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Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Arizona

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Fiberglass Pools Are Pre

largest fiberglass tanning shelf ever on the new Great Lakes Beach 16âx42âx6â4â?

While concrete and vinyl pools are built on site, fiberglass pools arrive ready for installation.

As previously mentioned, this is because theyre factory built from a mold. This helps manufacturers produce pools with more speed and efficiency, while still offering plenty of options to choose from.

Since fiberglass pools arrive already made, their install time is also much quicker.

+ Pool Shapes And Sizes

Many people dream of putting a swimming pool in their backyard, but when they actually make the decision to commit they quickly realize that they dont even know what they want. Luckily, at Fiberglass Pool Guyz, we passionately pursue customer connections by creating in depth articles of the swimming pools that we provide.

Believe it or not, we have access to over 100+ Swimming Pool & Spa shapes that include all designs from Deep Ends, Sport Bottoms, Free-Forms, Raised Spas and much much more!

Along with raised and attached Spas, we can create brilliant water features such as waterfalls and copper scuppers. These features go a long way to add small details and elevate your overall design. Whats more relaxing than listening to the soft trickle of water while floating pool side?

Are Vinyl Liner Pools Good In Arizona

Arizona is known for its insanely high temperatures, so how do vinyl liner pools fare in that type of weather? Vinyl pools do just fine in high temperatures, but we want to caution you about draining your pool and leaving it empty. First of all, that’s a big inground pool no-no, and the liner in a drained pool is also bound to crack under the heat of the AZ sun. But overall, liner pools can help you save on upfront costs, and they come with a few other benefits:

  • Less prone to algae

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The Phoenix A Grecian Pool Shape With A Sport Bottom Hopper

If youre looking for a unique swimming pool that is both modern and out of the box we recommend the Phoenix. This fiberglass pool is part of our Grecian Pool category. If youre unfamiliar with that terminology, a Grecian layout closely resembles a rectangle. The only difference is weve bent both ends to create a bell shape instead of sharp corners.

In addition, rather than include a standard hopper weve constructed the Phoenix with a Sport Hopper bottom. A Sport Hopper situates the deep end in the middle of the swimming pool instead of on one side.

Does A Swimming Pool Have A Good Return On Investment

We are proud to recognize Leisure Pools Mohave (Arizona ...

If youre considering installing a swimming pool on your property but are planning to move in a few years, you may be considering the return on investment . According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost in the United States to build a new swimming pool is $23,482 . Then, once its built, you need to pay to maintain it which can be over a thousand dollars depending on how much of the work you want to do, if the pool is heated, and what type of chemicals are required. Thats a large investment, so most people want to know how much of it theyre going to get back.

Lets be honest. A swimming pools return is only as high as the next homeowner wants it. So, to make it more appealing to buyers and get the highest return possible, here are some factors to consider:

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How About Specialty Rectangular

The Horizon 23′ – Length: 23’0″ Width: 15’9″ Flat Bottom: 4’0″


Did someone say Party Time? This crescent shape design with a built-in spillover is a stunning, unique and award-winning pool design. The half-moon shape is perfect for relaxation or for hanging out with friends or sharing special moments with your partner.

Multiple Points Of Entry And Exits

Having multiple entries and exit points has several advantages. More design freedom with the pool and patio layout is one big advantage. If you can only access the pool at one corner, then that naturally limits the position that the pool can be in. Multiple entries and exits are also ideal for those who may tire quickly while swimming.


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How Do They Impact Water Chemistry

Answer: They dont.

Simply put, fiberglass pools dont affect the chemistry of the water in any way because their surface is inert.

Of course, you still have to keep on top of all the proper chemical levels to keep the water clean. pH, chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid should all be checked weekly via pool water testing.

As fiberglass pools wont cause the water to become acidic or alkaline, youll have to balance the pool water less often, saving you money on chemicals.

Whereas, a concrete pool , increases the waters pH level over time. This means youll constantly be adding chemicals to reduce the pH level of the pool to bring the water back into balance.

Of note, a fiberglass pool will keep your water warmer than its competitors. This is due to the nature of its inert finish, which keeps the structure from absorbing heat. Youll be able to save money by running your pool heater less often, and you may even be able to get away with only using a solar cover.

Why Choose A Fiberglass Pool

Viking Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are the number choice for many, and we can give you several answers why.

  • It requires low maintenance and low lifetime cost. A fiberglass pool does not just look good, but it is also very easy to maintain. Fiberglass swimming pools have a gel-coat finish. It has a non-porous, smooth surface that is stain- and algae-resistant and allows for easy cleaning and low long-term fiberglass pool maintenance cost. Even refilling your pool water is not a crazy hassle, just make sure you drain the water entirely.
  • It is durable and can stand the test of time. The problem with concrete pools is maintenance, while vinyl pools durability. With a fiberglass pool, you do not need to be concerned anymore. When it comes to durability and strength, fiberglass pools come first. They are made with high tensile fiberglass that accommodates ground movement without cracking or damage. A fiberglass pool can last up to more than 30 years.
  • It looks attractive. Did we already say that fiberglass pools look appealing? This is because you can customize it the way you want you can use colored finishes and ceramic tile and install lights and water features. In fact, many fiberglass pools come with such.
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    Concrete Swimming Pools Traits

    Concrete pools are the perfect investment for homeowners who want to enjoy their pool in high quality and long-term durability. Here’s why:

  • The endless customization of a concrete pool allows you to build in any extras that fit your needs. You can create unique, custom shapes and sizes with ease.
  • Pool finishes vary from plaster to pebble design and all-tile. The pool can be painted with a color or pattern that satisfies customers’ vision for their dream outdoor oasis.
  • If you maintain your concrete swimming pool properly, it will last a long time with proper maintenance, you can expect to enjoy your pool for up to 20 years or more!
  • How Do They Feel To The Touch

    Answer: Smooth to the touch.

    Fiberglass pools are the smoothest feeling out of all pool types. This is because of the gel finish theyre coated with.

    Concrete pools can be rough, and plaster finishes can be smooth but bumpy. Aggregate finishes are textured for grip , and vinyl-lined pools feel smooth but slippery.

    Fiberglass pools give you a smooth and stable surface that is also anti-slip, making it ideal when entering and exiting the pool.

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    Fiberglass Pool Shell Prices

    The average cost of a fiberglass pool shell is $13,000 for a 14×28 pool but can range from $9,000 to $24,000 depending on the size, and delivery costs between $600 and $2,500.

    Fiberglass Pool Shell Prices

    Large 35 or more $16,000 $24,000

    After the cost for the fiberglass shell, youll need to pay for the excavated hole it will be dropped into, along with your backfill, plumbing fittings and pipes, and pool pump.

    This cost also covers the depth of the pool at an average of 5.5 to 6.5 deep, but doesnt account for any of the additional aspects most homeowners enjoy adding to their inground pools, such as decking and lighting. Dont forget the cost of filling the pool with water as well.

    Fiberglass Pools Last More Than 30 Years Easily

    Pin by San Juan Pools on Lake Michigan by San Juan ...

    Remember how we mentioned that fiberglass pools didnt come around until the 60s? Well, a lot of those same pools are still being used today.

    Talk about durability.

    Of course, despite their toughness, fiberglass pools do require some maintenance. While they dont have to replastered or re-lined, they do need a gel coating replacement every 15 years.

    Luckily, this is incredibly cheap compared to the maintenance required by concrete and vinyl pools.

    And because of this, its easy to keep a fiberglass pool in the family for decades, as it only requires a touch of upkeep to do its job. And on that note

    How much maintenance does a fiberglass pool need?

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    Swimming Pool Guide: Everything You Need To Know About In

    Are you thinking of investing in an in-ground pool for your Arizona home? You have so many options for the style, size, and type of pool for your home, depending on your budget, your personal tastes, and your needs. Designing an in-ground pool requires a lot more than just choosing the size and the accent tiles. You need to do your research and explore all your options with your custom pool builder.

    Here are the things you need to know about the different options for your new pool:

    Installing Latham Fiberglass Pools In Phoenix Metro Area

    We install the entire range of Latham Pools, making our service team the best choice for fiberglass pool installation in the Phoenix Metro area. You can feel confident in our skills because we have the experience and expertise you need in a company that installs your fiberglass pool and the heart for customer service in every detail, starting with the highest quality materials.

    Latham is the largest manufacturer of fabricated pools in the world with over six decades of experience at the center of the backyard lifestyle.

    Latham is the only pool manufacturer to receive ICC-ES Certification of its products. This ensures that building products meet code requirements. ICC-ES certified products are building inspectors’ #1 choice for approving building codes.

    As the largest manufacturer of inground residential swimming pools and components in North America, Latham Pool Products sells more than 20,000 new pools and roughly 100,000 liners annually.

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    Fiberglass Pools By Goodin Llc Employees

    Although the State of Arizona allows its residents to hire unlicensed contractors, it strongly encourages them to hire licensed contractors for remodeling or construction work.

    Fiberglass Pools By Goodin, Llc currently holds license 105181, 173668 , which was Inactive when we last checked.

    The Arizona Registrar of Contractors maintains high standards for licensing. Applicants are required to pass a written board exam and prove at least four years of prior, relevant work experience .

    Licensed contractors in Arizona with employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

    Residential contractors are required to provide a consumer protection bond. This may be in the form of a Surety Bond cash deposit in the amount of $200,000 or payment into the Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund. Under certain conditions, consumers may be eligible to apply to the residential contractors’ recovery fund and receive up to thirty thousand dollars to have the work corrected or completed.

    Fiberglass Pools By Goodin, Llc has a $5,000 bond with Hartford Fire Insurance Compan.

    Starting in ’02, the ROC began performing a criminal background check on license applicants by checking their fingerprints against the FBI criminal database.

    Fully Insured And Bonded Services

    Fountains & Pools in Sedona, Arizona – Step Outside

    There are always the possibility of certain risks occurring when working in your residence either installing a fiberglass pool or when conducting the normal routine maintenance services. But when you contract us, we are glad to inform you that we are fully insured and bonded hence you dont have to worry about any mishaps happening while we are at your premises and making you lose money. In the unlikely event that they do occur, you will be fully protected by our insurance plans.

    Call us now at 888-322-1640 if you need your pool checked by the real professionals in the industry.

    Factory direct pricing

    The Fiberglass Pool Guys is able to offer you with affordable Fiberglass Pools simply because we do not deal with any middlemen who in most cases are responsible for hiking the prices before they reach you. We offer a plain pricing structure that is based directly on the prices of the products at the factory where we manufacture them. The same also applies to both our services of installation and maintenance. As a client you are shielded from paying heavy prices since there are no middlemen and you are dealing directly with the factory. Give us a call at 888-322-1640 to get more information about factory pricing and the deals we have on our fiberglass swimming pools in Arizona.

    No delays on schedules

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    Fiberglass Pools Vs Gunite

    With these potential problems in mind, youre probably wondering what your best option might be. We believe that gunite is by far the superior option for some of the very reasons that weve mentioned.

    The differences between the two start right from the very beginning, including how they are installed.

    Gunite pools use a rebar framework grid that is then sprayed with the gunite mixture . The gunite will be smoothed out and then set to completely dry before a smooth finish is applied to the rough surface.

    Whereas gunite pool construction takes place on-site, a fiberglass pool is constructed in a factory or warehouse. The process utilizes a mold in which the fiberglass is shaped. It will then be shipped on a truck to your home and installed in the excavated hole.

    The fact that your gunite pool is constructed on-site opens up the design possibilities. Instead of having a cookie-cutter molded pool, you can create anything that you desire. That means you can get incredibly creative with the shape and any features that you decide to include such as built-in rock formations or waterfalls. You can add a bench or a sun shelf anywhere that you want it. You are also not limited in colors of finishes.

    Above Ground Pools Vs In

    Swimming pools are awesome and some people greatly prefer in-ground pools over the above ground poolsoptions. Today well talk about each type to help you decide which one to add to your home this summer! For more information check out this article as well as this one.

    No matter what pool you choose, contact Pool Daddy for your pool repair , weekly cleaning, maintenance, and more. No pool is self-cleaning and any pool can come across issues.

    In-Ground pools:

    This style is very popular and can increase home value in many ways. The initial investment may cost a hefty amount but if you plan on selling it can increase your property value due to the water-feature which is pleasing to the eye and the recreation uses will also increase the home value.

    In-ground pools can be pricey. The installation cost is usually pretty steep as is the cost of filling or emptying the pool, chemical cost, and replacing water removed from evaporation. Cleaning and maintenance can also seem costly . Areas that allow for year round use of a pool can make the investment seem more useful but it will cost more than closing the pool for the winter.

    Keeping up with modern equipment for pools are a great way to keep your pool costs down and regular maintenance, though it may seem costly, can save hundreds on pool repairs by catching problems early.

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    Swimming Pools In The Desert

    One main advantage of owning a swimming pool in the Sunbelt is the possibility of being able to swim year-round. Since there is no threat of freezing temperatures, it allows you to leave your pool open and available. During drought periods in the Sunbelt area, its important that you take care of your pool to prevent damage to surrounding areas such as the pools deck, finish, and motorized parts. To avoid damage to your swimming pool during a drought, take these precautions:

    • Make sure to maintain the water level at the bottom of the drainage gate, water evaporation happens quickly during drought conditions and if it gets any lowers, damage can occur.
    • Keep your soil conditions consistent around your swimming pool area. Pool decks can crack or shift during a drought due to soil contracting and expanding.
    • Water your grass during the night around your pool, when temperatures are cooler to help prevent swift water evaporation and soil drying.

    Being a pool owner is something you should be proud of and have fun doing! Having the opportunity to come home and hop in the pool after a long and hard day is very rewarding. But, its always a good idea to think about where you live geographically and how it will affect the way you take care and maintain your pool. Take this advice and use it to your advantage! Give us a call if you have any questions on how you should be taking care of your pool that correct way for your area and geographic location.

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