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In Ground Hot Tub Design

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What Are The Benefits Of A Hot Tub

Custom Inground Hot Tubs

Theres not much thats more relaxing than the swirling heat of a hot tub. And there are many benefits youll enjoy from spending time in one. The heated water enhances circulation in your body, while the strong current produced by the jets can soothe sore muscles. Buoyancy from the water can ease a variety of conditions, like chronic pain, arthritis and injuries.

Portable Hot Tubs Vs In Ground Spas Which Is Better

Spas and hot tubs have a lot to offer! With a range of benefits including hydrotherapy and pain relief to pure recreational fun, there are a wide variety of hot water designs. From seating, jets, lighting, to aesthetic options and more, theres something for every backyard aficionado. Check out all the benefits of portable versus in ground spas below.

What Makes Portable Hot Tubs Differ From In Ground Spas?

In ground spa? Hot tub? Some are on top of decks and patios. Others are permanently built into the ground and might even be connected to a pool, or swimming pool adjacent. Here are some definitions.

A Hot Tub or Portable spa is totally self contained. These are the kinds of units you can get dropped off on a deck or patio, fill with water, connect to power and let it rip. An in ground spa is a permanent structure, often built as part of a pool install. These can be gunite or fiberglass shells, connected to hard plumbing and an external pump and filter system.

The two systems have similarities, but just by their nature each has certain areas where they may shine. Lets talk about the benefits of outdoor spas and hot tubs including hydrotherapy, design, integration with the pool, and more.

The original portable hot tub

Location, Location, Location

Efficiency and Operation

Higher operational costs and the extra effort and planning prior to use can make in ground spas less attractive to the average homeowner.

Differences in the Experience

What is Hydrotherapy?

How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install A Pergola

Googling this question comes back with statements like these. For a basic 10-by-10 pergola, expect to pay up to $500 for labor. For high-end pergola installations, it can be anywhere from $750 to $1,000. I have my doubts. It should be less, I would think. But then again charges $499.99 for installation, so HD maybe offering a comparable charge. We included a link for Home Depot Pergola Installation in your specific area. Call them! These prices mentioned above may include permits and measurement fees.

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Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Hot Tubs

It’s easier to install and deliver a hot tub in your backyard than in your home. A level concrete pad or a reinforced deck are the most common surfaces where hot tubs are installed. Installing a foundation and making the required outdoor electrical connections is much simpler than moving a wall in your home. Thus, the overall installation cost should be lower than an indoor hot tub. Also, if a hot tub is installed outdoors, there’s no need to worry about proper ventilation.

Composite Hot Tub Decks

In Ground And Above Ground Hot Tub Ideas

Do you love the look of wood, but find the maintenance required a bit tedious? You arent alone. Wood looks beautiful the day its installed. But then it requires regular cleaning, staining, and sealing. Fail to do this, and your wood will fade, splinter, and warp. This will look ugly and be dangerous for people to walk on barefoot.

An alternative deck material to this is to use composite. It costs about the same or slightly more per square foot than cedar wood decking .

You gain a lot of advantages for the extra cost. You dont have to sand, seal, stain, or paint it. Just give it a cleaning once or twice a year, and youre done. Composite decking is also stain, insect, and fade resistant, so itll look beautiful for years longer than a natural wood deck. You can expect your natural wood deck to last about 10 to 30 years, while composite can easily outlast that and may last as long as 50 years.

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What’s The Difference Between A Hot Tub And A Spa

You might have noticed that “spa” and “hot tub” are often used interchangeably. This overlap in classification can be confusing. The distinction comes down to how they’re installed and constructed.

The term “spa” is often used to describe an in-ground spa, a heated body of water built into the ground and used for relaxation and hydrotherapy. In residential settings, in-ground spas are often attached to an in-ground pool and are similar to what you might see at a hotel or gym. The term “hot tub” is typically used to refer to an above-ground portable spa. A hot tub or portable spa also is used for hydrotherapy, but it’s a completely self-contained unit. All hot tub components, including its plumbing and electrical system, are built inside the hot tub cabinet.

Do You Already Have An In

Homeowners who already have an in-ground pool may want to install their in-ground hot tub adjacent to complete the pool area. Others may decide to install an in-ground pool and hot tub at the same time. If this is the case, your budget will go up significantly, and youll want to come up with a holistic design that includes both the pool and hot tub. If you do not intend to build a pool and just want an in-ground hot tub, you can consider stand-alone designs, such as a patio in-ground hot tub.

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Why Choosing Dell Outdoor For Your Pool:

ï 38 Years of Experience and Knowledgeï High Quality Craftsmanship – On-Time and within a Budgetï Cost Effectiveï Complete Turnkey Deliverables’ By Our Own Personnelï Great Designs and Colorsï Smooth Finishï Certified Supplier Of Best Of Breeds Products âï Professional sales team, architect & engineer on staff, experienced project management on site, all empowered to exceed our customers expectations.ï All pools and spas are fabricated to meet IAPMO and ANSI standards

Contemporary Japanese Soaking Tub Roof Deck

Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

Instead of a traditional jacuzzi design, this deck features a spa thats closer to a Japanese soaking tub. It offers higher sides, making it easier to stay submerged while sitting up.

The deck makes accessing this higher tub easier thanks to the steps. While the side is used as a display space, it could also function as a bench, giving this design a bit more versatility.

Overall, this rooftop deck has a contemporary vibe. However, the presence of lap siding also makes it a bit transitional, so it could work with nearly any aesthetic.

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Sophisticated Hot Tub Dome

An incredible sun room with dome-like construction which will surely make your outdoor living space looks as attractive as possible. Inside, a hot tub is installed in the center of a deck and some potted trees surround it beautifully.

The trees also work as the shade which filters the sunlight exposure inside the room.

Traditional Deck And Jacuzzi

If you enjoy traditional design, this could be your dream deck. On the far side is a magnificent gazebo, featuring some ornate details and breathtaking lines. The combination of white paint and natural wood bump it up a notch, drawing the eye to various features.

With this, the spa isnt a focal point. It is sunken into the deck, making sure it doesnt block the views or steal the show. As a bonus, the railing near the hot tub is clear, so you can enjoy the surrounding landscape from there, too.

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Above Ground Spa Pros And Cons

Above ground hot tubs are ergonomic and can fit people of different sizes and heights. You can place them close to the house so that you can minimize walking distance from the door to the tub. This is important because where the hot tub is located in relation to the house determines how often the spa is used. It also determines whether or not it is used in the winter. This is why above ground hot tubs tend to be utilized more throughout the year.

Above ground units require less maintenance than inground spas and they dont usually have to be preheated.

You can use cover lifters with an above ground unit since hot tub covers can be very heavy. If just one person wants to spend time in the hot tub, manually removing a cover can be very difficult. Attaching the cover to a lever system makes it much easier for the cover to be removed.

The Size Of The Pergola

in ground jacuzzi ideas

When determining the size of the pergola, there are three main options to consider:

  • You can build a small pergola that will only fit your tub. This is the least expensive option that will provide the desired comfort and coziness. Check out our Small Hot Tub Pergola Ideas section.)
  • You can build a larger pergola that will allow for a decking area around your sunken tub to serve as seating and provide space for a built-in bar. See the Hot Tub Pergola with Bar Ideas section for inspirational images.
  • You can build an over-sized pergola that will also house a seating patio area, a grill, and a fire pit, all under its roof.
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    Is It A Spa Hot Tub Or Jacuzzi

    What is the difference and is there a difference you might be wondering? I tend to use all three but I primarily use hot tub or jacuzzi.

    However, in my research I found a mishmash of definitions, and one that is very confusing is from a maker called Dream Maker Spas that essentially tells us that a spa is a place or natural occurrence but still named the company with spa in it.

    According to one other source, a spa in addition to the traditional definition of being a business for curative treatments, it is also accepted American vernacular. It seems to be widely know that jacuzzi is a brand name of a spa/hot tub which has become common.

    I would compare it to the term google something no matter which search engine or source you are using to look something up. .

    If you werent confused about spa, hot tub or jacuzzi before I am sure you are now, so for these purposes the words will be essentially interchangeable. I will use them that way, with the understanding I am making the assumption that in your hot tub you want jets, a filtering system and heating element no matter what you call it.

    If it makes bubbles and does those things it falls under the purview of this post. If you want info on a jetted bath tub I will do a post about that later when we finish our master bathroom remodel. For now we are talking spa, hot tub and jacuzzi as our primary terms.

    Make Your Spa Truly Unique

    While aboveground pre-made hot tubs may have some options for customization, an inground spa offers nearly limitless design possibilities. You can include features such as colored lights, jets, bubblers, fountains, a Pebble Tec finish, and more. We can help you design the perfect spa for you, down to the smallest detail.

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    Hot Tub Safety Guidelines

    Every homeowner should make sure their spa and pool guests know how to use the equipment safely. Safety is a top concern for pool and spa owners. Proper enclosures and supervision are a must to ensure the safety of children, pets, and wildlife that might wander near the hot tub or spa. Completely surround your spa with four-sided isolation fencing with a self-closing and self-latching gate that’s out of a child’s reach. According to the American Red Cross, a four-sided isolation fence reduces a child’s risk of drowning by 83% compared to three-sided property-line fencing. Install a secondary barrier, such as lockable spa covers and locks that are out of a child’s reach on all doors and windows with direct access to the pool or spa area. Specialty safety products are available on the market.

    Modern Jacuzzi And Deck

    Building My In-Ground Hot Tub

    Technically, the hot tub and deck in this design are separate. While the jacuzzi butts up next to the deck, its set on a concrete pad below. However, with its proximity to the deck and nearby stairs, it creates a simple way to get in and out.

    The deck itself is modern. There are no ornate railings. Instead, you find a simple platform and staircases. As a result, the design of the home and surrounding landscape can be the stars of the show.

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    Coordinating Spa And Deck

    If you are looking for an approach that allows your hot tub to visually blend with the deck, this could be a perfect choice. The Japanese soaking tub features similarly toned wood to the surrounding deck. As a result, it all meshes together.

    While the spa is mostly sunken, it is also next to the stairs to the lower level. This gives you options for getting in and out of the soaker tub.

    Plus, since one side of the spa isnt meant to be used as a walkway, it creates a usable surface. You can set drinks, phones, and towels there without having to worry about them getting stepped on by passersby.

    How Much Do Inground Spas Cost

    It depends on how elaborate your design is, but in most cases, an inground spa will be more than an aboveground spa, which cost in the $5,000-10,000 range. Inground spas are cheaper when you use a pre-fab drop-in spa shell, of fiberglass or acrylic, and a spa pack. Concrete spas set in the ground require more work to build, from various tradesmen, which can push the cost to $20,000, or more. So then, we can ‘safely’ say that inground spas are about twice as expensive as aboveground spas, especially if you add-on water features and expensive and extensive decking around the spa.


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    Disadvantages Of An Indoor Hot Tub

    • The extreme weight of the hot tub may require additional support.
    • This amount of water will create a humid environment, so proper room ventilation is necessary.
    • Dehumidifying equipment can be noisy.
    • Where is the hot tub located? Will guests have to scurry through your living room to reach a changing room?
    • Is the hot tub room itself waterproof?
    • A permanent indoor hot tub will most likely require construction modifications to your home.

    Pros And Cons Of Portable Spas

    In Ground And Above Ground Hot Tub Ideas

    Portable spas, otherwise known as hot tubs, can be inflatable or hard-sided. They’re considered portable because they can be installed anywhere and have the versatility to be drained and moved elsewhere. Hot tubs are designed to fit in many settings, whether you use your portable spa on your patio, yard, or indoors.

    Here are some pros and cons to buying and installing a hot tub:

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    Should You Sink Your Hot Tub In The Ground

    A sunken hot tub allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape as you soak away the stress. Choosing this type of installation allows for a custom look that you can enhance through your backyard design. Stone paths, a lush garden, or custom decking can complement the spa.

    But it might not be the right choice for everyone and every space. Ask yourself if you are willing to spend the extra money on the installation and any future service. Are you in a forever home?

    If you have some reservations, consider a semi-recessed hot tub. With this installation, about 12 inches of the spa is above the ground. Many people find its easier to get in and out of the hot tub. Plus, you will have room for a traditional cover and cover lift.

    Alternately, you can have an illusion hot tub design. With this backyard design, the hot tub is installed next to a raised deck. The top of the spa looks flush with the decking but part of the hot tub is exposed, with steps nearby so you can get in easily and safely.

    Whether you choose an in-ground hot tub or another installation style, you can create a space that is both functional and beautiful. Through fencing, patio pavers, perennials and other landscape options, you can have your own oasis.

    Need more help? Download our Backyard Planning Guide for installation requirements and tips.

    Amazing Outdoor Hot Tub Ideas For A Sanctuary Of Relaxation

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    These outdoor hot tub ideas will make an amazing addition to your backyard living space for enjoying year-round entertainment with family and friends. There is nothing like spending time in the great outdoors, basking in the sunlight while getting some rest and relaxation. Why not take some time this year to indulge in your backyard with the addition of an outdoor hot tub.

    Even if you have a compact backyard space that will not accommodate a swimming pool, there is always room for a hot tub! We cant imagine anything better after a long day of work than melting away your stresses in an outdoor spa. There are a variety of different hot tub styles out there to select from. You will also need to plan for a deck, landscaping, and privacy for your outdoor hot tub. Have a look below for some fantastic ideas to help get you started!

    Tell Us: Which one of these outdoor hot tub ideas most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

    1. A trellis waterfall feature creates a relaxing vibe for this spa/pool. The aluminum trellis is made to accept the water feature. A local pool contractor could install and hook this up to a pump. The cost for the trellis is $15,000 including shipping to the continental US.

    2. This hydropool self cleaning hot tub features a retaining wall, creating a sense of intimacy. Further adding privacy is the lush landscaping. A comfortable seating area with a fire pit offers a relaxing spot before and after a dip in the hot tub.

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