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What Is The Best Above Ground Pool Liner To Buy

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Smartline Tidal Surge 12ft By 18ft Oval Pool Liner With Unibead Style

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool Liner

Smartline looks like the undisputable brand in the liner business. It has a range of above-ground swimming pool liners whose quality cannot be rivaled.

This time, the Tidal Surge from Smartline may look like a replica of the previous ones weve seen. However, there are notable differences.

The liner is a bit longer and higher in size and can fit taller pools up to 54 inches of wall height.

Also designed to form a J-Hook, the swimming pool liner will drape over your steel pool wall. Its ideal for pools with a flat bottom. And finally, the liner has the thickest possible material of 25 gauge.


  • A few reports of leakages

The Best Above Ground Pool Liners

posted on January 1, 2022

The success or failure of your above ground swimming pool is determined by the quality of the liner you use. This is always the case whether you buy a pool that raises itself when it fills up or a framed one.

The thickness and smoothness of your liner, together with its warranty and color, will help you have an enjoyable swimming adventure or a costly one.

This guide has been written to help you get the best above ground pool liners for your pool model and make.

Lets get straight to the details

Advantages Of An Above Ground Pool

In-ground pools take a lot of work and money to install. Not only do you need to first save for the expense, but you need ample planning for one. The site has to be dug up, which not only requires a digger but access to the backyard for the differ to get through. Then, a lot of concrete is needed to pour the base. Finally, a liner and or coating has to be applied. While the result may be amazing, it requires a lot of hard work to get there. Oh, and in-ground pools are pretty permanent.

Above ground pools still cost a little bit, but it is a fraction of the cost. They are much easier to install and can be done with the day, and some, like kiddie pools, only take a few hours.

While above ground pools come in many different sizes, you dont really need much space in your backyard for one. Thus, even small places can have the benefits of an above ground pool.

Finally, you may think you want an above ground pool for years to come, but if you change your mind, it is easy to get rid of one. Simply disassemble and store for later use. Then, you have the versatility of all that open space again. And if you just want to give your pool a new look, you can always redecorate it.

For those that simply cant stand the summer heat, an above ground pool is a necessity. You can stay cool, socialize, and take advantage of the joys of summer.

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The Basics Of Pool Liners

If this is your first time replacing your pool liner, or you are installing your first above-ground pool, its helpful to get an understanding of what your liner actually does. Beyond the obvious function of holding water, a liner is integral to the overall structure of a pool. The weight of water held by the liner is evenly distributed to the walls and keeps the structure intact. Without the liner, the steel or aluminum wall does not provide much stability and can easily be toppled over.

How To Select Above Ground Pool Liners

Best above ground pool liners

Just like in ground pools, proper measurements are also essential in choosing the best above ground pool liners. After making these calculations, choose the type of liner that will work best. Depending on the type of above ground pool, you can determine the kind of pool liner to use. Factors, like the pool size and shape, can help in making a decision.

If you have a standard pool, you may not want to fuss about designs, patterns, or aesthetics. In this case, the overlap liner may be your best option. These liners hang over the side of the walls of above ground pools. This makes borders and designs unusable. Overlap liners are usually made up of one standard color and pattern.

Some pools have the overlap style, but owners may want to have more design choices. In this case, you can opt for a J-Hook or Unibead pool liner.

You can select beaded liners if you do not want excess liner material to hang over your pool walls. This is where precise measurements come in. Correct numbers can help in proper setup. Since you can fit this liner properly, you can choose from different patterns and designs. This will provide your above ground pool with a better look.

If you cant fit your pool with the options above because of the extra depth, the expandable type is your best choice. It offers more material to use for pools with deep center.

In any of these choices, it is important to have correct measurements to prevent wrinkles, creases and damage to the pool liners.

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Types Of Above Ground Pools

Obviously, there is quite a variety of options available. The critical thing to look for is a corrosive resistant steel frame and durable sidewalls for durability. From there, you can further personalize the pool depending on your yard size, use, and shape.

Swimming Pools come in several shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Sizes range from very small and shallow suitable for families with small children, to large enough to host a pool party. It depends entirely on your needs and how you plan on using the pool.

Smartline Boulder Swirl 10ft By 15ft Oval Overlap Style Liner Overall Best

The Smartline Boulder Swirl 10ft by 15ft oval pool liner is part of the Smartline overlap liners for the above-ground pool.

The swimming pool liners have an adjustable wall height of 48 to 52 inches. Its made of 25-gauge vinyl material and is designed for above-ground swimming pools with steel sidewalls.

The liner has a universal gasket kit for the swimming pools skimmer and return. It is suitable for oval-shaped pools with sizes of 10 feet by 15 feet. One of the things we like about the above-ground liner is that Swimline offers up to 25 years of warranty with the product.

However, the rather high weight of the vinyl is also seen as a disadvantage by some people, as it is quite difficult to manage and attach on your own.


  • Doesnt work with Intex or pop-up pools
  • Doesnt come with a patch kit

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What Is The Best Material To Put Under An Above Ground Pool

There are several things you can put under an above ground pool for stability and longevity. Concrete pads, sand, foam, padding, and grass are all examples of popular choices.

But as far as the best material to put under your pool, thats fairly debatable.

If youre planning on keeping your pool around for many years, pouring a concrete base is a good idea.This material helps keep moisture from building up and eroding the metal parts of the pool.

In addition to that, though, a pool liner pad helps with further protecting the liner and giving the floor some cushion.

Smartline Stone Harbor 12ft By 24ft Oval Liner With Unibead Style

âAbove Ground Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

The Smartline Stone Harbor pool liner has pleasing pool liner patterns that include various shares of blue. This makes it appealing to people who prefer traditional southwestern decor.

The 25 gauge liner is highly textured with uni-bead elements that will be scattered over the light blue pebble pool walls.

It is designed for pools that are up to 12 by 24 feet of oval shape and will also fit a pool with a wall height of up to 52 inches.

The liner uses Lamiclear and J hook to ensure the liner does not fail prematurely. To avoid wrinkles, the liner can be folded by hand rather than machine-wrapped.


  • 25 years of manufacturer warranty


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Summer Waves Outdoor Round Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool With Pump

With its simple installation process, you can enjoy swimming in this pool almost immediately. Aside from that, it comes with a kit that has everything you need to set it up seamlessly.

Moreover, this round pool has an SFX600 filter pump with it, so you can immediately set it up. In terms of construction, it was made using PVC material and polyester mesh, so you can expect a higher level of durability with it.

Pool Size: 12 x 12 x 2.75 feet

Highlighted Features:

  • Reports of a damaged product

How to assemble Summer Waves 14ft Elite Frame Pool.

How To Choose The Best Above Ground Pool Liner Buying Guide

Liner Types

Three different types of above ground pool liners are available overlap, beaded, and unibead. The main difference between them is how the liner is installed on the pool edge.

Overlap liners are simply draped over the edge and then locked in place with plastic coping and the top rail. They can be a problem to line up properly and often leave you with a piece of liner hanging on the other side. However, they are the most affordable option you can get.

Beaded liners attach to the bead receiver that is placed on the top edge. This system makes the liner very easy to install and remove. Beaded liners are available in many beautiful designs and they are easier to line up than overlap models. On the other hand, they are also a more expensive option.

Unibead pool liners are the best in terms of versatility, allowing you to install them both as a modified overlap and as a beaded liner. Most come with a J-hook on top to hang them on the edge, but with a great precision than an overlap liner. However, if you already have a bead receiver, you can cut off part of the hook and then tuck the liner into the receiver.

Measuring the Size

While it may seem obvious to point out, size is the most important aspect to get right when choosing a replacement pool liner. Manufacturers usually standardize the sizes to fit the most common pool dimensions.

Materials and Quality

Liner Thickness

Surface Texture

Eye-catching Design

Warranty and Durability

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Where To Buy Above Ground Pool Liners Near Me

As a general truth, above ground pools need furnishing with liners. In other words, pool liners are fundamental, just like above ground pool filters. This necessity leads to the fact that the best above ground pool liners are available around the world.

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You can find pool liners at any pool supplies store. However, you should be highly aware of the need to choose an appropriate liner. Otherwise, your money is wasted! Import your address on Google Maps for directions to some prestigious shops nearby.

Besides traditional shopping, you can also try online shopping. You will be presented with a more significant number of products, including some latest ones. Remember to study the pool liners youre going to buy carefully because their images on the Internet may lack reality.

Is It The Right Thickness

Top 20 Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

Your pool liner will typically come in two different thickness levels. 20 gauge is whats known as standard, while 25 gauge is considered heavy duty.

Obviously, the thicker your vinyl liner is, the more durable it will be against tears and other damage. If youve got kids who play rough or just want to invest in a product that will last season after season, a thicker liner may be the best choice.

You just need to consider the cost. Thicker liners are more expensive, and the additional weight can make them more cumbersome to install on your own.

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Inground / Semi Inground Pool Liners

Our Inground / Semi Inground Pool Liner manufacturers have over 40 years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Each liner combines unique design and the latest manufacturing processes. They print the vinyl using the finest U.V. resistant inks available on the market today. The liners have quality built in top to bottom, inside and out. Our Inground / Semi Inground Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners are designed to fit your pool – its that simple! We work with our manufacturers to develop your liner and have it tailor fit to your new or existing Inground or Semi Inground Pool. Each Inground / Semi Inground pool liner ordered from our site goes through a thorough design process to ensure a perfect fit.

Inground / Semi Inground Liner Features:

  • Custom designed and manufactured
  • 100% virgin vinyl
  • Equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect the liners for a long life
  • Manufactured with UV inhibitors to protect against fading and sun damage.
  • Cold Crack Temperature Protection to -40°F
  • Made in Canada!

Add And Smooth The Sand

If you used sand previously, check whether theres still enough to support the bottom of the pool. If not , lay enough sand to create a 3-inch bed across the entire inside of the pool.

Level the sand bed using a push broom, then pack it down with a tamper. If you dont have a tamper, you may be able to rent a soil compacting tool from a local hardware store.

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Smartline Boulder 24 Round Above Ground Pool Liner

Wow! One more pool liner with an attractive design in the list: the Smartline Boulder 24 Round Above Ground Pool Liner! You will definitely glue your eyes to the navy blue rocks top then the swirling water backdrop that follows a boulder swirl pattern.

Offering durability at a tremendous value, this North American made liner is not packed by automatic machines, but hand folded, which puts an end to excessive wrinkles and permanent creasing.

You dont even need to install a bead receiver as using coping strips already can make the Smartline Boulder 24 Round Above Ground Pool Liner fold over the top of your above ground pool.

The construction is delicately built when the producers utilize three layers: an acrylic topcoat, UV resistant print layer, and the vinyl-based layer. Superlative protection against UV fading, pool chemicals, and abrasion is given by the Lamiclear technology.



  • Only works with round pools

Williams Take:

Custom Made Above Ground Liners

Above Ground Pool Liners – Buyer’s Guide

Can’t find your above ground liner size in stock on our website? If so, there is a chance you have a unique size of above ground pool – not to worry, Pool Supplies Canada has got you covered! We can custom manufacture an above ground liner for your pool to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of the shape, size or specification!

If you require a custom made above ground liner, simply fill out the form below and include the shape, size and wall height of your above ground pool and we’ll send you a quote!

Please note that available patterns for custom made liners will vary from in-stock liners listed on our website please allow 24-48 hours for your quote, and 7-14 business days for production of your custom liner after your order is placed.

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The Complete Guide To Above Ground Pool Liners

Its finally here. The day you walk outside and realize your above ground pool liner has become a mosaic of patches and quick fixes. And not in a pretty design, either. Its time to give in and get a new liner.

When you bought your above ground pool, it likely came as a packagethe frame, the liner, and maybe even the pump, ladder, and cover. You didnt have to make any decisions about those individual components. So how do you choose a replacement liner? And how do you care for it to make it last longer? Its just a matter of learning some terminology and a few maintenance tips, and youll be back to backstroking in no time.

Pool Liner Colors And Patterns

After narrowing down your choices by shape, size, depth, and attachment method, you come to the fun part choosing your pool liner color and pattern.

In the early days, above ground pool liners were only available in a solid light blue color. Pool liners now are available in darker colors and with decorative patterns. Dark pool liners have a slight solar benefit in that theyll absorb more heat. However, sun and chemical fading may be more noticeable with darker liners than with lighter colors.

Pool liners with patterns offer the advantage of hiding seams, wrinkles, and dirt better than a solid light blue liner, and they also impart a richer hue of color to the water. Printed tile border patterns add another design element, and extend the range of choices for the pool owner.

BONUS TIP: To preserve your liner color and reduce fading, always maintain proper water balance, especially pH and alkalinity levels. A chlorine level of less than 2.5 ppm is best. You can also shock your pool with Fresh N Clear chlorine-free shock, which will never bleach or stain a vinyl pool liner.

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Smartline Boulder Swirl Above Ground Pool Liners

Smartline is a specialist in swimming pool liners, and its above-ground liner is one of the best-rated liners on Amazon.

The Smartline Above Ground Pool Liner is a good-looking replacement liner for steel-sided pools. Made with heavy-duty 25-gauge vinyl, the Smartline Liner is a high-quality option that fits most pools.

The Smartline liners come in a series of patterns and colors to spice up the look of your pool , fits just about every size pool there is, and is best installed with a pool pad that protects your new liner from debris on the ground.

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