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Longest Lasting Above Ground Pool

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Intex Easy Set Pool Set With Filter

Bestway Pool Review: Above Ground Pool Failure Points

When it comes to above ground pools, the Intex Easy Set Pool Set with Filter is one of the best on the market. This above ground pool set comes with everything you need to get started, including a filter pump, ladder, and ground cloth. The pool itself is made from durable PVC that can withstand heavy use. The built-in pump makes it easy to keep the water clean and clear, and the ladder provides a safe and easy way to enter and exit the pool. The ground cloth helps to protect the bottom of the pool from wear and tear. Overall, the Intex Easy Set Pool Set with Filter is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality above ground pool.

What Is The Best Above Ground Pool

There are many different types of above ground pools, and each has its advantages as well as disadvantages.The main difference between most types of above-ground pools is size. Some people enjoy having a large pool that they can swim laps in while others prefer something smaller that doesnt take up too much space in their backyard.

For small yards or those with limited space, one option is the Intex Easy Set Pool. This inflatable pool comes with everything you need to set it up and provides hours of fun.

For homeowners with more than enough free space in their backyard, then you should consider getting the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Set.

Clearing The Air On Above Ground Pools

Our goal is to be the most educational company regarding traditional above ground pools. We have over 20 years of professional experience with above ground pools and a lot of information to share! We have found that in-ground pools have quite a bit of discussion online surrounding them, but no one has really gone in depth on above ground pools. We hope to clear the air on above ground pools, and answer any and all questions you might have. In this guide and on our website we will be as transparent as possible explaining the industry in general, how it applies to our product selection. And, why we have chosen the product line-up we have.

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Cornelius Phoenix Above Ground Pool

We consider this one of the products with the highest value for money. Itâs also a very easy DIY project that doesnât really require professional help. This product is also a complete package with all the things youâll need for a pool.

It comes with a sand pump, filter replacement, 15-foot pool liner, ladder, and even a chemical kit. Once you install it , you can easily maintain it and use it with all the things included.

Best For Babies And Pets: Yaheetech Foldable Swimming Pool

The 9 Best Rectangular Above Ground Pool for 2019: Expert Reviews ...


Why it made the cut: Sturdiness and durability make this small above-ground pool baby- and dog-proof.



  • Side panels will cave in if not on a flat surface

You cant get an Olympic workout in the YAHEETECH Foldable Swimming Pool. In fact, its less of a pool than a very large puddle. But for toddlers and dogs, this affordable pool is a lot of fun. The material is strong enough to handle a rowdy Schnauzer and soft enough for your young kids to bump into. The shallow one-foot depth is safe for wobbly kids just learning to walk, though parent supervision is ALWAYS required. As an added bonus, you can use the pool as a sandbox or ball pit. If youre looking for the cheapest and easiest way to add summer fun to your outdoor space, this dog pool/baby pool is a fantastic and versatile option.


Inflatable pools are the easiest to set up and maintain. As far as small above-ground pools go, this Intex swimming pool is the best of the blow-ups. The small, eight-foot diameter pool holds 639 gallons of waternot enough for a pool party, but plenty of room for one or two people. This pool is great for impromptu soaks after a hard day. There are no chemicals to change or filters to clean. You dont need to snap support rods together or unfold pool covers. When you want to take a dip, inflate and go. There are holes for optional pumps, but this pool is best enjoyed as simply as possible. No need to add electricity and filtration to this solo backyard pool party.

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How Do You Disassemble An Above Ground Pool

With the exception of hard-sided models, most above ground pools should be taken down when swimming season ends. To do this, youll want to start by cleaning out the pool and draining its water through the drain valve. Then, remove the inner liner and break down the frame into pieces, which you can then store however you choose.

Palisades Metal Wall Above Ground Pool

If you happen to be looking for a pool that has a more unique design compared to the norm, then the Palisades Metal Wall pool is a good choice.

Looking at the pool, you can see that it carries a rather Greco-Roman inspired look that can go perfectly well with most yards. Other than that, it also comes with steel stabilizers found on the top part of the pool. These stabilizers make the pool very durable.

Overall, the pool is rust proof, corrosion proof, and long lasting. The pool also includes a complete list of things that you need for a pool, along with a 1.5 horsepower pump. Letâs take a look at some of the best features of this pool.

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Intex Ultra Xtr Round Pool

Best Deep Above Ground Pool

Research Score: 4.3 out of 5

Whats Great:

  • Easy snap-in assembly requiring no tools
  • Can withstand multiple seasons due to the heavy-duty equipment, there is no breakdown required in winter
  • Comes with a sand filter pump, ladder, and cover

Limitations & What Needs Improvement:

  • Materials are heavy, so setup requires multiple helpers
  • May be too deep for families with young children
  • Round shaped pool
  • This model has a few different sizes: 16 feet by 48 inches, 18 feet by 52 inches deep, 20 feet by 48 inches, and 24 feet by 52 inches
  • Comes with a sand filter pump
  • The smallest model holds 5,061 gallons at 90 percent capacity, and the largest model holds 12,481 gallons at 90 percent capacity
  • Galvanized steel frame and locking system

Research Notes

Intex did a really good job of creating a more affordable version of the Ultra XTR pool with this model. The pool ticks pretty much all the boxes for a good quality pool and is a great option for those looking to invest in a long-lasting product. The fact that it comes with so many useful features and is 48 to 52 inches deep should put this pool at the top of your list when considering an above ground pool.

It’s worth noting that customers should prepare for a time-consuming setup as the parts are heavy and not easy to maneuver. But in comparison to the rectangular model, this pool is much easier to set up.





Notes From Other Testers

Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Pool Structure Module – Buyer’s Guide

Ready to get your splash on with a sturdy and long-lasting pool that can withstand the elements? The Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Pool Set has a water capacity of 5,200 gallons and comes with a SkimmerPlus 110/120v filter pump to keep that water clean and sparkling all summer long.

The frame of the swim pool is galvanized metal and can be assembled in around 45 minutes. The Summer Waves Elite comes with all the regular TLC accessories you will need to set-up and protect your new pool, including a cloth to put on the ground underneath your pool, a pool ladder, pool cover, and a maintenance kit to keep your pool running smoothly.

Reviewers consistently rave about the sturdiness of the metal frame, finding it easy to put together, and the reasonable price tag.

The Summer Waves is an ideal above-ground pool for small families who are looking for a budget-friendly pool that is perfect for kids who are ready to move on from inflatable pools.

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Above Ground Pool Ladder Price

The final component common to an above ground pool kit is the ladder or entry system. You will find an A-frame ladder will be the go to choice for most retailers. These are very cost effective and work great on above ground pools. If you would like something a bit more substantial, you can generally upgrade to an entry system, which will include steps that go down on the inside of the pool and additionally handrails to assist with entry and exit from the pool. If you plan to install a wood deck around your pool, there are also deck mount options for the ladders that allow for a seamless transition from the deck to the ladder or entry system.

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

This pool is large enough for people who like to party and hold fun games in the pool. The pool is not only strong with an elegant design it is very large with a capacity of up to thirty thousands of water.

It comes with all the necessary accessories such as a powerful pump, a saltwater system, ladder, debris cover, cleaning accessories and a complete volleyball set. The frame is coated for rust resistance and to enhance beauty.

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How To Make An Above

To make an above-ground pool last longer, follow these steps:

  • Brush the vinyl liner one to two times per week. Vinyl liners stain quite easily. You can use a soft bristle brush to remove algae. Another suggestion is to get a pool vacuum for algae to limit the amount of brushing you have to do. Consider getting a vacuum that climbs the walls.
  • Dont use harsh chemicals in an above-ground pool. Liquid acid, high-chlorine granular shock, and a few other concentrated chemicals arent designed for vinyl swimming pools. Above-ground pools can use dry acid, liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets, and low-chlorine granular shock.
  • Remove and prevent wrinkles from forming in the vinyl. Wrinkles are caused by people jumping in the pool, a worn vinyl liner, and heavy ladders or steps. Get rid of vinyl pool wrinkles with a shop vacuum, rubber water shoes, and a clean plunger. The wrinkles can weaken the liner and cause tears.
  • Maintain the pools chemistry as accurately as possible. Check the pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, phosphates, calcium hardness, and chlorine weekly. Above-ground pools have sensitive liners that can warp or become brittle if theyre not maintained properly. Keep all of the above-ground pool chemicals for routine maintenance.
  • How Much Does A Permanent Above Ground Pool Cost

    Summer Waves Elite 15 ft. Round x 48 in. Deep Metal Frame Above Ground ...

    The expense is going to be more than your inflatable types but nowhere near as high as an in-ground pool. This is one of the main benefits after all.

    You can expect to pay around $250 for a mid-range product. If you have the budget then anything closer to $1,000 will land you a larger pool, a higher quality spec of materials and accessories.

    These might be on the larger side so expect a little more graft in terms of setting up and of course, it also means more water but if you have space and the budget, then it is a good idea to go with the reputable products that can cost a little more.

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    The Advantages Of Steel Frame Pools

    There are several unique advantages to a steel frame pool. Steel frame pools are a strong and reliable choice of above ground pools. Unlike single-piece inflatable pools, steel frame pools consist of a steel framework attached to a liner, which holds the water. These pools are often large and hold a lot of water, providing ample room for swimming and pool toys. A metal frame offers more stability, with less risk of spilling or collapse. Plus, the pressure of the water within the pool contributes to the metal frame’s structural integrity.

    With more durability, metal frame pools are less likely to experience punctures or damage from sharp or abrasive objects. While a metal frame often involves more steps to assemble than an inflatable pool, the latter can often take hours to inflate fully while most metal frame pools can come together in less than an hour. You can find metal frame pools in many different varieties to fit a flexible range of uses. They come in round or rectangular shapes, with different depths and water capacities. There are also steel frame kids pools that have less depth but are still sturdier than an inflatable pool.

    Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve Oval Steel Sided Above Ground Pool

    The design of this pool is actually very similar to the Wilbar Meadows above ground pool. The only difference is that this one doesnât just sport lovely bedrock patterns, but also seashells on the floor.

    Somehow, the floor pattern also allows you to have better grip on the pool so that it will be easier to climb out. Just like most of the pools we mentioned, this one also comes with a resin coated steel exterior making it as durable as them.

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    How Long Do Intex Above Ground Pools Last

    Intex is one of the leading above ground swimming pool makers in the market. Therefore, out of many pools sold to different homeowners, this brand name takes a good chunk.

    So, it is not uncommon to find people asking: how long do Intex above ground pools last? They give a good deal for money.

    Generally, their soft side pools can last up to three years, perhaps slightly longer than that depending on the care and maintenance that you give yours.

    They also make metal frame above ground pools and these ones can last a long time, even more than 10 years.

    Intex gives very good care and maintenance instructions for their pools. To enhance durability, you should follow their guide for winterizing the pool for the cold season. Keep it full of water during the warm seasons.

    Disadvantages Of Above Ground Pools

    How to Install An Above Ground Pool // Intex

    For most folks, the biggest disadvantage of above ground pools is their aesthetics. Some can view an above ground pool as an eyesore. Often subdivisions do not allow for their construction within their covenants. Even with a deck built entirely around them, an above ground pool will generally never add to the appearance of your home and yard. In fact, it will likely be a deterrent.

    Another disadvantage of an above ground pool is their depth and design limitation. Generally speaking, most above ground pools come in one of 3 shapescircle, oval, or rectangle.

    Above ground pools simply are not built to last a long time. Their metals walls can oxidize and rust easily, and the majority of structures will generally fail in the 8-15 year mark. As a result of this, an above ground pool generally is not factored in as an improvement when a house is being valued and can be a deterrent when trying to sell a house.

    Above ground pool circle shape

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    How Often Do Above Ground Pools Collapse

    They do not collapse very often, because if many collapse, we would get it all over the news.

    However, one of the biggest fears of any homeowner with an above ground pool is whether it can collapse.

    And true enough, these pools do collapse. However, only the very badly installed, poorly cared for swimming pools collapse. Therefore, if you get yours installed by experts in the right way, it is not going to collapse.

    How Much Are Above Ground Pools

    In regards to how much above ground swimming pools cost, there is quite a range, based on quality and durability of course. Just within the above ground pools our team reviewed above, there are options around $400 and options around $6000. This allows above-ground pools to be available to pretty much any homeowners budget, however, if you want the pool to last long-term we do recommend one of the options above 2k.

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    How Do You Install An Above Ground Pool

    Before setting up your above ground pool, youll first need to level out the area where the pool will rest by putting down a layer of sand for cushioning or laying down a ground cover . From there, follow the manufacturers directions for assembling the frame and attaching the liner. Be sure to read your pools warranty, advises Lindbeck, as installing your pool improperly can void your manufacturers warranty. Once your pool is fully assembled, go ahead and fill it up with water.

    Splash Pools Above Ground Pool Package

    Top 7 Best Oval Above Ground Pool for 2020 Reviews

    The durability of the Splash Pools pool is pretty impressive, especially the durability of its ladder. First of all, the pool itself is made out of very strong steel that is hot dipped 7 inches and galvanized, making it immune to harsh weather conditions.

    The ladder is made out of sturdy resin material which also makes it pretty resistant to external conditions. Youâll also be happy to know that the ladder comes with a lift-off feature to prevent just anyone from going in. The pool also comes with a 1 horsepower pump with motor.

    • Step by step instruction video for set up

    Currently unavailable.

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