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Must Haves For Pool Owners

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Volleyball Net That Floats

Pool Owners Must Watch | JG STORIES

Nothing says summer like a floating inflatable volleyball net! Dont be bored this summer with anything active to do instead, purchase a floating swimming pool volleyball net, which can be fun for adults and children. These modern nets are of high-quality construction, typically made of PVC materials, are non-toxic and odorless, and are most importantly ultra-safe and durable.

As you can see, there are many good options for pool accessories for both kids and adults. From waterfalls to sports activities, you can turn your backyard into a fun-filled haven for the entire family.

Safe Storage For Winter Plugs Gizzmos Floaters And Cover Supplies

Nothing makes for an easier pool opening than a thorough pool closing, and vice versa. Have you ever wasted several hours looking for an eyeball fitting? You just knew it was around here somewhere! You JUST SAW IT last week! Avoid making that mistake, and designate a single box or bag to keep all your winterizing hardware and accessories in one spot. If you know you will use it again in the fall when its time to close your pool, keep it all together, and store it somewhere not hidden from your future self. Your future self will thank you!

For more helpful tips and tricks on how to open your pool, head on over to our Pool Opening Blog Archives to browse our vast library of content. If you have specific questions about opening your pool, just give us a call at 1-800-288-7946. Were happy to help!

Ideas For A Pool Gift Basket

Using a basket and filling it with different pool items make a great gift as well. This shows how much thought youve put into your gift, which every pool owner will surely appreciate. So if youre planning to build your pool gift basket, we recommend adding the following items:

  • Towels: Every pool needs towels. So check out the Utopia Towels Cabana Beach Towel. They are large, beautiful, and affordable.
  • Drink Holders: Pool drink holders like the 12-Piece Green Vivid Inflatables are great as part of a gift basket. Each piece is cute and fun, and the whole set can be used for birthday parties, tropical parties, and casual weekends.
  • Diving Pool Toys: You can throw in some fun and affordable diving toys in your basket too. If youre interested in one, we suggest the JOYIN 30-Piece Diving Tool Pool Set.

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Reliable And Effective Pool Barrier

The polycarbonate pool enclosure comes fully assembled with extruded aluminum and cover. It is capable of covering all sections of the pool for complete security. Most polycarbonate pool enclosures are self-latching. This means that even if someone forgets to put a lock on the pool, it will lock itself automatically. How awesome is that?

There are different types of designs available in polycarbonate pool enclosures, so you can pick one that best suits your taste and needs.

A Pretty Pool Float You Can Give To The Person In Your Family Who Isnt As Strong A Swimmer But Doesnt Want To Miss Out On Splashing Around The Pool Safety First Of Course

Solar Breeze robotic pool skimmer

As cute as this is, floats shouldnât be used as a substitute for proper rescue equipment!

Promising review: âI purchased this after our old floaties finally stopped holding air or popped. I only bought one because of the price and was unsure of the quality, but I wish I had gotten one more, because they are well made. Itâs thicker than my old ones, and the size is perfect for adults to sit in. I will be buying more in the future.â Brady4pac

Get one from Amazon for $14.95.

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Basketball Hoop By The Pool

With a poolside basketball hoop, you can slam dunk on your summer pool parties. Any swimming pool party I attended that featured a poolside basketball hoop was a huge success. A high-quality poolside basketball hoop will be able to maintain its upright position even when children are thrashing on it and playing with it in the pool. They frequently have weighted bases to prevent them from tipping over. They are typically portable and easy to store, so dont put off purchasing a poolside basketball hoop until your next pool party.

Swimming Pool Accessories To Enhance Daily Operations

To operate your swimming pool efficiently, youll need a wide range of accessories. Normally, this may vary depending on either the size or specific applications your pool is designed for.

It can either be a commercial or residential swimming pool. Therefore, in this section, I am going to focus on those tools and equipment that allow you to access the swimming pool easily amongst others.

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Must Haves In Todays Swimming Pool

6 Must Haves In Todays Swimming Pool

As technology continues to advance, consumers seek new ways to become more efficient, productive, and connected with all aspects of their daily life. This desire to apply technology to everyday tasks extends throughout the home and to the outdoor living space as well. Swimming pools, water and fire features, misting systems and more are all becoming integrated into home automation systems. Over the past 5 years, weve seen some incredible advances in the swimming pool market, both in the aspect of day to day operation and maintenance and to integrating our pools into home automation, iPhones, and more, claims Chris Griffin, owner of UNIQUE Landscapes & Custom Pools. Our clients now want their pools to be as current as their smartphones. We offer many solutions which connect our swimming pools and spa with todays cutting edge technology. Here are the top 6 items to include in any UNIQUE new pool, spa, or remodel.

WATER FEATURES The Pentair Intelliflo VS provides homeowners the ability to control the perfect flowrate for a water feature. You can create the perfect gentle waterfall to enhance the ambiance of a quiet evening or increase the flow for more of a WOW effect. The choice is yours and this pump turns a single water feature into a feature with unlimited options to suit every event in your outdoor living space.

  • Unique Companies

The Aquabar Premium Floating Bar

How To VACUUM A POOL (Above Ground and Inground) | Swim University

For those who prefer a more adult pool party, were happy to introduce the AquaBar! When the water is cool, and the weather is great, the last thing you want to do is get out of the pool to refill your drink or grab a snack. Gone are the days of trekking water through the house and missing out on memorable moments. The AquaBar, in-pool bar keeps everything you need right in the pool with you!

Available in 3 colors, this floating pool bar is made right here in the USA and features 8 cup holders, 12 shot glass holders, a space for your cooler, six additional compartments, and even a place to tether and anchor the AquaBar. It also includes a stylish umbrella to keep all your food and drinks in the shade, even on the sunniest day of the year! This means you can keep the party going all night long without ever running out of your favorite drinks and goodies.

Durability is at the heart of the manufacturing process of the AquaBar. This floating drink caddy is made of expanded polypropylene , which is a highly versatile closed-cell bead foam that provides a unique range of properties including, outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, buoyancy, water and chemical resistance, exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and 100% recyclability. You can rest assured youre getting your monies worth with the AquaBar!

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New Pool Owner : 9 Essential New Pool Owner Tips

Hello, new pool owner . Welcome to the wonderful world of owning a swimming pool. We know you cant wait to jump in, swim a few laps, and soak in the sun. But as you know, with all that excitement comes plenty of questions about pool ownership, like:

  • How do I keep the pool looking this good?
  • What does a new pool owner need?
  • How do I start my first pool?
  • How do I take care of my swimming pool?
  • Whats the best way to heat my pool?

Of course, those might just be some of the questions you have. Pool maintenance and ownership is a pretty big topic, with lots of information spread across the internet. Some of it helpful, and a lot of it not so helpful.

In this post, we make pool maintenance and ownership as simple as possible for new pool owners. We cover every topic from getting to know your pool equipment, to balancing your water, keeping it clean, and everything in between.

So if you want to stop wasting time searching for answers on the internet, then its time for you get on the fast lane to becoming a pool expert. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to start, and maintain your swimming pool like a pro.

But before that, heres a quick list of what a new pool owner needs to get started. It includes both supplies and equipment:

Each of these pools come with unique features and advantages, as well as a few drawbacks, which are equally important to know. Heres a quick breakdown of each type of swimming pool:


  • Last the longest

Inflatable Pool Toys For Kids

There is a range of swimming pool toys you can choose from. These include beach balls, baby floaters, beach toys, water blasters and soakers, dive toys, pool noodles, etc.

In case you want to see how creative a kid is, then give him/her an appropriate swimming pool toy. Definitely, they will invent a new swimming pool game for themselves.

Kids playing in swimming pool with parents. Image source Pool for Home

These toys come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Therefore, it is upon you to choose from a wide range of shapes and designs depending on what your kids may like.

Always, before you decide to buy these toys, it is important to do a quick survey just ask the kids what they would wish to have in the swimming pool. By doing this, your kids will definitely have the desire to use the pool.

Note: Active supervision is IMPORTANT, especially when kids are using these toys.

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Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning is an integral process in ensuring the pool maintains the required standards of hygiene. This will help in removing algae or bacteria, hence, reducing chances of infections.

Cleaning a swimming pool water to maintain high hygiene

In the todays swimming pool industry, there a range of swimming pool cleaning accessories. Depending on the complexity of the swimming pool, you may choose any of the following:

  • Chemical floater this swimming pool cleaning accessory floats on the water surface, slowly releasing chemicals. So far, this is a convenient and efficient way of keeping swimming pool water clean and hygienic.
  • Swimming pool broom it comes with a long handle that can reach a greater section of the swimming pool. You can easily remove algae and leaves in water.
  • Pool vacuum cleaner these vacuum cleaners are made with durable and strong bristles. Their design helps to remove hard to reach algae or some stains that need specialized cleaning process.
  • Filter cartridge cleaner you should choose a swimming pool filter cartridge cleaner that is compatible with the pool accessory. With an appropriate cleaner, maintaining the pool hygiene will be easy and simple.

In short, there are hundreds of swimming pool cleaning accessories available in the market. It is important to assess the cleaning requirements of your pool to choose an appropriate accessory.

Rescue And Safety Equipment

AQWASEAT is a must

Keeping rescue equipment, as well as a first-aid kit handy, can be a literal lifesaver. In case an accident happens in or around your pool, youll need to be prepared. Even if you call emergency services , rescue and safety equipment can still give you time until emergency services arrive.

You should consider having a first aid kit handy around your pool. Other essential safety equipment include life jackets, life hooks, safety rings, rescue cans, as well as rescue tubes.

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Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

Its just not a pool party without music. Before you place your speakers to face outside, turn your stereo up to eleven, and annoy the heck out of the neighbors, get a couple of wireless floating pool speakers instead.

These are completely waterproof, and offer several volume levels and a powerful subwoofer for rich stereo sound in crisp high definition. You can connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your favorite playlists, and easily control the volume and other functions from your device.

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Intex Clear Color Tube

Usually, our best advice is to spend a little more on your pool because youre investing in its long-term care and use. But in this case, a few cheapie inflatable tubes can be a lifesaver.

Next time you have a bunch of people overespecially a bunch of kidsleave the more expensive pool floats in the shed and break these out instead. Everyone can have fun with a float, and if one of them pops or is otherwise damaged, youre only out a few bucks instead of a few dozen. Besides, theyre cute and colorful, and measure 36 inches in diameter, so theyre perfect for just about anyone.

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Replacement Mineral Cartridges Or Salt Cells

If you have a saltwater pool, be sure to check that the salt cell still has some life left in it. Also, make sure your salt level is where it needs to be after topping off the pool water. For FROG, Jacuzzi, or Nature2 mineral systems, a new 6-month cartridge will set you up for the coming swim season. This crucial mineral sanitizer accessory is sometimes forgotten on an initial pool supply run during the start of spring. Its no problem, though. Many people wait to install their new mineral cartridge until after pool water clears up.

Swimming Pool Steps And Ladders

Swimming Pool 101: A Crash Course for Rookies

Jumping into and out of the swimming pool is very dangerous. Therefore, you need a ladder that is strong and corrosion free.

This will make it easy for kids to access the swimming pool. Quite a number of swimming pool ladders are made from stainless steel or resin.

Swimming pool ladder is an important accessory

Another alternative when it comes to this is the walk in steps. These steps perform the same functions as ladders.

The spacing between the ladder section and steps should be such that one doesnt strain to reach the next step. This is an essential safety measure.

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This Pool Fountain You Can Install On The Edge Of An In

This screws onto most 1.5-inch threaded return fittings, so you don’t need any extra equipment to install it!

Promising review: “We ordered and installed this once our pool water had warmed up to the point where it wasn’t refreshing to get in the pool. We had 105-degree temps the week after we installed it, and it brought the pool down 4 to 5 degrees to where it felt less like swimming in soup. Now that the temps are down to the mid-90s, it’s even better. It’s probably still 86 degrees in the pool, but it’s cool enough that I get goosebumps after being in it for a while. I should add, this is Dallas, where the humidity is pretty high most days, so it will work even better in lower-humidity places, but I can assure you, it’s increased our late-summer pool enjoyment tremendously! Just wish we’d ordered it three summers ago!” Anonymouse

Get it from Amazon for $27.90.

This Set Of Underwater Rings Because Your Kids Have Already Gotten Bored Just Sitting And Kicking Around The Pool Make A Fun Game Out Of Challenging Your Strong Swimmers And Divers To Capture The Rings In The Water

Promising review: “They do just as advertised! They sink to the bottom of the pool, and once they are at the bottom, they are vertical for easier pickup! I use them to teach little swimmers how to swim to the bottom of the pool. They are easy for the little ones to pick up! They are also numbered, so it makes for a fun game AND teaches number recognition as well while kids are playing in the pool.” D. Leak

Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $9.99.

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The Essential Swimming Pool Equipment List For Pool Owners: Everything You Need To Clean Your Pool

Swimming pool equipment list for pool owners:

  • Telescopic Pole

This is the Swiss army knife of swimming pool equipment. Why?

Because you use it for just about everything: skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and more

But thats not the only convenient thing about it. As their name implies, telescopic poles can extend and shrink in size. This gives you tons of flexibility and reach when youre cleaning the inside of your pool. Which ultimately saves you a lot of time and effort.

So choose a good telescopic pole one with thick tubing, heavy duty aluminum, and at least 16 feet long.

Wondering how youre gonna handle all those leaves thatll inevitably end up floating around in your pool?

Your trusty pool skimmer net is the perfect tool for the job. It snaps onto the end of your telescopic pole, and lets you easily skim the surface of your pool.

As the net passes over the water, it scoops up nearly everything in its path from bugs and leaves, to candy wrappers and cups .

Since the net is made out of a fine mesh, its ideal for skimming out any solid object.

You can choose from two types of skimmer nets: flat nets, and bag nets

We recommend flat skimmer nets, since theyre easier to maneuver and clean.

Over time, thin layers of buildup and algae will form on the floor, walls, and steps of your pool. How quickly that happens depends on your pool maintenance habits, but it happens to everyone.

The best way to deal with it?

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