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What Is Gdsn Data Pool

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Preparing To Deliver Data To Gdsn Through Salsify

GDSN Data Pool | Salsify

There are a few steps to get started with GDSN in Salsify. This is a brief overviewyou will work with your customer success team who will help you get everything up and running.

Existing Product Content Architecture

The details for each level of hierarchy are stored in Salsify and passed through the GDSN. The Customer Success team will work with you to architect the process to pull your existing data from your ERP to work with GDSN.

Attribute Identification

We will help you define a list of attributes that you and your trading partners need, based on some industry-specific and retailer specific readiness reports and your specific retailers needs.

Workflow & Readiness Process

We will work with you to set up processes in Salsify to build any additional attributes that you need to pass through to trading partners that arent currently available.

Well work with you to map the readiness report with attributes you want to pass through to GDSN and the workflows and readiness report will help you identify and fill gaps in your content.

Trading Partner Identification

You will provide a list of the trading partners and their corresponding GLNs which will be used as the destinations for each publish.

Readiness, Testing & Delivery

We will work with you to map your Salsify properties to the readiness reports, we create and test the connection and get you ready to deliver your information to retailers through GDSN.

What Are Some Other Ways That Trading Partners Can Manage And Share Product Data

Surprisingly, many companies still use spreadsheets to manage and share their product data. This is tedious and time-consuming, especially as businesses grow and add more products to their assortment. Other companies use PIMs, PDMs, and PCM systems to host product data. These are useful for storing data, but still require additional work to transfer product data to buying organizations.

Assortment from SPS Commerce not only stores product data, but also handles the manual, time-consuming tasks associated with mapping to retail requirements and sharing product data. Selling organizations simply share their product data with SPS once. SPS does the heavy lifting of transforming, validating and delivering the data to each unique trading partner on their behalf.

Looking for expert advice on GDSN Data Synchronization? Talk with our experts about your product data questions.

Commport Datapool Solution For Retailers

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable retailers to manage their data synchronization initiative. As a GDSN-certified datapool, Commport offers full GDSN access along with our comprehensive Message Center. This detailed view enables retailers to quickly and easily manage and track their data synchronization initiative with their supplier community, providing real time visibility into the communications process.

The Commport Datapool provides comprehensive and flexible integration options allowing retailers to define the global data sync model that works best for them. Commports experienced team works with individual retailers to identify their specific integration, data management and supplier community-enablement model. Our support encompasses consulting and project management to help retailers become part of the GDSN.

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Gdsn Data Pool Overview

A GDSN network uses interconnected data pools that maintains data quality as information is shared with trading partners. The GDSN protocols for data sharing was developed by GS1, or Global Standards. These standards are constantly being updated and are used for information sharing with retailers for logistics, shipping, and regulatory reasons.

Note that GDSN protocols are crucial for syncing data and the GDSN data pool is intended to sync data using attributes that are considered valid on both the retailer end and with the party sending the data. It all comes down to information flowing constantly with the idea of being both the sending party and retailer dont have to worry about the quality of the data.

Navigating Gdsn For Product Data Qualityby Amplifi


In todays fast-paced environment, access to trusted product information is essential for businesses to succeed. To ensure their product data is up to the task, more and more enterprises are taking advantage of the Global Data Synchronization Network, or GDSN.

In this article, well cover four key elements of GDSN and how you can navigate implementing data synchronization for your organization.

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Gdsn What You Need To Know

What is the GDSN?

The Global Data Synchronization Network is an internet-based, interconnected network of interoperable data pools and a global registry known as the GS1 Global Registry. It enables companies around the globe to exchange standardised and synchronised supply chain data with their trading partners.

Why do suppliers need to join a GDSN-Certified Data Pool?

As part of the NHS eProcurement Strategy, the UK Department of Health is mandating that suppliers of Medical Devices to the NHS must adopt GS1 standards, and join a GDSN-Certified Data Pool to publish their product data, if they wish to continue to sell into the NHS.

Do hospitals need to join a GDSN-Certified Data Pool to retrieve supplier product data?

No. The Department of Health is looking to provide a centralised NHS Master Data Exchange Service, to which suppliers will send their product data using the GDSN. From there, catalogue service providers, like GHX with NEXUS, would retrieve the product data for visibility to their connected hospital community, negating the need for hospitals to join a GDSN-Certified data pool. In the meantime, with the absence of this centralised data service, GHX can still support delivery of GDSN product data to its hospital community.

Do hospitals need a catalogue management solution?

How do suppliers provide pricing data to the hospitals?

Welcome To The Network

From the outside looking in, GDSN can seem a bit intimidating, but at the end of the day its just another pathway for content to flow to your trading partners.

Whether you are a seasoned GDSN expert or have recently inherited or adopted GDSN synchronization for your organization, this guide will serve as your go-to reference.

In this article, well provide all of the information needed in order to leverage Salsifys GDSN data pool to synchronize with your trading partners.

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Solucin Global Para La Sincronizacin De Datos De Producto En La Nube

EDICOMData es el nombre de nuestro catálogo electrónico para la sincronización de datos de producto entre proveedores y distribuidores. La solución funciona como un Data Pool que simplifica la sincronización de la oferta de productos entre las empresas que participan en la cadena de suministro.

Se trata de una solución transparente que, en un único entorno, concentra funcionalidades específicas de B2B a través de la GDSN , o de comunidades privadas de sincronización de datos.

The Global Food And Beverage Industry Is On An Ongoing Quest For Better Data Accuracy

GDSN Data Pool | GS1 Connect

At iTradeNetwork, more than 8,000 trading partners trade daily on our platform, and maintain detailed information for over 15 million products, including GTIN, Global Product Classification, nutritional and allergen information, marketing information and pictures. We understand that complexity and provide you with the tools to seamlessly connect with your trading partners and ensure that accurate, complete product information is flowing through the supply chain at all times.

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What Advantages Does Gdsn Offer To Brands & Retailers

For you as a brand or a manufacturer, GDSN provides a solution to easily comply with the necessary data standards. You also benefit from centralized data governance. Having a single source of truth allows you to keep all the records in one place and give access to all your partners. This, in turn, saves you time but also eliminates the possibility of data errors and incomplete product templates.

Using GDSN brands & manufacturers obtain such benefits:

  • Reduced product time-to-shelf.

What Types Of Product Attributes Can Be Shared Through Gdsn Data Synchronization

Product attributes that can be shared through GDSN include:

  • Category
  • Size and weight
  • Packaging information

Some types of product data can generally not be shared through GDSN, including pricing and certain e-commerce attributes. Also, adding attributes through GDSN can be a long and tedious process. In todays fast-paced retail market, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly.

Further, retailers often require attributes not supported by GDSN. This means that suppliers need to send spreadsheets in addition to sharing data via GDSN, causing additional manual processes for both buying and selling organizations.

For these reasons, many organizations use other methods in addition to GDSN to meet their product data needs.

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When Product Information Is Accessible And Accurate Your Business Wins

The Global Data Synchronization Network is the worlds largest product data network.

The GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly. Because companies of all sizes need the same thingtimely and reliable product informationto ultimately benefit consumers and patients.

A Gs1 Certified Gdsn Data Pool

GS1 Korea

The Global Data Synchronization Network is the worlds largest product data network. GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high quality product information seamlessly. Because companies of all sizes need the same thingtimely and reliable product informationto ultimately benefit consumers.

With GDSN, high quality product content is uploaded, maintained and shared automatically, ensuring trading partners have immediate access to the most current and complete information needed to exchange products on both local and global markets.

Any company that needs to send or receive product information can take advantage of GDSN by subscribing to a data pool. Your data pool will enable you to set up your product content and synchronize it with all your trading partners, so you can plug in reliable data for all markets at one time.

GDSN Realizes Powerful Benefits for Your Business

  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors, generating quality
  • Bring new products to market quickly and easily
  • Enable brand transparency to consumers

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What Is Gdsn Data Pool And How Does It Work

Businesses from various industries use different ways to manage their data. To achieve a common ground, companies implement a standardized data format to efficiently share and synchronize the information through numerous sales channels. In this article, we want to share information about the GDSN data pool and how you can benefit from using it.

The Gdsn What It Is How It Works

As demand for quality product information continues, brands and retailers need to keep it aligned and consistent. The GDSN® is the powerful, global network for accurate product data to drive business efficiency throughout the supply and demand chain.

Check out this easy-to-understand guide to see how GDSN can work for you.

From high-tech electronics to retail grocery, brands and retailers know that the demand for quality detailed, consistent product information is exploding.

The GDSN is a powerful network for consistent and accurate product data that drives business efficiency and enhances the consumer experience. This quick-reference eBook explores:

  • How the GDSN works for brands and retailers
  • Which types of product data and shipping specs included in the GDSN
  • Why quality data matters and how you benefit
  • What you need to know about data pool providers

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Global Data Synchronization Services For Suppliers

Suppliers know the products they are selling better than anyone else. Not only are they the source of product in the supply chain, but they are also the source of the information about those products. The key for suppliers is to have high quality product master data and to communicate it efficiently and effectively with all customers using Global Data Synchronization.

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable suppliers and supply side organizations to easily onboard, manage and synchronize their item data with their demand side customers.

Access + Security In One Place

What Is GDSN? | Salsify

While a wide variety of partners need access to your content and data, there are far more parties who dont. As one of the only GS1-certified data pools to have achieved ISO-27001 certification for security, our tools ensure your content remains accurate, complete, updated and available to everyone who needs itand protected from everyone else.

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A Single Way To Enter Data

Data entry is performed according to agreed rules . The classification of medical devices for instance can only be entered in a single way , or it will not be accepted. The GS1 data pool checks whether attributes are entered according to the standard. Suppliers are responsible for correct data entry themselves.

Firstly What Is A Data Pool

The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network® is a network of interoperable data pools enabling collaborating users to securely synchronise master data based on GS1 standards. GDSN supports accurate, real-time data sharing and trade item updates among subscribed trading partners.

This means organisations can have confidence that when one of their suppliers or customers updates their database, their own database is similarly updated as a result. Everyone has access to the same continuously refreshed data. This automatic and efficient exchange helps in meeting the demand of today’s data-hungry consumers.

For this to happen, each organisation needs to join a data pool certified and tested by GS1, who connect to the GS1 Global Registry®, a central directory which keeps track of connections, guarantees the uniqueness of data and ensures compliance with shared GS1 standards. There are many data pools spread across the world.

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Data Flow & Hierarchy


GDSN maintains levels of hierarchies, and each level contains separate attributes. For example, a widget is sold to the consumer with one widget in a package. There is information for that lowest level of hierarchy: a Global Trade Identification Number that identifies that unit, along with other logistical information like packaging, dimensions, and weight and the details the retailer needs to sell that product.

But that widget is sold to the store in cases with multiple units in the case, and sometimes multiple inner packs inside the case. So there are separate product values to identify the case and inner cases separately – a GTIN for the case, its weight and dimensions, and a separate set of information for the inner case. The cases may be sold to the retailer by pallet, and there is another set of information that describes the pallet.

Data Flow

This starts with your internal data. Its imported to Salsify, where it is stored and transformed to meet the GS1 requirements to send to GDSN. With help from our Customer Success team, youll prepare your products to deliver the attributes your retailers require, and transform any data necessary to meet validation requirements.

Is Using Gdsn Data Synchronization Required

GDSN Major Release 3

To exchange product data in a language that works for both trading partners, both parties need to have a shared method of communication. To do this, some buying organizations require suppliers to use a GDSN certified data pool.

Often, GDSN data synchronization is an option, but other methods of sharing product data can be used instead. GDSN data pools can require more manual effort than growing businesses can afford, and there are a variety of alternative tools available.

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Who Is Using Gdsn

With GDSN utilization allowing companies to benefit from its automated content delivery, you can expect to see some big names using it like Kroger, Lowes, and Amazon. These companies undoubtedly love how it enables customers to get online for new experiences that are optimized for the digital world.

One good case study is how brands use a GDSN data pool to refresh their inventory with Amazon. Furthermore, this automation of inventory data allows the brand to reach a wide audience, using fewer resources.

Global Data Synchronization Services For Buyers

Retailers are an important link in the supply chain, connecting suppliers with end consumers. Providing a reliable supply of products to retail customers means maintaining an equally reliable flow of product data in their relationship with their suppliers. Global Data Synchronization is a key strategy in this process.

Traditionally, retailers have relied on paper-based processes for receiving information on product updates and new product releases. From paper documents, this critical information needs to be manually processed before it can be shared with the retailers operations side. A Global Data Synchronization Network data pool or data feed automates the flow of product data between retailers and their suppliers, creating more efficiency for greater cost effectiveness.

Tactically, retailers participate in Global Data Synchronization by subscribing to their suppliers data through Certified datapools. This subscription allows them to receive automated updates on supplier and product information for up-to-the-minute visibility.

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Yes Were The Worlds Largest Gdsn Data Pool But What Does That Distinction Actually Mean For You

GDSN opens the door to unlimited possibilities for your company. The ability to seamlessly share high-quality product content allows you to partner with any and all GDSN-subscribing vendors of your choosing. The result? You expand your e-commerce customer base while also ensuring accurate, reliable product content in every market.

1WorldSync is also part of the GS1 Unique ID partner program, meaning well work with you to ensure your brand is properly protected.

Simply put, GDSN allows you to reach more vendors and more customers, more rapidly and more accurately. Youll boost your bottom line, and access a deep community of your e-commerce vendors and peers.

Connect To A Gdsn Data Pool

GDSN Does Work For the Digital Shelf | At the Whiteboard

Does your company sell products and want to share product information synchronized to buyers in one or more markets around the world? Then you need to connect to a GS1-certified data pool in the worlds largest product data network Global Data Synchronization Network The information is shared in sync to buyers locally or to multiple markets around the world.

What is a data pool?

A data pool is a central storage place for data where trading partners can upload, maintain, and exchange information about products in a standardized format a vital support for anyone involved in product launches, both on the seller and buyer side.

Suppliers and retailers can be connected to different data pools to share or receive product data regardless of the market in which the retailer operates.

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