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Above The Ground Pool Ideas

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Don’t Stop At One Add Two Pools Next To Each Other

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

What’s better then one above-ground pool? Two above-ground pools! So why not consider adding two right beside each other and surrounding it with decking?

This is a great idea if your home a) has enough space to allow for two swimming spots and b) you have a big family.

Then to really set the tone, and finish off your masterpiece, surround your pool deck with some of the best garden lighting to enhance its aesthetic appeal and allow you to get more use out of it even after dark.

Encircled With Brick Pavers

This above-ground pool has been set in a corner of the yard and has a remarkable deck made out of pavers. A wooden walkway gives you a spot to enter and exit the pool. Mulch and a wide assortment of plants and flowers surround the pool. This makes for a very comfortable place to take a dip.

Pool Wrapped In Wood And Stone

This is an excellent example of an ordinary above-ground pool that is given a unique look by wrapping the sides of the pool with stone and wood.

This way the pool nook blends with the surrounding nature and exterior of the house. Another inspiration you can source from this design is the alignment of the deck.

It covers two-thirds of the pool perimeter creating a large enough deck for placing a shader, a sitting set and two lounges.

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What Is The Above Ground Pool

We all know that swimming pools where a human can easily swim, and its come bigger, but above-ground pools have different scenarios its come in small sizes. There are two main types of above-ground pools rectangular and round. The rectangular swimming pool is designed to hold water easily and can be built in a small yard without occupying many areas. House owners can enjoy and feel the pool inside their house yard.

Finest Designs Of Above Ground Swimming Pool

32+ Beautiful Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas &  Designs On A Budget

These above ground pool will allow you to bring more beauty to your outdoor pool area.

Arent you getting used with traditional way of designing your swimming pool? Do you want a design that is something new or something fresher? Oh well then, I have it for you today! Im talking here about above ground swimming pools. I can feel that you will love these newest designs and surely will be excited to install one for your abode.

Well I assume you already know why it is obviously called above ground swimming pool. These pools are installed inches higher to the actual level of the ground . Some installer says that an above ground swimming pool is much easier to install. And whats even better with this? If youre on a tight budget then this type of pool must be your choice. It is much cheaper than an in-ground swimming pool. And the most important thing of all it is easy to maintain. So take a look unto this collection of designs that I have for you. You might just want to have an idea or can be an inspiration for your planned swimming pool.

1. Richardson St.

The available space for the pool may be limited but having this unique contemporary design just nailed it!

2. Rough Hollow

The design really looks elegant. It gives life and offers a lot of relaxation to outdoor living.

3. Madison Residence

Its design is perfect if youre planning a beach-style inspired swimming pool.

4. Classic Pool

5. Berwick Lap Pool

6. Dahiya

7. Winflo Cabana and Pool

8. Infinity Edge

9. Tuscan Villa

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Keep The Surroundings Low Maintenance

Above ground, but more permanent like an in-ground, this stone-clad pool and spa is an inviting retreat at the top of a sloped yard. Boulders and rocks mixed with drought-tolerant plants keep the landscaping low-maintenance, which results in more time to lounge around the pool.

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Long And Narrow Above Ground Pool

Look at this grand above ground pool! It claims solitude since its separated from the main concrete patio area. This locating issue helps you to have a cozy dry lounge a very nice idea to apply if you have kids which love to get in and out of the pool. The pool is shaped long and narrow on purpose, to save the space, or else, to make use of the space.

What makes this above ground pool looks grotesque is the installation of wooden stairs and sturdily packed stone bricks for the supporting walls. It is incredibly suitable for modern home plan.


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Bold And Modern Above

This black pool looks simple yet elegant. Everything is designed meticulously to provide the touch of boldness. Small black tiles are installed on the front part of the pool to accentuate it. However, the left side of the pool is just plastered which gives a matte finish.

Along the pool are some lights that shed some light on the plastered side so that you will feel as if you were walking on a shining pathway. To fill in the gap between the pathway and the pool, some decorative plants are added.


  • Ditching the raised deck will enable you to save some space especially if your backyard is not too spacious.


  • Without a raised deck, you will not be able to lounge by the pool.

Where Can I Purchase An Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool Installation In Ground Time Lapse DIY Project

Nearly every city has a pool supply store, but buying online is a much better option overall. You can easily compare pools online, save favorites while you consider your options, and they usually come with free shipping that saves you a lot of hassle and a big expense.

Shopping online, in particular, is a great choice because there are hundreds of options and dealers to choose from, plus you can browse hundreds of reviews and ratings for every pool youre considering to get the low-down before making your final selection.

Finding a pool with the exact features you want is super easy when ordering over the web, and in the modern day and age its our preferred and highly recommended method to get the pool you want at an unbeatable price.

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Above Ground Pool Ideas:

Are you ready to get sunbathing this summer? Lets take a look:

Who said you cant bring the party poolside? For example put in a swim-up bar and youll instantly feel like youre in Hawaii!

Not only does this example feature a raised deck, it also has beautiful greenery surrounding the pool!

Here, you can see a modern round Doughboy pool. Doughboy is a popular and well-known manufacturer for above ground pools.

Who said an above ground pool needed to be boring? Here, they used a mural wall as a privacy screen.

Opt for a rectangular above ground pool! Additionally, you can even add in pool lights as they did here.

Check out the tile for added texture! And do you see the outdoor lighting they put in?

Amp up your pool design with a wooden patio! Additionally, make sure to choose a deck material that wont hurt your feet when walking to the pool barefoot!

Create a custom concrete water feature its an affordable option that still looks high-end!

This may not look like an above ground pool but it is! The pool area is built with a surrounding deck and fence with high walls for extra seclusion.

This pool features a multi-level deck complete with a deck railing! For instance this is a great idea if you have younger kids and need to make accessibility to the pool limited.

Enclose your above ground pool with fencing and an arbor-covered gate. Additionally add some outdoor pendant lighting into your landscape design!

Nature Inspired Above The Ground Pool Deck

This nature-inspired pool deck plan is beautiful and aesthetic, and it will take your breath away. It is a lovely way of integrating your pool into your garden and mak8ing it look natural.

Also, this pool deck gives you the opportunity of breaking from wooden pool decks. If you are ready to try this beautiful idea, be prepared to part with some coins as it is costlier than most wooden pool decks.

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Narrow Outdoor Living Above The Ground Pool Deck

The fact that you have a narrow space in your yard does not mean that you cannot set up a relaxing pool. You can easily set up an above-the-ground pool that fits the size of the yard.

Also, you can customize the deck in a way that goes in line with the yards design, and nothing will look out of place.

Ending Thoughts On These Above Ground Pool Ideas

These 15 Above Ground Pool Ideas Win Over The In

We hope these great above ground pool ideas help you to turn your back garden into a beautiful and well-landscaped oasis. By adding small touches to your above ground pool décor, youll create a unique and very personal backyard that you can enjoy all summer long. According to VIP Realty, you can also increase the value of your home too.

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+ Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget

Posted on Last updated: June 10, 2022

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Summertime is when most of us need to cool off on hot and humid days. This year is no exception!

I needed to get a pool set up quickly and started to research how. Where do I start? And how much cash do I need for an above ground pool?

These questions raced through my mind and more questions came.

Do I build the pool myself? Do I buy it? Do I dig a hole, or do I get one above ground?

I soon realized I was not the only one with these dilemmas around affordable pools. So I wrote this epic above-ground pool ideas guide to help our fellow homesteaders who want to beat the heat.

Lets look in more detail!

Cornered Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Decks

Running short on space for a pool? Dont worry! Go for a simple above ground pool deck tucked in a corner of the backyard. You can raise the pool with wooden steps which can also be used as a sitting spot outside the pool. This multifunctional design is sure to offer the ultimate leisure time to your family and friends.

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Celebrate Summer With A Swim

Skip the pricey airfare and hotel bill in Hawaii and bring the resort festivities to your backyard with a pool tiki bar. Set up an umbrella and bar table against your above-ground pool exterior to enjoy boozy sips while swimming. Finish out your swim-up bar with a pair of all-weather stools to enjoy snacks throughout the day, too.

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Oversized Step Section And Walk

Above Ground Pool Ideas (Hacks)

This pool could be called partially above the ground. There is a hole dug in the soil where the structure stays. The gap takes into consideration space for installing the pump accessories.

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They are covered with wooden slats which continue as an elevated staircase for access to the pool. The composite frame and deck are not large, however, they succeed in giving the pool an elegant look and ensuring good maintenance of the pool.

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Diy Above Ground Lap Pool

This simple pool is classic, efficient, and very fast to build. It is self-contained and has space for hardware like a filter system, pump, and roll-away solar cover.

This pool deck covers only two sides of the pool, making you save finances, space, and the time used in building. You can build this pool deck at either the left or the right-hand side of your yard.

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set

If compact options just arent on your list this large version of the earlier Intex pool definitely should be. Featuring a sleek gray outside liner and the classic blue-tile print inner liner, this stylish pool is sure to be the talk of the block.

This pool is made using high-quality galvanized steel and is incredibly durable, remaining stable even through harsh weather and high winds. Its great for any backyard get-together, measuring 32ft x 16ft, it can fit quite a few people at once. Which means summer fun for everyone!

Now with a big pool like that, youd expect it to take ages to set up, right? Well, were happy to say that this large pool is simple to install, and the whole process, from start to finish, only takes around 90 minutes!

Plus, this model features a precision-engineered locking system so you can rest easy knowing your pool wont budge unless you want it to. It also ships with a super handy complete maintenance kit: you get a vacuum, skimmer, and even a telescoping pole! And possibly the biggest plus-side of this Intex pool is its sand filter function. You wont have to buy any expensive filters, and your pool is set for 5 years after every backwash and sand refill. Overtop of what weve mentioned so far, the kit also includes a filter pump, ladder, debris cover, and ground cloth.


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Above Ground Pool With Ipa Wood Deck

When you have a view like this, the pool has to be special. Hunter Pools of Australia perched this pool just perfectly, and then wrapped it with fine hardwoods like Ipa wood, which has outstanding resistance to rot and weather.

Another safety feature is the railing. This is required for suspended decks to keep your guests and pets safe. A complete deck like this also allows pool owners to install a safety pool cover for off-season use.

How Much Time You Have

Why Families Are Buying Above Ground Pools

How much time are you willing to put into decorating, shopping, and making choices? All of these projects take some time, but some of them may be done quite quickly. The beach-style pool could be done in just one day once you have all the materials, while the Moroccan-themed pool will probably take a few days.

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Should You Shock Your Pool After It Rains

If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, you may be wondering if you should be shocking your pool after each storm. The answer is yes! Shocking your pool after it rains can help keep the water clean and clear and prevent algae growth. Heres what you need to know about shocking your pool after a rainstorm.

Landscaping Around Above Ground Pool

The deck of this pool takes only one-third of it because of space issues. This hasnt stopped the homeowners to look for a way to make the surrounding ground around the pool attractive and to look as belonging to the existing landscape.

Thanks to a garden bed formed around the uncovered part of the pool, the water feature looks attractive and welcoming. Different kinds of plants grow in there, some are even placed in pots instead of planted directly in the ground.

The stones covering the soil ensure good drainage and limit the growth of weeds.

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Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

In some cases, or in some areas, building an inground pool is just not possible. However, even the smallest pools can cause issues if conditions arent right. Poor soil quality, a high water table, terrain issues, building and zoning restrictions any of these can prevent building a swimming pool in the ground. In other cases, a homeowner may not want to spend $20,000 or more on a backyard oasis, and above ground pools are generally a more affordable option. But what about when it comes to an above ground pool deck?

Above ground pools may be slightly less attractive than an inground pool, but they dont have to be! With some creative planning, grading, and decking, above ground pools with decks can be truly stunning and inviting, and cost half as much to build as one of our inground pool kits.

Heres a look at some above ground pool designs that are out of the ordinary, and definitely uniquely awesome.

How Long Will Shock Last In A Pool

30 Amazing Above Ground Pool with Deck Ideas [Swimming Pool Idaes]

When most people think of pools, they imagine a refreshing oasis on a hot summer day. But did you know that pools can also be dangerous? In fact, every year there are thousands of pool-related injuries and even deaths. One of the most common dangers is electric shock.So how long does electric shock last in a pool? It depends on the severity of the shock and the persons individual physiology, but generally speaking, an electric shock from a pool can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. In some cases, it may even cause permanent damage or death.Of course, the best way to avoid being shocked in a pool is to take precautions ahead of time. If youre swimming in an outdoor pool, make sure that there are no power lines nearby that could come into contact with the water. Indoors, always swim with someone else so that if one person gets shocked, the other can help them out of the pool and call for medical assistance if necessary.By following these simple safety tips, you can enjoy your time swimming without having to worry about getting an electric shock.

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