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Will Pool Shock Kill Mosquito Larvae

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Maintain Your Chlorine Level

Mosquito Breeding in Pool (Thousands upon THOUSANDS)

The free chlorine level in your pool should always be kept between 1 and 3 ppm for effective sanitizing.

While this level of chlorine wont kill mosquito larvae, it will make it hard for larvae to appear and grow.

Besides, keeping the pools chlorine at the proper level will keep it healthy so that other nasty things cant grow.

Mosquito Dunks And Bits

These are small, slowly dissolving rings or bits that are thrown into the pool. They contain a bacteria species known as Bacillus thuringensis isrealensis and are commonly abbreviated as BTI and can be purchased from Amazon as Mosquito Dunks or Mosquito Bits.

Mosquito larvae feed on bacteria within the pool, so introducing these dunks is like providing them with poisoned food that they wont be able to resist. They ingest them and are afflicted with gut poisoning which eventually kills them. They are very effective and affordable.

This method of eradication does not affect water quality, so it is safe for swimmers and pets. It has been tested for toxicity and its potential to cause diseases in humans and has been registered as safe to use. It has even been applied through aerial spraying by government agencies.

Learn more about BTI for mosquito control from the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA.

Is It Safe To Swim In The Swimming Pool With Mosquito Larvae

Yes, it is safe to swim in the swimming pool with wiggling mosquito larvae in it.

Mosquito larvae dont and cant bite. Their proboscis isnt developed to sting and suck out blood at the larvae stage.

But why would you want to swim in a pool full of mosquito larvae?

Theyre tiny, and they can slip into your nose and ears.

Itd be best to get rid of them from your pool rather than swimming in a pool with mosquito larvae in it.

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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitos In Swimming Pool Standing Water

We have an above ground pool with about 6 inches of water that does not drain. The drain is located above the bottom, to keep water in it and weigh down the pool during the off season.

However, the still warm water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. This is a problem during the advent of warmer weather, before the pool is used.

It is a salt water system, and the pumps & chlorinator obviously cannot be operated with the water drained to this level. Once the pool is operational in the hot season, the conditioning and filtering prevent this mosquito problem. So this is really only a problem when the Spring weather is warm enough for breeding, but prior to starting the pool for the Summer.

Before I start-up the pool to fill it, I drain the water with a sump or water feature pump and then wet-vac it dry. This is something I do once at the beginning of the season, and takes a few hours of work. As measure to prevent mosquitos it would not be so good, since the bottom will fill with every rainfall and I’d have to start over.

What can I do to prevent mosquitos breeding until I start-up the pool for the season?

  • May 16 at 18:34
  • 1Add a little soap to the water, and the larvae cannot stay at the top to breathe or is it oil? vegetable or other??
  • jsotolaMay 17 at 4:37
  • 1Don’t put soap or oil in your pool – that will just make a colossal mess that will require a ton of water to wash out and clean before you can fill it and start filtering.

Copper metal.


Clear Out Any Stagnant Water Around

The 12 Best Pool Shock in 2020 Reviews

I cannot over emphasize the importance of removing any form of standing water in your environment, however due to the constant use of the pool, there is bound to be stagnant water around the pool due to the occasional splash that would be occurring from swimming and diving into the pool.

It is therefore important to frequently clean out any puddles of water that may be lying around as this will help in greatly reducing the chances of mosquito larvae in the area. If you operate a garden or pond at home, check out this resource on how to prevent mosquitos infestation.

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Clean Your Swimming Pool To Remove Algae And Debris

Had there been no algae or debris in the swimming pool, the mozzie larvae would have been dead by themselves.

Its because there wouldnt have been anything in your pool for them to eat.

So, clean your swimming pool to remove all the floating debris and, especially, algae.

You can use a swimming pool cleaner to clean the pool. The automatic ones are the best and the most reliable.

While cleaning, dont forget to clean the pool drains.

Tons of debris get stuck around the pool drains because of the water circulation.

Can You Swim In A Pool With Mosquito Larvae

You can swim in a pool with mosquito larvae after you apply mosquito dunk to the still water. A mosquito dunk is a naturally occurring bacterium found in soil and in liquid form.

It produces a toxin, which easily kills mosquito larvae. Since mosquito dunks are 100% biological, theyre completely safe for human being.

As you can see, there are different ways to control get rid of mosquito larvae from stagnant or slow moving water. So you dont have to let these bothersome insects breed and grow out of control while you know what eats mosquito larvae.

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Watch For Water On Your Pool Cover

After a rainfall, or even after your sprinklers run, depending on where they are located, water can accumulate on your pool cover when it is not in use. Remove this water promptly, since mosquitoes can develop in as little as 10 days. Keep the cover on your pool tightly sealed to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your pool when some of your pool equipment might not be running as frequently.

How To Kill Mosquito Larvae In Swimming Pools

How to Kill Mosquito Larvae in Swimming Pools

17 July, 2017

Going a week without using, cleaning and chlorinating your swimming pool may not seem like a serious offense. Pool water neglected for that amount of time, however, is standing water and a bull’s-eye for mosquitoes looking for a place to breed and lay eggs. Mosquito larvae hatch from the eggs mature and begin biting in as little as one week. . Two commercially available products safely kill mosquito larvae in swimming pools.


Although one of these products is organic and often used on edible plants, neither is meant to treat a swimming pool in active use.

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Abc Can Help Control Your Backyard Pests

Mosquitoes know no boundaries, so even if you do take measures to control them on your property, these pests can easily come from surrounding areas. When mosquitoes are keeping you from enjoying your pool time, you can count on our mosquito technicians to keep the pest away. Our experts can inspect your property, apply effective localized treatments, install mosquito larvicide stations to target breeding areas and mature mosquitoes and even add no-hassle misting stations to automatically apply insecticide at regular intervals to keep these bothersome pests away.

Wrapping It Up: How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Larvae For Good

Hopefully, you now feel better equipped to get rid of mosquito larvae in your swimming pool. When you kill these larvae, you will notice that the mosquito population that year will decrease significantly. Of course, mosquitoes are part of the food chain, and we are not trying to eradicate them.

However, if you do not do your part as a responsible pool owner, you will deal with a large number of mosquitoes, and the situation could make your pool and pool area virtually unusable. Follow our steps, and you will have a much less itchy pool season!

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Can You See Mosquito Eggs In Pool

The truth is, you cant see mosquito eggs floating on the pool water.

Mosquito eggs are tiny. Theyre only 0.8 mm in size. Youd need a strong magnifying glass or a microscope to see them.

Spotting them with a naked eye on the swimming pool water surface with a blue pool floor makes it very difficult, if not impossible.

When mosquitoes lay their eggs on the waters surface, those eggs are white.

After 24 hours, these eggs turn black.

So, if youre unlucky, and your pool is filthy and lying neglected for weeks, then youd see notice tiny black clusters of mosquito eggs floating on the pools surface.

Or, youd notice tiny white tadpoles like wigglers on the pool waters surface.

Mosquito Larvae And Mosquito Eggs

These wigglers are mosquito larvae that have hatched out of the eggs.

These larvae will feed on the algae or debris in the pool, and theyll rise to the waters surface to breathe.

There are four stages in a mosquitos lifecycle. These are egg, larva, pupa, and the adult stage.

Mosquito larvae build a cocoon around themselves before they emerge out of it as an adult. That life cycle stage when the mosquito larva creates a cocoon is known as the pupa stage.

But before they get into the pupae life stage, the mosquito larvae will molt three times.

Molting is the process when a bug or larva sheds its skin to get new skin so that it can accommodate its growing size.

The mosquito larva will molt three times before it builds a cocoon.

Does Pool Shock Kill Mosquito Larvae

Mosquito Bits 30 oz with shaker top in 2021

As opposed to the word shocking, pool shocking has nothing to do with electricity. It is simply a process of super chlorinating your pool with either chlorine granules or liquid chlorine. It is a straightforward technique that can be done by any pool owner with the right guidance.

Chlorinating your pool is a means of decontamination you can get rid of algae and microorganisms as well as reducing mosquito larvae populations. It reduces or totally eradicates algal growth and prevents your pool surface from getting cloudy. These two conditions, if not managed, can encourage mosquito breeding and larvae development.

Pool shock might not completely kill the larvae population within your pool, but its consistent application can significantly reduce them.

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Trim Vegetation Around Pool Edges

Next to water, a dense vegetation can also help in harboring mosquitoes. These insects love warm regions and vegetation close to a water body can provide the ideal environment for them to lay their eggs.

It is important to trim any surrounding foliage significantly that may be close to the pool so as to limit the conditions necessary for the mosquitoes to breed.

How To Prevent Mosquitos From Breeding In Your Pool

There are three main causes that make water ideal for mosquito larvae to thrive. We will deal with each one and hopefully prevent any future infestations.

  • Stagnant Water
  • Leaves and Debris
  • Unsanitized Water
  • 1. Avoid stagnant water.Females usually lay their eggs at night, so it is a good idea to set your pump timer to run at night. This will keep the water moving and prevent mosquitos from being able to land on the water and lay their eggs. Having some sort of water feature that disturbs the waters surface will also prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.

    2. Remove leaves, branches, and other debris.Mosquito larvae live on microorganisms in pool water such as algae, and algae need phosphates to grow. Phosphates are formed from decaying leaves and other debris in your pool. So it is always a good idea to keep your pool free from dead leaves and debris by cleaning it daily with a pool net.

    3. Keep your pool water sanitized! Lastly, it is important to know, that even if your pool water is stagnant, and mosquitos lay eggs, those eggs cant survive in sanitized water. Chlorine will kill algae and remove phosphates that mosquito larvae need to survive.

    Ok, so now that you have mosquito proofed your pool, it is a good idea to make sure that there are no other breeding grounds around your pool or yard. Lets look at that next.

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    How To Kill Mosquito Larvae

    Home » How to Kill Mosquito Larvae

    If you want to exterminate mosquitoes effectively, it is best to attack them while they are still in the stage of mosquito larvae. This is the part of the mosquitos life cycle where they are most vulnerable and are not able to fly away.

    Did you know that a common method used in the early 1900s for mosquito treatment was pouring kerosene oil into bodies of water to suffocate the larvae?

    It sure would be nice to kill those ruthless monsters before they even start to fly, wouldnt it? Constantly clapping at the air in hope of snagging one of these bloodsuckers is a losing battle. With a mosquito infestation, as you kill one, there are 300 more in your area waiting to hatch.

    After the mosquitos silent attack, you are stuck with an itchy bite for weeks, and the pesky mosquito gets away with a full belly to produce even more of itselfGreat. In this article, we will review everything you need to know about the larvae stage of the mosquito and why it is an effective time to attack mosquitoes.

    What Do Mosquito Larvae Look Like


    When a mosquito is in the larvae stage, they are in the second stage of their life cycle. The tiny, cylindrical white worms dangle from the surface of the water whipping themselves around in search of food.

    Mosquito larvae are often referred to as wrigglers because of this action.The larvae hang upside down from the surface of the water because they use a small tube towards their back end to get the oxygen necessary for them to breathe.

    If you look at an enlarged image of a mosquito Larva, it looks like it could have come straight from a horror film. The worm-like creature has thin black hairs protruding from all over its body. It uses these hairs to collect the single-celled organisms it feeds on.

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    Do Not Overwater Your Yard Or The Area Around The Pool

    Overwatering increases the dampness levels. It also causes waterlogging creating potholes filled with stagnant water.

    Thats what mosquitoes love. The mosquitoes will lay eggs in these sections of stagnant water, and theyll also land up in your pool.

    If theres any water leakage in your yard or the area around the pool, fix it.

    Water leakage also increases the dampness.

    A damp yard with a swimming pool is a go-to place for all types of bugs and pests, including invasive pests like roaches, ants, and termites.

    Check if the drainage system in the yard is working fine. If theres a catch basin in your yard, clean it.

    Catch basins are also one of the favorite places for the mosquitoes to

    So, dont overwater your yard or the area around the pool. Youll have one less thing to worry about.

    Prevention Of Future Problems

    Having your swimming pool out of commission while you kill mosquito larvae isn’t enjoyable. To make your pool’s first infestation its last, clean the pool thoroughly on a regular basis, and cover it securely before an extended inactive period.


    A swimming pool cover allowed to collect water is as much at risk of a mosquito larvae infestation as the pool. Drain the cover frequently.

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    Can Mosquito Larvae Survive Freezing Or Frost

    Adult female mosquitos survive the winter by hiding out and going into a state called diapause . Males dont live as long, so they never survive long enough to make it to winter.

    For larvae, its a bit more complicated. Some larvae can survive cold temperatures, and eggs oftentimes have to last through the winter, but they are unlikely to survive a sudden cold snap. So a spontaneous freeze or frost during mosquito season is bad news for the larvae, but good news for you.

    How To Kill Mosquito Larvae Naturally

    Mosquito and Insect Control Products â Mosquito

    by Good News Pest Solutions Team | Sep 20, 2019 | Good News, Good News Pest Solutions, Minimal Risk Pest Control, Mosquitoes, Organic Products/Services |

    The rains have been in full force this summer. While theyve lightened some in the past few weeks, the standing water is still around.

    Of course, one of the consequences of standing water, especially in Florida, is that it leads to an increased mosquito population. Pregnant mosquitoes feast on our blood, then lay their eggs on or very near water. The eggs hatch in water any standing water and infest it with larvae. The larvae live in the water as they grow into the mosquitoes we know and well, dont love.

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    Leave It To Your Filter

    You can always run your pump and let the pools filtration system take care of the problem. However, this will take a bit more time, and youll have to clean out your cartridges or backwash your filter to keep it from getting clogged up.

    Additionally, you can pre-filter the water by wrapping a skimmer sock around your skimmer basket. This will catch the larvae so the filter doesnt have to work as hard, and you can toss the sock when youre done.

    Remove Other Sources Of Standing Water

    Pool water aside, other, smaller bodies of standing water like birdbaths or fountains, can also be a possible breeding spot in your backyard. Stock ponds with mosquito-eating fish. Change the water in any plastic wading pools every week, and turn them upside down when not in use to prevent the accumulation of water. Use mosquito dunks in birdbaths and clean out your gutters regularly. Walk around your yard each week to dump out any water that might have accumulated in ceramic pots or other containers.

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