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Pool Table Dinning Room Table

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Hathaway Games Hustler 73 Pool Table

Pool Dining Tables: What They Are and Why You Need One

If you are looking for a pool table that is affordable, while still higher quality than most game style pool tables on the market, then this is a great choice for your family. It features an internal ball return system that is reliable without being noisy, as well as gum rubber cushions that allow for very fast action during games. Additionally, you can lean on this table to make a shot without having to worry about it moving or wobbling.


  • The table is very sturdy once assembled correctly
  • The dark blue felt makes this table feel very modern


  • Some users have reported that brushing the felt will cause it to pull
  • There are reports that the cues are too light to be easily used

Simba Usa Inc 67 Pool Table With Snooker Full Set Accessories

Not only will you love how easily you can set up and start playing on this pool table, but the solid and durable design of the table means that you dont need to worry about it wobbling or falling apart with regular use.

Additionally, it comes with all of the accessories that you need to start a game right away, so you dont have to wait to enjoy your new table. Adjust the feet for a perfectly level surface that will make game play fair for everyone.


  • The smaller size makes it ideal in a smaller or more crowded room
  • The right red surface is attractive and will attract attention when you have guests


  • Some users have reported that the pool cues are low-quality and need to be replaced

Mizerak Dakota Brs Slate 8 Pool Table

Because you can clean this table with a soft cloth, you dont have to worry about how long it will look great or if it will start to look dirty. This table is made from a combination of metal and wood, which means that not only does it look amazing, but it is incredibly sturdy, as well. With all of the accessories included for game play, you can start a game right away. Enjoy the metal frame rails so that your table holds its shape for years.


  • Offers perfect balance so that everyone will have an equal playing opportunity
  • Durable enough for daily play without showing signs of wear


  • There are some reports that the ball return is noisy and not very smooth
  • Some users recommended hiring a professional to assemble the table, which will increase its overall cost

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Beaumont Pool Table With Dining Top

This gorgeous table makes a stunning dining room table in any home, and when you lift the top to reveal that there is a pool table underneath, you are sure to surprise all of your guests. Thanks to the 100% hardwood design, this table is able to withstand a lot of use without being damaged or becoming rickety or uneven. With 100% accurate rebound, you are sure to enjoy a game on this table that is unlike any other pool game that you have played on a home table in the past. When you need to eat, you can cover the table with the top and enjoy a stunning dining table.


  • All wood interior frame has been built to last and provide high-quality game play
  • Carved from solid oak, this table is very heavy and durable


  • There are reports that the black felt, while attractive, can show marks from the pool chalk

Best Pool Table Dining Table

Barnstable Pool Table with Dining Top by Imperial

If you want to buy a Pool table, there is a lot to think about. For example, you have to consider the size of the table, dont you? But thats not all you also have to consider what type of table you want, and a Pool table dining table could be your best option.

If you have never heard of these kinds of tables, dont worry. They are pretty niched. But they are growing more popular and could be well worth considering. After all, you get both a stylish Pool table and a high-quality dining table all in one package!

In this guide, well talk about our picks for the best Pool table dining tables! Well share our thoughts on some of the best tables available and share our tips on finding the best table for your needs. So, be sure to check out our buyers guide first to learn more about how to choose the best Pool table dining table.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Pool Dining Tables

The Playcraft Wolf Creek Pool table dining table is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality hybrid table! The table measures 84.5 x 50 x 31 inches, so you get a good size for all your gaming/ dining needs.

We particularly love this table because it is designed to be easy and quick to assemble. Its made with high-quality resin-infused MDF with an extra layer of PVC coating. This combines together to form a solid and robust build.


  • They are designed to be easy and quick to assemble.
  • Easy and quick to convert between functions.
  • Comes with a fully stocked Pool kit.


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Best Fusion Dining And Pool Table

Aramith Wood Fusion Table

Pool Table And A Kitchen Table All In One

Another one of the fusion pool table models we would love to mention is the Aramith Wood Fusion Table model. This one is a pool table and a kitchen table all in one product. It comes with sleek and minimalist European design and is created with the natural materials which make it eco-friendly. If you are looking for a multifunctional table, that doesnt take a lot of space, this is the solution!

Easily Converted

One of the benefits of this table is that you can easily convert it from the conventional height of a traditional dining table which is around 75 cm to a perfect height for playing pool which is 82.5 cm. You will also have to change the playing surface before you turn the dining table into a pool playing table.

Professional Pool Components

It comes with all of the components you will need for a pool such as the competition cloth and natural rubber cushions. The cloth is available in 20 different colors. You will also get the hi-tech nylon stretch cloth pockets which will keep all of your balls after you have shot them.


Bedford 7 Industrial Style Pool Table With Dining Top Included

This attractive table has an industrial feel thanks to the metal legs and simple, straight lines of the top of the table. The iron bar crossbar and legs have been finished with an anti-rust coating to keep your table looking great for years. Additionally, these durable legs ensure that your table stays sturdy and never wobbles. Enjoy the quality drop pockets and cushion rubber for incredible game play.


  • Comes with a basic accessory kit, so you dont need to worry about shopping before you can use your new pool table
  • Attractive dining top is easy to put on the table and will quickly hide the felt and pool accessories


  • This table weighs 1000 pounds, which means that you need to make sure your home can support the weight of the table
  • It is recommended to find a local installer to assemble the table, which will add to the cost

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Hall Of Games Edgewood 7ft Pool Table

This uniquely-designed billiard table from Hall of Games has an innovative frame paired with a slightly compact construction, so that itll be easier to fit the table into the room of your choice. The combination of the dark red felt, the black aprons and the solid wood grain legs makes this product a highly attractive piece.

Looking For A New Pool Table But Dont Have The Space Check Out These Pool Table Dining Table Combos That Transform Your Dining Room Into A Game Room

Pool Dining Table | Diningroom Vlog | Pool Table | Home Decorating Ideas

Pool tables are great investments that turn any boring space into a party room or game room.

Unfortunately, finding space to accommodate a pool table can be difficult without a large basement or standalone game room.

Thankfully, these state-of-the-art slate pool tables offer the perfect combination between a professional pool table and a luxurious dining table. With a pair of matching bench seats or slightly elevated chairs, you can enjoy dinner night and game night at the same table.

From rustic farmhouse-style pool table dining tables to chic modern pool tables with a dining top, we have you covered with our best products and answers to all of your Pool table with dining top questions.

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Stunning Dining Room Pool Tables

Complete your space with one of our classy pool tables with dining tops and hand-picked game room accessories. Our pool tables provide excellent playability with a stylish and beautiful look. They feature exceptional workmanship and utilize the finest materials to ensure the best quality for your space. Create the perfect game room atmosphere with our high-end pool dining tables and make it fun to host family and friends.

Transform your game room space with our high-quality pool table dining tables and matching contemporary furniture, including tables, chairs, and other game room fixtures at Sayer Twain. Shop from reputable brands like Plank & Hide Co.

Playcraft Yukon River Slate Pool Table With Dining Top

Best Rustic Pool Dining Table


8 Pool Table with Dining Top: 101 L x 57 W x 33 H/ 850 lbs.


  • Manufactured to BCA standards
  • 1-year warranty

Finally, Playcraft offers another incredible pool-dining table combo with the Yukon River Slate Pool Table. This pool table features a hand-crafted weathered hardwood frame and optional dining top in a Northern Drift or Weathered Fieldstone finish. Add on a couple of matching chairs, and you have a contemporary dining table set that combines rustic with modern elements for a truly unique design.

This pool dining table also includes a soft 21oz blended wool available in 25 different colors, k55 profile rubber gum cushioning, and appointed rails with inlaid sights. Customers can trust in the quality theyre receiving, as this table is made to BCA standards and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

As a result, this pool table offers a unique and stylish pool table and dining table combo that will transform any dining room into a fun game room for friends to enjoy.

“The pool table is gorgeous! But buyers beware , get a professional to put this together! It cost me an additional 500 to have someone come to my home. It’s very very heavy!” – Faith Verified Buyer

Starting at $4,995

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Simba Usa Missisipi Table

The Simba USA Mississippi Pool Table is going to be the table of choice for more experienced Pool players! The stylish table has a very traditional design with its eye-catch green felt. The table is 7 FT in size and easy and quick to assemble.

Simply attach the table legs, and its ready to use. The table is made from high-quality MDF wood, so it is very strong. If you are looking for a sturdy, long-lasting table, this will make a fine choice.

Switching between table functions is going to be quick and easy as well! You simply slip the dining table surface over the top, and youre ready to eat! While this table cant be converted into anything like a table tennis table, this isnt always bad.

Finally, one last great feature about this table is the fully-stocked Pool kit you get included with it. It makes the table easier to use and more desirable for Pool players. However, be aware that this table doesnt come with any additional seating. So, you will need to buy chairs/ benches separately to utilize it fully.


  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • The 7 FT size makes it ideal for veteran Pool players.
  • Comes with a fully stocked Pool kit.


  • Doesnt come with any seating.

Why Do I Need A Pool Dining Table

@scandaloustg on Instagram: My pool table will be a table also ...

Whether youre competitive or just looking for a fun way to pass time, billiard is a game you will enjoy. But pool tables are often very big and take up a lot of space. That can be a problem if you are already living in a smaller space. That is why the pool dining table is the best option for you! It is one table you can use in two completely different ways- to play pool and to eat on it and save your valuable home space at the same time.

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La Condo Volution Stainless


The timelessness of stainless steel enhances the glare of the finish. A more than perfect harmony of contrast for an exceptional dine and play billiard table. Completed with a wide range of assorted accessories, dining room and conference room will be profoundly transformed by the versatility of this convertible pool table.

Table Sizes

Thomas Pool Table With Dining Top

Nobody will be able to guess that inside your gorgeous dining room table, you have a pool table that is ready for an after-dinner game. This table is made from solid Douglas Fir and is designed to be a centerpiece in your dining room. Its been distressed and has barn style touches that will attract the attention of anyone in your home.

Thanks to the quality playing surface, youll enjoy some of the most responsive play ever with this pool table. While it is very large, the size of the table, as well as the quality of materials used in construction, make it a very attractive and commanding piece.


  • Genuine leather drop-pockets elevate the feel of playing on this table
  • Attractive feet are durable and sturdy, which means that the table cant move or rock


  • There arent any leg levelers on this table, which means that it can be difficult to get a flat playing surface

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Designed For The Outdoors

This quality pool table is made from all aluminum parts. The anodized aluminum rails, corners and legs are constructed to last with strength and durability. The playing surface is waterproof and fire retardant, perfect for standing up to the elements. Meanwhile, the included cover maintains the tables quality when not in use.

Barrington Hawthorne 83ft Pool Table

Pool Table Dining Room Table

The elegant Barrington Hawthorne pool table is the perfect addition to any upscale game room or high-end man cave. Its appearance alone is hugely impressive, with a gorgeous rich cherry finish on the furniture-quality wood veneernot to mention the artfully crafted claw leg design. But this table doesnt just look good it also plays well!

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Rio Grande Slate Pool Table

Rustic and beautiful, the Rio Grande is just as beautiful as it is sturdy. Strong post and beam legs support a 3-piece slate and rubber cushions for superior playability. Choose from two different custom finishes, and a choice of twenty-five felt colors for a billiards table that is truly exceptional. This premium slate pool table is also available at 8 if youre interested in a slightly larger table.

Convertible Table Tennis Top

The best part about this table from Hathaway Games is that it includes two games in one! This pool table comes with a table tennis top to add another dimension of competitive fun to your space. This lightweight table tennis tabletop is easy to install and comes with all the accessories youll need to play ping pong. You can find more multi game tables here, or check out our ping pong table reviews next!

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Gld Products Fat Cat Tucson 7 Pool Table

Even though this pool table is made from MDF, it is very durable and attractive. Thanks to the ivory colored inlays in the rails and the rubber bumpers, you can enjoy responsive play for years without having to worry about replacing parts of the table. While it is a smaller table, you can still enjoy competitive games with family and friends, as the table is not so small that it is only for children to use.


  • The blue and black create a beautiful contrast that looks great in any home
  • Assembly is incredibly easy and can be accomplished in a few minutes


  • Some users have reported the table shipping with cracked corner pockets
  • There are reports of the table surface not being level, making game play difficult

Vision Billiards Outdoor Vision Pool Table

Pin on Unique Gadgets, Tech, Inventions, and Crafts

Best Outdoor Pool Dining Table


7 Pool Table with Dining Top: 228 cm x 128.5 cm

8 Pool Table with Dining Top: 253 cm x 141 cm


  • Fully rated for outdoor gameplay
  • Resists UV rays, humidity, and moisture
  • 3 Stylish Oak stain options
  • Optional HLP or glass dining top
  • Weather-treated felt

Enjoy a brand-new patio dining table set that doubles as a highly versatile outdoor pool table. This pool table dining table combo is fully weather-treated from the frame to the felt for outdoor gameplay and dining experiences.

Customers can choose between 3 stylish oak stains, 21 felt colors, and 3 dining optional dining tops to create their patio set. Add on a pair of slightly elevated chairs, and you have the ultimate convertible pool table set for summer parties.

  • Manufactured to BCA standards
  • 1-year warranty

This Playcraft Brazos River Slate Pool Table offers a stylish alternative to the Colorado model, featuring a similar rustic construction style with a hand-rubbed finish. In addition, this table features trestle-style legs and a hardwood boxed frame that gives this table superior support and signature styling.

Customers can choose between a hand-finished frame in a Chestnut or weathered black, gray, or brown finish and optional matching hardwood billiard floor or wall racks. Customers also have the option of 25 cloth colors and a Brazos River dining top available in four different, matching finishes.

Starting at $5,595

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