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What Time Does Leslie’s Pool Close

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Balance The Water Starting With Total Alkalanity

POOL WINTERIZING Pt.1 Leslie’s Standard Closing Kit

Balancing your water properly is a necessity for safe and healthy swimming. You can control the pH and chlorine levels in your water by first adjusting the Total Alkalinity.

If TA is too high, you can use Leslies Dry Acid to lower the levels to the ideal range. To lower the TA by 10 ppm, add 1.5 pounds of Leslies Dry Acid for every 10,000 gallons of water.

If TA is too low, add Leslies Alkalinity Up to increase it. Adding 1.5 pounds of Alkalinity Up will increase the TA of 10,000 gallons of water by 10 ppm. Wait at least 4 hours after adding Alkalinity Up before retesting the water.

Drain Pool Lines And Add Pool Antifreeze

This tip prevents the costly repairs that come from burst of damaged pipes. Most pool equipment has a drain plug to allow water to drain out. Make sure that you drain the pool pump, pool filter, pool heater and any other pool equipment you may have. DE grids and filter cartridges should be removed from the pool filter and fully cleaned. A small shop vac or liner vac can be used to quickly blow any remaining air out of the pump and filter. We recommend storing the drain plugs in the pump basket over the winter. After the plumbing is drained, we recommend adding Pool Anti-Freeze to protect your system during the harsh winter months.

They Dont Seem To Know About The Chemicals They Sell And What Works

If you are a pool company, it seems like you should know about all the chemicals you sell, and what chemical helps what pool problem. According to a lot of Leslies customers, they do not. Many customers complain that the employees tell them the wrong chemical, or combination of chemicals to use for their specific pool problem and for many, have made their pool water problem worse due to their lack of knowledge.

When it comes to choosing the best company for your home repairs of any kind, including a swimming pool, it is always best to research a company before you dish out your hard earned money to them and expect youre going to get the best product, customer service, and best prices. Most companies offer customer review sections on their site, and you should always read them to see what other customers have to say, or get references from friends, family, or other customers to companies that they have had a good experience with.

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Clean The Pool And Balance The Water

Dont skip this step even if your pool looks clean. Pool contaminants are often unseen so its not worth the risk of a messy cleanup come spring.

Grab your telescopic pole and brush attachment, then scrub each wall of your pool from left to right. This loosens buildup and algae spores, which makes them fall to the floor for easy treatment and cleanup.

Dont forget to scrub the stairs, ledges, and behind the ladder.

After brushing, grab your skimmer attachment and skim out everything you can see on the surface.

Last, attach your vacuum hose to your simmer line, and thoroughly vacuum the floor of your pool. We recommend starting on one end of your pool and working your way up and down the length of it vertically.

1a.) Balancing your pool water

Now that your water is visibly clean, its time to clean it up on a chemical level. This means getting your water properly balanced and sanitized for the offseason.

To balance your water, adjust pool chemicals to these levels:

  • Adjust Total Alkalinity
  • Ideal range: 80 120 ppm
  • Adjust pH
  • Ideal range: 200 400 ppm
  • Add sanitizer
  • Ideal range: Less than 2,000 ppm
  • Need more help with balancing your water?

    With your water balanced, its time to add your pool closing chemicals. These are the specific chemicals that keep your pool clean, clear, and healthy while its closed during the winter.

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    Reconnect The Pool Equipment


    If you prepared your pool for freezing temperatures, you will need to reconnect your pool equipment. This includes your filter, pump, heater, and anything else you may have had connected to your filtration system. For above ground pools, you will need to reconnect the flexible plumbing lines to the pool equipment and skimmer.

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    How To Open Your Pool In Spring

    The arrival of spring brings back many of our favorite things, including blossoming plants and trees, longer-lasting sunlight, and warmer temperatures. For pool owners, that warmer weather also mean its almost time to open your pool for the season! But just because the sun is shining doesnt mean the pool is quite ready for swimmers. With just a little effort, however, you can be on your way to a clean, safe, healthy, and swim-ready pool.

    The steps for opening your pool are listed below. Highlights include:

    Clearing, removing, and storing your pool cover.

    Filling your pool water to regular levels.

    Reconnecting and turning on your pool equipment.

    Testing and balancing your pool water.

    Shocking your pool.

    Step : Prepare Deck Or Surrounding Area

    • Remove all ladders, hoses, pool cleaners, and over-the-top skimmers. Lay any hoses out straight in a non-freezing location.
    • Make sure to drain all of the water out of your automatic pool cleaner.
    • For above ground pools, inflate the air pillow and tie to an anchor with rope. As an alternative, you can use the Pillow Pal to attach the air pillow to the bottom of your winter cover.
    • Attach a floating chlorinator to your air pillows and set to the lowest possible feed. This is essential for plaster pools.

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    Leslie’s Pool Closing Services

    Cooler temperatures are on the way! Is your pool ready for winter? Properly closing your pool for the season is an important part of pool care. It helps protect your pool and equipment against freeze damage, keeps your water healthy to control bacteria and algae growth, and helps prevent stains and scaling on pool surfaces during the off-season. If you’re wanting someone to close your swimming pool for you, or if you’re simply wanting to learn more about how to close a pool, Leslie’s Pool Closing Services can do the work for you!

    In most areas, closing a pool involves balancing the water, adding winter chemicals, winterizing plumbing and equipment, and covering the pool. It may sound complicated at first, and it does take a bit of time to complete. But with a little help from a knowledgeable Leslie’s service technician, this year’s pool closing will be a breeze.

    Leslies Pool Closing Service Summary

    How to Close Your Inground Pool -Part 1/2 by Leisure Pools

    So whats included with Leslies Pool Closing Services? There are two different levels of service to choose from: Basic and Complete Winterization.

    Service Description
    Shut off the gas supply at your pools heater
    Clean your pools filter
    Install your solid or mesh pool cover using your water bags, springs, straps, cover stakes, or sand bags

    Before the technician arrives, make sure the water is properly balanced and that the pool is clean and free of debris. Please note that Pool Closing Kits and other winter chemicals are not included with the Leslies Pool Closing Service, so youll need add these on your own prior to your appointment.

    If you have any questions about Leslies Pool Closing Services, or if youre ready to schedule an appointment, call or stop by your local Leslies store and well be happy to help. You can also send us an online service request form, and one of our friendly customer service agents will get in touch with you. We also offer a number of other winter pool services, including Pool Safety Cover Installation, Leslies Freeze Protection Service, and our popular Winter Watch Program to help with whatever you need during the off-season.

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    Reviews For Leslie’s Pool

    Everything a pool owner needs and more. Three location is convenient, store is well organized and staff is 5*. Pricing of the pool supplies is reasonable but it seems like the pricing of the pool items is a bit higher than online pricing.Pro Tip: The also sell chlorine if you need it for cleaning purposes

    My friend actually works for this company and they make sure they keep their employees well trained and up to date with pool equipment. The amount of information he knows about keeping your pool healthy bores me to death, but if I ever het a house with a pool I’d come here for my pool care needs because they know what they are talking about.

    Customer service is not their strong point on a national or local basis. Purchase a prepaid service call and then cancel it? It’s up to you to show up in person and get your money back or they will keep it! They did not inform me of this when I cancelled the appointment while talking to the store directly. When I asked them about this they said “hey, it our policy”.

    Leslies Pool Closing Services

    Cooler temperatures are on the way! Is your pool ready for winter? Properly closing your pool for the season is an important part of pool care. It helps protect your pool and equipment against freeze damage, keeps your water healthy to control bacteria and algae growth, and helps prevent stains and scaling on pool surfaces during the off-season. If youre wanting someone to close your swimming pool for you, or if youre simply wanting to learn more about how to close a pool, Leslies Pool Closing Services can do the work for you!

    In most areas, closing a pool involves balancing the water, adding winter chemicals, winterizing plumbing and equipment, and covering the pool. It may sound complicated at first, and it does take a bit of time to complete. But with a little help from a knowledgeable Leslies service technician, this years pool closing will be a breeze.

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    Step : Size Your Pool Cover

    • Take measurements of your pool and write them down prior to pool closing.
    • Leslies sizes its standard winter covers assuming the water level is approximately 18 below the deck. If your water line is below 18 or an air pillow is being used, add 2 to the measurement, as a larger cover will be needed.

    Test The Pool Chemistry


    Once the circulation system has been running for a few hours, test your pool water for pH, Total Alkalinity , and Chlorine levels with a test kit or test strips. Ideal levels should be:

    • pH: 7.4 to 7.6
    • Total Alkalinity: 80 to 120 ppm
    • Free Available Chlorine: 2.0 to 4.0 ppm
    • Calcium Hardness: 200-400 ppm

    DIY TIP: You can also being a water sample to your local Leslies for a free water test. Our pool experts will help you get the most comprehensive and precise chemistry analysis with the Leslies AccuBlue® water test, and youll receive a customized step-by-step plan to balance your water.

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    Where The Fun Begins

    Every pool owner knows that opening your pool is only the beginning. After that all-important opening, its time to trick out your pool with all the toys, floats, and accessories you need to have a great time.

    Bright and colorful inflatable floats bring every pool to life, and can be used to splash through the water with children or to relax while floating peacefully under the sun. Another way to take your pool time to the next level is with some poolside basketball hoops you wont need years of training to dunk on these rims!

    The fun doesnt stop when you get out of the pool, either. Keep snacks and drinks easily accessible poolside with a large cooler full of ice and treats. You can even set up one gallon jugs nearby to have water, punch, lemonade, or a few other beverages on tap!

    We put together a collection of some of our favorites. Check it out!

    SAFETY FIRST: You know what else is fun? Being safe. Be sure to read our blog post on Swimming Pool Safety Tips.

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    How Long Can You Keep A Heated Pool Open

    Yes! You dont have to close the pool, and you can keep it open year round, with or without a pool heater. Or for those in very cold climates, you could also consider a very late closing and early opening, winterizing and closing the pool for just 3 or 4 months, instead of the normal 6 or 7 months.

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    Cover Your Pool With A Winter Cover To Finish

    There are 3 main options for covering your pool in the winter:

    • Winter cover
    • A thin vinyl cover held down by water bags. Protects your water from the elements. Does not support heavy loads
  • Solid Safety cover
  • A thicker vinyl cover, safely secured by cover anchors, that protects your water and prevents hazard by supporting large amounts of weight.
  • Vinyl Safety cover
  • Similar to a solid cover, but constructed from mesh that allows for drainage. Supports heavy loads
  • To figure out which cover is best for you, check out this guide:Quick Guide To Swimming Pool Covers

    Leslies Pool Corp Ipo: What Investors Need To Know

    Leslie’s Pool Closing Services

    Leading direct to consumer pool supply and service company Leslies is set to make its market debut this week.

    About Leslies: Servicing the pool supply and services market with direct to consumer offerings and physical stores, Leslies Pool Corp is the .

    The company serves the residential, professional and commercial markets and has a 15% market share for the aftermarket residential segment.

    Leslies has 934 locations open as of June. The companys digital sales are five times larger than its leading competitor.

    Leslies is the leading partner for in the pool category, representing 40% of sales in the pool and spa care category for the online retailer.

    The Offering: Leslies priced 40 million shares at per share on Wednesday, above the expected range of $14 to $16.

    BlackRockplans on becoming a new investor in Leslies committing to buy $100 million in shares at the offering price.

    Growth in Pool Market: Leslies estimates the pool and spa care market at $11 billion annually.

    Same-store sales rose 15.5% in the June quarter at physical Leslies stores.

    The stay-at-home reality of the pandemic has led to significant growth in new pool installations and pool usage, said Leslies in the offering.

    The company reports new pool permits are up 32% through July versus the previous year and are expected to achieve unprecedented year-over-year growth in new pool installations in 2020.

    See more from Benzinga

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    Dive In On National Pool Opening Day

    National Pool Opening Day is almost here! As the last Saturday in April approaches, marking the start of pool season, the ability to escape to our backyard has never been more important. Leslies wants to make sure youre able to get the most out of family time, moments of relaxation, and a little well-deserved fun in the sun.

    Highlights of National Pool Opening Day include:

    Enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures with your family in the comfort of your own backyard.

    Following your Leslies Pool Care Checklist to ensure a safe and healthy pool experience.

    Relaxing on a collection of fun, colorful, and comfortable pool floats.

    Playing pool sports and other games with family and close friends.

    Getting all of your pool equipment, products, toys, games, and accessories at your local Leslies store.

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    They Dont Back Their Products

    If you read the reviews on Leslies review site, you will find that a top complaint among customers is Leslies failure to back their own products. One of the most common products youll find mentioned in this regard, is pool pumps. Many customers have had a pump they purchased from Leslies not work right, or at all. When it comes to returning the product, they get the runaround, and many have said that in the end, they are not only left with a broken pump, but are out the money they spent on it, which many customers have listed $100s of dollars as the price they paid. Unfortunate.

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    Drain And Clean The Pool Cover

    Whether you have a winter cover or a solid safety cover, you will need to remove the water off the top of the cover before taking it off. If there is a substantial amount of water, you may want to use a cover pump to do the work for you. Afterward, sweep or use a blower to remove all leaves and other debris from the cover you dont want all of that junk landing in your pool when the cover comes off.

    Dont Be Afraid To Hire A Pro

    Leslieâs Swimming Pool Supplies

    Even though its pretty easy to winterize a pool, especially if youre a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, some parts arent so straightforward. Blowing out the lines can be tough to do correctly, and is especially vital if you live somewhere with freezing winters.

    Regardless of whether you handle every other aspect of pool care on your own, closing your pool for winter may be the one time of year you hire a pro. Thats totally okay! When you make sure your inground pool is closed properly, youll prevent freeze damage that can cost a fortune to repair, and re-opening your pool in the spring will be a breeze.

    Happy Closing!

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    Clean Your Filter And Other Pool Equipment

    With your swimming pool clean and balanced, next is your pool equipment. Heres what to focus on:

    • Pool filter
    • Skimmer basket
    • Pool pump basket

    To clean a cartridge filter, take off the top housing, and remove the cartridges. From there, clean the cartridges using a filter cleaner or soapy water. Then, rinse them clean with a hose, and replace or store them once dry.

    If you have a sand filter, set your filter valve to backwash and run your pump. Alternatively, you can also use a special sand filter cleaner.

    To clean a DE filter, simply backwash it. For added measure, you can also remove the grids, rinse them off with a hose, and add a cup of DE powder through the skimmer.

    Before moving on:

    • Open up your skimmer lid and clean out the basket
    • Clean out your pool pump basket

    IMPORTANT: At this point, leave your pool pump running for the next 24 hours

    2a.) Service your pool heater and filter pump

    Most guides on closing your inground pool dont mention this, which is unfortunate. Especially considering the hundreds, if not thousands of pool owners who open their pool each year, only to discover that water isnt flowing, or that their heater isnt warming up.

    No one wants to swim in a cold, dirty pool.

    Servicing your pool heater and pump extends their lifespans and keeps them running at peak performance. Both of which saves you money on energy costs, and expensive repairs.

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