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Do It Yourself Inground Swimming Pool

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Should You Build Your Own Pool Or Hire Inground Pool Contractors

Installing a DIY Inground Pool

Well, despite the world trying its hardest, we finally managed to make it to summer. The problem is, because of being cooped up inside due to COVID-19, we cant enjoy the summer favorites we usually love.

That is unless you take the pool to your backyard instead.

Installing a pool gives you a way to cool off from the summer heat without having to leave your property. The only question left is whether you should build the pool yourself or hire inground pool contractors.

Weve put together this guide to help you find out the best option for you. So lets get started!

Canada Swimming Pool Kits

Pool Warehouse has sold thousands of Cornerstone Inground Pool Kits and vinyl Swimming Pool Liners around the world! We have the only true DIY Inground pool kit that is made exclusively for our online customers. The Cornerstone swimming pool is plastic injection molded in the USA exclusively for Pool Warehouse. If you want a inground swimming pool kit in Canada, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia or in Asia you have found the right International Pool Company to help you Live Your Dream, book your pool today! Pool Warehouse will customize your pool kit to meet all of your requirements and shipping needs. We can have your swimming pool kit come in 50 or 60htz, and ship to a port in your country directly or use your freight forwarder at no extra charge. Please contact us now for more information!

1-800-515-1747 or send us an email,

In The Swim Is There For You

If you are a handy homeowner familiar with household projects or even if you have no mechanical experience at all we have a way for you to build your own inground pool at an affordable price. During the installation process our team of Pool Experts are with you from start to completion, with unlimited technical support by phone and email, to answer any question or concern that you have. Our hands-on customer service after the sale helping you get that pool kit in the ground, is what sets us apart from websites that also sell pool kits, but know very little about them.

DIY pool installation is hard work but not difficult and after the job is complete you can be proud to say you built your own inground pool.

All of your family and friends can now enjoy your hard work in the backyard escape you designed and built.

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Contract Out What You Cant Do

A willingness to take on big challenges is one key to success in life. So is knowing your limitations. If there are parts of the project youre not confident doing, find a contractor who can do the work for you. Youll still be saving tons of money over hiring a pool contractor and youll be safe in the knowledge that the work will be professional.

Building an inground swimming pool is no walk in the park even for seasoned pool contractors, so its a given that a DIY inground pool presents a hefty challenge for any homeowner. But with the cash you save and the loving care you put into it, doing it yourself can result in the best possible pool for the money. Just make sure you give this huge project a lot of thought before you begin investing your money and sweat.

Diy Polymer Panel Swimming Pool Kits


It is not difficult to build your own inground swimming pool especially if you let PoolStore help you

If you can dig the hole then we can supply you with all the specialist equipment you need to build a pool and give you all the advice you’ll need on how to install it. If you prefer to have all the hard work taken away then we have expert teams on hand to do it all for you.

Whether you get someone to build it for you or build it yourself you can see here what kits are available and how much it will cost.

Various size panels combine to make any size of poolRigid Polymer Resin Panels clip together with back bracesAny shape of pool is possible

We supply rigid panels that interlock together to form the wall of the swimming pool doing away with the need for expensive blockwork and the time delay while the mortar between them sets hard. You dig a hole, assemble our polymer panels to form the four walls, brace them in place and concrete the base of the panels. Shape the floor with a deep end or a constant depth and lay a floor screed, connect some pipework, hang the vinyl liner and backfill behind the panels as you fill with water. That is that! Your swimming pool shell is built. It is not as difficult as you might think. Any competent builder/groundworker can get to this stage.

You will need to install a surround to the pool. If you choose to put coping stones around the edge then we have the kit you need. We have coping stones with matching paving stones also.

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Amazing Diy Inground Pool Ideas

Summer comes with its warmth and you would like to cool off in a swimming pool? Even if your budget is limited, this dream can turn into reality by making your own DIY inground pool. Some materials, recycled or not, some ingenuity and DIY talents, and the trick is done!

Here are 10 examples of easy to build DIY inground pools.

  • Beer Crates DIY Pool
  • Why Choose Pool Supplies Canada

    Our basic and complete pool packages are designed to create an easy decision making process for prospective pool owners. At Pool Supplies Canada we take pride in the quality of the materials, liners and equipment which make up our inground swimming pool packages. We carry a fantastic variety of designs and liners to help make a big splash with all of your friends and family!

    Our inground swimming pool kits feature:

    • Top quality G235 zinc-coated 14 gauge galvanized steel wall panels with “Z” rib internal supports for optimum strength
    • 5 inches wide top and bottom flanges – the industry’s thickest and most rugged – for additional support, with a standard wall panel height of 42 inches
    • Panels have 45° miter and 90° corners with gusset plates – our corners are stronger than any other in the industry, including those that are overlapped, cut and bent, or welded
    • Unique, heavy-duty notched A-Frame that provides unparalleled strength and durability
    • Every steel panel and brace has 2.35 oz. of zinc galvanization per square foot to protect against corrosion – the heaviest coating of zinc galvanization you can buy!
    • Straight and curved wall panels with 7 strategically located holes at both ends to ensure positive and accurate alignments
    • End panels with recessed ends for seamless panel connection

    Compare our inground kits, see the difference!

    Maintenance & Vacuum Equipment
    Solar Blanket & Winter Cover *

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    Installing A Diy Semi Inground Pool

    Here in this video guide, you’re going to be installing a semi in-ground pool, don’t get it twisted, it’s still a perfectly working in-ground pool with slight differences. All you have to do for yourself is check the videos and follow the steps. This video doesn’t have any description to follow, so only the video can help.

    Whatever You Can Find In The Garage Pool

    Do it Yourself Fiberglass Pools: The Ultimate DIY Project!

    A post shared by Mel Graham on Jul 4, 2020 at 4:52pm PDT

    While hay bales make good pool walls because of their sturdiness, you can apply the principle of frame plus waterproof lining to almost anything. People have made temporary pools from beer crates, dumpsters, truck beds, bricks, cardboard and giant tires. Keep in mind that any pool without a filter will become stagnant and can quickly attract mosquitos and other pests, so these alternative pools are best used for a weekend then drained.

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    Is It Possible To Build Your Own Inground Swimming Pool

    The short answer is yes, it is possible to build your own inground swimming pool. With the demand for inground pools surging, many people believe they will save money and get their fiberglass pool installed faster if they opt to do a do-it-yourself inground pool installation to avoid the wait lists. Still, the reality is that installing a pool by yourself or with the help of friends can be dangerous, cause issues with your pool and be more expensive when all is said and done.

    Inground Swimming Pool Diy

    With this time-lapse video tutorial guide, you’ll learn how to construct an in-ground swimming pool in a couple of weeks. The cost step is to dig, dig, and keep digging till you get to the required depth.

    Then, assemble the wooden frame and your steel pipe frame to hold the corners and edges of the hole firm. Next, pour your concrete, and allow it to set properly.

    Once that’s ready and good to go, assemble the same deer pipe frame on the top and floor near the pool hole, then pour your concrete again. It’s quite a simple project if you follow the steps carefully.

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    Additional Information On Our Inground Pool Kits

    Inground Pools vs Above Ground Pools

    What’s the difference between an inground and above ground pool?

    With an inground pool you can have:

    • A deep end
    • Walk-in steps, for enhanced accessibility

    Inground Pool Tips

    • You can save thousands of dollars by installing your inground pool yourself
    • Before purchasing an inground pool ensure that you have ample space in your backyard and take into consideration potential roadblocks like buried gas lines or septic systems
    • When installing your pool make sure you double and triple check all your measurements
    • During installation of your pool ensure every bolt is fastened tightly
    • When installing your inground pool the ground must be properly graded
    • Inground pools with resin components can be used with a salt water system
    • Only install a slide or diving board if your inground pool has enough depth

    Make Your Diy Inground Pool Yourself: The Skills You Need


    If it is more than advisable to call on a pool builder, it is because doing your own swimming pool requires a real know-how and many skills No question of building your own swimming pool if you dont know how to do it or if you dont know much:


    First, we will have to define the location of our future swimming pool. Once the location has been chosen and traced in the ground, the serious things begin: place to earthworks , then it is necessary to flatten and stabilize the bottom of excavation so that it can receive the structure of the swimming pool.


    And yes, if youre dreaming of a concrete in-ground swimming pool, you need to know the basics: concrete casting, shotcrete technology, or modular reinforced concrete structure? The wooden swimming pool and the inshell swimming pool require less masonry work, but do not leave any room for it either!


    Logic: swimming pool means filtration system, installation of a pump, water treatment plant


    If we want to illuminate our basin, we also need to have solid electrical skills, since the lights will be constantly immersed


    Whether you opt for a liner, tile, plaster or other types of coating, you will also need to have the know-how to accurately and meticulously apply our flooring to ensure complete waterproofing.

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    Build A Personal Oasis With Everything From Hay Bales To Scrap Wood To A Shipping Container

    Theres so much were missing about summer this year, as a result of COVID-19. Backyard barbecues. Neighborhood kids playing together after dinner. Vacations. Beer gardens.

    But those of us lucky enough to have yards can potentially recreate one beloved summer tradition: long afternoons at the swimming pool. You can make a pool from a livestock tank, bales of hay, even cardboard boxes. All it takes is a little bit of hardware and a lot of innovative spirit.

    Jen Stark, a home improvement expert and founder of the website Happy DIY Home, says shes seen a huge uptick in interest in build-it-yourself pools this summer. With pools closed crowding at beaches unsafe, being able to cool off in the privacy and safety of your own backyard pool is a great alternative, she says.

    Here are a few of our favorite ideas for DIY pools:

    No Access To Proper Materials

  • When installing a pool, you will need access to the correct stone material, be able to get it to your house, and know how much to use. If you use the wrong type of stone or not enough of it, this will cause your fiberglass pool to be unstable, leading to movement, leaks, cracks, and not being correctly backfilled.
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    How To Build An In

    Building an in-ground swimming pool is a project that you may have been dreaming of for a long time. In-ground pools offer countless hours of fun and relaxation for everyone, young to old. A pool is also a solid investment in your property. Unlike above-ground swimming pools, inground swimming pools are permanent fixtures that add resale value.

    During the project, your yard will be the site of major building activity. Fences may need to be removed so that a dump truck and a digger have full access. Budget between two and three months for the total project, from start to finish. The actual working time is usually between 40 and 50 days.

    Steel & Polymer Wall Pool Kits

    On-Ground Pools – Do It Yourself

    One common question we are always asked is between steel wall and polymer wall inground kit packages, which is better? As a result, weve provided a quick comparison between the two. This can help you decide which pool kit is best for your family. Firstly, the two different pool kit styles only have minor differences. Both our steel and polymer pool wall systems are of the highest quality standards, built for a lifetime. For the last 16 years, Pool Warehouse has exclusively sold only premium inground kits manufactured by Hydra Pools. Hydra has been manufacturing swimming pool panels and braces since 1984, which means all of our kits are 100% American made. Hydras quality and years of manufacturing experience, alongside Pool Warehouses sales and service, guarantee that youll get the swimming pool youve always dreamed of!

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    To Dig Or To Have Dug: That Is The Question

    I pondered this for a minute or two. I was going to dig my own hole, but common sense got the better of me. Considering I have never in my life operated a backhoe, I really didn’t think the first time should be on a project where accuracy is very important.

    That is the key here: the closer the rough dig is, the less work you will have to do manually. And you don’t really want to over-dig the hole, because packing the dirt back in is not fun, and you don’t really want the pool to sink.

    Needless to say, I recommend that you pay someone to dig the hole. I am not sure if I got a deal, but it cost less than $1000. It probably would have cost nearly that much if I had rented the equipment to do it myself.

    On top of that, I rented a Bobcat, and they are tricky. I think it would have taken me a week to dig the hole and it would have probably been all messed up.

    The steel walls are up.

    How Much Will A Diy Inground Vinyl Liner Pool Cost

    With vinyl liner inground pools, you can expect to pay around $5K and up for basic, small inground pool kits . These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the good thing is youll have a lot to choose from.

    However, this is only the cost of the pool itself, and you will need other materials and equipment to complete your project:

    • Excavators/equipment rental: $2,000 per week
    • Concrete hand tools: $100 and up
    • Water: $700-$1,200
    • Other equipment: $500 and up

    For larger vinyl liner kits you might pay 8-10K just for the kit, depending on the manufacturer.

    As a general rule, youll pay more for bigger sizes and for polymer walls . Polymer walls are basically plastic and they can bend inward from the pressure around the pool. However, they are better suited for certain types of pool systems.

    Pro tip: If you plan to use a salt system, make sure to get a kit with polymer walls because salt corrodes metal.

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    Galvanized Stock Tank Diy Inground Pool

    Unlike concrete, which is poured into a formwork or polyester shell, which is delivered in one piece in our garden, a buried steel swimming pool is a kit swimming pool to be buried. With regard to work on the ground, it requires the same as for an in-ground concrete pool: excavated, uncompressed, stable, waterproofed ground.

    The steel in-ground pool kit includes in addition to the traditional filtration system, cladding, rooms, plumbing rigid steel modular panels. Once assembled together, these panels will form the wall and structure of the buried steel pool. Hence its other name of a modular swimming pool!

    How To Build An Inground Swimming Pool

    Bulk landscaping stone columbus ohio, do it yourself ...

    With this guide, the creator had to get his hands on some building codes before he started working, you might want to do the same if necessary. The first step is like a sketch of the pool using wood, then he begins to dig and rebar.

    Next, was finite, it’s not easy to do your concrete work in this size, but the creator made it happen regardless. The making process is slow, steady, and easy to follow.

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