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How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work

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Evaluating Your Sites Solar Resource:

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Before purchasing and installing a solar pool heating system, you must first consider your sites solar resources. The efficiency & design of a solar pool heater depends on how much of the suns energy reaches your building site.

Solars pool heating system uses both direct & diffused solar radiation. So, even if you dont live in a hot and sunny climate most of the time, such as the southwestern United States, your site may still have substantial solar resources.

Basically, if your building sites have unshaded areas & generally face south, it is a good candidate for a solars pool heating system. Your local solar system supplier or installers can perform a solar site analysis.

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Smartpool S240u Pool Solar Heaters

  • Durable polypropylene materials
  • Eco-friendly heating device
  • Efficiency is weather dependent

The SmartPool solar pool heater is another consideration when shopping around for your choices because it is efficient and durable. You can count on it when finding a popular product because it is by a reputable brand that works hard to deliver its promises. One of the things I liked about the heater is that it is easy to set up. You dont need to worry about any difficulty in installing it on the fence, rack, ground or roof.

The 4 x 20 inches pool heater is large enough to heat the pool water fast, depending on the weather in your area. You must make sure that it will be able to collect as much heat from the sun.

I also liked that it can be installed on a rack, roof, fence, or ground. With such versatility, you have the option to choose which installation method you want for your heater. I also would like to note its web design, which can promote better sun exposure. You also dont need to buy a new pump because it works with an old one.

I recommend this pool heater also to anyone who wants a heating capacity between six- and 10-degrees Fahrenheit. With it, you can ensure that your loved ones will enjoy a more extended summer season. It can offer heating to your pool up to the late fall.

In terms of durability, the solar panel heater is made of polypropylene material. It can ensure long service life. This item can increase the temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Protecting Against Back Flushing

Many plumbing loops for pools are equipped with a check valve alreadya one-way valve that keeps water from flowing back into the filter and down into your pool in the opposite direction. Still, its important to make sure that the plumbing for your solar water heater has a check valve if your original loop does not. The check valve is the valve is right after the filter and helps ensure that only clean water flows back into the pool and that the filter is only getting water in one direction.

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Advantages Of An Evacuated Tube Design

Why Solar Pool Heating is much more cost effective than Heating your house?

When you heat your house you need Pumps and Tanks. Your Pool is your tank and your pool system already has a pump so some of the biggest cost items are not needed for Pool Heating.

The Solar Pool Heating system have no moving parts, only water flows through the header box. These Panels are likely to last in 20 years or so. The vacuum tubes are warranties by the manufacturer for loss of Vacuum for 15 years, even if the vacuum fails the tube still produces heat it is just a bit less efficient.

If one tube gets broken then the panel continues to work, only a single tube needs to be replaced whenever you get chance, the system continues to work. Some types of Vacuum Pool heater have the water flowing through the tubes, if one breaks it is more complicated to replace the tube, sometimes the system needs to be drained down first. You do not have this problem with our Panels

How Do Pool Heaters Work

The Cost Of Solar Pool Heating

There are a few different kinds of pool heaters, drawing power from differing sources. A traditional pool heater runs on electricity however, alternative methods of power such as natural gas or solar energy are gaining popularity.

A pool heater essentially works by drawing pool water in, passing it through the heating element, and filtering it back into the main body of the pool. Copper coils within the heating element are brought to temperature by whichever energy source powers the unit.

If the pool heater is powered either by natural gas or liquid propane, the heating unit will be fed by a combustion chamber. Gas-powered water heaters are noted to provide the fastest noticeable difference in water temperature. This is done by supplying a surge of power from the residential gas line, providing immediate warming at a relatively expensive rate.

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Solar Heating Takes Too Long To Heat Up

I have seen it written that a solar heater can only do 1 degree per day to a maximum of 7 or 8 degrees per week. Well, Ive seen it add 7 or 8 degrees in a day. It just depends on how many solar panels you have and how much sun exposure you enjoy. I had one customer who could heat her attached outdoor spa to 105 degrees in only 30 minutes! Thats as fast as any gas heater could do. Of course, she could only do that during the day.

Animation: Thermal Solar Pool Heating System

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

  • The pool owner sets the desired pool temperature they wish to achieve on the systems digital controller .
  • The digital controller will monitor both the roof sensor and the pool sensor , and will turn the solar pump on when the difference between the two sensors exceeds 7 to 8 degrees.
  • The pump will continue to remain active, until the desired temperature is reached, providing that the solar conditions are favourable.
  • The solar pump is responsible for collecting cooler water from the pool and pushing it onto the roof, and into the Solar Strip Collector tubes .
  • The suns free energy heats the Solar Strip Collector this heat is then transferred into the circulating pool water and back into the pool.
  • The warming pool water then reaches the TufReturn manifolds , or the ProLok Loop returns and continues to collect heat whilst being pushed back towards the return manifold and pipes .
  • The now heated pool water is then returned back to the pool at an elevated temperature.
  • When the pool sensor reads a temperature within 2C of your set temperature, the solar pump will turn off and the water will drain out of the solar system. This water is then replaced by air using the VacRel to avoid the collector tubes being sucked flat.
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    Squeeze That Sunshine: Maximizing Solar Efficiency

    If installing a traditional pool heater is Intro to Math, solar pool heaters are Advanced Trig. Sure, theres a little more work involved, but at least that pocket protector looks snazzy, right?

    Choosing the right solar pool heater means understanding two things: your site, and your light. The site is where youll be installing your system. The light is, well, the magical beams blasting from yon orb in the sky. Where you put your system, and how well it works once its there, will make or break your installations efficiency.

    How Effective Is Solar Pool Heating

    How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

    Backyard swimming pools are a mysterious item around homes. Thats because there is usually no middle ground as far as their use. Families either use them very seldom or cant seem to get enough of them. Those families that cant get enough of their swimming pools are the ones that like to use them as long as possible. In many cases that means extending the pool season by heating those pools. The only problem with that is electric heat pumps and gas heaters can be expensive to run. Since that is the case, more and more people are now looking to add low-cost solar pool heaters to their homes. So one may wonder how effective is solar pool heating?

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    Blue Wave Ns6028 Solarpro Curve Solar Heater

    • Curved shape for max heat absorption
    • Collapsible base legs
    • Raises pool water to 5 degrees in five days
    • Not for inground pools

    Dont miss the Blue Wave Solarpro curve solar pool heater if youre looking for an affordable solar pool heater cost. Using this product, you dont need to spend on the heating cost of your pool. It doesnt need gas or electricity to heat the pool water. You only need a one-time installation of this product that uses free energy from the sun. It is free forever, so it will not add to your utility cost to spend. So, in the end, you save a lot of money.

    Also, the SolarPro curve solar pool heating device is eco-friendly. It is what you need if you want a pool heater that will not harm the environment for it doesnt use gas or fuel. Also, I liked that it has collapsible base legs, which can be adjusted. I would also like to recommend the pool heater because you can connect it to another heater for improved heating efficiency.

    I also liked that this ground pool heating device can raise the pool waters temperature by five degrees in only five days. More so, I wanted that it has a curved shape, which improves its heating efficiency. This heater is compatible with pools with up to 30 feet size or a 12,000-gallon capacity. It is also compatible to fit hose fittings from 1.25 to 1.5 inches. Also, this item includes stainless-steel clamps and two pieces of installation hoses.

    What Is A Solar Pool Heater

    A Solar Pool Heating system involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes, known as a Solar Collector or Solar Absorber mounted on the ground or roof of a building. The suns free energy heats the circulating water, returning it back to the pool at an elevated temperature.

    Solar pool heating systems work seamlessly with your pool equipment and are fully automatic. You set the desired water temperature on the solar control. And when solar energy is available on the solar collectors.

    An automatic motorized valve directs the water through the solar panels and directs the solar heat back to the pool. This process continues until either the pools filter pump is switched off for the day or the desired pool temperature has been reached. For more detail read How solar energy work?

    In most cases, the existing filter pump can easily deliver sufficient flow to the solar panels. The only requirement is that the filter pump must be operated during the day .

    This is the time most pool professionals would recommend running your filter, whether you have solar or not. It is also the time when the pool is most likely to be used and the time when good circulation is required for sanitizing chemical distribution.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

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    How Do Solar Heaters Work For Pools

    If youre looking for a way to reduce your energy bills when it comes to heating your pool then youre at the right place! Solar pool heaters harness the heat of the sun to warm up and heat our pool water for free! And since the suns heat is something that we dont seem to run out of here in Australia, it might be a good idea to give solar pool heating a serious consideration

    What Makes Solar Heaters Tick

    How Solar Pool Heating Works

    To fully appreciate and understand how solar pool heaters work, we must first take a look at the key components of any solar heating system.

    • A solar collector – This is basically the area where water is being run through so that it will be heated by the suns rays.
    • A filter – if you already have a pool then youll probably already have a filter ready.
    • A pool pump – yep, you already have one of these as well.
    • Flow control valves – These can be fully automatic or these can be something as simple as a three-way valve used to divert water flow to and from your solar heating system.

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    How The Plumbing Works

    The plumbing of your solar water heater is really just a fancy loop that directs water to be heated. The loop is full of special valves to give you control over how the water flows through the system, but the overall concept is quite simple. When the sun is out, water will flow through the heaters. If there isnt enough sun, or you dont want the system heated, then water will travel through the filter, possibly your fuel heating system, before returning to the pool.

    Install The Plumbing From The Pump To The Collector And The Valve

    After the solar collectors and the flow valve are in place, it is time to install the plumbing. This should be an easy process and the last step in the guide to install your solar heater.

    a. Set the desired route for the pipes and measure the distance

    You should define the shortest route going from the pool to the pump, to the flow valve, into the collectors, and back to the pool, whithout endangering any local landscape features. After choosing the route, measure the distance to know what pipe length and type of pipe connectors you will need.

    b. Choose the right pipes and set them in place

    Choosing the right pipe depends on your existing pool pump and the pool size. When everything else is ready, you just need to install the pipes and secure them in place. Ensure you make the right connections and everything is airtight. After the pipes, you should be ready to enjoy your pool solar heater.

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    The Flat Plate Collector

    Flat plate collectors are the more affordable option of the two, and are more popular for pool heating. They look similar to solar panelsusually large rectangular boxes with durable glass plates in front, and a series of copper tubes underneath that run from a large inlet pipe to a large outlet pipe. Beneath the tubes, a dark layer generates heat from sunlight, which is trapped by the thick layer of insulation underneath.

    The box is framed with durable metal, and the sides are insulated to trap heat as well. As sunlight permeates the front glass plate, it heats up that absorption layer. The panel heats up, pool water is sent in through all those tiny copper pipes, and it pulls away all the built-up heat to warm the pool water.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Solar Pool Heater

    How does a solar heater work – swimming pool? _ Transsen

    The average solar heating system falls between $2000 and $4000 and this cost greatly depends on the type of panels you choose to install. Keep reading for a better idea of factors that influence your costs.

    • The national average cost of installing a solar pool heater averages between $3,000 and $7,000, with most people paying $5,000 for a glazed solar panel pool heater for a 12-foot x 24-foot in-ground pool.
    • On the lower end of the spectrum, unglazed solar panels can cost as much as $2,000 for a 10 foot x 20 foot in-ground pool mounted on a platform near the pool.
    • On the high end, you might pay $10,000 or more for a high temperature home-mounted collector for a large 18-foot by 36-foot pool.

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    Solar Heating Is Cost

    Solar heating allows you to save on your electricity bills and extend the use of your swimming pool throughout the year, thus rendering the pool more profitable. To sum up, solar heating is an inexpensive way to heat your swimming pool.

    The table below compares different pool heating systems in terms of operating costs in France.

    The analysis comprised 5 months of use and was conducted on an 8 x 4 meter covered pool located in a temperate zone .

    How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool Without A Heater

    It normally takes somewhere between 8 and 12 hours to fully cycle all of the water in your swimming pool, so factoring that in you can expect an overall temperature rise of 5 to 15 degree F after several days of sunny weather. Since we cannot control the weather of course, we usually do not recommend waiting for the sun to heat your pool. If you dont have a pool heater, we recommend looking into getting one that fits in your budget.

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    Components Of A Solar Pool Heater

    While there are many different designs and systems on the market, most solar pool heaters on the market today will include the following components in some form or other:

    • A solar collector: this is the part that will collect the suns heat and transfer it to the water passing through in pipes.
    • A filter: it is always best to pass clean water through your solar heater, so this is an important part of that process.
    • A pump: you can use the pump that is already a part of your pool system. This will pass the water through the heater after being filtered and then moving it along back to the pool.
    • A flow control valve: An automatic or manual switch that will direct or divert water to and from the solar collector.
    • Temperature sensors: some systems will include a temperature sensor that will control the flow valve directing water to be heated or return to the pool. This will ensure that your pool is always at the desired temperature.

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