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Hot Tub Financing Bad Credit

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How Much Is It To Finance A Hot Tub

Hot tub FINANCING explained

The actual cost of a hot tub loan can vary depending on the loan amount, interest rate, term, and lender fees. When it comes to securing a hot tub loan, you should make sure that you can afford the monthly payment. However, you should not only focus on the monthly payment. Its important to pay attention to the total loan cost as well. Lets say the payment is more affordable for a six year loan rather than a three year loan. But the interest rate is higher for the six year loan. If you can afford the payment for the three year loan, it may save you money in the long run. In most cases, shorter-term loans and lower interest rate loans have lower overall loan costs.

How Many Years Does A Hot Tub Last

When you purchase a brand new hot tub, you can expect it to last anywhere from 5 to 20 years.

Factors like the brand and model of your hot tub along with how well you maintain it through the years are all factors that will play into the overall longevity of your hot tub.

Brand and model: Spending a little more on a mid to top-tier brand and model of a hot tub will add significant longevity to your purchase. Going with the cheapest model may save you money in the short term, but then you may have to purchase a replacement much sooner.

Maintaining your hot tub: Half of contributing factors to the lifespan of your hot tub include the regular maintenance and upkeep of your spa.

Here are some quick tips to increasing your hot tubs life span through regular maintenance and upkeep:

Test your hot tub regularly to make sure your PH levels are balanced.Keep the PH level between 7.2 and 7.6 at all times.Use a hot tub cover to protect your spa from outside weather, debris, and UV light.Replace and clean your filters regularly.Fix pumps and make repairs right away.

You can purchase the best and most expensive hot tub brand and model, but if you do not take care of it properly, you will be lucky if it lasts 5-years.

How Often Can I Use A Hot Tub

How often you decide to use your hot tub and even the time of day that you choose to use it will be a personal choice. If you want to use the hot tub daily, go for it. After all, thats why you installed it right? Spending some time in the hot tub after a long stressful day can be beneficial to your physical and mental health. Some medical professionals may even recommend daily or regular use of a hot tub to improve health. If you invest in a hot tub, you should get your moneys worth and use it as often as possible.However, you should use some caution when it comes to how you use the hot tub. Do not turn the water on too hot or you can raise your blood pressure. Be careful about how long you are in the hot tub because prolonged exposure can be a bad thing as well. At the right temperature and for the right length of time, the hot tub will be a great addition to have in your home to ensure that you reduce stress, deal with sore muscles, and enjoy life.

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Hot Tub Financing With Bad Credit Shopezcredit

Yes! Hot tubs, also referred to as a jacuzzi or spa, may be financed with little to no money down, competitive interest rates and as close to a

Hot tub financing with bad credit Some companies may offer hot tub financing even if you have bad credit or no credit at all.

We offer 100% in-house financing with 6-12 months same as cash and up to 60-month payment options. We have programs for bad credit, good credit, or no credit.

Pay Monthly With 0% Finance

Hot Tub Financing With Bad Credit

Or perhaps you had a budget but want to stretch a bit further for the next model up! Rather than taking out a personal loan or using a credit card, you can opt

Get a hot tub with easy low monthly payments only make sure that you find the hot tub of your dreams but we also offer financing with approved credit,

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Hot Tub Types And Financing

The cost of a hot tub varies significantly based on type of hot tub you buy. There are options for all spaces, lifestyles, and budgets. There are small tubs that fit only two to three people then there are the large eight-person tubs with all the bells and whistles.

The cost of your hot tub can play a role in determining which financing option is best. You may be able to finance an inexpensive hot tub with a credit card ideally one with a 0% APR intro offer but not everyone will have the credit limit to purchase a high-end hot tub with plastic. Depending on the one you choose and how much cash you have on hand, you have four options to pay for your hot tub. Weve included a variety of options here to ensure that the price of a hot tub doesnt prevent you from owning one.

How Much Are Payments On A Hot Tub Per Month

Your monthly payments depend on the interest rates you have and the loan term. The best-case scenario when youre able to take advantage of a hot tub zero percent financing promotion. In that case, your monthly payment is just the price of the hot tub divided by the number of months financed. The loan term is typically 36 to 60 months. Such a financial arrangement makes a top-of-the-line hot tub quite affordable.

Be on the lookout for hot tub dealers who offer their customers a zero percent interest rate offer. In such hot tub offers, youll only pay the amount you borrow.

Keep in mind that the shorter the repayment term, the more will be your monthly payment and vice versa. For example, an $8,000 hot tub with an APR of 8% for a loan term of 36 months will cost you $250.69 per month while the same APR for a term of 60 months will cost you $162.21 monthly.

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Factors That Influence The Price Of A Hot Tub

Many hot tub dealers dont list exact prices online. Instead, the final cost depends on several factors, including:

  • Size and seating. The amount of water your hot tub can hold as well as the number of people it can fit will influence the price you pay. The bigger the tub, the higher the cost.
  • Included features. Some features, like massage jets or touchscreen controls, may increase the price of your hot tub. Luxury and convenience will make a hot tub more expensive.
  • Quality. The quality of materials plays a role as well. An inflatable tub will cost far less to buy and install than a similarly sized in-ground model.
  • Manufacturer. Like most luxury items, the brand and model you choose could influence the price. Be sure to compare similar hot tub manufacturers before making a final decision.
  • Delivery costs. The type of tub you buy and where you live will impact how much it costs to get delivered. In general, the heavier the tub or the more remote your home, the more youll have to spend on delivery.
  • Optional accessories. Hot tub covers, drink holders and lighting will all add to your costs. The more bare-bones your hot tub, the less youll have to pay.
  • Should I pay for an extended warranty on my hot tub?

    Hot Tub Financing Terms & Conditions

    Upgrade Smarter: Pool and Hot Tub Financing

    Finance Decision

    Your application will be assessed based on eligibility, credit history and affordability and Deko will let you know the outcome in just a few seconds. Its important to know that when applying for finance a soft credit check is done and only once all security checks have been completed and your deposit has been paid will a hard credit check be made, which is recorded on your credit file.

    Once approved, Deko will let you know who the lender is and provide you with their full contact details. You then just need to digitally sign your credit agreement, pay your deposit and wait for your order to arrive.

    In a few cases, your application may be referred to a lender for manual assessment and youll be notified by email of the credit decision within 24 hours. If youre not approved for finance it could be for a variety of reasons and the lender will be able to give you more information.

    Repaying the Loan

    Your first direct debit payment will be taken approximately 14 days after you receive your purchase. This will show on your statement as a payment to your lender. You have the right to repay all or part of the loan early at any time.


    There is a 14-day cooling-off period where you can withdraw from the credit agreement after signing your documents. If you wish to do this please contact us directly. We can cancel the application on your behalf. There is no need to contact Deko or your lender.

    Legal Information

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    Why Abunda Is The #1 Choice For Buy Now Pay Later Hot Tub Financing

    These days, many hot tub manufacturers offer financing plans for their products. And yet – more and more people are choosing Abundas hassle-free hot tub payment plans. Why is that? Simple – we offer the best selection of jacuzzis with the most user-friendly financing policy. All of this is backed up with unparalleled customer support each step of the way. What more could you ask for?

    Just take a look below at all the options available. We have simple, affordable inflatable jacuzzis for those who are tight on space and budget. But, we also have top-tier jacuzzis available to those who only want the best of the best. And if you dont see the specific type of jacuzzi you have your heart set on, thats ok. You can add it to our catalog yourself – you just need an Amazon link to the product page!

    Once youve found the hot tub you want to pay monthly for, you can add it to your cart and select your financing terms. As we mentioned earlier, getting your hot tub monthly payments set up in a manner that fits your needs is no problem when you stick with us. Join over 56,000 happy customers today and experience the Abunda difference for yourself!

    What To Look For In Buying A Hot Tub

    You may not know a lot about hot tubs which can make the purchase process overwhelming. With so many brands, sizes, features, and terminology what is important to know when buying a hot tub? Before buying a hot tub you should first determine your budget, motives, and space for a hot tub. This should help you narrow down available options and make it easier to dive into the details. Most of us begin our research online, which can be informative and helpful but we cant believe everything we read online. However, before buying a hot tub you should look at the reviews. In addition, you should read reviews for local hot tub retailers and ask for referrals. While we can learn a lot online, its best to consult a professional and share your needs and wants. Explain your situation and listen carefully to their recommendations. Purchasing a hot tub can be a big decision. You may end up visiting the retailer more than once before making the actual purchase. Take your time selecting the right hot tub and enjoy the process.

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    Calculating Hot Tub & Spa Financing Cost Per Month

    Bad Credit Financing a hot tub when you have bad credit is often not a very good idea. Relaxing in your spa after a hard day of work is an indulgence

    Lenders are looking for stability so if you have bad credit, you may still be able to get a loan if you can prove that you are stable and are therefore more

    Whats The Monthly Payment If I Finance A Hot Tub Hot

    Hot Tub Financing Options For Good and Bad Credit

    MONTHLY PAYMENT FOR A ZERO PERCENT FINANCING PROMOTION FOR 40 MONTHS: · $5,000 spa = $125 per month for 40 months · $7,000 spa = $175 per month for 40 months

    The loan you get will largely depend on your personal credit standing. Start with your local hot tub dealer to find out about specials and promotions.

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    What Temperature Should I Keep My Hot Tub When Not In Use

    The right temperature when the hot tub is not in use will make it more efficient and can help you to save a lot of money. There is no reason to keep the water super hot when you do not plan to use it, especially if you are going to be gone and will not use it for a few days or more. A good rule of thumb to consider is that the temperature should be five degrees lower or more when you are not using it compared to when you do use it.The higher you keep the temperature for your hot tub, the more expensive things will get. You need to pay for the electricity while it is on and that is always higher when the hot tub is in use. You can always turn the water back up a few minutes before you plan to get into the hot tub and it will be ready for you to go again.Keeping the temperature a little cooler when you are not inside of it can also help to protect the system of the hot tub. You do not want to completely turn it off or all the cold in the winter may burst the pipes and cause a big mess. But having it too hot is going to cause a lot of problems as well. Going for somewhere between five to ten degrees lower than when you want to use it can make a big difference while saving energy.

    What Is The Best Way To Finance A Hot Tub

    There are a few different ways you can finance a hot tub. The most obvious way to pay for a hot tub is with cash. When you pay with cash, you wont have to worry about paying interest or having a monthly payment later on.

    You can also choose to finance with a home equity loan or home equity line of credit, a personal loan, or a credit card. The best way to finance a hot tub will vary depending on your personal financial situation and the overall cost of your project. For projects that cost a few or several thousands of dollars, an unsecured personal loan may be your best option.

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    Compare Your Options For Hot Tub Financing

    When you factor in the associated costs of permits, accessories, delivery, utility bills, maintenance and landscaping, a hot tub can be a very expensive and long-term proposition. Comparison shopping will be essential.

    As you should for any other type of purchase, its important to read the fine print on financing agreements and calculate whether you can afford to pay it off.

    Are Hot Tubs High Maintenance

    Last to Leave Hot Tub Wins my Credit Card

    Maintaining a hot tub is not really a very expensive procedure. However, it does take regular upkeep and an investment of around $20 a month for some chemicals and testing supplies.

    There are three things you will need to do regularly to ensure your hot tub stays in great shape,

  • Maintain good water circulation. In most hot tub models, the water circulation cycle is scheduled to automatically run for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day. If your hot tub does not have that automatic setting, manually turn it on for 15-20 minutes twice a day. Remember, the more your filters are run, the cleaner the water will be.
  • Keeping your hot tub clean is important, irrespective of whether it is indoor or outdoor. If its outdoor, clear it of all debris, leaves, etc. Make sure your water lines and setas are clear. Clean the jets and shell once a week with some white vinegar and a sponge. Cleaning the outside with a 10% bleach-to-water solution will keep mildew away. Make sure you drain your spa and clean it thoroughly at least once every three or four months.
  • Balance your hot tub water using the following chemicals:
    • A ph increaser and ph decreaser to control the water ph levels.
    • An alkalinity increase to make sure the ph levels dont change drastically.
    • A sanitizer to kill bacteria and germs.
    • A non-chlorine shock to boost the sanitizer.
    • Test strips to periodically test the water.
    • A defoamer

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    How Much Does A 2 Person Hot Tub Cost

    The price for a hot tub can vary from under $1,500 to well over $8,000. Depending on what size and features you want included. We have a inflatable hot tub that can seat 6 that is priced below the $1,500 mark. So the cost is really dependent on the quality and features of the spa you want. For more prices, check out our hot tub gallery.

    What Is The Markup On A Hot Tub

    In most cases, hot tubs have a markup of about 30% to 50%. While prices are usually not negotiable, retailers may offer discounts on extras or warranties. Its important to think through extras carefully as they are a huge revenue generator for most retailers. Make sure you only purchase what you need.

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