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What Is The Biggest Above Ground Pool You Can Get

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Expandable Liners For Added Depth

Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

The term expandable liner can be misleading. Vinyl pool liners are, by design, already expandable. The only difference between an expandable liner and a standard liner is that the expandable liner has about 12 more side vinyl material. The extra side material allows an additional foot of depth in the pools center.

In other words, if the pool side depth is 4 feet, the added material can extend the middle depth to 6 feet.

Keep in mind: Pool size and shape matter. Smaller pools are not able to accommodate as deep of water as larger pools, due to the fact that the deep end slope has to be gradual. Also, most above ground pool liners are design for a flat depth. Adding a deep end to the center of the pool can sometimes lead to liner wrinkles if not installed properly.

It is important to discuss depth options with your local pool professional to ensure liner and pool installation are handled with care.

Have a swimming pool or hot tub related question? Contact Zagers Pool & Spa by email or phone at 616.896.1717 today!

The 6 Steps To Buying An Above Ground Pool

Buying an above ground pool is a big deal. Not big like purchasing your first car or your first home big, but it is certainly big in what it provides for your family. For most families, a swimming pool is more than just a luxury expense. Pools are a source of fun and memories and it becomes the perfect backdrop for family parties. Most retailers are more focused on the business end rather than making sure the customer is proud of their purchase. If there is one thing that INYO Pools hopes you never experience, it is buyers remorse.

To help avoid you making a purchase that may not be in your best interest, or one that you simply regret, we want to teach you the six steps to buying an above ground pool. I bet you are saying to yourself, Six stepsReally? And we would respond, Absolutely!

If your family is ready to purchase an above ground pool, we highly recommend reviewing the 6 steps. Going over them with your family can be fun and entertaining. Lets get started.

In The Swims Excursion 54

The Excursion Above Ground Swimming Pool with a 54-inch wall is great for families looking to turn their backyards into an outdoor oasis with a larger pool. It gives you the option to have the perfect pool area without the cost of a pricey inground pool and it gets you about 48 to 52 inches deep of pool water to swim on.

You have the option to get a round Excursion pool with a diameter of 24 feet or 28 feet, or an oval-shaped Excursion pool with sizes of 15 ft. by 30 ft. or 18 ft. by 33 ft.

The design of this pool gives you the flexibility to install a pool deck on its side as a wrap-around or you can partially bury this pool in the ground to fit into your current landscape design.

The pool has all-aluminum components so theres no question that this swimming pool will last for years. Its also great that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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What Is The Biggest Intex Pool

The biggest among all Intex pool sets is the rectangular Ultra XTR Frame Pool set that has a water capacity of 14,364 gallons. It has a depth of 52 inches and measures 32 feet on its long sides and 16 feet on its shorter sides.

The pool set comes with the Krystal Clear Filter Pump, removable ladder, pool liner, debris cover, and ground cloth.

Tip #: Level The Ground Before Setting Up The Pool

Aqua World Above Ground 30ft x 15ft Oval Swimming Pool ...

When an inflatable pool is placed on ground that isnt level, it can put more pressure on certain areas than others. Inflatable pools are designed to be placed on level ground.

While you may not need a protective mat under the pool if you are placing it on a grassy area, its still a good idea no matter what surface the pool will be on.

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Intex 26711eh 12ft X 30 Swimming Pool

The Intex 26711EH 12ft X 30 has smaller dimensions than most of the pools we reviewed, so it wont be optimal for large families, but it does make for a perfectly sized personal pool.

Thanks to a reasonable price tag, it will also be an enticing option for buyers who are looking to save some money. Despite keeping things simple, the Intex 26711EH has value where it counts. The stainless steel frame means a pool that will last many seasons. Its also very easy to set up and even includes an instructional DVD to further simplify the process.

Keep in mind that this is a bare-bones package that includes only the assembly materials. Youll have to purchase vital accessories like pumps, ladders, etc. Separately.

The low sticker price makes this more palatable, but some may still find it to be a drag. Otherwise, its a good option for budget buyers.

We Make Pool Ownership Easy

So, if you’re looking for a quality full-size swimming pool, we’ve got you covered! Pool ownership is easier than you can imagine. will guide you through all the steps from selection and installation to long-term maintenance. Our experienced customer service staff members are available to answer any questions you have. We answer every call personally. We are swimming pool specialists and not a sales-only outlet, a crucial consideration on such a major purchase. In short, we take customer satisfaction seriously!

In addition to the pool itself, you can choose several kits that include everything you need to get swimming fast, like a pump and filter, ladder, chemicals, and pool cleaners. We also have lots of information on our website and numerous instructional videos. has been delivering family fun since 1990. We look forward to helping you enjoy many years of outdoor fun with your family!

  • As featured in

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Intex Easy Set Pool Set

  • Company: Intex
  • Price: $
  • Size: 15 diameter x 48 deep

If youre looking for just a simple pool, one thats easy to set up, and one that youll be able to enjoy for a few years in a small yard this one is a great option!

This pool is made of tough 30-gauge 3-ply material , so its reinforced and durable.

This pool requires no tools to set up its called an Easy Set for good reason! It does come with an instructional DVD . Just lay the pool out on a leveled ground , inflate the ring, and begin filling up the pool. The pump can be assembled during the fill up process.

Dont expect this pool to last for several years based on reviews, if you get 3 seasons out of it, you can be happy. HOWEVER, for those 3 seasons, we think youll really enjoy this pool! You can also check out How To Patch An Inflatable Pool for some life-extending tips!

Aboveground Swimming Pools: A Buyers Guide

Top 5 Things you need for your above ground swimming pool-Must have items to get the most value

The arena of aboveground pools has many options and may be a bit overwhelming. All things said and done, there are only three categories to align with your desired use of an aboveground pool.

Ill quickly take you through these considerations and get you many steps closer to a beautiful addition to your backyard: a pool that perfectly fits your familys lifestyle and budget.

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Ipool Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool

Anyone looking for an exercise pool can get a lot of benefit from this compact pool. Its small in size because there is a Velcro harness attached to the top that will hold you in place and help you experience the water resistance of lap swimming without needing a full sized pool. The water pool heater included in this set makes it comfortable enough to use all year around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Velcro harness is large enough to hold people of many different sizes securely
  • This deluxe set comes with a water pool heater, filter pump, cover, pool ladder, ground mat, and patch repair kit
  • Compact footprint
  • Pool size: 10 x 6.5 x 3.1 The water capacity of this pool is around 1,500 gallons.

What Customers Have to Say:

  • Positive reviewers focused on how the compact size of the pool made it easy to place anywhere indoors and outdoors. Another common praise was for the awesome customer service by Fitmax. Negative reviewers mentioned that the heater gave some trouble with electrical hookups and heater failure.

The Pros:

  • Compact size is easy to place in your yard or house
  • Pool set comes with everything you need to set up and use the pool
  • Pool heater allows for use all year
  • The harness is strong enough to hold a steady level of resistance
  • Perfect for athletes recovering from injury, those who want to practice swimming, or anyone else who loves to swim laps for exercise

The Cons:

Currently unavailable.

Guideline On Building An Above

  • First, youll need to measure the size of the pool, just in case you forget. Keep in mind that you should get the accurate size of the diameter or length x height . The measurement of the width is also needed.
  • Second, using this data record of the pool size, determine the size of the deck you want to build. Remember, the deck shouldnt be attached to the perimeter of the pool. Make a gap around 1-2 inches between the edge of the pool and the deck.
  • Third, go to the nearest local building department and consult with the expert, visualize your plan, and after all sets, you will buy the needed materials.
  • Fourth, lay your deck plan using some stakes planted to the ground, and then connect them using a string.
  • In choosing the material, remember to choose an anti-slip material for the surface. You dont want your kids to slip and fall. A rubber-based or wood material would be perfect, but if you prefer an aluminum or a tile, make sure you choose the one that has a textured surface.
  • Remember, there is a building code in each area. The building code in one state may be different than in other states due to the ground and environment condition. Always ask your local expert regarding the building code in your area. This will keep your building safe and durable.

For the more comprehensive step-by-step guide in building an above-ground pool with deck, read this article by WikiHow: Building A Deck

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The Best Above Ground Pool Ladders & Steps

January 1, 2021 By Denise Martin

Above ground swimming pools are definitely a popular choice among people who want to have some fun in the sun without all the hassle, investment, and commitment of an in-ground pool.

However above-ground pools need to have a safe entry system, aka a way to properly enter and exit the swimming pool on a regular basis.

This is where above ground pool ladders or pool steps come in. There is a wide range of above ground pool ladders and swimming pool steps that can help you accomplish this.

From the most basic to the most extravagant, here are our teams reviews of 7 of the best above ground pool ladders and swimming pool steps.

  • Enjoy Your New Above Ground Pool Steps or Ladder
  • Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

    Large Round Above Ground Pool

    If you want a larger pool with the right shape for lap swimming, the Intex rectangular ultra frame might be the best above ground pool set for you. I recommend getting the deluxe pool set instead of the regular set, because it comes with a maintenance kit and volleyball set along with the other accessories.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Deluxe pool set includes maintenance kit, volleyball set, pool ladder, pump filter, ground cloth, maintenance DVD, and pool debris cover along with the pool itself
    • Sturdy design can withstand all sorts of play and exercise without any problems. This pool can last for years
    • This pool is compatible with a saltwater system if you choose to buy on to install
    • Pool size: 24 x 12 x 52 This pool has a water capacity of around 8,500 gallons.

    What Customers Have to Say:

    • Positive reviews focused on the ease of using the sand filter and how well it worked for cleaning out the pool. Most negative reviewers mentioned that the support U-frames needed to be on a solid surface such as wood, rocks, or concrete, but this fact is not noted in the setup instructions.

    The Pros:

    The Cons:

    • Included ladder is a little shaky
    • This is the older model of the pool and it may be discontinued by the manufacturer, making parts hard to come by if you need to replace anything

    There is a newer model of this item:

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    Whats The Deepest Above Ground Pool Option

    There are some variations of partially in-ground pools or the option of above-ground pools with a deep end liner. However, when it comes to a standard above ground pool options, the deepest you can find is 54 inches or six feet of wall height.

    The water line of most pools sits about 6 inches beneath the top of the wall when you account for some water loss from splashing. If you need a pool with water deeper than just under six feet, then you need either a deep-end liner or an in-ground pool.

    Above Ground Pool Sizes

    The first thing to consider when youre looking to install an above ground pool is the size. This includes both the shape of the pool and the dimensions.

    Most above ground pools are offered in two different shapes – round and oval. Smaller, more conservative pools are 12 to 18 feet in diameter while larger pools can go up to 33 feet round or 21×41 feet in the oval shape.

    Important Fact: Pool measurements are based on the water dimensions of the pool, so its imperative that you allow for extra space.

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    Hopefully The Information Provided Throughout This Above Ground Pool Buying Guide Has Helped You Understand More About The Options Available To You And Answered Your Questions We Have Compiled A Few Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Below Just In Case

    A 24 pool is the most popular size we sell at our store see the photo for reference. You can easily fit multiple families or host birthday parties with floats and toys spread out without feeling too cramped. It is in the mid-range of the pricing spectrum, so you get plenty of room without breaking the bank.

    If properly maintained, an above ground pool can easily last 15-20 years. With Oklahoma storm season, there is always the threat of severe weather for hail or strong winds, we can generally provide replacement parts or help re-establish your wall or liner if they sustain storm damage with the exception of a tornado completely relocating your pool, most storm damage can be resolved without replacing the entire pool.

    Yes, we offer free site checks to help you find the best location for your new pool, as well as measuring your space so you know what size pools will fit in your yard. A site check will also help you understand any excavation that may be necessary if you have a heavily sloped yard.

    If you maintain your pool water, perform weekly water testing/balancing, and perform the suggested weekly cleaning routines, you can expect to pay between $250 – $500 for chemicals and maintenance each season . This range assumes no major water issues, like a large algae bloom.

    Above Ground Pools: Types Prices Dimensions

    The BEST Way To Clean An INTEX or EasySet Above Ground POOL | Swim University

    Cost and Pricing | Swimming Pool Design

    Need to get an affordable swimming pool ASAP? We already covered how you can get an inground pool fast and cheap, but what if you want a less permanent option, like an above ground pool?

    As fiberglass pool manufacturers, we focus primarily on inground pools, but we know that many people are working with smaller budgets. We also know that some savvy shoppers like to try things out first before they make any bigger commitments.

    In this article, well break down above ground pool sizes, types, and costs to help you choose the best above ground pool design for your family.

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    In The Swims Tuscany 54

    The InTheSwim Tuscany Above Ground Pool with a 54-inch wall can be the center of outdoor fun for your whole family during the summer season. With its all-weather resin frame and posts, you dont have to worry about rust or dent. The resin pool itself is highly durable and can fit into any landscape.

    You can get an oval-shaped or round Tuscany pool to set the pace for summer. The oval-shaped pool comes in the following sizes: 12 ft. by 24 ft., 15 ft. by 30 ft., and 18 ft. by 33 ft. Meanwhile, the round Tuscany pools range from 15 feet in diameter to 27 feet in diameter. The Tuscany oval pools are designed with the Yardmore Buttress System to save space in your backyard.

    The pool set includes a wide-mouth skimmer box, return fitting, stainless steel hardware, and coping strips. Please note that the pool filter system and pool liner are sold separately, and are required for proper pool installation.

    The pool comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

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