to play in?

Image courtesy of Home Stratosphere

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Design #2: Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

Limited space is never a problem because you can still build this small backyard above ground pool with deck here. Even if it is more for chilling purposes instead of swimming, you have a great sitting spot in your backyard. While many of the above ground pools on our list have a small deck, this one is rather different. The deck is quite spacious, and it can accommodate several people which is so nice.

Create A Look That Matches The Slope Of Your Yard

10 Stylish Above Ground Pool Landscape Ideas 2020

Ana Maria Torres, landscape designer and founder of Architects, calls above-ground pools a “singular design challenge.” Depending on the backyard conditions and pool location, she explains how the challenge and design approach vary.

If the landscape is almost flat, the high walls that define the container will affect the long views of the space, so the design needs to be approached from another angle to transform the perception of the visual barrier of the pool into an integral part of the house or the rest of the garden, she explains.

Conversely, if theres a sloped landscape around the house, the above-ground pool can become the transitional element between the levels.

In both cases, integrate the pool into the landscape by a combination of strategies. If the size and conditions allow, transform the surrounding area into a stepping garden, creating multiple levels and using a combination of planting and decking with soft lighting. In that way, the access to the pool can help soften the sense of it being a container.

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Creating A Unique Pool Space

As easy as it might have been to simply install this pool, the homeowner took it to the limit. Not only did creating a deck that blends into the surrounding trees add more room for everyone to spend time in the sun, it also helped to blend his pool into his yard rather than tearing up the yard to fit his pool into it.

Image courtesy of

Design #0: Above Ground Poly Pool

You can go for a poly pool if you want to consider above ground pool deck ideas on a budget. It is durable and easy to take care of, and it is also very lightweight. You can easily clean and move this poly pool around with just two people, which is so convenient. The best part is that it has everything a regular above ground pool does, including a small deck. There are also different size options that you can consider, so you might want to check out this one.

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On Budget Pool For Small Backyard

The small backyard cannot hinder you from having a good time while cooling off your body. You can still have a swimming pool right in your small backyard and disassemble it when you do not feel like to swim especially during the winter. To make the pool look more elegant, you can install some recessed LED lights around the pool.

Investing in an above-ground pool is not a bad idea, is it? By implementing one of these above ground pool ideas you will have a great pool without making you short on cash.

The Cons Of A Raised Pool

What are the Best and Most Unique Above Ground Pool Landscape Ideas?
  • Longevity: When you install a raised pool it will have a shorter lifespan than your built in pool. Above ground pools will last between 7 15 years before the structure gives out. This is an issue if you landscape around your pool, making it a permanent part of your garden. A built in pool will last 20 years or more.
  • Durability: An above ground pool is more vulnerable to damage. Without support, the walls may be vulnerable to damage or abuse.
  • Depth: An above ground pool wont be as deep as an inbuilt pool. They are usually a maximum of 4 feet deep.
  • Aesthetics: You can certainly get some beautiful above ground pools, but you wont have the versatility you get with an inbuilt pool. Without the freedom to build your own shapes and styles, your above ground pool ideas will be limited to circles, ovals, and rectangles.
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    Design #1: Glossy Above Ground Pool With Deck

    Never have I thought that glossy tiles would make great material for above ground pool. But look at this image here, and you know that its design will complement your background with style. Plus with the spacious deck with some plants, this is clearly one of the best above ground pool ideas. Donât forget to check it out, it is too nice and unique to ignore.

    Integrate The Pool Into The Wall

    Pool by Soake Pools and landscape design by Nawada Landscape Design & Frank Walsh Landscape

    If you are opting to create an above ground concrete pool, youll also have more flexibility with decorative materials. In the plunge pool above, stone garden walls rise to the occasion by integrating the pool with the surrounding patio.

    The request we get most frequently is to install natural stone on the outside of their plunge pools, says Karen Larson, the co-founder of Soake Pools . With that said, we have seen a recent trend towards using other creative materials, including wood panels and even large-format exterior tiles.

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    Tile Your Pool Inside And Out

    You might not be surprised to spot tiles lining the interior of a pool, shimmering below the surface. But incorporating tiles on the exterior of your pool can take it over the edge – and over the top, too.

    In the sun-soaked concrete pool above, Spanish glass tiles glisten above and below the water in a design by Australias Artisan Exterior , which created a series of pool tiles inspired by the countrys waters and coastline. Tiling your above-ground pool will turn it into a statement piece and instantly elevate your outdoor entertainment area, says the Artisan Exterior Team.

    What Other Things Can I Add To My Above Ground Pool Area To Make My Backyard More Fun Year

    onground pools pioneer family pools above ground pool landscaping scaled

    An above ground pool deck can be large enough to include other outdoor activities. Install a hot tub to relax in year-round. Add a fire pit or chiminea for summer marshmallow roasting or for keeping warm on chilly nights. With a hot tub and fire pit, you can enjoy your outdoor space in seasons other than summer.

    Building a pergola or a partial deck covering allows you to relax in the shade, or take cover in the rain. Keeping your pool area furniture under a covered zone also helps protect it from sun and weather damage.

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    Composite Above Ground Pool Deck

    If you want the feel and look of real wood but costs lower when it comes to maintenance, you should go for a composite above ground pool deck.

    The ground had to be leveled with dirt before the composite deck was installed at half of the pool. There are also walk-in steps on the side which adds elegance to the entire look.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool

    At an average, the cost of an above ground pool installation costs in between $3000-11000, depending on the design that you would of course use. This range does not yet include the maintenance of the above ground pool down the stretch. This is calculated separately because again, it depends on the materials and overall design of the above ground pool.

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    Design #2: Small Pool With A Raised Lounge

    Small pool is nice for both adults and kids, and the raised lounge is a great alternative to a deck. As you can see in the picture, the whole area looks very cool and relaxing. On top of that, you wonât have to spend a lot to achieve this awesome leisure spot at all. The deck or lounge is rather inexpensive due to the wooden material, and so are other items. You can also add lights in case you want to chill at night this idea is so nice.

    Blend It With The Surroundings

    Landscaping Do’s & Don’ts for your Above Ground Pool

    Above ground swimming pools tend to stick out, and not in a good way. The main goal of any landscaping effort should be to make the pool seem like a more natural part of your backyard environment, rather than something that was simply plopped down in a random spot. That could mean surrounding it with the same types of plants you have growing in your yard, or just matching up colors.

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    Wood Above Ground Pool Deck

    The most common but if you want to have a unique look, you can make a terraced wood deck for your above ground pool. It is a multifunctional design since the wood terraces can be used as stairs, as seating and where you can place your swimming stuff. It is strategic for compact yards and a space-saving design even for vast estates.

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    Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Go Big With The Lanterns

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    Some of you may find this small farmhouse kitchen design a bit unusual due to the oversized lanterns.

    I think they add some texture and make the kitchen space more welcoming and cozy. Plus, their white color contrasts the black countertop of the island. Farmhouse pendant lights are a must-have to complete the look and atmosphere.

    The wooden floor adds a warm feel and contrast to the kitchen.

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    Above Ground Pool Landscaping + Patio Ideas

    Dont want to build a deck for your above ground pool? Want a more natural, organic look in your backyard? Instead of opting for a deck, consider enhancing the area around your above ground pool with a patio or landscaping. Above ground pool patios and landscaping differ from decks in that they are ground-level with all walls of the pool exposed. Here are the five main types of above ground pool patios:

  • Gravels and Rocks
  • Brick
  • Concrete and Pavers
  • What is the best thing to put around an above ground pool? Lets analyze each option to determine which one is right for your outdoor living space.

    Choose A Plunge Pool For Smaller Spaces

    Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas On A Budget  Randolph Indoor and ...

    Scroll through any internet search for above ground pools and youll see an overwhelming amount of clunky designs. In the past, above ground pools had a knack for taking over the backyard. But if youre limited on surface area and hesitant to hand over your entire backyard to a large body of water, consider something smaller: a plunge pool. Not much bigger than a hot tub, really, they’re made for simly cooling off in after a hot day.

    Like dipping a toe in the water, a plunge pool offers all the perks of a larger above-ground pool on a smaller scale, one that adds to your landscape without dominating it. Ideal for small backyard pool ideas.

    Installing a plunge pool partially above the ground creates a destination and a focal point that a flush install rarely offers, explains Karen Larson, the co-founder of Soake Pools , a maker of high-quality plunge pools that can also be installed fully above-ground. Additionally, the above-ground edges provide seating. It is also a great opportunity to add additional personality and decorative elements, as the exposed vertical surfaces can be adorned with materials that fit within the landscape.

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