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What Is The Best Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

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Winter Pool Cover Tip #: Beware The Wind

10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers For Winter 2019

Wind is possibly an above ground pool covers worst enemy. Above ground covers can be trashed if winds gets under the edges and begins to whip and flap the cover.

Secure the winter cover cable tightly with the wench . However, thats not enough to stop strong wind. Some folks weigh down the cable, with milk jugs or use our Wall Bags, which is fine for moderate winds.

The best options to keep out heavy winds are either Cover Seal or Cover Clips, both made for this purpose, with the added benefit of keeping your cover taut and smooth all winter. And theres one more the Spider Winter Cover Saver, five long bungee cords connected to a center hub that keeps your cover in place.

The 3 Cover Types For Above Ground Pools

Wanting to know about above ground pool covers? Well, there are three basic different types to choose from. Most of them are fairly inexpensive so if you have more money than time and dont want to read about them, then get all three. If not, read on. Ill tell you about all three so you can make an informed choice. Ive got you covered

Handy Care And Maintenance Tips

Pool covers, just like any other product, is susceptible to wear and tear. However, this process could be sped up by not giving your pool cover some tender loving care. Simple regular maintenance practices like those we have listed below will keep your cover in good shape for a long time to come.

  • When spreading out your cover over the pool, maintain the required tension to prevent it from ripping apart. Tightly secure the cover towards the edges while allowing them to be just a little loose towards the center.
  • In areas that experience heavy snowfall, it is good to remove accumulated snow from your cover from time to time before it builds up and become too heavy for your cover to bear its weight.
  • A pool cover in areas without much snow could benefit from a simple blowing off of debris and other forms of dirt.
  • After every winter season, it is time to store away your cover. Dont forget to clean it up and store it properly. Invest in a roller on which you can roll your cover around to prevent it from folding, creasing, or breaking.
  • Block off any gaps between the wall of your above ground pool and the overlap of your cover if adjusting the straps of the overlap doesnt help much.

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What Is The Best Winter Cover For Above Ground Pool

The best winter cover will have tough vinyl or polyethylene material and UV protection for your above ground pool. It should also offer drain holes to help prevent water and ice from accumulating on top of the cover. The cover should be easy to use but also heavy enough that strong winds wont blow it away. Heat sealed seams and high-density stitching should provide it with strength and durability.

Pool Mate Pm Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Cover

Swimline 8


  • Fits 24-feet round pools with a 4-foot overlay
  • Specially designed to inhibit the growth of algae
  • Made with heavy-duty, polyethylene material
  • All seams are heat-sealed and UV-resistant for better performance

This 24-foot pool cover from Pool-Mate has a lot in common with most of the other round pool covers. It too has a four-foot overlap, making its total circumference 28 feet, and its specially designed to inhibit the growth of algae.

Durability is always a prime concern where pool covers are concerned. Pool-Mate heat sealed this pool cover to improve its performance, making it last longer and improving its resilience to weather. Grommets are placed every four feet, and a cable and winch are included. To top it all off, Pool-Mate backs their pool cover with a 12-year warranty.

Theres a good chance its not going to survive its warranty, especially if you live in a place with high seasons. Still, this is a good pool cover and well worth the money.


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Loop Loc 2040 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover

This is another top performance safety pool cover that you can get for yourself right now. It is a model that always gets the UL certification year after year. This goes to show that the model is truly good at what it can deliver. The model is also highly durable thanks to the materials used. It comes with a 15-year warranty just to show that it can deliver on the right performance always.

The design and color make the model to easily blend into the environment. You should not have any problem when it comes to the overall set up of the model. Well, you should have a great time when it comes to decorating your outdoors with such a model.

When it comes to setting it up, you will not worry about it so much. Yes, it might involve some drilling and hammering, but it is a simple process. The best part is that it comes with extremely high strength and non-corrosive 302 grade stainless steel springs that make it great in terms of performance. You should be good when it comes to using it.

Our Rating:

Winter Pool Cover Tip #: Leaf It Alone

Leaves on the pool cover can get real messy, real fast. Trying to remove leaves and sticks with a skimmer net or pool brush is not very effective. Instead use a Pool Leaf Rake to scoop it off much more effective, but not easy, definitely not fun, and sharp sticks could damage a pool cover.

If your pool has large trees within 50 ft. take a look at our Leaf Nets for above ground pools. Place this over your pool cover when closing, and remove after all leaves have fallen. Two people can remove every leaf in seconds, and easily carry it away. Thats Fun! Super durable carbonized mesh can also be used spring and fall, to keep an open pool clean.

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Are Winter Pool Covers And Safety Pool Covers The Same Thing

Winter pool covers and safety pool covers are not necessarily the same thing. However, some pool covers can act as both winter pool covers as well as a safety pool covers.

Most safety pool covers will work well as winter pool covers. However, many winter pool covers will not do much in terms of safety. You need to look at each individual cover to determine if it will work as both or not.

Installing An Above Ground Pool Cover

5 Best Above Ground Pool Cover Which Is Most Accurate

Each comes with instructions, but generally, it all covers the same septs of how to install above ground pool covers.

  • Prepare pool for winterizing including lowering the water level, adding chemicals, and cleaning. If you will be using a pillow, put it in the center of the pool.
  • Spread the cover over the pool. For winter covers this may require two people, as they are heftier. Make sure there is at least 1.5 to 2-foot overlap on all sides while still allowing the cover to dip down inside the pool.
  • Add the leaf net over the winter cover if you will be using one. This net will be removed when the trees in the area have no more leaves.
  • Thread the cable through the grommets around the edge of the cover and insert it into the winch. Pull tight to secure it.
  • Protect your cover from wind damage by tucking in any extra material. Covers suffer most due to wind, and extra precaution needs to be taken in high wind areas. You can invest in above ground pool wall bags, winter cover seals, pool cover clips, and more for added protection.
  • Did you get inspired by some of our pool covers and are considering a new above ground pool? Take a look at our selection and buying guide on the top above ground pools on the market.

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    Do I Have To Cover My Above Ground Pool For The Winter

    No, but most homeowners are happier using a winter cover to protect the pool from the elements. A cover keeps leaves and other debris out of the pool while protecting it from wind, ice and snow. Winter above ground pool covers reduce algae growth and the stains that develop from stagnant, dirty water. They also can block sunlight to help conserve your winter chemicals in the water.

    Best Above Ground Pool Covers In 2021

    Many above ground pools come with their covers, but you will find a few that do not. Pool covers are essential as they will keep the pool protected from the sun, dust, and debris. Unless you want to clean the pool every day, a pool cover is essential for your pool.

    Since pools are of different types and sizes, the covers will also vary in size. So, it is essential to know what size will be ideal when looking for the perfect cover for your pool. We would like to make work easier for you by providing the best above ground pool covers you will find in the market. Read the entire article to have a glimpse of the best option for you.

    Are you in a hurry?

    Above ground pools have grown in popularity as they are cheaper and cover a smaller area. However, like inground pools, they can collect dust and leaves and provide a breeding site for mosquitoes and other bugs. To prevent these and many other issues, you need an above ground pool cover. They come in different sizes and shape for different pool types. They also create a barrier between the pool and the environment, prolonging its life as a result. We have reviewed a few brands for you that work great.

    Best Overall

    Smart Pick

    Budget Pick

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    Do I Have To Use A Winter Pool Cover

    When the off-season comes and you wont be using your pool anymore for a while, it is important to use a winter pool cover. Of course, it isnt an absolute requirement.

    Just keep in mind that it will save you a lot of time, trouble, and possibly even money in terms of what it takes to get your pool back into swimming shape when spring rolls around.

    Buying Guide For Above Ground Pool Covers

    The Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Cover

    Always cover your ground pool to keep your compound safe. Failure to cover your above ground pool can lead to hazards and diseases. The stagnant water will provide a breeding place for mosquitoes and other pathogens. Your kids and pets can also fall into an open ground pool and drown. Above ground pool covers are thus necessary to avoid such hazards. The ideal above ground pool cover should have the features highlighted in this buying guide.

    Right Size: The ideal above-ground pool cover should be of the right size to efficiently cover your pool. A smaller cover will expose pool water, allowing the entry of bugs. A cover too big will leave your pool looking unattractive.

    Robust Material: A pool cover with a robust material will provide a safe cover for your pool. It will withstand heavy objects, such as twigs and pets, preventing them from falling into your pool. The material will also stand harsh weather conditions, rough and prolonged use, and will therefore serve you longer.

    Installation Procedure: The best above water pool cover will be easy to install. It should not require you to hire an expert or spend hours reading the installation guide. Before buying a pool cover, ensure that you get one that you will comfortably install with little to no trouble.

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    Q: How To Cover An Above Ground Pool For Winter

    A: When placing a cover over your above ground pool for the winter you will need a winch and a cable. The cable is covered with nylon. You will need to thread the steel cable through both endsfirst through the covers grommet then through the winchtightly pull the cable by using the hand crank.

    If ice accumulation is ½ inch or more during winter place some form of padding between the water and cover. Any type of floating device will worksuch as an inflatable pillow, a beach ball, or other items made from foam. Doing this will prevent any damage to your pool liner the ice might cause. Do not use these items to tent up the pool cover. Doing so can expose it to being damaged by the wind, which could void the warranty.

    What Is The Warranty

    Many pool covers are designed to last for a few years. The companies that make these covers will offer warranties that guarantee a cover will last for that period. You might find some basic covers that offer five to ten years of protection and therefore warranties of the same length.

    But some models can also come with warranties of twenty years or greater. These covers would feature thicker builds.

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    Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Tips

    Winter Pool Covers take a beating every winter as they protect above ground pools from the nastiest of elements: rain, ice, snow and especially wind can take a toll on your pool if not winterized and covered correctly.

    Aboveground winter covers in particular can cause lots of problems if not properly installed. Haphazardly placed covers are a sure-fire way to shorten the lifespan of the cover and possibly your pool.

    To protect your cover and your pool5 aboveground pool winter cover tips.

    Why You Need An Above Ground Pool Cover

    Winter Covers For Your Above Ground Pool

    Obviously, knowing the benefits a product will offer you provides the motivation you need to make the purchase. Pool covers provide lots of benefits, including reduced management costs and improved swimming experience. The following are some of the primary advantages of pool covers.

    To Keep Your Pool Clean Apart from the obvious reasons, the risk of getting an infection is one big reason why you must keep your swimming pool clean. Primarily, pool covers are used to ensure the pool stays clean, as covering your pool regularly will prevent debris from getting into it. For example, pools that are close to trees will especially benefit from covers as they prevent leaves from getting into them.

    No matter how much the cover costs, it will provide long-term benefits. You dont have to spend much money and time to clean your pool. In fact, your swimming pool filter will benefit from a cover as well.

    Reduce Evaporation Swimming pool covers are usually produced using non-toxic materials like PVC and polyethylene. If your swimming pool is covered properly, they can help cut down evaporation up to 95 percent. In the long run, a pool cover saves you money and time.

    Cut Down Heating Bills With the idea cover, you can avoid splashing out on a pool heater and reduce the heating bills of your pool. Pool covers can help trap heat in your pool, thereby heating the water therein. Besides, since it reduces evaporation as well, heat is conserved further in your pool.

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    Intex 18x9ft Rectangular Above Ground Pool Solar Cover

    Finding a cover to fit your 18x9ft rectangular pool? This Intex 18x9ft Rectangular Above Ground Pool Solar Cover is absolutely the perfect choice. It is made to fit inside the 18x9ft pool perfectly.

    This cover is made with air bubbles, which helps absorb the suns heat and transfer it into your pool water. This will help you save lots of heating costs. Moreover, this Intex 18x9ft Rectangular cover can prevent up to 95% of your pool water from evaporating.

    Like other pool covers, this one also blocks debris, leaves, dirt out of your pool. However, it may not help with minimizing the number of algae in your pool.



    • Not for retarding algae growth

    Williams Take:

    Meyco 2040 Ft Rectangle Safety Pool Cover

    This is truly a model that can last for long thanks to its super strong construction. The manufacturer uses two ply meycolite mesh when it comes to making the cover. This type of cover is strong that it comes with a strength of more than 4000 pounds. You will always have a great time when it comes to the overall construction.

    The model is also good in terms of resisting rot. Other than rot, the model is also resistant to mildew, sunlight, and chlorine damage. Since you might use chlorine for cleaning the water, it is good that you have a cover that actually resists it.

    The cover will be held in place by using the time tested spring loaded brass pop-up anchoring system. You can be sure that the system will hold the cover in place at all times. Setting it up is seen as easy, so you should have a problem with it.

    The mesh cover allows for the water to seep through while at the same time screening out the debris and leaves.

    Our Rating:

    • Expensive

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    Best Above Ground Pool Winter Covers 2021

    Winter breaks are also certainly swimming breaks. During the months of winter when a swimming pool is not in use, it is recommended that it is covered to prevent dirt, debris, and silt, from collecting on the inside. Not covering your pool during winter leaves you with a lot of cleaning work just before spring. Not just that, your pool will be subjected to undue damage or contamination by the harsh winter weather elements. Pool covers are not merely protectors they come with a host of other benefits including energy savings, water conservation, time savings, and reduces a pools chemical use significantly.

    Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Round Pool Cover 4.4
    Pool-Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Pool Cover Swimming Pools 4.5
    Blue Wave Gold Above Ground Pool Winter Cover 4.5
    Blue Wave Gold 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover 4.9
    Blue Wave Silver 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover 4.3
    Blue Wave 24-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above Ground Pool Cover 4.7
    In The Swim 24 ft Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover 4.1

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