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How Much Are Electric Pool Heaters

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Best Heater And Chiller Combo: Aquacal Sq120r Heatwave Superquiet Pool Heat Pump

intex pool heaters for above ground pools

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If youre interested in extending your swimming season as long as possible, invest in a pool heater and chiller combo. This 2-in-1 pool heater from AquaCal is essentially a heat pump that uses warm air to raise pool temperatures, but it also has a module that uses refrigerant for cooling pool water. It can be used with both in-ground and above-ground pools, but the manufacturer recommends that you choose a grid flow switch instead of a water pressure switch for above-ground pool installation.

The AquaCal SQ120R stands out as a heater and chiller combo for pools with smart features, like the ability to control the unit with the PoolSync app. Switch between heating and cooling modes or set the unit to keep your pool at a constant temperature with the Autotemp mode. You will need to buy a separate PoolSync WiFi Controller if you want to take advantage of this feature.

In addition, this 2-in-1 pool heater is designed to withstand the elements. AquaCal has developed a special louvered top that allows for efficient airflow to the heat exchanger inside while minimizing the debris that enters the housing of the pool heater. A patented titanium heat exchanger is another standout feature of this pool heater and chiller combo. Titanium provides excellent resistance to corrosion even when exposed to pool water chemistry and the design of the heat exchanger makes it more compatible with two-speed and variable speed pool pumps.

Installing Your Pool Heater

Pool heaters must be installed by a properly licensed technician because they can be dangerous due to the fuels and electrical parts involved. In the case of propane and natural gas you will require a licensed gas fitter and in the case of an electric heater or heat pump a licensed electrician. In addition the manufactures warranty on the unit will be void if found to be improperly installed by an unqualified service professional.

Electric Heat Pump Costs

Electric heat pumps typically cost around $50 to $100 or more per month to operate. This reasonable ongoing cost makes electric pool heat pumps among the most cost-effective pool heating systems available today.

This lower operating cost is in large part due to the pumps’ greater energy efficiency. Using an electric heat pump can also be a viable choice for environmentally conscientious pool owners.

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How Much Is Best Rated Electric Pool Heaters

Best Rated Electric Pool Heaters come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best rated electric pool heaters.

Can I Install A Pool Heater Later

Best electric pool heater in 2021 Review and Buying Guide


In fact, skipping the heater add-on during your pool installation project and installing it later has been an easy and common way for many pool owners to save on the upfront costs of buying an inground pool.

If you want getting a pool quickly and you’ve got a smaller budget, here are some more tips on how to get an affordable pool fast.

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Bottom Line: Best Heater For Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool heaters are a really good choice to use for you, helping keep your pool nice and warm. Although most units on our list have the same basic functions, they differ in qualities and recommend the best for you we would pick the Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series due to its high BTU output, while being able to serve large pool sizes of water, enough to suit your needs. The possession of a digital display screen for control is also affording the user awesome control experience.

Not too far behind is the Pentair 460734 MasterTemp, being able to serve a large volume of the water pool, and can offer a relatively inexpensive cost. It falls short of the FH120 ultimately in the amount of BTU it releases.

The best solar heater for above ground pool is the Smartpool WWS421P Sunheater Solar Pool Heater, due to the fact that its the most ecconomical for large pool size.

How Do I Know If My Pool Heater Is Working

There are a few things you can check to make sure your pool heater is operating well. Check for electrical supply by making sure that the lights and display are operable on the machine. Check for sufficient gas flow by adjusting the thermostat higher and visually confirm burner ignition. Check the pool filter and water intakes for obstructions that could reduce flow rates. Finally, be sure your heater has adequate air intake and ventilation.

If all of the above items are functioning as expected, its likely your pool heater is doing its job. If not, calling a qualified repair company may be necessary.

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Cheap Pool Heating Options

Other ways to reduce pool heating costs:

  • Pool cover installation costs$75 to $3,000+, depending on the type, material, and whether it’s manual or mechanized.
  • Solar blankets cost $50 to $400, depending on the size and shape. A solar blanket is a large plastic pool cover with built-in thermal bubbles that capture and retain heat while reducing evaporation.
  • Solar pool rings cost $35 to $50 each or $170 to $200 per 6-pack. A solar pool ring is a 5′ round floating cover that focuses sunlight on the water and minimizes heat loss from evaporation. Multiple solar rings are required, depending on the pool size.
  • Pool enclosure installation costs$4,000 to $14,000 on average, depending on the pool size and enclosure type. High-end glass or polycarbonate pool enclosures cost $10,000 to $50,000.

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What Are Todays Most Popular Best Rated Electric Pool Heaters Models

Intex Electric Above Ground Pool Heater Set up and temperature test ð?â?âï¸?ð¥½ð©²ð

There are many best rated electric pool heaters items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best rated electric pool heaters model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

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Propane Or Gas Pool Heater Cost

A gas pool heater costs $1,500 to $4,500 with installation or $1,000 to $3,000 for the unit alone. Gas pool heaters warm the water quickly and operate at any air temperature, but are the least energy-efficient, cost $200 to $500+ per month to run, and have the shortest lifespan.

Gas heaters burn natural gas or propane in a combustion chamber to heat water as it passes through a series of copper coils.

Heat Pumps Gas Heaters Or Solar

Why Buy a Pool Heater?

A pool heater can help keep your water temperature perfect any time of day or year, enabling you to enjoy your pool for longer. 78-86 degrees F is generally comfortable for people to swim. In any climate, pool temperatures can vary based on a variety of factors, including rainfall, pool size and the amount of sunlight a pool receives. If you live in a colder climate, such as Texas, certain heaters can extend your pool season despite how the outside air temperature feels.

There are three main types of pool heaters: electric heat pumps, solar and gas/propane. Depending on the type of pool you have and the seasonal weather of where you live, one may be a better fit for you than the other. Below we explore the differences among each type as well as the pros and cons of each.

What Types are Available?

There are 3 main types of pool heaters available, electric heat pumps, solar and gas/propane heaters. A fourth type, electric resistance heaters, are primarily used for hot tubs and use a lot of electricity, so we focused on the 3 most popular. Depending on the factors above and the type of pool you have , one may be a better fit for you than the other. Click for more information on how heating power is measured.

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A Balmy Swim In No Time

Electric pool heaters or pool pumps are a great investment to extend your swim season and to be able to actually use your pool during the early morning and late-night hours. If you think about it, getting a pool heater is really just a way to get to enjoy your pool more often .

Whichever type you choose, electric pool heaters are a great option for keeping your pool at a toasty temperature. Just dont forget to use a pool cover! These will keep the heat in longer and save you some bucks in the long run.

The Different Types Of Heaters

UPC 078257566846

There are three main types of pool heater that you can choose from that primarily differ in which energy source they use as well as price point and operating costs. Depending on the heater you want, you may end up paying anywhere between $1,000 and $8,500 for a new unit.

Heater Type
Total $2,300 to $9,600

Solar heaters have a higher initial cost than other types of heaters, but for many pool owners, it ends up paying for themselves over time. Solar heaters convert energy from the sun into heat for your pool using solar panels, all without costing you a dime. Find out more about the cost of a solar pool heater in my cost breakdown article as well. Theyre also environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and typically hold up around 25 to 30 years.

Solar heaters tend to warm the water slowly more slowly than other options, at a rate of about one to three degrees per minute. They also require light year-round and wont work well if they arent directly facing the sun. They are also a great option for above ground pools check out my article on how to heat an above ground pool for more information.


  • Offers precise control over temperature


  • Expensive to operate
  • More hazardous than other options

Check out my full comparison of electric vs. gas pool heaters for more similarities and differences and which you should choose. I also wrote a guide on how pool heaters work if youre curious about the specific mechanisms of each heater type.

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Should I Turn My Pool Heater Off At Night

There are almost as many opinions on this subject as there are pool heaters. For families that use their pool only intermittently, the best option is to leave the pool heater turned off until the day before you plan to swim. This will keep maintenance and energy costs low.

For daily pool users, turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees, instead of turning the heater off overnight, tends to be best for saving energy in most situations.

Removing Your Old Pool Heater

If you already have a heater in your pool, youre going to have to remove it before installing a new one. The cost of removing an old pool heater will average around $25 to $50 depending on the type of heater you have and how it fits into your pool setup. If you hire a professional, most will simply include removal in the overall installation cost. If you dont know whether or not you need a new one, read my guide on how long pool heaters last.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was written by Erica Puisis, a home and lifestyle writer who has been researching the latest products for indoor and outdoor living for The Spruce since 2017. To compile this list, she considered a model’s heating capacity, components, power source, and price, along with each manufacturer’s reputation and reliability.

What Affects The Costs Of Pool Heater Installation #

Gas vs Electric Pool Heater: What’s the Difference?

Some factors affect the cost of installing a pool heater. They include pool size, type, and design.

Also, if you had existing cables that support pool heaters running, youll end up paying less. But sometimes your pool service technician has to start from scratch. They install new underground cables thus, pool heater costs will be high.

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Taking Usage Into Account

When comparing the costs of gas and electric pool heaters, bear in mind how and when you use your pool. Gas heaters warm pool water quite quickly, so you’ll only need to run yours when you want to go for a dip. An electric pool heater, on the other hand, needs to stay on all the time. If you only heat your pool once in a while, a gas heater may actually cost you less.

Also remember the limitations of electric pool heaters. If you want to keep your pool open when the temperature dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to opt for gas rather than electric regardless of cost. The temperature of your pool water matters too. Someone comfortable swimming in 77-degree water will pay less to heat a pool than a swimmer who prefers a balmy 85-degree pool.

Average Heating Pool Cost

The average pool heat pump cost ranges from $1,000 to $9,000, mainly depending on the type of heater you are purchasing.

Here are the common types of pool heaters to choose from:

  • Solar Heaters

As the name suggests, these heaters are operated by the energy produced by the sun, which is gathered through the solar thermal collector. The way they work is that the water is literally pumped out of the pool and heated before being returned to it.

Solar heaters cost around $3,000 to $4,000 but can be as high as $9,000 including installation, depending on the type of panels you are installing. But the positive side is that solar heaters run on sustainable energy, so there is very little to almost no additional cost at all after purchasing and when using the device.

Bear in mind that you should be residing in an area with abundant sunshine to make the most of solar heaters.

  • Gas Heaters

Gas pool heaters are considered the most popular method of pool heating. They use propane or any other natural gas and burn the combustion chamber within the heater. This in turn generates the heat that warms the water back to the pool.

Gas heaters cost around $1,500 to $6,000, and installation can start at $1,500. Expect to spend around $300 to $500 running it every month.

  • Electrical Resistance Heaters

This is ideally the cheapest method of heating pool water in terms of upfront costs. However, in terms of running costs, this can be the most expensive.

  • Heat Pumps

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Game 4714 Solarpro Contour Solar Pool Heater

Specifications: dome-shaped, greenhouse effect, foldable legs, dimensions 28 x 11 x 28 inches, weight 16.98 pounds.

The dome-shaped solar panel designs of this unit are actually unique and eye-catching while creating a more full surface area than conventional flat panel solar heaters, and it is efficient at trapping heat both for daytime and night uses. The dome features a pretty impressive material composition, which ensures it can survive as an outdoor pool heater regardless of the weather condition.

It possesses foldable legs for easy mobility, in case you might want to move your pool around, but more importantly, the foldable legs help the panel stay tilted at a suitable angle from which it can draw in a maximum amount of sun rays and also for storage purposes. The unit doesnt require bypass when making use of pumps under a 1.5HP .

Another primary reason for making the panel dome shaped by the manufacturer is the ability for it to create a greenhouse-like effect artificially. This speeds up heating processes in the panel, which in turn transfers more heat to the water flowing through, hence helping the pool water get to your desired temperature at a faster rate.


Estimating Heat Pump Pool Heater Costs And Savings

Bestway Electric Swimming Pool Heater Up to 15FT 2.8KW 2800W For Above ...

For an outdoor pool, use the following tables to help estimate your annual heat pump pool heater costs and savings compared to using an electric resistance or a gas pool heater.

Table 1 estimates annual heat pump pool heating costs by location, by water temperature, and with or without using a pool cover.

Table 1. Costs by Location of Heating Outdoor Pools with a Heat Pump*

$200 $800

*Based on an electric resistance heated pool, which costs $1,000 per year at an electric cost of $.1301/kwh, and using a gas pool heater with a 55% efficiency at a cost of $1.09/therm. A seasonal average COP of 5.0 was used to determine heat pump savings.

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The Average Cost Of Installing A Pool Heater

It costs most pool owners anywhere between $1,600 and $4,000 to install a new heater in their setup. On average, you can expect to pay $2,800 to either replace your old heater or install a brand new one.

The most expensive heater options upfront are heat pumps and solar heaters, which can cost up to $8,000 to purchase and install. However, its important to remember that these heaters are also cheaper to operate than other options.

While gas and electric resistance heaters typically cost just $1,200 to $6,200 to install, their monthly operating expenses can add up over time. However, the cost difference may be worth it to someone looking to heat their pool quickly.

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