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Must Haves For Pool Owners

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Should I Get Umbrella Liability Coverage For My Pool

Pool Owners Must Watch | JG STORIES

In short, adding umbrella liability coverage for your pool is a really good idea. For homeowners with swimming pools, its highly recommended to get umbrella coverage, mainly because pools can pose bigger-than-usual risks compared to other places around the home. Adding umbrella liability insurance provides liability coverage in addition to your homeowners policy limits for injuries that occur in or near your pool. Your agent can help you determine if adding umbrella insurance for your pool is a good move for you.

Reduce the risk of accidents at your pool by following these simple pool safety practices.

Think Of The Filter As Your Pools Kidneys

Just as your kidneys are constantly working to remove impurities from your body, your pools filter is responsible for removing impurities from the water think dirt, leaves, and even small toys.Most of the time, the pool can be cleaned by turning off the filter, removing the filter cap located on the pool deck, lifting out the filter basket, and removing any debris before replacing everything. Its best to clean out your filter basket at least once a week.Once a month youll also want to clean out the pipes utilized by your filter system, which you can do by backwashing. To do so, simply set your filter to backwash, remove the leaf basket and clean it out. Then turn on your pump and let it run until the waste pipe ejects clear water.A final note on turning the filter on and off: Doing so too often can cause the filters mechanics to crack. Set your filter on a timer and allow it to run for at least six hours a day.

Power Wash To Make The Pool Deck Shine

The area that surrounds your pool is just as important as the physical structure itself. You can help keep your pool deck shining by power washing.Power washing, also known as pressure washing, will help get rid of any rust or weather stains that occur over time. You can rent a power washer at any home improvement store.Start the process by sweeping the deck free of any errant dirt or leaves first, so you dont end up spreading them all over during the cleaning process. Then, put the power washer together according to the directions. Set the machine on a weak to medium power spray and remove the surface debris in layers, repeating the process until the surface is clean.As you spray, be sure to overlap the areas youve cleaned in order to help prevent streaks. Youll want the nozzle of the power washer several feet off the surface of the pool deck and maintain this height to prevent gouging.

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Aquatix Pro Aluminum Pool Accessory Hangers

Leaving your telescopic poles, your skimmer, your vacuum hose, and any other essential pool accessories lying on the ground is just asking for trouble. Theyre much more likely to be damaged, and wont last as long as if you keep them up off the ground where they can dry and be protected. Plus, leave them on the ground, and someones bound to trip over them eventually.

Put a few of these equipment hangers on your fence, and clear your pool deck making it more attractive and much safer. These hangers are made from heavy-duty, lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum, and can hold up to 33 pounds each. Dont have a fence? You can also mount them on concrete walls, metal posts, vinyl siding, or pretty much anywhere else. They also come with all the mounting hardware, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

A Pretty Pool Float You Can Give To The Person In Your Family Who Isn’t As Strong A Swimmer But Doesn’t Want To Miss Out On Splashing Around The Pool Safety First Of Course

Six Must Have Poolside Essentials for Pool Owners

As cute as this is, floats shouldn’t be used as a substitute for proper rescue equipment!

Promising review: “I purchased this after our old floaties finally stopped holding air or popped. I only bought one because of the price and was unsure of the quality, but I wish I had gotten one more, because they are well made. It’s thicker than my old ones, and the size is perfect for adults to sit in. I will be buying more in the future.” Brady4pac

Get one from Amazon for $14.95.

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Intex Clear Color Tube

Usually, our best advice is to spend a little more on your pool because youre investing in its long-term care and use. But in this case, a few cheapie inflatable tubes can be a lifesaver.

Next time you have a bunch of people overespecially a bunch of kidsleave the more expensive pool floats in the shed and break these out instead. Everyone can have fun with a float, and if one of them pops or is otherwise damaged, youre only out a few bucks instead of a few dozen. Besides, theyre cute and colorful, and measure 36 inches in diameter, so theyre perfect for just about anyone.

Items Every Pool Owner Should Have On Hand

by PoolSide News | Aug 6, 2020 | Backyard Living

You LOVE your swimming pool. You love that you have hired a swimming pool service contractor who takes the heavy lifting of pool care and maintenance off your hands. Prior to coronavirus and the shutdown of the country you may not have had the free time you do now, but you still enjoy having the pool contractor take care of maintenance and chemistry balancing.

Pool contractors bring their own equipment with them. They know that not all pool owners will have the equipment on hand. They may not have the space or the inclination to give up space to pool equipment storage they rely on your expertise to assure the pool is kept sparkling clean and swimmable.

Dont worry, when youve hired an experienced swimming pool service contractor he will do the heavy lifting when it comes to pool maintenance. You will only have to do minimal upkeep between service visits skimming off floating debris or emptying the skimmer basket. The rest of the time you can simply swim with friends and family and have fun!

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An Iron And Clothing Storage

An iron and an ironing board are must-haves for wrinkly clothes coming out of suitcases. Provide a simple suitcase stand in the closet so guests dont have to bend to the ground to sort through their suitcase, and leave plenty of empty hangers in the closet. A chest of drawers is an added benefit for many guests unpacking their belongings.

Drifter Waterproof Smart Speaker

The top 5 must-have accessories for Sea-Doo owners

Bring your music along with Drifter, the rugged waterproof speaker that can download & stream music without your phone. Drifter comes with a built in operating system that allows you to connect to wifi and stream music from the webs most popular platforms. Download that music on to the device right from Spotify, Beats, Apple Music, and others, to take it with you wherever in even the most extreme conditions.

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Swimline Floating Tiki Bar Pool Float

Yes! The Tiki Bar is Open! Swim up to your very own fun & tropical inflatable Tiki Bar. Complete with 6 drink holders, 2 ice storage bins, and a cool canopy, the Swimline inflatable Tiki Bar will get your party started and give you plenty of happy customers. Family owned and operated, Swimline Corp. has grown to be the largest manufacturer of above-ground swimming pool liners in the world. Swimlines products include an array of leisure pool supplies and equipment with everything from inflatable tubes and loungers to floating lights and pool organizers. If youre looking for products that combine fun with water, youve found it at Swimline.

Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

Its just not a pool party without music. Before you place your speakers to face outside, turn your stereo up to eleven, and annoy the heck out of the neighbors, get a couple of wireless floating pool speakers instead.

These are completely waterproof, and offer several volume levels and a powerful subwoofer for rich stereo sound in crisp high definition. You can connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your favorite playlists, and easily control the volume and other functions from your device.

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Chemical Disinfection Of Water

The most well-known chemical way of disinfecting water is by using chlorine compounds. It is available in the form of tablets, granules, and liquid. Chlorine destroys bacteria and prevents their further multiplication if its concentration in water is optimal. If the water is cloudy, green, and has an odor, and there are colored deposits on the walls of the pool, the concentration of chlorine in the water is too low and should be increased. The most important thing when disinfecting with chlorine is to ensure that there is enough of it in the pool water to kill bacteria.

Inflatable Pool Toys For Kids

Must Have Pool Supplies for Pool Owners

There is a range of swimming pool toys you can choose from. These include beach balls, baby floaters, beach toys, water blasters and soakers, dive toys, pool noodles, etc.

In case you want to see how creative a kid is, then give him/her an appropriate swimming pool toy. Definitely, they will invent a new swimming pool game for themselves.

Kids playing in swimming pool with parents. Image source Pool for Home

These toys come in a wide range of shapes and designs. Therefore, it is upon you to choose from a wide range of shapes and designs depending on what your kids may like.

Always, before you decide to buy these toys, it is important to do a quick survey just ask the kids what they would wish to have in the swimming pool. By doing this, your kids will definitely have the desire to use the pool.

Note: Active supervision is IMPORTANT, especially when kids are using these toys.

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How Much Does Pool Insurance Cost

The cost to add swimming pool coverage to your home insurance policy is usually affordable. Your specific cost depends on a number of things, like your location, limits and insurance provider. Having insurance coverage for your pool is important to help protect you financially from the risks associated with it. Get an actual estimate on your pool coverage by connecting with your American family Insurance agent to see how much it would cost to add pool insurance to your homeowners policy.

Essential Products For Pool Owners

In Lifestyle and Entertaining by Frisco Pool BuilderApril 2, 2018

What good is having a pool if you dont have the accessories to enjoy it? But what exactly constitutes an essential accessory or any other pool product for that matter? The answer is to combine the obvious and a little fun and you will have the perfect match. Not only that, but you will find yourself enjoying your pool, even more than you ever thought possible.

Here are the top 10 essential products and/or accessories every pool owner should have.

1. Goggles

Theres more to your pool than just the top of the water. And you cant very well see whats at the bottom of your pool very well unless you have some goggles. Having some good pool goggles will open up a whole new world of enjoyment for you and your family when it comes to using your pool.

2. Water Toys

A pool isnt complete unless it has some water toys for every member of your family, and some for entertaining as well. How about some:

  • Beach balls and water volleyballs
  • Inflatables of all kinds
  • Water blasters
  • Pool loungers and rafts
  • Pool rings and rockets for diving

The skys the limit and dont forget your pets. They like to have fun too!

3. Floaties

4. Cleaning Net

5. Pool Cover

6. Grill

7. Towel Rack

8. Chairs

9. Tables

10. Fire Pit

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Gold Glitter Jumbo Pool Tube

Glitterize your pool in a big way with this epic display of gold glitter, in donut-form! Both kids and adults love a pool tube, so super-size it with this jumbo-sized Gold Glitter Jumbo Pool Tube from PoolCandy. Its 48 diameter of heavy-duty PVC, with reinforced seams, holds up to 250 lbs. of aquatic-loving friends.

Above Ground Pool Heater

Quick Tip: Tools Every Gun Owner Needs

Why let cooler temperatures keep you out of your above ground swimming pool? A pool heater will keep your water warm and inviting, all year round!

New to swimming pool heaters? Wondering which heater is right for your above-ground swimming pool? Heres a quick guide to the types of heaters you can choose from:

  • Electric Heater. If youre looking for a low priced option, consider an electric swimming pool heater. Electric heaters are easy to install , low-maintenance, and they work well in just about any climate. The two biggest drawbacks? Electric heaters can be slow to heat the water , and they can drive up your energy costs a bit.
  • Solar Heater. If you live in a warm, sunny climate, a solar heater might be just the thing. Solar heaters will cost a little more to purchase, but they make up for the higher initial cost with their ultra-cheap operating costs and long lifespan. Keep in mind that you need plenty of sunlight and lots of space for the equipment .
  • Gas Heater. A natural gas pool heater is wallet-friendly and it can heat your pool up more quickly than electric and solar heaters. You connect your gas pool heater directly to your existing gas line , or you can use propane. One thing to consider before taking the plunge: Gas heaters tend to have shorter lifespans than other types of above ground pool heaters.

Know the Lingo

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The #1 Item That Will Prevent Damage To Your Pool

Pool owners live in fear of expensive repair projects for their pool. Since a pool renovation can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, and many times you are forced into the repairs whether you can afford them or not, it is very understandable that pool owners worry about surprise repair costs. Choosing a quality builder as well as performing proper chemical maintenance to your pool are the best things that you can do to protect yourself against costly repairs down the road. There is however a very inexpensive item you can add to your pool plumbing system that will help to prevent the need for expensive repairs:Not just for salt water pools – EVERY swimming pool should have a sacrificial anode installed. These units are designed to absorb the brunt of the damage caused by galvanic corrosion in swimming pools. Without this component the pool will sacrifice the weakest metals in contact with the water, which will result in advanced decay of these items . By adding a zinc anode to the pool system you provide a less noble metal to become the anode in the galvanic couple. In the most simple of terms, this device helps to prevent damage to metal items in your pool system and every swimming pool system should have a sacrificial anode.

Ideas For A Pool Gift Basket

Using a basket and filling it with different pool items make a great gift as well. This shows how much thought youve put into your gift, which every pool owner will surely appreciate. So if youre planning to build your pool gift basket, we recommend adding the following items:

  • Towels: Every pool needs towels. So check out the Utopia Towels Cabana Beach Towel. They are large, beautiful, and affordable.
  • Drink Holders: Pool drink holders like the 12-Piece Green Vivid Inflatables are great as part of a gift basket. Each piece is cute and fun, and the whole set can be used for birthday parties, tropical parties, and casual weekends.
  • Diving Pool Toys: You can throw in some fun and affordable diving toys in your basket too. If youre interested in one, we suggest the JOYIN 30-Piece Diving Tool Pool Set.

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New Pool Owners Ultimate Pool Basics Guide

One thing we would suggest to every new pool owner is to get familiar with pool basics. This doesnt mean you have to fix or even maintain your own pool there are plenty of pros out there who can take care of that for you. But trust us, ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to swimming pools. We field thousands of calls from frustrated pool owners every year and in many cases, just a better understanding of pools and pool equipment would alleviate much of their stress.

Getting primed on pool basics will make you a smarter consumer when something does need to be repaired or replaced. You might also be quicker to spot any potential issues and nip them in the bud. So here is our overview of pool types, equipment, plumbing and circulation, and chemistry.

Reliable And Effective Pool Barrier

7 Must

Every pool owner needs a barrier around the pool which ensures there is no unauthorized entry to the pool area. Here, were not just talking about a pool cover or fence, but something stronger and more efficient. One of the best options when looking for a solid pool barrier is a polycarbonate pool enclosure. For instance, you have kids in your family whore used to getting into the pool without consideration of its hygiene condition. This type of barrier will prevent such a thing from happening. You can easily lock this polycarbonate pool enclosure and the kids or unknown people will not be able to access the pool area.

The polycarbonate pool enclosure comes fully assembled with extruded aluminum and cover. It is capable of covering all sections of the pool for complete security. Most polycarbonate pool enclosures are self-latching. This means that even if someone forgets to put a lock on the pool, it will lock itself automatically. How awesome is that?

There are different types of designs available in polycarbonate pool enclosures, so you can pick one that best suits your taste and needs.

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