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What Is The Biggest Fiberglass Pool

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Perfect Pool For A Automated Pool Cover

Biggest and Smallest Sizes for Fiberglass Swimming Pools

If youre looking to boost the value of your dream backyard, we recommend utilizing an automated pool cover. The Great Lakes is the perfect shape for this type of upgrade. Automated Pool Covers can help prevent the buildup of leaves and dirt inside of your fiberglass swimming pool. By purchasing this upgrade you can be sure to always have a clean pool to enjoy. That way youll spend less time cleaning and more time soaking up the beautiful suns rays in your Great Lakes fiberglass swimming pool.

Large Fiberglass Pools Faq: Cost Designs Pros And Cons

Fiberglass Pool Information | Cost and Pricing | Pool Design Guides

If youre shopping for an inground pool and if “go big or go home” is your motto, you probably want the largest swimming pool that you can afford.

At River Pools, we exclusively manufacture and install fiberglass swimming pools, so we know all about your pool size options and how they affect the price, installation, and long-term maintenance of your inground pool.

In this article, well share what we know about large fiberglass swimming pools, including sizes, designs, cost, installation, and more to help you decide if a large fiberglass pool is the right choice for your home.

What Are Your Criteria For The Best Pool Ever

Use the filtering tool to control which pools you see first in the grid below. Just tell us what youre looking for in terms of shape, size, and special features. Our best suggestions will magically appear.

Built-in safety features make this pool a winner.

This big pool has something for everyone.

Count on giant-sized fun for all ages with a Goliath fiberglass pool.

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Concrete Inground Swimming Pools

The concrete swimming pool is the longest lasting and most resilient pool you can buy. Its also arguably the most attractive option too.

Available in almost every shape, when building a concrete pool, you can choose to line it with tiles, plaster, stone or pebble. You can also customise steps, pool surround and colour to suit your tastes. You can decide to include extras like a tanning ledge or a water feature so styling a concrete pool is almost limitless.

For most Town & Country customers, longevity is a priority and with good maintenance, a concrete pool can last up to 70 years! . A concrete pool is literally built to last a lifetime, which means you get a return on your investment overall.

For a truly gorgeous finish, most people dont want plaster as the interior surface for their concrete pool because it has been known to scrape a few shins and toes along the way. For a completely smooth surface and show stopping finish, tiles are the way forward, but they are the most expensive way to line a concrete pool.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost

The Best New Fiberglass Pool Models for 2020

Fiberglass pools cost $47,000 on average, with most homeowners spending between $24,333 to $70,000. When you choose a fiberglass pool for your outdoor oasis, youll spend less money on maintenance, save on energy bills, and enjoy the pool for years to come.

The total cost to install a fiberglass swimming pool will vary depending on many factors, including the pools size and installation site. Owning a pool and keeping it in working condition will also accrue expenses over time.

Want extra amenities like a diving board or pool lighting? Weve got those costs covered, too. Check out our pricing guide below to better estimate how much installing a fiberglass pool will cost you.

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Large Linear Fiberglass Pools

Rectangular or linear pools are trendy among homeowners and can be just as versatile as freeform pools. Large rectangular fiberglass pools have the advantage of having a simple, minimalistic design, but they can also include a wide range of built-in features.

We have several large rectangular fiberglass pool models to offer as examples of what you can expect:

Multiple Points Of Entry And Exits

Having multiple entries and exit points has several advantages. More design freedom with the pool and patio layout is one big advantage. If you can only access the pool at one corner, then that naturally limits the position that the pool can be in. Multiple entries and exits are also ideal for those who may tire quickly while swimming.


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About Local Pools & Spas Sydney

Our large pools are factory-made using our latest know-how and modern technologies that make them tough, durable and beautiful, too. Select one of the beautiful Bi-luminite colours and let your large pool shine in the backyard while adding value to your property. Local Pools and Spas installs fibreglass large pools that enable you to combine hours of exercise with tons of family fun. Browse our contemporary large pool range built to reflect the latest design requirements.

Sport Pool Aloha 15 X 34

What is the Largest Fiberglass Pool? – Pool Talk with Trish

Another choice for people looking for rectangular pools, this Aloha option is great for sports buffs. Most buyers of this pool think that the pool looks well-constructed with its stone pathways. Because of this impression, they dont worry about breaking anything underneath them when installing temporary structures for their special activities.

The insides of the pool are heavily supported with strong gel coating which means you will have less maintenance and expense for repairs. Big stone blocks line the pathways, so it is unlikely that you will have algae buildup there. That translates to less time cleaning.

This is touted to be a sport pool. If the pool is primarily for sports events and practices, this must be your best choice.

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The Features Of The Great Lakes

In conclusion, the Great Lakes is a very modern fiberglass pool shape. We designed its rectangular layout to include a 36 2 length& 6 5 deep end. Upon entering the pool youll enjoy its corner set of entry steps and adjacent tanning ledge. This is a modern swimming pool that requires a large sized backyard to hold its long length. We recommend this pool for active swimmers that want to combine the enjoyment of outdoor relaxation with recreation swimming. This is certainly a pool to impress your family and friends!

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Create A Style All Your Own With A Stunning Fiberglass Pool

Whether youre transforming your backyard into a place to entertain family and friends, creating a tranquil private getaway, or establishing an exercise routine that your friends will envy, Thursday Pools has a variety of fiberglass pool designs to meet your needs. We crafted our pools to fit the way our customers use them most, so youre sure to find a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to help you create a style that is uniquely yours.

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Depth Fiberglass Swimming Pools

These pools will add to your familys fun and enjoyment while providing your home with captivating beauty.

All pool kits include: Standard White Gel-Coat Finish, Two Returns, Two Main Drains, Supply Line for Automatic Cleaner, Sand Filter w/ sand, 1hp Pump, Equipment Pad, Stainless Steel Handrail, 3 Step Ladder, Maintenance Kit and Schedule 40 PVC Plumbing Kit.

Atlantic Fiberglass Pool

Size: 16 x 37 Depth: 35 8 Gallons: 17,500 Square Feet: 540

Atlantic Overview

Get ready to start planning those summer pool parties when you choose our Atlantic Fiberglass Pool. With 4 seating areas you will have enough room to lounge with your loved ones in comfort and style! This spacious swimming pool gives swimmers ample room for showing off those swim skills or playing pool games. Designed with fun in mind, the Atlantic gives you the option of adding a slide for extra summer enjoyment!

Features Include:
  • Spacious swim area
  • Option of add on slide

The Atlantic is 16 x 37 of summer delight and measures in at 540 square feet, making it great for creating your backyard utopia! Perfect for both adults and kids, the Atlantic Fiberglass Pool is designed with a 3 5 shallow end and an 8 deep end to ensure enjoyment for all while holding 17,500 gallons of water for ample splashing!

Caribbean Fiberglass Pool

Size: 16 x 38 Depth: 37 8 w/ 2loungers & table Gallons: 18,600 Square Feet: 555

Caribbean Overview
Features Include:
  • 8 foot depth
  • Wide entry steps
Kingsland Fiberglass Pool

Leading Edge Bay Shore

Caribbean Large Fiberglass Inground Viking Swimming Pool

This pool comes in enthralling colors of blue and gray and has a slide at one of its end. It also sports curved sides that make it non-monotonous, unlike most pools. This pool is definitely the one we are recommending for swimming enthusiasts who like spending private times with family.

What about company get-togethers celebrating a co-workers promotion? That same quiet personal touch of this pool easily makes it a perfect venue for these kinds of meetings.

We say that the pool is a bit small compared to many, so we can sense that it is really designed for accommodating small groups of people. Put some lights here and there to provide illumination for drinking buddies and children playing chess.

If you love intimate conversations during swimming time, this pool can provide the perfect background for you. Plus, with a small pool, you can easily see what your children are doing while you yourself are having fun.

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Smallest Fiberglass Pool Models

When it comes to smaller pools, like plunge pools, cocktail pools or spools, there is a good chance you can pretty much find whatever youre looking for, as there are many to choose from with just about any manufacturer.

For example, most manufacturers produce shell sizes that are in the 10×20 range. So, whether its a kidney, rectangle, roman, or free-form shapethere are plenty of small sizes in the industry.

When it comes to pool sizes though, keep in mind that size doesnt always dictate play area. For example, diving pools may be big, but this doesnt mean they make for great play pools, as there is only about 13 of play area, and the rest is either hard slope or diving well area.

Also, features like steps, benches, and seatsalthough great for relaxing limit the amount of play area within the pool.

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Questions about fiberglass pool sizes? Need a recommendation? Dont hesitate to leave your thoughts below. Before you go, be sure to download your free ebook, and feel free to check out our catalog of models or try out our pool pricing calculator today!

There Are Three Different Options Of The Grace Beach Entry Pool And They Are As Follows:

  • 14 x 36 x 58
  • 16 x 36 x 58
  • 16 x 40 x 510

Beach Entry Pools are exclusive to Thursday Pools and have given a new meaning to the word luxurious.

The seamless transition from the surrounding patio to the pool itself makes it feel like you have a beach right in your backyard. The patio leads to the pool structure and right into the water instead of having a hard drop-off to the steps like all other pools have.

Each size has the same design: the beach entrance, steps that lead to the shallow end of the pool that graduates to the deep end, and steps at the remaining corners of the pool. When completed, the finished product looks like one of the most luxurious pools with the combination of design and sparkling water!

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The Dimensions Of The Astoria Pool Are As Follows:

  • Width: 1510
  • Depth: 36 graduated to 7
  • Spa Depth: 3

One of the features that makes the Astoria pool unique is the built-in spa. With this feature, you get the best of both worlds with the expansive area for more intensive swimming and the spa for a little rest and relaxation.

With a mini tanning ledge next to the spa and the rest of the pool graduating to 7 feet deep, there are plenty of different areas for everyone to enjoy.

Now, I understand that this is just a pool, but this is some neat stuff that Latham Pools has included in this shape!

Some can be a boring rectangle with steps at the entrance and benches on each side, but the Astoria has so many details that its one of the best rectangular pools on the market today.

Fiberglass Pool Review Five Of The Best In The Market

Longest fiberglass pool with large spa in Utah

When buying online, do give a visit. With their wide-ranging selections, you will be able to have a better idea of the available options people have in the pool market. Better yet if you take the effort of consulting with them. They are nice people to talk with and are very honest to deal with. Here are our reviews of the best fiberglass pools.

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We Are Lonestar Fiberglass Pools

Lonestar Fiberglass Pools is the largest in-ground fiberglass pool manufacturer in Texas. Our spectacular in-ground fiberglass pool manufacturing and sales center is deep in the heart of Texas. Located in New Braunfels, Texas, Lonestar Fiberglass Pools serve clientsAll over the United States.We are a member of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance and stand behind our products, offering Lifetime Structural Warranty** on every fiberglass pool that we manufacture.

We are the #1 trusted fiberglass pool manufacturer for countless dealers and more than 10,000 home owners across the nation. Our unique and luxury fiberglass pool designs will transform your backyard and UPGRADE YOUR FUN! Your backyard dream is our design. Lonestar Fiberglass Pools will design and complete your backyard oasis. By adding an outdoor kitchen for mom and dad, a pool waterfall for the kids or a fire pit for the family your backyard dreams will come true.

Our rapid expansion has positioned us as the #1 fiberglass pool manufacturing facility in Texas. We offer 25 different pool and spa models along with 7 different color options.

Our mission at Lonestar Fiberglass Pools is to provide you with the highest quality pool, products, and services by employing the most up to date technology, yet keeping our prices affordable for all homeowners.

The Great Lakes A Rectangle Pool Shape With Corner Entry Steps

The Great Lakes is an elegant fiberglass swimming pool designed to be both modern and cutting edge. Tucked away in its rectangular frame are some fantastic features youre sure to love! For starters, the Great Lakes includes a beautiful set of corner entry steps and shallow end bench seating.

These corner steps are a modern design feature that San Juan Pools added for a unique layout. Rather than enter from the end of the pool, we decided to place our entry steps adjacent to a wide tanning ledge. This is a great location to add a handrail, umbrella or water feature. However you decide to utilize this shallow end space, youre free to create a look that is both elegant and entirely your own!

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What Are The Large Fiberglass Pool Sizes

While there are some size limits to think about when it comes to fiberglass pools , fiberglass pools can actually be quite large. For the sake of simplicity, lets say that a large fiberglass swimming pool is anything bigger than 15×35 feet .

Because we do have to haul the swimming pool to your home, fiberglass pools are usually no wider than 16 feet. Any larger than this, and we would go beyond the oversize load limit, which would make it much harder to deliver the pool. Most fiberglass pools are also no longer than about 40 feet for similar reasons.

Concrete / Gunite / Shotcrete

Caribbean Large Fiberglass Inground Viking Swimming Pool

Concrete pools, also known as gunite or shotcrete pools, are the most expensive pool type. These pools cost most homeowners between $31,000 to $71,666 to install. Concrete pools will last for nearly a lifetime and are customizable.

Concrete pools are high maintenance. To prevent algae and mold from growing in your concrete pool, youll need to perform an acid wash every 3 to 5 years, usually costing between $290 and $400.

Concrete is also susceptible to cracking. Most concrete pools will need replastering every 10 to 15 years to correct any damage. Replastering a concrete pool typically starts around $2,500 and can cost as much as $13,000.


Can last for more than 50 years. Shape and size are customizable. Durable.

Usually the most expensive pool type to install. Requires high amounts of electricity and chemicals to stay clean and swimmable Susceptible to mold and algaeHas an abrasive surface that can make feet bleed. Childrens soft feet are especially vulnerable to the rough surface. High maintenance Not compatible with saltwater systems. Can take months to install

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Fiberglass Pools Compared To Other Pool Types

Besides fiberglass, two other common pool types are vinyl liner and concrete. Fiberglass has many benefits, as do vinyl and concrete pools. Lets take a look below at how these three types of pools compare:


Difficult for algae to grow on the surface


Not as durable as concrete or fiberglass pools Not compatible with saltwater systems. Vinyl needs to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Not as visually appealing as concrete or fiberglass pools.

Large Inground Fiberglass Pools

Aquamarine PoolsAQUAPOOLS.COM recently posted our Small Inground Fiberglass Pools Top Designs for 2019 article for those planning a smaller pool, but for those wanting a large swimming pool with plenty of space for more people, we have identified our most popular large fiberglass pools based on pool shape. Each year we have a list of top selling pools, heres our list of top five large pool designs for 2019:

Large Fiberglass Pools

Barcelona: This is a 16 x 38 rectangle shape pool design that one of the most preferred rectangle fiberglass pools in the country! This pool has a stylish curved step entry and ranges from 36 to 7 in depth. If you are looking for a lot of swimming space, the Barcelona may be the perfect large rectangle pool for you.

Cancun: This is the 16 x 35 freeform shape pool with some of the most stylish curves found on any pool. This popular pool has a flowing step design, and comfortable seating ledges tucked away in some key spots on pool. Often this pool is outfitted with streams and waterfalls to compliment the unique shape.

Eden E-37: This NEW model is making a splash with many of our 2019 customer requesting this 15 x 37 freeform pool! This pool has a built-in splash deck, swim out seat and a deep end bench. If your goal is to maximize use of all areas in the pool, then this may be your perfect backyard solution.

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