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Hot Tub Ozonator Pros And Cons

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What Are Hot Tub Ozonators And How Do They Work

HOT TUB Ozonators: How Do They Work and Are They Worth It? | Swim University
  • |April 13, 2021

Chemicals like chlorine and bromine are the traditional sanitizers youll find in most hot tubs, but there are alternatives that can be used to further treat the water.

Hot tub ozonators are one of them. This device hooks up to your tub to help keep the water cleaner than if you were to only use chlorine or bromine.

Lets explore ozonators in detail so we can determine if they would be a good addition to your spa.

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Are Hot Tub Ozonators Safe

If you paid attention at school, youll know that ozone can be harmful to health, causing damage to the lungs when inhaled. So are ozonators safe to use?

Hot tub ozonators are perfectly safe. Any excess ozone molecules that break free quickly convert back to oxygen, meaning that there are no harmful by-products. The ozone that is dissolved into the water has no adverse effects on human health and doesnt contribute to air pollution.

Besides, the amount of ozone that ozonators produce is insignificant compared to the normal atmosphere in which we live.

Ozonators naturally sanitize, oxidize, and purify. This natural way of sanitizing the water is ideal if youre looking to reduce the amount of chemicals you use in your spa.

Now Youre The Wizard Of Oz

Sure, you could settle for soaking without that mighty molecule we call ozone. Youd spend more on chemicals, and probably have to shock more often, too. Add in the stress of extra upkeep, and you might as well be living in a monochrome dust bowl farmhouse.

Life with an ozonator? Now thats a horse of a different color. With one of these handy units installed, youll save money on chemicals, enjoy cleaner, healthier soaks in your spa, and be able to say without a trace of irony, Theres no place like home!

Happy Soaking!

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Benefits Of Using A Spa Ozone Generator

So far we have looked at the two different groups of ozone generators and their pros & cons. But what are the benefits of using a spa or hot tub ozone generator over other water cleaning solutions in the first place? Here are the advantages:

Cost-effective. Most spa ozone generators will cost you only around $120 dollars, which is pretty much the total expense you can expect. This is very cheap for what you get in return, especially if you compare it with chemical sanitizers. UV ozonators have some maintenance cost involved with them every 2-3 years. Corona discharge ozonators do not have extra associated costs. Spa ozone generators will generally last you up to 10 years , which is a lot for such a small financial investment!

Natural solution to water purifying. What I mean by this is that you can find ozone in nature already. Due to its oxidizing properties, it is a very strong antibacterial water disinfectant. It is much more skin-friendly than chemical sanitizers . There is also a big smell difference. Chemical sanitizers have that distinct, strong chemical smell . Ozone, on the other hand, has practically no bad smells.

Saltwater Hot Tub Benefits

Hot Tub Ozonator Pros and Cons

Many people are looking for healthier ways to use their hot tub. Modern saltwater hot tubs are designed to generate their own soothing and healing properties with clean water without the potential effects of chlorine. Here are common benefits of saltwater hot tubs that ensure a relaxing and healthy soak:

  • Increased water softness and buoyancy: The moderate amount of chlorine produced by the salt system keeps your water quality consistently soft for longer periods before draining and refilling your hot tub water. The steady flow of naturally produced chlorine reduces the risk of dry and cracked skin that harsh chemicals cause. Salt also raises the buoyancy of water, providing a more soothing experience while soaking.
  • Gentle on sensitive eyes and skin: Sensitive eyes and skin are prone to irritation when soaking in chlorinated water. Since chlorine is naturally generated in saltwater hot tubs, chloramines are less likely to build up, keeping your eyes and skin safe from irritation.
  • No unpleasant odor: Chlorine solutions have an unpleasant smell that sticks to your skin and hair after a soak. Salt systems prevent the mutation of chlorine into chloramines that produce the foul smell because when natural chlorine molecules are used up, they revert to odorless sodium chloride or salt.
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    How Long Does A Hot Tub Ozonator Last

    Most hot tub ozonators have a lifespan between two to three years before they need to be replaced. However, you should change it even earlier if you have been using your hot tub more frequently for a very long time.

    If you notice that your ozonator produces little or no ozone at all there is a good chance that it is depleted and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, before replacing the whole system you need to change the solarized bulb first. Other parts of the ozonator system, like the plates, can last nearly a decade if you clean and maintain it regularly.

    Some ozonators can be even longer operating and functional if you have the option to switch out the bulb, but nevertheless, they do not last far beyond the recommended lifespan. Additionally, older ozonator models need a new solarized bulb or a renewal kit every 18 to 24 months.

    Looking To Purchase A Low

    If youve been wondering, what is an ozonator for a hot tub for?, feel free to talk to us about the in-built Hydropool Pure Water System. Here at Hydropool Surrey, we can advise on the expert engineering of the Pure Water System which means that you do not require a separate hot tub ozonator. Instead, our hot tubs will do everything for you with their built in ozonator system.

    Why not make an appointment at our purpose-built hot tub showroom in Addlestone, Surrey? Well be able to demonstrate the hot tub ozonator technology to you in order to show you just how clean and fresh your hot tub water can be with minimal maintenance.

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    Del Ozone U Spa Eclipse Ozone Generator

    The Del Ozone Spa Ozonator works on a chip technology that conserves energy while still efficiently completing the job. There are few wires and circuits which would make it less prone to short circuits. It is also resistant to water and conserves power in its UV system.

    Things We Liked:

    • It is able to kill 99.99% of harmful substances.
    • It is resistant to water and does not use up much energy in its UV system.
    • It overall does not use up that much energy.
    • It also has a corona chip viewing window.
    • The corona chip makes the machine consume less energy as compared to other brands.

    Things We Didnât Like:

    • The corona discharge chip is quite fragile and needs to be replaced from time to time.

    Are Spa Ozonators Safe

    Hot Tub Ozonator :: Benefits & Maintenance

    Ozonators produce ozone, an oxidizer, and disinfectant thats safe for spas. The ozone produced leaves no chemicals behind and dissolves into the water with no adverse effects on bathers.

    Ozone doesnt contribute to air pollution, and the amount of ozone created by an Ozonator is minute and as safe as the ozone in the atmosphere. However, its important not to breathe in concentrated ozone gas.

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    Needs To Be Installed By Pros:

    Ozone is harmful to humans. Installing an ozonator requires a licensed pool professional to ensure it is not installed on a pool with metal piping. It is also very important that the pool technician ensures that the ozonator is well contained. Once these are taken care of, you can enjoy your ozonator without the fear of harmful byproducts! This is the most important step in installing an ozonator.

    How Often To Run An Ozonator

    Depending on the number of individuals that use your hot tub, an ozonator will need to be used and run between three to twenty hours a day to achieve maximum performance.

    If you find you are using your hot tub consistently and regularly, then to achieve the best results you should turn the ozonator on and leave it running.

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    How A Hot Tub Ozonator Works

    The Spa ozonator have a built-in ultraviolet bulb or an ozone converter that would create ozone out of oxygen molecules. When the ozone molecules are created by the ozonator, they are then forced into the spa water in order to sanitize it. In order to be discharged to the water, the ozone gas is transported through a water jet wherein the jet would act as a vacuum to pull in ozone into the spa water to filter the water. From there, ozone will destroy all the bacteria and viruses and also break down any sort of substance in the water so that the water will be fresh for a longer time. Also, ozonators neutralize bromine and chlorine content without compromising on the cleanliness of the water. Ozone is actually more effective than bromine or chlorine when it comes to cleaning the spa water as its effects last longer.

    What Are The Advantages Of Chlorine As A Spa Sanitiser

    [You Need It] 20 Hot Tub Ozonator Pros And Cons
    • Chlorine is a powerful sanitiser and you dont need to add much
    • Chlorine works quickly to kill bacteria
    • Chlorine is readily available
    • Chlorine is very cost-effective
    • Chlorine is not classified as dangerous goods so it is easy to ship and store
    • It is easy to maintain your spa and keep your water in great condition with chlorine
    • It dissipates quickly so it is not easy to over-chlorinate your water

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    How Much Bromine Should I Use In My Spa

    We recommend that you follow the daily dosage recommended on the chemical labels. These recommended dosages have been approved by the APVMA as safe levels to ensure your water is treated effectively to kill bacteria and organisms, while also ensuring that the sanitiser levels do not get too high in your spa water for human comfort and safety.

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Ozonators

    Ozonators save on the cost of chemicals and provide another level of water purification in conjunction with needing a lower level of sanitizer such as bromine or chlorine. Harmful chemicals, bather waste and compounds in the water are oxidized and broken down so that they coagulate into clumps which then end up in the filter for easy cleaning and removal.

    This is why it is important to rinse off the spa filter regularly to assure the best performance of the ozonator and spa chemicals.

    More benefits of using an installed ozonator to perform some water purification duties is that lower chemical doses are needed to achieve the same clean water.

    Odors are reduced since there are less chemicals and also since the bromamines or chloramines are reduced through the oxidation process, and the equipment life is extended due to having better water chemistry.The cons of using an ozonator is that the ozone gas may have a tendency to reduce the underside/vinyl cover’s or plastic pillows’ product life.

    But many times it is other things such as mishandling the cover, allowing snow or ice to build up on the top which creates pockets for rain to accumulate and further degrade the cover and natural usage which can reduce cover life as well.

    Not sure if the ozonator still works? Get an ozone test kit and check!

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    Prozone Water Products Pz1 Ozone System

    • Designed for hot tubs up to 800 gallons
    • Rugged, functional housing made of heavy extruded aluminum for durability
    • Translucent end Caps glow when the system is on
    • Free shipping
    • 1-year warranty
    • Includes: Patented corona Hybrid arc tube, solid-state ballast and installation kit

    Top customer concern Higher negative reviews than the DEL system, but still has greater than 50% of the reviews being 5-star

    Cost Under $100

    How Does A Hot Tub Ozonator Work

    Best Hot Tub Ozonator In 2020 Tested By Experts!

    The ozonator is a device placed directly inside the body of your hot tub. It is equipped with an ultraviolet light bulb that converts oxygen into ozone. The ozone travels through an air line connected to a water jet. The water and the ozone are then pushed into the hot tub.

    Once the ozone is in contact with the water in your spa, it will kill bacteria, contaminants and other waste.

    Some hot tubs come with an ozone jet which facilitates the use of an ozonator, but it is quite simple to add an air line into an existing air jet.

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    Benefits Of Using An Ozonator

    With many homeowners looking to move away from the harmful effects of chlorine and bromine, the Ozonator has become a popular alternative. While it does not eliminate the need for chlorine altogether, this method of sanitation allows you to use a reduced level of traditional chemicals while still achieving sanitary water.

    This is why rather than using an ozonator by itself, it is best used as an add-on to an existing saltwater pool system, so that you can no longer have the need to use chlorine or bromine in your swimming pool.

    An Ozonator offers a number of benefits over traditional methods of sanitizing your pool, including:

    What Does An Ozonator Do For A Hot Tub

    An Ozonator works in conjunction with the chlorine, bromine, or salt sanitizer used in the hot tub to sanitize the water, but requiring fewer chemicals to be added. Ozone, also known as energetic oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer. Ozone generators allow ozone to be placed in a hot tub or spa.

    When three atoms of oxygen are bound together, this creates ozone. If you ever smell a sweet smell in the air after a lightning storm, youve smelled ozone!

    You may be wondering what ozone does in a hot tub.

    Ozone reduces the need for high amounts of chemical sanitizers like chlorine or bromine. It also helps to destroy bacteria, algae, and viruses.

    Ozone also oxidizes things like:

    • Urine
    • Suntan lotion
    • Body lotion

    Of course, whether you sanitize with chlorine or bromine, you still have to use an oxidizer to shock your hot tub water occasionally just not quite as often if you use an ozonator.

    If youre curious about oxidizers, what the choices are and how often to shock yours, check out this recent article. Just click the link to read it on my site.

    Quick Hot Tub Ozonator Installation Guide

    Globo Surf

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    Hot Tub Ionizer Vs Ozonator

    See this hot tub ionizer at

    Ozonators and ionizers both clean hot tub water but not 100%. They still need to be supplemented with some chemicals and sanitizers. Ionizers work by causing an atom or molecule to lose one electron by using an electrical charge.

    The remaining particles are called ions. Hot tub ionizers create ions derived from metals such as silver, copper, or zinc. The metals are ionized and singular atoms are released into the spa water. These ions kill bacteria immediately upon contact.

    Ionization for killing germs is not a new process, and silver was used as far back as ancient times for purification. Like an Ozonator, hot tub water ionizers significantly reduce the need for chemicals to keep the water clean.

    Overall, an Ozonator or ionizer is an excellent addition to any hot tub its a natural cleaning device, economical, saves money from reducing chemicals needed, is long-lasting, and is a healthier solution for your hot tub. Enjoy a soak in fresh, soft water by installing a hot tub Ozonator or purchasing a hot tub with an Ozonator built-in.

    See more related content in our article about salt water hot tub pros and cons on this page.

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    Sourcing A Replacement Ozonator

    Hot Tub Ozonator Pros And Cons

    The easiest way to buy a replacement ozonator here at Hot Tub Outpost is to just find the model number on your existing ozonator and putting it into the search box at the top of any page on this website.

    Be sure to purchase the ozonator with the correct cord/plug type such as AMP ,3-pin AMP cord, Mini-J& J, Gecko style in. plugs, standard power plug or other connectors.

    Note that some ozonators ship with the plug not attached to the wires since there are several different plug types for the same ozonator. In that case note that the white wire is the neutral and the black wire is hot/power. Green is ground. A schematic should be located on the inside lid of your spa system control box to be sure the connector is wired up correctly.

    Be sure the ozonator voltage is correct – 110v or 220v. Some newer model ozonators work with both voltage types such as the newer Del. In the case the replacement ozonator does not match the voltage of the original, then the spa pack may need to have a wire moved .

    If there was not previously an ozonator in the spa, check the circuit board or spa pack for the location of where the ozonator plugs into so you get one with the right cord/plug type.

    Also confirm the voltage the spa/ozonator should operate at . If you are unsure about the voltage, you can always get a universal voltage ozonator that operates at both 120v and 230v such as some of the more recent Del ozonators.

    See all of our current model ozonators.

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    Tips For Adding Value To A Home With A Hot Tub

    If you are the type of person who has an eye for the future, you may be able to add value to your home with a hot tub. Youll just need to be strategic. Generally, a hot tub is most likely to increase the resale value of your home when it is well-incorporated with the exterior landscape: a hot tub with complementary hardscaping around it, such as a stone pathway, gazebo and deck, is going to be more attractive to potential buyers than a freestanding hot tub that appears to be out of place.

    The appeal of a hot tub also varies by geographic location and price point. For example, a hot tub is going to be an easy and attractive selling point for buyers looking for a luxurious mountain home. On the other hand, a hot tub may come across as a burdensome maintenance task for a starter home in a warm climate.

    Perhaps most importantly, the hot tub should be in excellent working condition at the time of the sale. Due to the expense of hot tub repairs and removals, few homebuyers are going to want to take on the responsibility of managing an old, inefficient hot tub. If you are looking to sell, consider hiring a professional to give your hot tub a full tune-up and cleaning. Be prepared to provide professional documentation to interested buyers to demonstrate that the tub is in good condition.

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