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Are Bestway Pools Any Good

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Intex Vs Bestway Above

How To Keep Your Bestway Pool Clean | 3 Simple Steps | for Bestway Pool & Intex Pool

It seems that summers get hotter every year, and everyone is looking for a way to cool down. Taking a dip in a cool, refreshing pool can do the trick every time. Our lifestyles have gotten so busy that many of us dont have the time to keep up with the maintenance of a permanent in-ground pool. Others cant afford the high price tag that comes with them.

There are temporary alternatives available. Some pools can be set up each spring and taken down to store for the winter. Two of the top companies that offer these pools are Intex and Bestway, but which brand is better? Here, we will be giving some information about each company and its products, and the answer to your question.

Features Of The Bestway Steel Frame Pro

This 15ft model;is available in smaller sizes as well. It is 48 inches deep, which is more than enough depth to cool off during the summer months. It holds 4,231 gallons of water when it is filled to 90% capacity.

Bestway pools use a lining that is 3-ply to provide plenty wall support. There are two layers of heavy gauge PVC and the layer in the middle is made of polyester mesh. This adds durability and helps the liner resist tearing.

Setup is simple. You can do it in three steps. You need to lay out the lining on your prepared ground, insert the steel tubes which will help it hold its shape, and then fill with water. Scroll down to see more on Installation

The steel frame locks together using T connectors and C clips. They have been designed so that they will lock together easily and there are PVC flaps that hide the connectors and clips to further help the;frame resist rust as well as injury.

If you need to drain after it is set up, there is a flow control drain valve built into the lining. This helps ensure you can keep it clean and you can take it down during the winter months when you are not going to be swimming in it, should you wish;to winterize your pool.

More Features =>

We Bought The Bestway Fast

We bought The Bestway Fast-Set Pool – 10′ x 30″ at Aldis last summer for $60. Setup was fairly simple. Pay close attention to selection or provision of a level site. Our site was about 3″ off level. The weight of the water began to distort the inflatable top ring; which then allowed the whole water bag to gradually shift downhill. Long story short–after a couple of weeks we had to empty; haul dirt; level the site and refill the pool. Replacement filters are not available here in OklahomaRead Full Review

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Utterly Useless And A Total Waste Of Money

Bought for the grand kids .level ground not needed as we have a decking area that is as flat as a pancake .The volume of water the pool takes is too much for the single inflatable ring to hold Up, this lead’s to the sides bulging and pulling the ring ever lower until the water empties it’s self.And just to make things worse bestway say it should not be used if it is in direct sunlight, as the material will stretch.So if you want a useless bit of plastic that bulges when you fill it andRead Full Review

How To Take Care Of Your Pool

Bestway Steel Pro 12 x 30 Inch Frame Above Ground Swimming ...

Whether buying the best above ground pool,;fiberglass pool, or;hot tub;on the market, there are is one thing to keep in mind in order to maintain a healthy pool environment you need to take care of the water! The two most obvious things to think about is water circulation, and of course, cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool itself.

Firstly, lets take a look at the importance of water circulation in a pool.

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Bestway Steel Pro 18 X 48 Frame Pool Set

The last of the Bestway pools to see is this steel model that comes with a bright blue appearance. The attractive look of the pool makes it ideal, but the extended 18-foot diameter allows this circular pool to offer more space. You can get about eight to ten people to fit into the pool on average.

The PVC and polyester surfaces on the walls keep the pool from leaking. The rust-resistant metal on the frame adds to the pools protection.

A 1,500-gallon filter pump is included on the pool. This works with filtration cartridges that are easy to clear out and replace as demanded.


  • Slow to fill or drain
  • Requires extensive cleaning on occasion

How to Install A Above Ground Pool

Setting Up A Bestway Steel Pro Max Pool Set

In much the same way as Intex Metal Frame pools, the Steel Pro Max uses locking clips to keep the frame together. These are, however, much less prone to falling out or snapping, and the oval cross-section of the supports means that these line up without having to rotate each pipe in its T-piece.

Even when properly assembled, the joints do have a little give. This is not a sign of poor workmanship; instead, its essential in a metal-framed above-ground pool for absorbing the motion of the water when people are frolicking inside. It does, however, allow water to get inside the pipes, leading to corrosion.

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How Big Of A Pool

The size of the pump is more important than the overall capacity of the pool, but it is still important to take a look at this feature when comparing the two pool heaters. The Intex heater works for above ground pools up to 8,000 gallons in capacity. Meanwhile, the Bestway unit operates with pools of about 6,000 gallons at the most.

You can still use multiple mats for a single pool if needed. That will be discussed in a moment.

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex Solar Pool Heater is it Any Good?

If you want a larger pool with the right shape for lap swimming, the Intex rectangular ultra frame might be the best above ground pool set for you. I recommend getting the deluxe pool set instead of the regular set, because it comes with a maintenance kit and volleyball set along with the other accessories.

  • Deluxe pool set includes maintenance kit, volleyball set, pool ladder, pump filter, ground cloth, maintenance DVD, and pool debris cover along with the pool itself
  • Sturdy design can withstand all sorts of play and exercise without any problems. This pool can last for years
  • This pool is compatible with a saltwater system if you choose to buy on to install
  • Pool size: 24 x 12 x 52 This pool has a water capacity of around 8,500 gallons.

What did customers have to say?

Positive reviews focused on the ease of using the sand filter and how well it worked for cleaning out the pool. Most negative reviewers mentioned that the support U-frames needed to be on a solid surface such as wood, rocks, or concrete, but this fact is not noted in the setup instructions.

  • Included ladder is a little shaky
  • This is the older model of the pool and it may be discontinued by the manufacturer, making parts hard to come by if you need to replace anything

There is a newer model of this item:

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How Well Will It Hold Up

The outside of the steel frame is coated to reduce the chance of it rusting, but this will inevitably happen sooner or later. The frames design is supposed to seal the joints to prevent moisture from entering the pipes interior, but this doesnt seem to work a hundred percent of the time. You may want to apply a coat of paint yourself before getting ready to enjoy your pool, as this is a serious concern. Its basically a toss-up to see whether the lining or frame will fail first.

Fortunately, Bestway offers a 90-day warranty on their liners, rising to 12 months for the filter pump. For most kinds of products in this price range, this would be laughable, but its a definite point in Bestways favor when it comes to above-ground pools. Its not uncommon for any pool lining to arrive with loose seams or small punctures, and manufacturers and their customer support teams are currently swamped due to the high demand for their products. Having a month or two extra during which you can ask for a replacement liner is definitely worth it.

One thing which does concern us is that the pumps hoses connect directly to rigid fittings that screw onto the pool wall, with no reinforcement to speak of. Tripping over a hose may well cause the lining to tear and half of your pool to empty, so you may want to plan your pools location carefully so the pump is out of the way.

Review: Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool



There are a lot of good things that stand out when taking a look at this above ground pool. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but it also gives you a nice size for the price. The Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool is 22-feet by 12-feet, plus provides more than 4 feet of depth to enjoy. Purchasing this pool online may also qualify for free shipping and the pool is priced at less than $850. Thats a pretty good deal all the way around.

What We Loved About the Bestway Rectangular Pool;

  • The metal frame of this pool is supported by heavy duty PVC and polyester, with sidewalls that are 3-ply strong, so that you have an overall lower risk of having a leak form in the pool.
  • Theres a flow control valve drain equipped to this pool in an easy-to-access location so you can drain the water away from the pool if need be with relative ease.
  • This set also includes a sand filter, ladder, ground cloth, and a pool cover so you have all of the basics covered with this affordable price.
  • When filled to 90% capacity, this pool can hold just over 7,000 gallons of water. The sand filter sits beside the pool, connected with built-in hose intakes, so youre not stuck with more weight on one wall of the pool than the other.
  • Theres enough size to this pool that about 6 adults can fit into comfortably and it can hold up to 12 people with relative ease.;

What Could Be Improved with the Bestway Rectangular Pool;

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How To Buy An Above Ground Pool

I think the easiest way to buy an above ground pool is through , Walmart, eBay, Homedepot. While you can find them at stores in your area, you might not have as much selection as you will online. Also, when you buy from Amazon you can get benefits such as warranties, best price comparisons, and more. Before you buy, you can check out honest user reviews for each pool youre interested in instead of just having a salesperson from your local store tell you all about how great the pool is!

Steel Pro Max Vs Its Intex Competitors

Bestway Power Steel Rectangular Frame Pool Set 5.49m (18 ...

Bestways Steel Pro Max range of pool sets is comparable to the Intex Metal Frame and Intex Prism Frame ranges in almost every way. The main difference is that the Bestway doesnt have an aerating filtration system, which slightly impacts your water quality.

On the other hand, the Bestway Steel Pro Max structure uses oval pipes for the vertical posts and the rim the liner drapes over, making its frame a little sturdier and easier to assemble.

It also may come, depending on which size you buy, with a liner printed to resemble a stone wall, grass, or just a solid gray. These may suit people better than the traditional bright blue color. The rattan design of the Power Steel Deluxe is even better.

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Whats Good About The Bestway Pro Max 15ft X 42in Pool

Convenience is a major plus point here. It is 15ft, so there will be plenty of space without taking over the backyard. The durability is a reason to consider this for your summer splashing.

Bestway 56687e Steel Pro Max 15×42 is made from a rigid oval-shaped frame that has increased strength, even at full capacity. We like that the frame is coated with corrosion-resistant materials and is resistant to damage. If you want your pool to last as long as possible, these are the sort of traits it must offer.

We like that it is made from strong materials so there is less chance of a puncture, which could ruin any sunny day.

Its easy to assemble and can be made without any tools, or prior expertise. Also, the included accessories make it an excellent option for anyone starting their pool ownership journey from scratch. It comes with a filter pump, cartridge, pool cover, and ladder.

Two Spa Pools Purchased Both Pumps Failed

Bought two Miami Spas in NZ for me and a relative – both pumps have failed. 2nd one 2 months out of warranty and they won’t cover it. Offered me a discount as close to warranty but want me to pay shipping of the pump to NZ as they don’t have any replacement pump stock here for another 6-7 mths? Yet they continue to sell new spas.Pump failure seems to be a very common problem – beware, your spa may become a glorified plunge pool in 12 months if not sooner!Very annoyed at the Bestway response to their 100% failure rate, 12Mths is a short warranty for a spa, good luck if you decide to purchase – I wouldn’t recommend it.

South East Queensland, QLD

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Intex Easy Set 18ft X 48in Pool Set

This product is one of the best above ground pools available on the market. This has the capacity of 5,455 gallons and is made of high-quality laminated PVC sidewalls, making the pool highly durable. Furthermore, the product includes a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump that ensures good circulation of water, making it clear, clean, and refreshing. This also comes with a ground cloth, pool ladder, and debris cover.

  • 18-feet x 48-inch;
  • This above ground pool features a Ground Fault Interrupter, which automatically shuts off the pump whenever the electrical current is exposed to the water.
  • This can be easily installed and filled in with water in as fast as 30 minutes.
  • This can hold water of up to 5,455 gallons, which is 80% more than the capacity of a small in-ground swimming pool.
  • This comes with a ladder for easy access to the pool.
  • This also includes a ground cloth and a debris cover that keep the pool off any ground debris.
  • This product is made of durably laminated PVC sidewalls that keep the pool sturdy enough for all the activities and actions while having fun inside the pool.
  • This also features new dual suction outlet fittings, which greatly improve the circulation of the water.

What Did Customers Have To Say:

Intex And Bestway Pool Heaters Which Is Right For You

Upgraded #intex sand pump for Bestway pool #DIY

July 8, 2021 By Jason

As enjoyable as a swimming pool can be, the water can be rather frigid at times, thus making the pool uncomfortable.

There might also be times throughout the year where you want to use your pool, but the weather is too cool. A pool heater is needed for either of these two cases.

Fortunately, you can find pool heaters from Intex and Bestway to help you get the most out of your pool. Each company makes a pool heater that offers a unique design that will heat up the water in your pool in moments.

But which company makes the best pool heater?

The two companies make helpful pool heaters that are easy to set up for keeping your pool warm. But there are also some differences between the two that deserve to be noticed just as well.

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Summer Waves Above Ground Pool

The Summer Waves 12 x 33 Above Ground Pool features an attractive design, simple installation, and a quality filter pump that keeps the pool in pristine condition at all times.

However, durability will be more of a concern with this unit relative to many of the others on our list. It has a mostly PVC build, which, though passably durable, will not last as long as stainless steel. Many users report holes within just weeks of use, which means you should expect regular maintenance, at the very least. It also does not come with a ladder, so youll need to spend more money than the sticker price implies.

The Bestway 56631E has a stainless steel frame protected from rust by a lock and seal system that keeps water from getting past the walls and into the inner workings of the pool. The walls are made of PVC mesh, and the liner provides several layers of protection against leaks and foundational compromises.

The pool also comes with a pump, though youll still need to buy a ladder separately to maximize the safety of the unit.

The Bestway 56631E is somewhat challenging to assemble, and customer service is notoriously unreliable, so youll essentially be on your own if any problems arise.

The Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool Package is the most expensive option on our list by a significant margin. Only buyers with a substantial budget will even consider this pool as an option.

  • Serious value concerns

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